cathedral inspection (cyrus)

Mai was wandering the Cathedral staring up at the rafters with rapt attention looking for something small and feathered. Chryseis had been missing for a while now and though that was something that happened from time to time, her dogs seemed agitated. Their mistress would not have left for so long without assuring them that she would be back and more likely she'd take them with her.

She doubted she was going to find the woman in bird form up here but it was a place to start, Chryseis sometimes came into the place via the upper windows, perhaps there was some trace of her up there.

Mai pondered Talon a moment, wondering if he merely had the shape of the wolf or an understanding of them as well. If he had the latter then perhaps he could talk to the dogs and get an idea on the last place they saw their mistress.

Cyrus 17 years ago
Cyrus stalked onto the grounds after the car dropped him off at the gate. He was sure the driver thought it odd to leave someone outside rather than pull up to the door but with what he was paying her it was not that big of a concern. She also donated a sip or two to the cause so she was deeply enthralled by him.

His note to the Triad had not gone unanswered but he was perplexed by the answer, which had just been a number and street. Thankfully his driver was quite skilled at finding addresses.

As he walked up the drive he was pleased with the woods available. He veered off the path and walked lightly through the trees disturbing very little. He was disappointed that these trees grew straight with very few joining of branches or even reaches but knew it would be a good romp anyways.

He stepped deeper into the darkness and shifted. He raced through the trees, leaping and climbing. The woods broke open at a Cathedral reminding him of why he was here. He shifted back with a sigh and made his way to the doors. This was so much like the Cathedral that Clan Anantya had had in Europe. It pulled at him, that he had not been here to see it constructed. He had spent too much time away from his clan.

He walked through the door with carvings of the hunt quietly, hoping he was not intruding upon anyone. He noted it looked exactly like he remembered. He padded quietly in deeper as he noted a small figure looking at the rafters above.

He dropped to one knee and bowed his head deeply, so it almost touched his other knee that was at a right angle to the floor.

"Honored Greetings, Esteemed Elder Asahi Mai" he said in quiet reverence.
Cyrus 17 years ago
Mongol teachings had led him to respect his leaders else his head would join the piles with the conquereds'. He remained upon bent knee and let his head touch his other knee. Repeating his greeting quietly in ancient Japanese, he waited.
Mai 17 years ago
Mai turned from her investigation of the rafters to regard the latest addition to the Order of the Hunt in Nachton. Coming to stand in front of him, she placed a hand lightly on his cheek.

"Konbanwa Cyrus-san."

She tilted her head to the side in thought for a moment and finally said.

"Perhaps you would care to assist me, nee?"

Her purpose was still running towards looking for Chryseis and her fellow Huntsman would likely be of use. Still she doubted he could talk to the dogs, they'd need to speak to Talon for that and there was no guarantee that the tall man could either.

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Cyrus 17 years ago
"I would be honored to assist you."

Rising to his feet, he bowed his head and took up a ready stance out of the pathway. Too many years with the horde had left a definate mark. He was ready to do the elder's bidding. The brief pounce and chew he had the night before was not enough hunt for him. The urge to stalk and kill was as strong as the thirst that haunted him constantly.

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Mai 17 years ago
Mai smiled and nodded once, of course, one of the Hunt is generally eager for action, without it they tend to prowl the Manor like caged animals. Even she was known to get restless from time to time and begin to wander.

"One among us is missing. Her dogs are worried. She did not leave them alone so long purposefully. We need to find one of our number who might be able to speak with them or try and track her some other way."

Mai's brow furrowed in thought a moment, before coming to a decision.

"Could you find Talon-san and ask him to meet us here? He is like a bear, blonde hair, eyes like the morning sky when it is about to rain."

She, herself, thought to visit Morrigan and see if Chryseis's creator knew her last known where abouts.

"If you will do this and you find him. Tell him that the one called Chryseis is missing and we seek to find her."
Cyrus 17 years ago
"I shall find the bear you speak of and inform him of our duties." he nodded deeply, barely restraining himself from saluting her as he would have any Khan.

The mention of dogs did nothing to encourage him, but a member of the order was still a member of the order. Remembering the whisker he had picked up in the sewer he turned to Mai before she left.
"Are we searching for one that is a canine as well or are the canines simply servants?"

He did not wish to incur her wrath by delaying but wondered if he already had a clue on his pocket that could assist them.
Mai 17 years ago
Mai looked thoughtfully at Cyrus, well -at- being a relative term, in truth she stared thoughtfully at his left shoulder, white eyes narrowed under the pensive dark brows.

"Chryseis's has two dogs for do not eat them." Her eyes moved to his face and she smiled. "Even though they look tasty."

Her thoughts were to his question though and so she continued.

"Talon has the form of a wolf. Why do you ask?" If he had seen something strange around here it could be one of the others spying and she'd very much like to know about it.
Cyrus 17 years ago
Nodding thoughtfully he once again wished for a tracking talent. "I found evidence of a wolf in the sewers." Reaching carefully into his pocket he removed a plastic baggie containing a single whisker.

"It smelled oddly when I was traversing the sewer to House of Pain so I took it with me. I had assumed canine, thus at your mention of dogs I thought it may be helpful."

He held the bag close to her fingertips so she could take it if she wished.

"Aside from the whisker, I scented canine while running through your forest. Unfortunately it was not distinguishable between old and new."
Mai 17 years ago
Mai wondered if Talon had been in the sewers lately. It wasn't a place for a normal dog to be found so that was indeed odd. She lightly took hold of the bag and placed the whole thing inside her kimono, perhaps Thaddeus or Talon could tell her whether it belonged to a dog or a wolf.

"Arigato, Cyrus-san."

Her eyes narrowed at the thought of strange dogs near the place. She'd have to go around and check herself to see whether or not they were simply Chryseis's dogs and Talon or someone else who might be more of a threat.

"Hai, We shall see."

Mai bowed slightly to Cyrus and headed for the door. Already thinking of the best place to find Bara-chan.

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Cyrus 17 years ago
Raising his bowed head as the elder left, Cyrus looked around the church before following her out. Scenting the cool night air he followed the most 'fresh' trail into the gardens.

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