Practice Does Not Make Perfect

Pak was in more than a little bit of pain, but trying desperately to hide it, as she did her best to subtly and discreetly make her way to the clinic. It wasn't just that she'd had her leg broken and it hadn't set right, or that she looked like she'd tried to stop a run away eighteen wheeler with her bare hands, there was the broken nose, although that had been set much better, the probably sprained but possibly broken ankle, the black eyes and the dislocated shoulder. Bao had offered to correct that as well but by that point Pak felt she had taken more than enough and had declined. She was also fairly certain she had a nasty concussion too, there had been a bad/awkward telekinetic push trying to break a hold and Pak had hit the floor (not the mats) -hard-, Bao said she'd blacked out for a second or two but she wasn't sure.

It wasn't the first time she'd come back from a sparring session this badly damaged and she knew it wouldn't be the last. At least Bao was getting better about telling her if they were going to go flat out so she could give Rowan a heads up and so she could feed the night before. Well, flat out for her, it was pretty clear Bao was still holding back. She still felt bad about the first time she'd drug herself into the clinic without warning after one of these sessions and really tried to avoid a repeat.

At least Bao had been decent enough to drive her and her car back home (the BMW, not the Lil Bird she didn't trust anyone to drive that). He'd even helped her as far as the door where she could have a chat with MARI to make sure someone would be expecting her at the clinic and a little bit beyond before Pak chased him off.

"I am happy to get you the rest of the way there."

Bao offered in a formal if slightly fretful tone. It was almost funny, or would be if she wasn't having to grit her teeth to deal with the shooting pain in her ankle. He really was trying and Pak appreciated it.

"No thanks. I just want to get there without much notice and people will notice you."

They would too, Bao was more than a little striking. While he hadn't come out of their match entirely unscathed, once he'd changed most of his injuries had either healed or been hidden, although his hair was a little untidy and his cuffs were uneven Pak noted with some satisfaction.

"Very well." He said somewhat reluctantly. "Next week?"


Pak said firmly and was rewarded with a faint upward twist to his lips and a nod from Bao before he said a formal goodbye and stepped outside to arrange a ride.[/I]