Character Questionnaire

These are questions you can ask your character in order to get to know them better. They are not mandatory.

NOTE: Please do not reply with answers on this thread. Make another one if you'd like us to be able to see your answers.

Describe the perfect room
What is important?Status,monetary gain or self satisfaction?
What is the perfect time of day? Weather?
What era in history most intrigues you? What would you be doing if you were there?
What kind of animal would you be?
Describe the perfect mate
What is more important? honor or success at all costs?
If you had to live forever what purpose would keep you going through the long ages?
What is you most vivid memory from childhood, dream or daydream?
What is the perfect musical form?
If you were to go on an expedition what three items would you pack first?
Would you rather be physically beautiful or unique?
What part of your body best represents you as a person?
What is your most recurring dream?
What is the perfect vehicle? color? options?
Describe the perfect meal
What is your favorite color?
How far could you be pushed before becoming violent?
Describe the creation of the universe in detail
What is the purpose of war?
Describe the perfect weapon
In your last 24 hours of life, what would you like to accomplish?
What is your preferred way of attacking an enemy? Full frontal assault or by sneaking in through the back door?
What Gods could you be descended from?
Describe your appearance, Hair, eye color and any distinctive features
Is it more satisfying to achieve success or to strive towards it?
What emotions are appropriate to display in public?
Who do you idolize out of famous figures in history?
What is the worst crime a person can perform?
What traits in other can you simply not tolerate?
What quality in yourself do you respect the most?
Who gains your greatest loyalty? Yourself, family,friend, mate, country or deity?
Describe the perfect trap
What is sin?
If the phone rang in the middle of the night who would you hope it to be?
What do animals think of you?
Describe any phobias you have
What languages do you speak?
What single thing do you find to be the most irresistible motivation?