Slipping in

Panos pulled up to his new clan residence and parked around back. He hoped for a good slip downstairs without anyone noticing him and the bird he held cultched in his left hand, but to make sure, he'd use the back door.

He entered his code into the cold steel box that was neatly placed chest level next to the thick door. The green light flashed and signaled his O.K. to enter and he heard the soft click of the locking mechanisim release. Grabbing the door handle he slowly opened the door and peered inside. Seeing the room was empty he stepped in and pulled the door close behind him gently.

Inside, he straightened his back and listened carefully. Not hearing anything but murmurs from voices behind muffled walls and grinned and shook his head.

'Easy does it Panos, your a bit jumpy. Relax already.' his inner voice coo'd to him.

Flexing his left hand to insure that he grip wasnt too tight he walked easily towards the elevator.

Carol 18 years ago
Carol's eyes narrowed as she watched Panos come in via the back door and trigger the silent alarm. More often than not, it was a clan member trying to sneak in and more often than not, it was caught on the monitors that are lined up on the wall to the right of her desk.

'What is he holding?' She asked herself out loud. With a huff she put her pen down and stood to look closer. 'Is that a...GAH!' Carol threw her hands up and turned on a delicately strapped heel to head out her door and intercept the vampire and his contraband.
Panos Mehalitsenos 18 years ago
As he walked quietly to the elevator Panos watched his suroundings with cat like eyes.

'So far so good. Wouldn't it be a perfect time for missy here to suddenly change back to vampire?' he laughed inwardly to himself.

A half smile half smirk snuck up on his face. His lips curled slighty.

He reached out to push the elevator button. The little light turned on and he waited.
Carol 18 years ago
Carol settled down on the couch in living room and waited in the dark. She crossed her leg and started to dangle her sandal off her petite little foot. Checking her watch, her eyes narrowed again.

Carol crossed her arms and waited for Panos to come into his apartment.
Panos Mehalitsenos 18 years ago
Panos Mehalitsenos Panos said clearly once inside the elevator. The doors closed and the elevator began its decent with a slight jar.

He opened the palm of his hand and ggazed upon the bird. He watched its tiny chest softly rising and for a split second he imagened his fingers curling back over her and crushing the life force out.

The elevators quiet 'ding' led him out of his macrabe thoughts. A quick shake of the head he stepped out of the elevator and walked down the hall. 100 paces to his front door was all it took to bring him home.

He opened the door and alarms went off in his head. Something was different in the darkness before him. Something in here was...alive.

He reached out with his empty hand and flipped the light switch. Sitting before him on the couch was a human.

Welcome to my home Carol. What great honor do i owe to this visit? Do i dare say that a possible fire has sparked between us and you've been waiting here for me to grab you into my arms and steal you away from your Mistress?

He grabbed at his chest above his heart in mock romance.
Carol 18 years ago
With a smirk she watched Panos grab his chest playfully. 'Uh, yeah, you got me,' she said in a monotone voice. Standing she walked up to Panos and pointed at the bird.

The Domicile did not permit smoking, hence Ellis and her peanut m&m's everywhere, and pets. She pointed at he bird and then stook an idignant stance with her hip jutting out and her arms crossed.

'What gives?'
Panos Mehalitsenos 18 years ago
Panos grinned boyishly.

This little thing? he uncoiled his hand, palm flat out for Carol to view the bird.

Its a new thing i'm trying. Keeping a bedside snack, you know, for when you wake mid-day and just have a insationable craving?

he paused.

Oh wait, of course you know what i'm talking about. Your Ellis's midday snack! You see Carol, mine is much smaller, and fits in my pocket. A togo snack if you'd like.

He folded his hand back up and tucked the bird in his pocket and patted at it.

Mmm Tastey.

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Carol 18 years ago
'Oh really?' She tilted her head to the side prettily, 'well dont let me stop you, go right ahead and chow down.' Carol gave him a rather large grin.

'Did you need a napkin?' She asked, pointing over her shoulder and batting her eyelashes.
Panos Mehalitsenos 18 years ago
'Did you need a napkin?' Carols voiced chimed at him.

That damned woman. He should of known that be her response. He hesitated a moment and then an idea struck him. An idea he was shocked he'd even concidered.

'How many years of living this vampiric life have I lived and this choice has never occured to me for anything?' He had never made any of his own vampires before nor had he ever been close enough to anyone to concider bonding to them. Humans, they died all too quick and all too soon. Leaving you with a bonded lost soul, your heart out on strings and the loneliness centuries couldnt heal. He was better off being alone.

But now what was different? He would have to feed her his blood as soon as Carol left for it to work. But bonded to an Anantya? He grimaced at the thought but something from inside urged his decision.

No, no napkin needed. I'm only messy if thats how you like it.He licked his lips at Carol and reached in his pocket.

He showed the bird to Carol once more and placed it up to his lips. His hand quivered for a moment before he bared his fangs and sunk them into the birds fragile flesh. The bird began to convulse in his mouth sending tremors throught his back. His eyes rolled into his head as memories began to flash into his mind.

Memories of small hut, a small girl child laughing, of a mans gentle face sleeping. They came so fast at him he could hardly stand up. He pulled his fangs out of the tiny body that was now, hardly breathing. As the last of his teeth retracted he had one last fleeting memory from the Anantya bird, it was a man waving goodbye, a man who Panos recognized as his father.

Panos knees buckled slightly as he pulled the bird away from his lips. He straightened his self up and looked back to Carol.

Your mistress has the right idea miss Carol. He took a few steps towards her and caressed her face.

A bird is nothing in comparison to the taste of sweet human flesh. Have i preformed nicely for you dear? Or shall i show you again, this time personally?
Carol 18 years ago
Carol smirked again and pointed a manicured nail into his face. 'Listen bucko, you no touchie these goods.'

She backed off and gave him a sad smile, 'Seriously, are you trying to get me in trouble? You just fed on a bird. That's so gross, honestly.' She tsked him.

She moved around him and put her hand on the door and gave him a look, waiting for his reponse.
Panos Mehalitsenos 18 years ago
Gross as it may be sweetie, it's the snack of choice for me. I promise to keep it hidden. This bird never sings. He grinned broadly and bowed before her.

Keep your goodies safe miss Carol. This is the only snack i'll be bringing in here i promise.
Carol 18 years ago
Carol gave him a sidelong glance and opened the door. As she exited she again pointed at him, 'I'm watching you, Mister. BOTH EYES watching you.'

Then she gave him an impish smile and blew him a kiss as she shut the door.

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Panos Mehalitsenos 18 years ago
Ellis's little familiar already has my number! Damn hawk eye'd bitch.

A movement in his hand made him glance down. The bird had grown larger! He immediatly took off for his bedroom, shutting all doors behind him to insure his privacy. Carol would have to come through them all and he would hear her if she tried to sneak up again.

He placed the bird in the center of his bed thought hard.

How was he going to feed a bird his own blood? Lost in his thoughts of trying to force the semi concious bird to peck his skin, Panos did not notice that the bird was changing.

A blur of feathers and flesh began to assemble on the bed just out of his line of sight. Without much blood left in her, her body could not keep the form of the bird.

Aha! I've got it! Panos announced.

That is when he notice the woman lying on his bed. Her eyes half open, her head rolled to face him. Her soft beautiful lips parted in efforts to speaks. Silence followed the slight movements of her jaw. Her eyes rolled uncontroled in her head.

Panos sat on the bed next to her and brushed a golden brown curl out of her face.

Not so fiesty now are you? Still beautiful if i may add.

Her arm raised slightly and then dropped back down in faint argument.

Shhh, now now. Don't try to fight me. Your very weak, and if i were going to kill you, you'd be dead already. So please relax.

He leaned his body over hers and whispered in her ear.

I think i know who you are now, but I dont know how its possible. You died a long time ago, in a one room shack near the water. You should of died from the black death, you shouldn't be here today. But then again neither should I.

He sat back and turned his right arm over and exsposed his wrist to her. She stared defiantly up at him behind saggin eye lids. Pressing it to her lips he spoke again.

This is the only way out of here alive Chryseis Mehalitsenos. I think both you and I know that. Theres not enough strength left in you for you to change back into a bird at this point and theres no one else to feed on. Your in Tacharan land now, theres many hidden rules to play by.
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
Chryseis finally found the strength to focus her eyes. It was that face from the bar, and then the face from the museum. A face, she could hardly recognize as a face from her past.

But how could it be? A vampire never aged, and he never regressed in age, yet somehow this man looked like a young version of her brother Alexander.

Alexander? She whispered weakly.

The man chuckled and pressed his wrist to her lips with greater force.

No my dear, I am not my father. I was but a thought when you 'died'. I am named after your son, ...Panos.

Alexanders son? A nephew she did not remember?

Her mind reeled as it fought to stay concious. The distinct noise of static began to fill her ears. Her eyes rolled once more. A moan escaped her lips.

The man who claimed to be Panos blood of Alexander, spoke but she couldn't make out what was said. Liquid drops of fear and agony trailed down from the corners of her eyes and spread into many tiny channels down her cheeks.

She felt the pressure against her lips once again and smelt the sweet aroma of blood. Without a thought to what she was doing, Chryseis's fangs sunk deeply into the flesh before her. Pure ecstacy poured from the wound that had been created for her to drink from. Her hands reached up and circled tightly around the forearm of the bloodgiver and drew it closer. She bit down harder.

Shinning images of her children danced in her minds eye. Medea laughing and playing, Falnos climbing a tree and baby Panos crawling in the soft sand. The images flew by picking up speed at an alarming rate. The began to switch from beautiful good images to horrible, vicous images of death and destruction. Drunkness and disaster. She saw her childrens dead and lifelessbodies rotting in the hut that only now half stood. She saw her brother Alexander, laying still, his face contorted in terror. Her inner voice screamed.

With a sudden gasp, Chryseis broke free from the wrist she fed upon and collasped once again onto the bed.
Panos Mehalitsenos 18 years ago
Damn! Panos swore when Chryseis had released his wrist from her death bite.

He felt a bit weak and woozy. The woman who was his aunt had screamed before she collapsed and he hoped his room was sound proof enough to cover it.

He leaned back and reached for the fur blanket that was hung from the footboard of his bed. Unfoldin it he stood and covered her still body.

Good night my sweet aunt, don't let the nightmares bite. He whispered as he wiped a droplet of his blood from her lips.

He left the bedroom and closed the door, lockin it behind him. He flopped his body onto the great leather couch and sighed. Casting a glance at the key in his hand, he thought it best to put it somewhere close to him. Panos slipped the key past the lip of his pants down next to his groin.

'That should do it' he thought.

His eyes fluttering closed, Panos let himself fall asleep.
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
She awoke with a sudden start. Eyes wide open and frantic, Chryseis sat up quickly. The taste of many days passed lined her mouth.Scanning her surrounding she found that indeed, she had not dreamt this up. She had been living the nightmare this whole time.

She was alone in the room, that she was sure of. Alone and trapped inside the heart of Tacharan. She knew she couldnt just walk out, she would be seen. It was possible she wouldnt be recognized, but surely that was a hope she'd rather not trust.

Swiftly she lept from the bed without a sound. A glance down revieled her slightly torn and dishevled clothing.

'A mess indeed.' she thought sourly and shook her head.

Chryseis began to scan the room looking for a way out. She was definatly underground, the dead hints at that were the loss of windows and the slight stagnant air.

It would do good for Ellis to invest in some air filtration for this place. That poor womans skin.

She enjoyed the joke with herself quietly as her eyes took to the ceiling. She spotted the face plate of an air duct almost immediatly. It was very well hidden and perfectly blended with the pattern of wallpaper.

'This will be cake' she said to herself, grinning.
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
It was with ease that Chryseis had hoisted herself up and into the duct. She had a very pleasant grace about her that allowed her to move like a cat. Swift and agile were just a few words to discribe her.

She began to crawl and shimmy through the duct work above the bedroom.
Carol 18 years ago
Carol sat back in her office chair, tapping her lips with her fountain pen. Her eyes narrowed as she thought about Panos. There was something fishy about him and his bird. She turned to look at the surveillance monitors that were on his level. Nothing stirred.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Taking her pen, she started to effortlessly twirl it between her fingers. Flipping it over one finger, then under another without a second thought. She did not stop when her computer notified her of an obstructed vent. Carol reached out and touched the keyboard, checking the location of the vent.

'God...damnit,' she sputtered as her computer notified her that the location of the obstruction was on Panos' floor. Slamming her pen down, she stood once again and headed towards his apartment.

'Friggin bird caught in the ventilation system, perfect.'

Carol stopped at the door and doubled back to her desk. Reaching in she drew a small .22 pistol and with a satisfied nod, left her office.
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
Chryseis's crawl was slow and deliberate. She wanted to keep her noise down to a minimum as she inched over what was an ajoining room to the bedroom. From one of the vent openings she could see Panos asleep sprawled out haphazardly on his fine brown leather couch.

15 more feet and i should be right outside the doors to his quaters.

She spoke out loud to keep focused. The duct itself was just wide enough for her body and tall enough for her spine to rub against the cold steel. If she wasnt clausterphobic now, she would be soon.

Her hands were begining to sweat, and the sweat was collecting the dust onto her palms.

'Simply filthy' she shruddered.

The duct opened up and split in two directions. She determined that at this point she was above the hallway just outside Panos doors. Choosing right, because she was right handed, Chryseis took off, not really knowing where she was headed.
Carol 18 years ago
Carol stood outside Panos' apartment. She was listening. Looking up at the ceiling, she jumped up slightly to try and see into one of the vents but to no avail. She walked over to a computer panel and touched it. The screen lit up as she used her security password to access her terminal back in her office. She again checked the location of the obstruction, which seemed to be moving.

Right above her.

Carol looked up, waiting. She blinked once and held her breath. It was as quiet as a graveyard, so to speak. Looking back at the terminal she called up the ventilation plans. Touching a few buttons left 1 blinking. She looked again. Nothing still.

She pressed the PURGE button.

((incoming gust of wild air!)
Chryseis Angelique 18 years ago
A rumbling in the duct froze Chryseis in place. It was heading towards her and fast. She twisted her head to the side to look up ahead of her.

The rumble turned into a roar as a powerful gust of air blasted her in the face. The surprising force of the gale pushed her a bit backwards and knocked her head back, cuasing both it and her spine to collide with the duct ceiling.

Her hand slammed down, palms flat as she tried to dig her nails into the steel. She couldn't move forward and if she let it blow her backwards she had no idea where she would end up. Possibly even farther beneath the lair.

Struggling Chryseis held on in hopes the air would turn off soon.