Bored ((lock))

A short redhead walked through the sliding glass doors and pulled off her sunglasses. They dissapeared into a pocket of her massive black leather bomber jacket. It looked like she was 10 and it was her Dad's the way it swallowed her up. Her mouth scrunched up and she looked around trying to decide where to start first. She blew at the bangs in her eyes with annoyance, trying to get a better view. Finally she spotted the neon pointing the way to the simulator games and grinned.

She had only been in town a couple of days, her place was a disaster of boxes and unassembled furniture and the only thing she could think about was she was bored and had nothing to do. She'd been to a few elekTRONicka's or places like them. The crowds were an annoyance but the selection of games kicked ass so she dealt with it. Some mindless shooting and explosive damage sounded good.

Her boots had a couple of spiked bands buckled around her ankles and they sparkled and glinted as she walked. She wore black jeans and a black t-shirt with a frowning red cartoon flipping off the world barely visible under the jacket.

Redd popped a twenty into the coin converter and pocketed the metallic tokens.

Time to have a little fun.

A group of 5 young teenage boys was hanging around the mech sims, blocking the doors when she walked up. She shifted one way and then the other. Hands on her hips she glared at them, her gray eyes shooting daggers.

Hey get the fuck out of the way you little shits.

Redd 18 years ago
She was completely, totally, without a doubt pissed. It was a huge game to these boys it seemed, laughing and circling around the steaming redhead. Every time she thought she saw an opening into the simulator she would dart forward only to be blocked. Her fist was slowly clenching and unclenching and visions of at least a dozen martial arts throws and kicks had already passed through her mind.

'After spending the last ten minutes arguing with these jerk-off, prebubescent, pimple faced, morons.. I'm about to commit murder. THIS is why I hate people.'

Redd knew it was most likely the old schoolyard thing of boys picking on a cute girl. They had no idea how old she was, they most likely assumed she was just a kid. 'Just because I'm short. GRRRR.'

Then she saw one of the aproned arcade guys wandering past, towards the coin changer. Her eyes lit up and she grinned.

Hey you! Arcade employee guy! Yeah you.. in the apron and dorky hat! Come get these braindead little shits off of the games so people who actually have money can play them!!

((OOC she just radiates charm and grace, I know))
Arcade Guy 18 years ago
'Finally' he thought as he made his way to the last change machine on the floor.. he smiled at the clock, 7:15pm he could finally eject all the teenagers and maybe get some relief..

Hey you! Arcade employee guy! Yeah you.. in the apron and dorky hat! Come get these braindead little shits off of the games so people who actually have money can play them

'just what I need right now' he turned and apatheticly looked over the clot of teens, with the little red head trying to fight in past them, she was cute much cuter than the regular girls, then he remebered the time, and a self satisifed smile came to his lips
"After seven O'clock, everyone under 18 has to leave" in his most authroitive voice. "You too miss"
he said to the red head 'that'll teach you to talk about my uniform! ha!'
Redd 18 years ago
Redd smirked at the grumbling teenagers, then she turned to the arcade guy and grinned. No one under 18 in here huh? Damn.. so I look like I'm not 18? Or are you just flattering me? Cause.. Guess what, I'm 25. She turned back to the group slowly walking away and flipped them off.

That means YOU losers have to go home to your mommies while I beat all your patheticly low 'high' scores. HAH! Just watch me.. oh wait you CAN'T! She laughed loudly and grinned in a most obnoxious way. Stupid little fuckers.

The annoyed employee's look said volumes. With an exagerated sigh and much shoulder slumping and 'ugh'ing she fished around in her pocket and produced her ID to show him she was, indeed, much older than she appeared. She stood looking smug and triumphant.

So where do you get the beer at anyways?
Arcade Guy 18 years ago
Sam got that feeling of power as he ejected the little chumps from the arcade, but the little red head was still there.. well that wasn't such a bad thing.. she was hot, he'd let her stay anywa... his thoughts were interupted by her when she said
'under 18 in here huh? Damn.. so I look like I'm not 18? Or are you just flattering me? Cause.. Guess what, I'm 25'

and she een had a decent looking ID to prove it, heh.. 'legal..awesome' he thought..

So where do you get the beer at anyways?

it occured to him that this girl wasn't talking to him because she liked him, or even noticed he was male and interested, his mood soured and he pointed up at the balcony "Upstairs" he said with an agravated tone and stormed off twords the change machine..
Redd 18 years ago
Upstairs, cool. She didn't even notice when the guy walked away. She rubbed her hands together and grinned. Game first, suds second. Allllrighttythen! She climbed into the simulator game and slid the exterior door shut. After taking a second to look over the controls set up she dropped in several coins and joined up a game in progress.

After much (very loud) laughing, cursing, yelling, kicking and beating on the controls and enclosure walls she emerged, tokenless. She kicked the game one last time then grinned and made her way up to the bar.

((OOC anyone can join her if they dare.. =p ))
Redd 18 years ago
After a couple beers and over an hour of playing video poker and trivia at the bar, Redd slid down from her stool and stretched. Wandering away she sipped from the bottle of beer in her hand and perused the nearby games some before deciding nothing really called out to her. Knocking back the rest of the beer in a long sip she tossed the bottle and headed out.

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