Dance the Night Away

((This follows Ladies Night Out))

The long dark car pulled up in front of the club, and those waiting in line began to jostle each other to see who they might get to rub elbows with once they made it past the bouncer.

James stepped from the car and rounded the front. He pulled open the door with a little flourish and held out his hand. The three red heads availed themselves of his offer as they stepped from the dark interior. Meegan gave her name to the bouncer and they were ushered inside amidst the groanings of those in the line.

Rachyl 18 years ago
Rachyl murmured to Meegan and Veronica as they were guided through the door, "I've never been to this corner of town before. But then, I haven't been here long enough to search for much nightlife anyway."

Her brain chided her, "or had the money, or friends, or really a reason, for that matter."

She had to physically stop herself from grabbing the two pert derrieres in front of her, so she instead contented herself with shifting her jacket again.
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
Veronica was awestruck, but she tried her best not to show it. She'd certainly heard about Club Eternity... but she'd also heard that it had a 6 month waiting list to get in. And yet here she was, waltzing right through the door without a hesitation.

She could feel all the eyes on her, wondering who the hell SHE was, and it excited her. She loved it when people checked her out. She had a strong urge to flash the next cute guy she went past, but pushed it out of her mind. She was here with two gorgeous women; her plate was plenty full.

She could hear the heavy bass of the music - could feel it - and it soaked straight into her bones. "God, this music makes me want to fuck," she thought as she winked at a strikingly attractive woman. So, with her hips swaying invitingly to the beat of the music, she followed Meegan into the club.
Meegan 18 years ago
Meegan took a deep breath and let the music sink into her. Her last forray here was not exactly the most memorable, and she hoped that comming here with friends would take the place of that horrible experience.

She had left her purse in the limo and her credit card was tucked just inside her dress. Meegan tucked one arm around Veronica's waist and took Rachyl's hand. She raised her voice just enough to be heard over the music.

"A table and drinks first or should we just hit the dance floor?"
Rachyl 18 years ago
Rachyl nodded. "Table and drinks, I'm a bit overheated and parched." Winking at her friends, she took their hands and moved them to an empty table, one table's width away from the floor. Sitting, she smoothed her hair, a bit poofy from the humidity of the evening, and watched as the other two slid into chairs.

"Easy access," she said, loud enough to be heard.

"We're not going to be conversing much here tonight," she thought.

She looked around, saw bodies entwined on the dance floor, most of the tables around them empty but for jackets, purses, or drink glasses. The rhythm caught up to her, and she felt herself swaying in her chair.
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
Veronica squeezed herself between the two women as they sat down. A hand went to each girl's leg, her hands drifting dangerously to the inside of their their thighs as she watched the dancers on the floor. Everything about the place was making her incredibly horny, and she felt a deep need to touch someone. She knew if she looked down, she see her nipples fat and hard, pressing out against her thin shirt as if they wanted to get out there and boogie.

Shit, that bass... the bass of the music was hitting her deep in the belly, making her already burning crotch throb with desire. Her hands tightened on the toned thighs next to her, sliding higher and higher until she fancied she could feel the heat of each girl's mound.

"Deep breaths, V. Deep breaths."
Aron Swiftwood 18 years ago
Aron studied the 3 girls from the bar. He wondered what color their hair was. He had lost the abillity to see it centuries ago. They were pretty enough he supposed, but then again in Club Eternity there were few who weren't. That was not what had attracted his eyes though. He could feel their feelings towards each other. They were either recently in love, or just plain lusting for each other. It was hard to tell at this distance. It was rare to see such things not overly perverted these days. He instantly ruled them out as being vampires, at least if they were, they were very young.

"Are you going to invite them home love? Would be a delicious evening snack"

"Ohh no dear, wouldn't dream of disturbing their plans. I'm not even sure if I could charm them with me right now. Perhaps a day when they're less....occupied with each other"

He felt it would be sacrilege to do such a thing, after all he considered himself a gentleman. He studied them for a while, before telling the bartender to provide the ladies with whatever drinks they'd like for the evening. As an afterthought he added a loft of 5000$, he doubted they'd drink even a fraction of that, they wouldn't be staying long from what he could tell.

The barkeep approached the 3 women.

"All drinks are on Mr. Swiftwood. He sits right over the..."

Aron had gone. Before he slipped out the door, he sent a mental note to the three.

"Enjoy the evening"

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Meegan 18 years ago
"Well that was odd. I wonder who Mr. Swiftwood is." Meegan shrugged and ordered a dirty martini for herself and then let her companions order. She crossed her legs effectively trapping Veronica's hand.

When their drinks arrived, Meegan took a deep drink and sighed. 'Careful Meegan, you'll get yourself drunk, and then where will you be?'

((It's fine with us, gives us something to talk about =) ))
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
Veronica ordered the same as Meegan and turned a smile to Rachyl. A moment later, she felt another smooth, warm thigh come down on top of the hand that still caressed Meegan's thigh, trapping her hand. Her breath quickened as she slid her hand higher still and leaned over to Rachyl. She'd wanted to whisper something in her hear, but the loud music drove it right now. Instead she kissed her neck just below the corner of her jaw as her hand continued to explore the silky skin of her two lovers.
Rachyl 18 years ago
"Dirty martini's fine," Rachyl agreed, and shifted slightly in her seat. She was ready to dance, but the other two were still sitting, and Veronica's hand was starting to get a little bit more than slightly teasing.

So when Veronica leaned over and kissed her, she shuddered, and leaned away from the redhead slightly, then turned towards her. Seeing the brief look of disappointment on her face, she gave the woman a quick peck on the nose, leaned into her ear, and said,
"Dance first. Fuck later."

Since Rachyl didn't habitually use those "four letter words," the others noticed a strange lilt to her pronunciation of it.
Meegan 18 years ago
Meegan lifted an eyebrow at Rachyl's forced "fuck." 'I bet she doesn't use swear words offten. Come to think of it, that's the first real one I've heard her say.' So Meegan grinned at her and took another sip of her drink.

"Well ladies, shall we dance?" 'Do not sing show tunes, Meegan. Do not sing show tunes.'
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
"Sounds good to me," Veronica said with a grin. The music had been seeping into her brain the whole time they'd been there, and already she was tapping her foot and itching to let the pounding bass take over. She took a sip of her martini - not bad - and waited for either Meegan or Rachyl to get their cute little asses up.
Rachyl 18 years ago
Rachyl took hold of her drink as it was set on the table, but didn't yet sip.

Meegan said brightly, "Well ladies, shall we dance?" and Veronica agreed. However, they both continued sitting at the table, sipping their drinks.

With a feigned exasperated sigh, she blew the usual curl from her vision with a puff and stood, straightened her jacket, and slid her chair back in.

"You two! Get off your asses right NOW, and get with me on the dance floor!" She did her best to project a stern look, but a grin eventually cracked, and she giggled, then held out her hands.
Meegan 18 years ago
Meegan took another sip of her drink. 'I want to dance, but it's just going to make me even more horny. Not that it matters.' She took Rachyl's hand, stood and pushed in her chair.

"I'll warn you now, I have absolutly no ability to dance. So if I start doing stupid things like spinning around or the hand jive, you two have my permission to slap me."
Rachyl 18 years ago
Rachyl grinned and squeezed Meegan's hand. "I wouldn't slap you, Meegan. Though, if either of you catches me singing Broadway tunes, feel free to kiss me to shut me up, since I can't sing in the slightest." She winked, then flapped her fingers in a squeezing motion, beckoning Veronica.
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
Giggling, Veronica followed her friends to the writhing mass of dancing people. Her own hips were moving to the beat even before she was clear of the table. She took both girls' hands and nearly dragged them out onto the floor.
Meegan 18 years ago
Once on the floor Meegan found the rhythm of the music. She stood close behind Veronica so that their bodies would touch briefly, and often as they moved. Every so often she would reach around Veronica and caress which ever part of Rachyl was closest, a hip, arm, and occaisionally her breast. At one point Meegan leaned in and whispered to Veronica.

"This is like sex with our clothes on in a coliseum. There isn't a single person inthis club that hasn't watched us."

She nibbled on her ear lobe, as she continued to dance.
Rachyl 18 years ago
Rachyl found the location of Veronica's hands as she moved distracting - riding high on her hips, beneath her jacket - so she turned around and just caught Meegan nibbling Veronica's lobe. Veronica's eyes closed briefly, then both women were looking at her, their eyes darkened, lips slightly parted.

Her hips continued to move as she moved closer to Veronica, her left leg carefully insinuating itself between the other woman's. Gyrating sinuously as Veronica's eyes widened, she stepped back slightly as the other woman moved to press herself against Rachyl's thigh. She rested her left hand on Veronica's hip, in the same manner the other redhead had been, and leaned forward to introduce her lips to Veronica's cheek. She couldn't keep the arousal out of her voice as she whispered,
"Please, please, please, you two are driving me crazy, but need to behave just a little while longer."
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
Veronica shuddered at the velvety touch of Rachyl's lips. It tugged directly at her crotch, sending a warm sheet of desire all throughout her body. She leaned into the kiss, then turned her head just enough to meet Rachyl's lips with her own. An instant later, Veronica's tongue was in Rachyl's mouth, then gone just as fast. She pulled her lips away just enough to speak.

"Well if you don't want me to fuck you right here on the dance floor, you should probably get your thigh out of my crotch." Veronica's eyes sparkled with lust, mischief, need, and annoyance as she danced. She felt like an over-tightened guitar string as she danced, ready to snap at even the slightest touch.
Rachyl 18 years ago
Rachyl couldn't help but giggle at Veronica's discomfiture, and extricated herself from her legs. Winking at Meegan, she stepped off to the side, raising her arms high, fluffing her hair out, and let it fall around her shoulders.
Meegan 18 years ago
As the song they danced to ended and the DJ began to speak over the begining of the next song, Meegan gave V's neck a kiss and walked back to the table for a drink. She ordered bottled waters for them when she caught the waiter going past, and watched the other two women dance. 'That has to be the sexiest thing I have ever seen.'