Hey I am trying to reacquaint myself before diving back in. Need permissions to see the Heolfor (Anantya) sections again.. Honestly, all of the vamp clan areas since I have people for them all but Anantya at least to start. And I have roundabout ways to get here to the OOC forums, obviously, but they don't actually show in the list so.... how do I make that happen too?

Please and thank you!

Pakpao 1 year ago
Hi Amberelle! Unfortunately I haven't got a clue about permissions, mine are a bit wonky too. I can't even see Traffic Jam when logged in, I had to do some interesting gymnastics to get here to reply. I'm sure things will get hammered out as they are polished up though. Good to see you!
Amberelle DeEspionne 1 year ago
Yeah if I'm not logged in everything is wide open but when I am... Nada. it took some gymnatics sneakiness to get into this form to post. I have a couple of friends from another RP board I am trying to lure here...Here's to hoping to get stuff fixed! I know that the openness to those not logged in makes them leery, especially with the 18+ content