Clan Events (ooc)

With the start of our first GM event, the 4th of July Night Light Parade, we decided to run some clan only events. They would happen all within the clan section, whether its in the Abby or the Domicile. We'll plan an event and all members are encouraged to part take in the festivities.

Anyone have any ideas on what they'd like to do? Have an assault on the Domicile? A rave in the Abby? Discuss and lets decide!

Gaia 18 years ago
hehehe Gaia says she is always up for a 'training' session!
Winter 18 years ago
we could blow something up...
Ellis Duban 18 years ago
Or someone could blow something up in the domicile! =D
Claude 18 years ago
ORGY! Uh, I mean, heh...dinner party? ops: