Coffee break (Private - Redd) ((lockable))

The door chimed as she walked in, drawing a few eyes. The petite raven haired woman was dressed head to toe in black, in a latex body stocking and corset laced up the back, knee high boots and a sweeping trench coat. With her mirrored sunglasses she looked to have stepped right out of a few of the store's computers. And while she was aware of the attention she drew, she just didn't care.

Making her way up to the counter, Celeste slowly inhaled the rich aroma that permeated the place. Coffee was the strongest note, underlined with a warm musk from the patrons and crisp ozone notes from the humming monitors. It was enough to make her very thirsty, and not just for coffee. Hopefully she would run across her prey tonight and could drink deep.

Cafe au lait, large.

Her voice was quiet, barely audible over the pop music piped through the place. As she slid off her sunglasses and slipped them into her jacket she looked at the hyperactive man behind the counter and frowned. Her navy blue eyes watched him bounce around while he made her coffee and she paid in cash when he set it down with an errie huge grin. Dropping the change into the tip jar, she found a nice corner with a good view of the door, but not too exposed, and settled in.

Redd 16 years ago
It was a nice night so Redd decided to walk the couple of blocks from her place to the coffee shop she'd Googled up. Their website promised double-caff beans and that was exactly what the redhead wanted.

As she walked in the door she flipped back the hood of her sleeveless black hoodie and shook her hair to knock it back into her face. Walking up to the counter she grinned up at the huge menu and stuffed her hands into the pockets of her black jeans. Her head kind of absently bobbed along with the music as she rocked back and forth on her heels while she studied the available flavors.

Redd almost jumped backwards when the crazed looking server leaned over the counter and spoke in a booming, caffeine (and perhaps speed) induced cheerful manner.

Hi! How-are-you? Haven't-seen-you-here-before! What-can-I-get-you?

She blinked at him a couple of times. Her light gray eyes flicked to the menu board and back a couple times before she spoke.

How about an umm.. XL sized choco creme Frothy-chino. And two pounds of whole bean Mocha infused french roast.

Her answer seemed to please him as he nodded slowly then bounced off to mix it up.

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Celeste 16 years ago
Slouched in the corner, leaning against the wall Celeste wasn't really visible to anyone who walked in, but she had a clear view of the door in between a couple of monitors. She paused in mid sip when an unexpected familiar face walked in the doors. Straightening up in her chair she watched over her cup as the redhead ordered and glanced around. A smile slowly spread across her pale face. 'This could be very useful..'

Without a sound she rose to her feet and quickly finished her coffee. Empty cup in hand, Celeste walked up to the counter and waived it at the man bouncing around making the other woman's drink then set it down on the serving area.

Pardon moi, need a refill when you can.
Redd 16 years ago
Her attention was focused on a small group's monitors. They were playing a multi person shooter game she hadn;t seen before and it was engrossing. 'I'm going to have to find a download of that and try it out..' Redd decided. With her attention diverted she hadn;t seen the other petite woman's approach and didn't register her presence until she spoke.

A small flag went up and with a soft 'hhmmm?' she turned to look at Celeste. 'No way.... well no one else looks like her so it has to be!'

Oh wow.. Celeste?! What are you doing here?
Celeste 16 years ago
Her dark blue eyes dancing with amusement, Celeste smiled faintly at Redd. Tilting her head slightly to indicate her empty coffee cup, she tried to not sound too amused when she spoke.

Why, having a cup of cafe', of course.

Redd's glowering, sarcastic 'hah hah' response caused her to chuckle. As he set down the froth covered frozen drink her friend had ordered, Celeste placed a soft hand on his arm and with a suprisingly strong grip held him still long enough to catch his eyes.

A refill, on her tab. Glancing at the redhead, Celeste saw her roll her eyes and sigh but nod yes to the guy.

It was a little bit of a tradition, Redd bought for everyone since she was always stealing credit cards. It was how they'd started hanging out in the same circles, when the younger Redd had just moved to New Orleans.

Scooping up Redd's shopping bag of coffee beans, she walked back over to the corner she'd been in and gave a cold stare at the man who'd sat down there. A faintly curled snarl to flash some fangs and he scampered away before Redd had paid the bill and come to join her.

The Anantya studied her mortal friend as she carried their drinks over and plopped down in the chair with a thud. Meeting Redd here was a nice suprise, but what she was after was information. And, since her cousin Amberelle was good friends with Redd's twin Jade, the vampire figured this was the perfect way to get it and conceal her presence in town a little bit longer.
Redd 16 years ago
'Same old cheap Celeste I see,' Redd thought with a sigh. But she was happy to see her friend and curious about what brought her here. 'No reason to piss her off and ruin the night, it's only a couple bucks.' With a smile she picked up their drinks and made her way over to the PC station her friend had chosen.

Why do you always have to sit in a corner or facing the door, or both? It's like you're paranoid.

The redhead grinned at her friend. They'd never discussed in depth what Celeste did, but it was something she'd picked up over the years from various conversation snipets. And since she was also friends with the older De'Espionne, Cavalier, Redd overheard a lot. There were even rumors that at one time Celeste hadn't been such an unpleasant to be around person, but Redd didn't think she was that bad now, so she wasn't sure what their friends meant with those comments.

Slumping down in her chair, she pressed her knees up on the edge of the desk and took a long slurp from her mocha drink. Her gray eyes studied the other woman for a few seconds. Celeste was one of the few people who made Redd look like she had a tan and an outgoing personality. That grouchy stand off-ishness was what Redd liked about her. They shared a disdain for the world as a whole and it made her nice to be around.

So, seriously.. why are you really here?
Celeste 16 years ago
Sighing, Celeste's blue eyes dropped, unable to meet her friend's piercing gray ones. The Anantya stared into her coffee for a few long moments as she swirled it and debated with herself. On one hand she could tell her most of the truth. She knew the redhead wasn't a fool and probably had more than a few suspicions about the De'Espionne cousins. It just wasn't really in her nature to reveal family secrets, and especially since if she did, she could very well be putting Redd in danger if Gustav found out. But on the other hand, Celeste knew she could use the assistance, and showing trust in her would be a way to show her friend that she was serious.

She could feel Redd watching her, loudly slurping her drink. It was beyond irritating, the plastic on plastic sliding screech and then a loud slurp. 'Merde! Does the girl have NO manners?' Her jaw clenched and unclenched, as she tried to filter though just how much to say.

Finally unable to stand it anymore Celeste looked up, eyes blazing and snapped,
'Would you please stop that annoying noise!?' At the satisfied grin from her friend she groaned.

Yes yes, you got me. Looking around the coffee shop she frowned. It was no where near private enough for the conversation she wanted to have now.

With a decisive nod, she gulped down the rest of her hot coffee and stood. Looking down at the woman next to her, seemingly swallowed in her clothes and hair she smiled.

Come on, let's get out of here, I want to talk but we need someplace a lot more private than this.

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Redd 16 years ago
She hadn't expected the suddenly frowning and serious look from Celeste when she'd asked what had brought her here. But then again Celeste took everything far too seriously, Redd believed. Watching her friend seem to struggle with something she sipped her drink quietly at first. But, after a few moments of waiting it began to be annoying. Patience is one thing the young redhead had always been severely lacking in, and she was aware of her fault. She didn't mind it, even if it did annoy others. That's actually what made it kind of fun to her.

Deciding to try and spur along whatever inner dialog was happening, she twisted her straw with a rather satisfying "squack". Slurping up the frosty coffee she bit the inside of her lip to suppress a chuckle when she saw a faint furrow start on the brunette's brow.

She continued the squeek-squeek-slurp and watched with suppressed laughter. When it finally had the desired effect and Celeste snapped at her, Red just gave her a cheeky grin and snickered.

Her grin faded when Celeste stood and finished her coffee. For a moment Redd was afraid she'd gone too far, until her friend explained that they needed to go some place more private.
'I wonder what in the hell is so secret..' she thought to herself, curious. A sudden chill ran down her spine, and she stood with a shiver.

After grabbing up the bag with her coffee beans, she pulled the hood back up over her bright red hair. Making a sweeping motion, she let Celeste lead the way. With a loud slurp from her drink, and a huge grin at her friend's back, she followed.

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