Second Chances (open)

Eiryk was busy, extremely busy in fact. It made him happy. Oh sure he got frustrated and overwhelmed from time to time but overall he really liked being able to bounce from project to project and always have something to do, especially as he found both of his businesses more play than work.

Tonight, well right now anyway, it was the design studio. He'd taken quite a step back from the design business but he wasn't totally abstinent. This was a midsized B&B. It wasn't his project either, it was Eve's. Eve had been with him for a number of years now but she had always done residential, this was her first bid for the studio on a commercial project. So he was reviewing it before she presented it.

Eiryk was really very pleased. For all she had purple hair (now... it had been an unnatural fire engine red when he'd hired her) and some very creative tattoos she didn't miss a trick. Eve was very professional and talented so he was only making a few little suggestions here and there. Just little things she wasn't used to not having done commercial work before so he couldn't even fault her.

Finishing up his notes he stretched, notice his coffee was empty, caught the eye of one of the Barny's staff smiled winningly and waggled his eyebrows. He was rewarded with a stuffed giggle and a nod and knew his coffee would be on its way. He would have gone back to his work but he accidentally made eye contact with a rather muscular blond. Eiryk wasn't partially fond of the man but the boy looked lost and possibly lonely. There were no open tables. He wasn't exactly sure why he did it, but Eiryk waved him over an offered one of the seats at his table.

Blaise 4 years ago
This was just an odd thought to Blaise, he only spoke English and he'd had limited issues with that. After all you could pretty well get by with just English these days. Sure he'd had some issues but nothing major. It was probably just one more thing he should work on if he was going to live for more than a few years.

"Wait so all these books are just taking a best guess?"

Blaise was a little outraged, all that harping on a memorizing dates and they were just made up?

Of course he couldn't stay focused on this for too long as the story started growing. He really just couldn't make up his mind on the level of honesty here. He actually did believe a couple of vampires could handle a bit of a mob in a brawl, hell he'd been able to do his fair share of damage in a fight since being turned. But swords? Sex? If nothing else he was entertained.

He wasn't quite naive enough to question why if the guys may or may not have gone all menage trois they were apparently with other guys now. Life happened and apparently kept happening. He did make a note to maybe stay on good terms with any vampire exes, if you might run into them off and on it was probably best to part on decent terms.

"And how do you manage these kind of shenanigans in the Instagram era?"

Seriously this sounded like that kind of goofing that could break the internet and bring down celebrities.
Eiryk 4 years ago
"I got fussier about them as I got older."

Eiryk confirmed. At first it hadn't really mattered but as he'd lived longer and had more and more to remember they became more important. He always dated his journal and every volume was labeled by date and any locations he'd been in at the time.

He laughed at Blaise's apparent indignation with the lack of dates.

"No the historians have it more right than not maybe not perfect but the nobility, clergy and lawyers like to have things laid out more or less. Helps avoid backsies and such."

He could help but tease Rue just a bit.

Eiryk loved playing with Rowan. They'd on occasion developed quite the reputation when they both spent enough time in the same city or harbor. Too bad their idea of a good time and getting a little rowdy had occasionally differed from the locals even if it was all in good fun.

He also loves Rue's ability to tells tales with the best of them. Sometimes he stretched things until they broke but right now they were just getting creative maybe a little brittle but not totally over the top just yet.

"Six? Are you sure? Oh! You're counting that scrawny one who could barely hold a sword, aren't you? Your's or anyone else's."

Eiryk said trying not to laugh at his friend's embellishment. Although that was probably more true than not, after all Eiryk would be lying if he said a good fight hadn't lead to a good fuck in more than one occasion, you had to do something with all that passion and energy.

"How did you get two?! I only got one. It was the accent wasn't it or was your German just better?"

Eiryk managed to sound suitably indignant about the situation.

As Rue's version of events continued Eiryk realized they'd known each other a long time because he'd been thinking of taking the story that direction too. Of course that ability to think along the same lines had been a big help in a fight or in talking their way out of things.

"Oh Lord you're right, we did... the next night or the night after something about paying for damages as I recall. I do think she got the better part of that deal though."

Blaise's question made him snort dismissively. Silly baby vampires.

"Don't be famous so no one cares, avoid camereas and video and make friends with hackers."

Eiryk may or may not have just made those rules up off the top of his head. But the hacker bit was inspired he thought.
Rowan Murphy 4 years ago
"Oh the books are okay," Rowan agreed when Eiryk mentioned the general details. "The ones you need to watch out for are bibles. Those got written and re-written so many times, and they all came out differently depending on who was doing the retelling and what motivations they had. No one regulated bibles, ever."

Rowan had a good deal of experience with those. Before printing presses were invented, people relied on those who could read and write to scribe hand-written bibles, also only for others who could read, which was admittedly not the majority of people.

"That was mostly done in monasteries though, so you have Eiryk to blame for that inaccuracy." Rowan grinned. "I only did a few myself, for friends."

He idly wondered if any of those still existed. They might, since two of them had been given to other vampires.

Eiryk happily helped him play Blaise a little bit, and Rowan shook his head at his friend's fake outrage.
"It must have been my German. It couldn't possibly have had anything to do with this gorgeous hair or these gorgeous eyes. Although my German was perfect when I was turned, so it's clearly one of my earlier languages."

Rowan and Henri had gone through several, trying to see if any one felt more 'right' to Rowan than another, but nothing had jogged a memory. They had, though, enlightened them to the fact that Rue spoke several from the get-go.

He had one additional piece of advice, or suggestion, for Blaise on top of what Eiryk said, however.

"Or just be the hacker."
Eiryk 4 years ago
Whether Rue was teasing or knew Eiryk wasn't sure. It was possible he'd mentioned it at some point in their friendship but he wasn't positive one way or the other. He flushed a little guilty and cleared his throat.

"Well.... Yes but I only suggested a few changes here and there and mostly because I was bored to tears. There are only so many times you can copy the same thing before you lose you mind. They really should have let me sail more."

His minor tweaks to the text was one of the reasons he had the large illumination that still hung in he and Alex's apartment. Angus had gotten a look at them and ensured that it hadn't stayed in the monastery. Eiryk was terribly proud of the piece, both for the art and for the tiny little rewrite... or three.

Well he couldn't deny the Rowan was more than slightly attractive but Eiryk was fairly certain he wasn't lacking. Really at a certain point it did just come down to taste and personal preference. But he just gave Rue a look that said "Yes because I'm terribly homely" and let it go.

"Clearly it was the German. My German always sounds vaguely Swedish.... "

It did too, for some reason Eiryk couldn't quite master the accent

Eiryk had learned a lot about computers over the years, he did like anything that was new and exciting. They had quickly become too much for him to keep up with in general. He kept up with software that related to art, design and business management. That was more than enough.

"When did you find time to become a hacker? Personally I think it is easier to just keep on the good side of one who can be bribed with mead."

That jasmine blend he'd first started making several years ago had multiple variations and he called all of them Pak's blend. She had inspired them after all.
Blaise 4 years ago
Blaise was about to ask why Eiryk would deliberately change a bible, it seemed odd for anyone devoted enough to be living in a monastery to be changing things about. But he remembered that apparently Eiryk had been there against his will. For whatever faults Alfred had had, at least he hadn't been walled up like a monk. So... silver lining? Maybe?

And then the story was over. Blaise was a little disappointed. Sure Rowan and Eiryk might be a little overwhelming a little exuberant but in a good way. It was hard not to feel a playful happy mood and that was backed up by the little snippets of music he'd been hearing off and on. It was just... well he liked it. Not that he was getting soft or going sweet on either of them, he just like hanging around it.

"Ok... seriously... how of that story is real? I mean it was like something out of a movie. Was that an out take from Pirates of the Caribbean seventeen or what?"

The advice about going viral seemed sane. No one was saying to become a total hermit, just don't be dumb. Well he wasn't too worried it seemed like racy texts and sex tapes were pretty passe now anyway... well unless you were sexually harassing someone.

"So let's see... don't be dumb, learn more history, become a doctor, learn at least one more language and learn to be a hacker. Any other tips for the new guy."
Rowan Murphy 4 years ago
I didn't claim to be a hacker," Rowan clarified to Eiryk. "I just suggested that it was an alternative. Far better to do for yourself, if you're going to do that sort of thing. The more people know about your suspicious activity, the more lips you have to pay to keep sealed."

He knew that firsthand. Rowan would be lying if he said he'd never tipped off person A about the documents person B had had him forge. Any port in a storm sometimes; plus, Henri's work wasn't always about honor and integrity. The man was a spy. It hadn't been a reach for Rowan to get involved.

Blaise distracted him, though, and Rowan turned to smile at him. He tilted his head at the younger man and shrugged his shoulders.
"All of it."

That was sort of true. Most of the story he and Eiryk had just told was mostly true at some point in their history. Rowan did tell tales and he wouldn't apologize for it. He also didn't feel the need to be one hundred percent truthful about the timeline.

"Eh, new guy tips? Stay close to your Clan. We're good with newbies. We like keeping you alive. Don't be afraid to ask questions or look for help. But if you want to find other newbs to hang out with, too, you can always look up Alex or Aishe. In Nachton, they're the other two youngest Clanmates you have. Not sure about the rest of the world. Everyone's going to have something to offer though, no matter their age."
Eiryk 4 years ago
"You really should play with Pak more. She's terribly discreet."

Even though they were both over a thousand there simply wasn't time to learn -everything- especially specialized skills like... well medicine or hacking. You did have to have friends. Sure you could pay for services but a friend or clanmate was best, at least in Eiryk's mind. Not that he was exactly clear what he brought to the table, but he was certain it was something.

Blaise's question made Eiryk laugh and he answered in near unison with Rue. While the story might be more of a patchwork than one solid narrative it had only been given minor embellishment really.

"Seriously it is a lot more true than you might like to think. Although," He added to Rowan "we ought to think about turning a couple of our escapades into a screenplay."

Depending on said escapade it could turn into a very successful film or maybe they should write a book. Just right then thought Eiryk had more than enough irons in the fire so this one might have to wait.

"Mmm... yes. They are both good eggs. And it is possible they are moderately more sensible than we were at their age."

Eiryk was actually impressed with both of them, he thought he'd be impressed with Alex even if they weren't married. They were "growing up" in a very different world than he and Rowan had thought. It may or may not make a difference.

"Very true, the clan is important and helpful. Other than that... just don't be dumb really. And do feel free to look me up even for stupid questions or history class."

Apparently one good conversation with the man and Eiryk was willing to let even his minor grudge and suspicions go. It was perfectly natural thought, often if you took the time to get to know someone your opinion changed. He'd still be chatting with Pak about the boy thought.

"Now if you will excuse me I have a fox to feed and walk and an Alex to flirt with... oh and these designs to finish reviewing."

He'd all but forgotten when he'd originally been doing. No matter, it would all get done. But depending on the flirting it might not get done until tomorrow night.

Eiryk stood and gathered his things managing to only knock the chair over once and drop two pencils.

"You I'm sure I'll see soon...ish."

He grinned at his oldest friend and gave him an affectionate squeeze before heading to the elevators. He was pleased with the evening though.

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Blaise 4 years ago
Blaise honestly wasn't sure if the was impressed or terrified they both said that story was true. Maybe the world really had been like that, maybe you could get away with things like that. Although as he contemplated this Blaise started to wonder if it was trouble that they were both in Nachton. They were obviously still friends but if he remembered the conversation right they were both involved with other folks... guys? Maybe their... husband's were a mellowing influence. Maybe he was over thinking.

"Thanks. I'll do that. Never knowingly met another vamp my age. It might be nice to have a perspective from this century."

It really might. Although neither Eiryk or Rowan had said how old either of these two were. Youngest could me a year or a century. Well he'd worry about it later any one less than a hundred and fifty or so would be good.

Eiryk left with some apparently unintentional fanfare and Blaise had the odd feeling he might have made a friend. He couldn't help but grin.

"Appreciate it mate even if this is my last history class."

Well he hoped, who knows he might wind up having to take a few yet in college. He really was going to hard core look at this doctor thing. He wasn't sure why but it struck him as a terribly good idea.

"Appreciate your help too." He said to Rowan. "I really am going to the pre med thing. I think I'd really like to do it."

Pak pushing him into school, some good teachers and some random support here and there and Blaise was actually thinking he could do things other than being a thing. Who knew.

"But I really do have to finish this or I won't even get the GED."

He offered Rowan his hand. If not another friend he'd probably found a mentor and that might be more important.

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Rowan Murphy 4 years ago
Rowan smiled at the two men as they both appeared to be ready to move on. Rowan himself had no patients in the clinic tonight and nothing scheduled, although he wasn't technically off. He planned to stick around the Towers, obviously, but he had his cell phone with him and of course MARI could let him know if he was needed.

"I'll see you soon," he promised Eiryk. They did see each other with almost frightening regularity these days. He liked it - a lot - but he wasn't going to tell Eiryk that.

Blaise said he was going to go for a pre-med degree and Rowan beamed at him.
"Excellent. You can do it. If there's one obvious benefit to this life, it's having lots of time to learn shit."

He shook Blaise's hand when it was offered, and as the younger vampire headed out he said,
"Remember, anything you need help with. Not a bother."

When the two had left, he considered pulling one of his books out and reading it, but the lure of the Security Chief was too strong. He grabbed his back, stood, and decided to drop in on a certain hot blonde.

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