The Pacific Rim sends it regards.

Yoichi stood with his hands clasped behind his back with his posture slightly leaning onto his left leg. His intention was to be disarming, yet professional. By the looks the other Pipers were giving him, he was not doing a very good job of it.

Standing in his tailored black Brunico suit, he pulled his hands forward and picked an errant piece of fluff off the wool, two-buttoned single-breasted jacket sleeve. He wore a crisp white shirt underneath, opened at the collar. Flicking his eyes back up to the Pipers standing in the hanger thirty feet away, Yoichi gauged each man for his worth.

There were all over six foot two and Caucasian. Yoichi recognized the dark haired, light blue-eyed Piper as the 2nd Lieutenant, Chester Hammond or "Charlie”. The lieutenant was conveying messages to his other men, a red head Yoichi knew to be Reese Deardon and an even taller dark-haired man, one JT Paulson. That would be the bastard son of an Alpha, who was, in fact, an Alpha himself, if only in name.

A door behind them opened and what they were waiting for entered the hanger. Alpha Hammerthynn. It was if the air parted as the Alpha himself moved toward his men, only to have that steely gray eye narrow onto Yoichi. Casual manner aside, Yoichi straightened as the Alpha redirected his path directly to him. The Pipers fell beside their Alpha - his Lieutenant on his right, and the other two men on the Alpha's left. The balance made sense, Yoichi immediately thought to himself, as he watched the lieutenant walk with a power he had never seen an individual possess, other than an Alpha. Not even the pseudo-Alpha came close.

As the Alpha closed the distance, Yoichi fell respectfully to his right knee and bowed his head. His show of fealty was not just a cultural requirement. This was The Alpha of his pack and the power and authority Iov Hammerthynn carried rivaled any other wolf in the world.

"Alpha Hammerthynn.” Yoichi kept his head low respectfully.

The three Pipers stirred, confused. It was the lieutenant that spoke. "Sir, this is -"

The Alpha cut off his lieutenant and finished, "Yoichi Minamoto of the Paipāzu. Rise.”

Yoichi stood to his full height, even with the Lieutenant, and several inches shorter than his Alpha. He made eye contact first with the Lieutenant, then the other two Pipers who acknowledged him with curious expressions. To them, he was just a Japanese merchant flying into their hanger by mistake, not the Commander of Asia's Alpha Paipāzu.

"This is our Pacific Rim region Commander.”

"Pacific Rim?” The one called Deardon asked.

"Lieutenant Hammond, Piper Deardon and Piper Paulson,” Yoichi bowed his head regally, "It is a pleasure to meet our European brothers.”

"You not in our Pacific Rim region causes me to pause with concern. Your Alpha's decision to accept my decision from afar made me curious as to his allegiance.”

"There is no question to your authority, Alpha Hammerthynn. My Alpha chose to stay hidden to keep an eye on our other Asian brothers. Our lives for the Alpha, always.”

Hammer snorted, his closest thing to a laugh. "He could have sent a card.”

Yoichi granted his Alpha a small grin. "I am here as proof of loyalty. My Paipāzu will be following. We are yours. Our Alpha sends his regards, his honor, and his men to protect you and the new Jameson female.”

The Alpha flinched. "What does my Commander's daughter have anything to do my Pacific Rim region?”

"She is special,” Yoichi said slowly and with caution. "She represents a new era for the packs or so my Alpha thinks. Our lives for the Alpha and the little one.” Yoichi lowered his eyes momentarily before looking up into his Alpha's eye. His caretaker's twinkle flared momentarily.

The Alpha leaned in close and inspected his new solider. "Your loyalty is accepted and appreciated. Your honor and reputation precedes you, Mr. Minamoto. You and your Paipāzu will fall in the ranks of my Pipers here. You will maintain your rank of Commander-by-consult, equal to my lieutenants, but I have no need for 2 Commanders. Is that clear?”

"Hai, Alpha Hammerthynn.”

"When are your Paipāzu incoming?”

"A day behind me, Alpha.”

"Fall in, Commander.”

Another respectful nod, the Alpha dismissed his men and turned back toward the exit. With dark sepia colored eyes, Yoichi flicked them back up to the Pipers. The one called JT Paulson had been curiously quiet during the entire exchange. He turned to the side and held a long arm out toward the exit for him. Yoichi gave him a polite wink and followed his Alpha.