Nachton Point Breeze Marina

The Nachton Marina hosts a wide range of water crafts, from modest sailboats to full sized yachts, in addition to the historical S.S. Nightowl that visitors may tour at every half hour. Several berths are available to accommodate personal vessels of nearly any variety and provide electrical outlets, storage, showers, and restrooms behind locked gates. A 1000 foot pier provides public space for recreational fishing or a pleasant moonlight stroll. Old fashioned lanterns on elegant black posts line the pier, creating circles of sparkling white light all along the dock.

The Nachton Yacht Club is a sprawling single story white building on the south side of the docks. Here members can relax over drinks at the bar, shop at the gift shop, or meet for elegant lunches in the restaurant, which includes both outdoor tables on the spacious deck and more quiet, intimate seating inside. From this vantage point, whether through the windows that line the south end of the building or the open air, one has a spectacular view of the Civic Center in its entirety. If one is fortunate enough, luxury cruises embark from the Club and tour the harbor in the evenings.

Centrally located near the docks is the Night Owl Visitor's Center, where guests may rent a brightly-sailed and painted boat for two, sign up for classes in sailing and diving, or simply enjoy the view from the windowed dining area. Brochures for various Nachton cultural events can be found displayed in the entrance, and regular exhibits on Nachton Bay wildlife rotate through the center. In the main hall, below a crystal chandelier, a saltwater aquarium with exotic fish swimming inside sits, and smaller aquariums and displays are built into the walls, which are painted with murals of underwater life.

Finally, the north end of the Marina hosts The Waterfront, a three story structure made entirely of reflective glass that hosts a range of elegant, upscale restaurants and tourist attractions. Here one may purchase gifts and souvenirs and end a day at the Marina with a fine meal.