Doing my homework

Panos saw the large decorative sign that announced -Qwerty Cafe 24 hours- from a half block away. The internet cafe and coffee house was the perfect place to sink into and do some digging.

He gave the clerk a credit card that had the name Timothy Pacqet embossed the front of it. Being a vampire means being alive for a very very long time, one does not usually keep an on going credit history for all those years. Identy theft was one of the great advantages in these days, one advantage he hadnt had the luxury of all too long ago. Besides, Timothy Pacqet had been dead for 6 years now, died of congestive heart failure. No one knew the difference.

The clerck nodded to him and motioned for him to take a seat at any of the computers.

I'd like a coffee delivered to me as well. Black please.

His eyes were tired and red rimmed. The sun would be comming up soon and he had to find shelter. But first, there was something he needed to do.

Panos typed in the address of the warehouse building from earlier this evening. The vast Nachton directory immediatly pulled up the address. The warehouse was a commercial property belonging to Meegan Masters owner of the company Gothic-ah. The building was one of the shops used in producing wares from the company.

'Meegan Masters.' He let her name ride through his mind like the wind on a stormy night. He thought once more of her hair and how it resembled his worst enemy when lighted from behind. Her pale skin lit up by the glowing fire around her face. Her flawless skin, her darkened eyes.

She had tried to hide her terror so well, and he grinned just thinking about it. She had done well against what she had known was a vampire. Not many humans didnt crumble inside when confronted by a predator.

Looking back at the computer screen Panos sat up straight. This time he typed Meegan Masters.

Panos Mehalitsenos 16 years ago
The computer screen blimped once, twice, and then began to fill with information on his query.
Meegan Master takes home 6 nominations..
Meegan Masters wins...
Masters, Meegan
Photos:Meegan Masters
Child awarded large estate..
Tragic accident kills two...

and the list went on with the numerous topics on the very popular and young woman.

Panos clicked on the later of the links, interested in this tragic accident and how it was connected to Meegan. The article was two pages long and contained the details of a high speed traffic accident. There were a few photos of the tangled steel and of the hospital where the victims were rushed to. The victims involved were a Mr. and Mrs. Masters of Richmond Virginia, survived by their daughter Meegan Masters age 17 also of Richmond.

He clicked back and checked out the next topic on the large sum of money she had been awarded.

'Interesting.' he thought as he slouched in the seat.

He was able to learn more about Meegan on the internet than he could have in one sitting with her. He checked the Nachton Times for any recent dish. With out surprise it came back chuck full of entries. He clicked on the entertainment section and was hit with a half page photo of Meegan dancing. The caption underneath read 'Diva enters the Nachton club scene.'

He studied the photo of her, arms outstretched, her head tossed back and to the side. Her laugh was contagious even through the simple black and white photo and he smiled. She wasn't alone that night. In fact she was accompanied by two other attractive girls. In the article he found their names. Veronica Miller and Rachyl Walker. Upon further inspection of the photo a face caught his eye.

He sat forward and leaned in. Squinting his eyes to focus a bit he spoke under his breath.

Son of a bitch. He was there.

It was the vampire from earlier. The one who had interupted him at the warehouse.

Anger flared in his eyes and he searched the article for anymore names. With no luck he slammed his fist down on the table which shook the computer monitor.
Panos Mehalitsenos 16 years ago
Do you know of a place where i can find a computer perhaps in a personal room? You know, private?

The clerck in the Cafe squirmed and blushed. She held up one finger to signal she needed a moment. Panos watched her walk over to another employee and shuffled around the question, the whole time staring at her feet. The male employee pushed up his plastic frame glasses and grinned. He rubbed his hands together and hurried over.

Youre looking for a private room are ya? Well siree, i have a just what your lookin for.

He waved Panos after him and lead him down a flight of stairs and through a door marked EMPLOYEES ONLY. The backroom of the cafe was a mess, papers were scattered about, A small tv was on and tuned to the local news station. The employee dork stopped before a locked door and turned to him.

You know this is gonna cost ya. His eyes gleemed in greed.

Panos shrugged.

Put it on my card, add an extra three hundred if you make sure no one knows im in there. Oh and leave me the key.

The little dorks eyes widened and he turned back and opened the door. Stepping past him Panos took in the room. It was small and poorly lit. What light did shine, reflected off of the stained cubicle style walls.

It'll work.

The clerk handed him the key to the room with a wide grin and left, shutting the door behind him. Panos locked the door and propped the chair up against it. Near exaustion he collapsed into the chair. With his head propped up against the wall Panos closed his eyes and slept.
Panos Mehalitsenos 16 years ago
The pain in his neck woke him up. As he slowly came to, Panos remembered where he was. He stood to stretch his lean muscular body and felt a bone crack in his back.

God that felt good.

Rotating his neck in a circle he listened as it crunched and crackled. Massaging at his neck with one hand, Panos repositioned the chair in front of the computer and unlocked the door. He pushed it open slowly and peered out, ready to make a dash. From around the door he could see the dorky teenager from that morning grinning at him. He stepped out fully.

Thank you. I'd like to keep a copy of this key. He waved the key at the clerk

Well now, I don't think i could possibly give out that...

I'll pay you.

Deal. I have a spare to that room anyways. Panos raised an eyebrow. What? It's just incase someone loses the original.

Riight. It's a deal then. I'll bring you cash next time. I'm not sure when i'll be back though. What are your work shifts? Mostly nights?

I work 6pm to 6am 6 days a week. Thats 666! I'm saving to build a new computer. he nodded his head feverishly. What a dope.

Sounds good then, ...Chuck. Panos squinted to read the name on the blurry I.D. badge. He turned and walked back up the stairs to the outside.

I hope you had a good night! The dorky clerk called after him, with obviously only one idea on his mind. The kids head was in the gutters.

Without a response or look back, Panos opened the door and walked out. He had some exploring to do.
Panos Mehalitsenos 16 years ago
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