Finding House of Pain among other things

Cyrus slipped into the manhole and closed it quickly. He hung from the handholds and took in his surroundings. He noticed the pipes running along the ceiling with a grin. He looked and sensed around but could not find any life other than the girls retreating backs, heading deeper.

With a low growl Cyrus flung himself at the pipes, gliding toward them swiftly. Mid leap he shifted into his snow leopard form and wrapped his strong back paws around the pipe. He began moving along, following the now overpowering trail of the girls.

Many scents mingled in this place. He bared his teeth at the faint scent of wolf. He hated canines. He moved faster, clinging upside down to the pipe, uncaring if his claws dug into the concrete ceiling in his haste. His thick tail was kept tucked against the pipe, looking ready to curl about it if he lost his grip.

He spied a whisker floating in the murky water. Thinking it was quite odd thing to see down here, he made it float toward him, after it shook off the muck. This too smelled strongly of canine. He snarled as he realized he had no pockets currently to put it into.

He bared his fangs in disgust. It could damn well float along side him till he assumed human form. He came upon the entrance slowly, not wanting to bump into any foolish humans. He found a dark corridor and flung himself to the ledge, transforming as he glided down. He plucked the whisker out of the air and put it in his pocket, he would think about it later.

Now, he just wanted to party. Licking his lips he went up to the entrance of the House of Pain. How very apropo.

((Cyrus out, lockable))