Ladies' Night Out

(( Continued from "Stepping Out." ))

Rachyl sat recovering, not from orgasm but strictly from extreme arousal. Somewhat seperated from the other two women after their intimate congress inside the limo, heart thudding against her breasts, she felt the twist of her jacket out of place.

"They'll probably offer to catch me up later, but Veronica sure did enjoy herself," she thought, and breathed deeply to slow her heart.

"I still can't believe you two started without me, not to mention! before dinner."

She giggled and stretched, took a trio of handiwipes from her purse, and passed out two. Straightening her jacket, she looked at Meegan and Veronica, neither of whom had let go of the other since she entered the vehicle.

"I still want to go to a toy store, and regarding dinner... well... I have a horrible confession to make." Finally garnering their attention, she continued shamefacedly, "I've never eaten Chinese food."

Veronica Miller 18 years ago
Veronica forced herself to disentangle her limbs from Meegan. She was being rude, practically ignoring Rachyl. She sat up and pulled her camisole back down. Enough of this, she told herself. They had all night.

But Meegan had looked so yummy... and now Rachyl looked delicious in her shimmer blue and silver - especially her snug black slacks. Veronica adjusted her breasts in the camisole, but didn't bother with the skirt. It covered just enough to be decent, but left plenty of thigh visible to her two lovers.

"Actually, I don't care much for Chinese. But if that's what you two want, we can do it."
Meegan 18 years ago
Meegan lifted her butt from the seat and pulled her slightly wrinkled Gucci dress back where it belonged. She smoothed as best she could in a sitting position and straightened in her seat. She ran her fingers through her hair and smiled at both of them.

"What about Japanese?"

Meegan wiped her hands clean on the wet wipe, Rachyl had given her and tossed it in the little trash can by the mini-bar.

"And if we are ever going to get through this night, we need to wait until after the dancing for more bedroom fun."

She winked at Veronica, and sent Rachyl a smile.
Rachyl 18 years ago
Rachyl shrugged noncommittally. "I was just mentioning Chinese because I'd never had. I'm not too picky. Even pizza would be great!"
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
"Or tacos," Veronica said with a grin, settling comfortably into the seat. She crossed her legs in hopes of calming the heat between her legs. "Actually, I don't really care what we have." Her eyes swept over the two women and she sighed heavily in content. This is going to be a fun night, she said to herself with a grin.
Meegan 18 years ago
"Japanese it is! Which is a good thing since I made reservations at Oishii Sake." Meegan grinned and leaned forward to fix the strap of her sandal, which had some how come undone. She straightened back up and turned in the seat slightly to look at her companions.

"How was your week, Veronica?"
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
"It was rather boring, actually. I took the whole weekend to recover from our little party Friday, and all this week was full of deadlines and meetings." She took a moment to straighten her skirt; it wouldn't do to get it incredibly wrinkly before they even got out of the car.

"I watched our movie every night, though." She winked at Rachyl. "And I think I'm going to buy some stock in the Duracell company."
Rachyl 18 years ago
Rachyl giggled at Veronica. "You still owe me copies of both. They're not hidden in your purse, are they?"

She gasped, then hopped across the seat to the two bags she'd left, then back closer to her friends. She handed the deep lavender bag to Veronica, and the striped red one to Meegan. "Speaking of bags... For you both."
Meegan 18 years ago
"Presents! I love presents!" Meegan took the little back and gently moved the tissue paper around. She stuck her hand inside and pulled out a small leather bound journal, and a card. She set the journal on her lap with a little pat, and opened the card. The mushy "I'm glad you're my friend" inscription made her smile. She looked up and beamed a big smile at Rachyl.

"That's so sweet! Thank you."
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
Veronica half watched Meegan open her gift while she carefully unwrapped her own. A bright smile lit her face when she saw the little purple book. She scanned the card quickly, and had to fight the lump back down her throat. When she looked up at Rachyl, her eyes were shiny emotion. She tried to think of something to say, to express how much this small gesture meant to her, but couldn't find sufficient words. Instead, Veronica leaned forward and kissed the other redhead more passionately than she'd kissed anyone in a very long time.

"Thank you," she whispered as she sat back down. When she was sure her voice wouldn't break, she added, "Maybe a journal will help fill those lonely nights," and smiled at Rachyl.
Rachyl 18 years ago
Rachyl returned the smiles of both women with one of her own. She hadn't quite expected her simple gift to make such an impact on both of them, let alone Veronica. She smoothed her slacks and nervously straightened her jacket again. "I'm glad you both like them. I've enjoyed journal writing for..." The flicker of a shadow passed across her face. "A very long time, and it's helped me see where I've been, what I've done, what I've thought."

She grinned and flushed, lowering her eyes for a moment. "The entry from last Friday was one of the longest I've written in quite some time."
Meegan 18 years ago
Meegan didn't have a clue what she would do with a journal. She'd never in her life written in one. Usually when she needed to work out emotion, she drew, and a journal was no place to draw designs in. 'Well perhaps I'll give it a try and see what happens.'

"I don't think any of us will forget that evening. Though you two had much more fun than I did."

She winks playfully, and felt the car come to a stop "It seems we've arrived." She tucked her journal and card back into the little bag, and picked up her purse from the floor.
Rachyl 18 years ago
Rachyl decided not to hop ("like a dork," she thought) across the seat, and instead stretched langurously across the seat next to her, showing herself off before reaching her purse, then sitting back up.

"Well, I'm sure Veronica is thinking the same thing I am... That we'll more than make up for it tonight, or better yet, this weekend." She winked, giggling, at both women, and moved towards the door as it swung open.
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
Veronica watched with hungry eyes as Rachyl stretched. 'Oy, this is going to be a long meal,' she said to herself. 'I wonder if the tables have long tableclothes...'

"We'll certainly do our best," she said with wink. She leaned over to kiss Meegan once more before following closely behind Rachyl. She couldn't resist... she reached forward and squeezed her cute little ass as she wiggled her own for Meegan.
Meegan 18 years ago
Meegan caught the look in Veronica's eyes, and knew this was going to be an interesting evening, it was also going to be long. 'Maybe I should have bowed out. I do have a tournament tomorrow evening. Well, I'll just have to watch how much I drink, and I should be fine.' She slid fom the seat and climbed from the car. The door shut behind her and she turned to the driver.

"Thank you, James. I shall call you when we are ready to leave."

"Yes, ma'am"

She turned to her companions, and grinned. "Shall we?" She guestured to a red door with a dragon in gold relief. They entered the restraunt and Meegan gave her name. They were taken to a small round booth in a back corner, away from the sushi bar, kitchen and general traffic. She thanksed the hostess and slid into the booth, stopping in the middle.
Rachyl 18 years ago
Rachyl squeaked as Veronica pinched her, nearly stumbling out of the car, when the limo driver caught her arm and balanced her. She looked up at him with a smile. "Thank you, sir."

"My pleasure, ma'am," he replied.

Rachyl marveled at the architecture and amazing cultural decor as they moved through the restaurant. She slid into the booth to Meegan's right, squeezed her leg under the table, and smiled as Veronica slid in on the other side.
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
When they were settled into the table, Veronica took a moment to admire her two companions. Her two friends. The first two - outside Emily - she actually considered friends, and not just familiar aquaintences. And she's known them for.. what? A week. It felt longer than that, but at the same time it seemed like just yesterday that they'd been tangled atop Meegan's enormous bed, slippery with sweat and girl-cum.

She mentally shook herself to clear these naughty thoughts. There'd be plenty of time later for all the smut she could imagine. She picked up the menu in front of her and scanned it. She didn't recognize any of the names. She was definitely hungry; she hadn't eaten since that salad she grabbed at lunch on her way to another meeting. But nothing on the menu appealed to her.

"So, what's good here?"
Meegan 18 years ago
"I'll order for us if you ladies don't object." Rachyl shrugged and closed her menu, and Veronica just nodded at her. Meegan opened the menu, took in the huge array of sushi, tempura and other japanese delicacies. She decided on several things and closed her menu. As she did a small woman in a kimono arrived at their table. Meegan ordered a full course meal for them, starting with the house specailty as an appitizer, followed by several different kinds of sushi and sashimi, vegetable tempura, and ending with a frozen dessert she'd not yet tried here. She accompanied their meal with tea and sake.

Meegan gave the menus to the server, and turned to her friends.

"I met my new neighbor Wednesday."
Rachyl 18 years ago
Rachyl felt herself heating up again as the words "new neighbor" flowed from Meegan's lips, but she did her best to try to hide it.

Of course, the suddenly protruding buds of flesh under her blouse didn't help as she tugged her jacket back into place to cover them. Feigning ignorance, she said,
"New neighbor? Did Mrs. Carmichael move out?"
Meegan 18 years ago
"I wish." Meegan frowned. 'That would make things much less complicated. It's a little errie knowing he can hear me move around in the evenings.' "No Jake and Rob moved. It all happened in three days, friends gone, new neighbor with pierced nipples. I'm still a little upside down from it all."

'Good Meegan, let's go with the obvious, hey I fucked my neighbor after knowing him like five minutes, hint. I really...really need a vacation.'

Meegan siezed the glass of water the waitress put on the table infront of her and sipped from it, giving herself something to do with her hands.
Veronica Miller 18 years ago
Veronica's eyebrows rose in intrigue when Meegan mentioned more pierced nipples. This was getting interesting. She leaned a little bit toward the blonde, sparing a quick glance at Rachyl. The look she saw on her face was mixed; she thought she recognized excitement and interest, but was there also a ghost of jealousy? Veronica let it go.

"And how, exactly, do you know... she...? has pierced nipples, Meegan dear?"