Stupid Sunrise

Pak was irritated. She'd gotten talking, maybe flirting a bit but mostly talking, with Guillaume and had totally lost track of the time. One minute they were talking/flirting and the next it was sun rise. That didn't happen to her, she was smarter than that.

She'd thought about making a dash for it. She might make the towers or Kem and Aishe's without going totally up in flames, but her car didn't have the UV filtering glass and it would be iffy at best and very probably dangerous, but she still was considering it. Navid had reality checked her, but in a very quiet matter of fact way. He'd simply said it was no trouble if she decided to stay. When she'd reluctantly agreed he'd given her a quick tour of he and his partners/friends' living space and made her up a bed in his rooms. There had been no pressure, no persuasion, no attempts at seduction. He'd understood she was still thinking about his offer and honored that.

Unfortunately, he'd also been on call and had to leave for the airport. He said he'd be there most of the day as a 'hot reserve' for the charter company. And although she'd slept a bit Pak simply didn't feel comfortable in his space. They weren't a couple. She didn't belong there. She had no right to his space. So she'd ransacked his bookshelf, borrowed something and wandered out into the common area.

While she didn't often eat there was a kitchen and she really wanted some coffee. Thanks to long friendship with Kem and Eiryk she managed to tweak the available coffee into something rather posh, richer extra fragrant and delicious.

Taking a mug she made herself at home on the sofa with the book she'd borrowed but not knowing his roommates she made no noise. It was somewhere between courtesy and nerves. Still she didn't turn on the TV or any music or even her phone, she was rather hoping to go unnoticed. Other than rather wishing she had her laptop Pak was happy enough to just chill with coffee and a book. At least for a while.

Evan Talkingwater 3 years ago
Evan chuckled at Pak's Pig Latin response to his "Clan Sign" and then nodded in mock solemnity. "Right, best not go into that."

"He's a crow. I believe I heard that his name was Natt." He shrugged. "I can sound like a crow all day long but I have no idea if it makes any sense to one. Unfortunately turning into an animal doesn't let us understand said animal. I saw him flying in and out of The Towers and flew closer to investigate. He seemed like a very smart bird and he took an interest in me. I swear he knows that I am different. Anyway, I had some treats in my pocket so I found him as myself" Evan gestured up and down his chest to indicate his human shaped form and then continued on with his story.

"And slowly made friends and then made friends as a magpie...which is a little harder since birds don't tend to like other birds. He seemed more friendly than most but I assume that is because he is around all kinds of people and animals as someone's ...familiar?" He said the last word as a question because he wasn't sure what Evenhet called an animal companion of a vampire who could speak with them and he wasn't entirely sure that Natt wasn't just someone's pet but he had his suspicions.

Evan smiled at Pak.
"Feel free to leave whatever you like. We will be l duty bound to get it back to you safely." He said the words with a hand to his heart. "Our honor is at stake." He couldn't imagine that she had brought anything of cherished value with her on a trip to visit a friend. 'Your sunglasses, My Lady, hand delivered with the utmost care.'

"A...paper folding class? Clothes folding? I hear Marie Kondo is all the rage. Or people folding? Or some other type of folding?" Evan was curious and tried to imagine Navid making tiny little cranes.

"We are here most nights. At the bar." He squeezed Kiyo tight to him for a moment. "Kiyo is the best bartender you'll find. I also fill drink orders but with far less flare."
Kiyoshi Salinas 3 years ago
Evan's bird-form adventures always fascinated Kiyo. Sure, he could become a wolf but wolves couldn't fly. He might like shifting more if flying were involved. He wasn't sure though. His relationship with his canine alter ego hadn't improved much in the past few years, but he did like to think it was a bit better than before he'd arrived in Nachton.

He chuckled at the loosely formed plan the vampires hatched for Evan to have an excuse to visit the Towers. He couldn't bring himself to ask if he'd be allowed to go, but maybe? It's not as if anything about him screamed 'werewolf.' He wouldn't want to get Evan in any trouble, though. He assumed if he were allowed to tag along his partner would ask.

"Origami?" When Pak mentioned paper-folding that was all he could come up with. "You teach origami? That must be fun."

The fact that Pak had invited Guillaume for a drink after they were both frustrated was unusual, but then, he was prone to avoid conflict. If someone were frustrated with him, he wouldn't think to ask them out for drinks. He'd just run the other way.

His job was brought up, and he blushed at Evan's compliments although the color was mostly hidden on his dark cheeks.

"I flaretend there. And sometimes I dance."

Despite his shy nature Kiyo did enjoy his job. He knew it was unusual but when he was required to perform he enjoyed it. It wasn't something he'd seek out without an obligation to.

"Sometimes I do competitions. It's good for the bar's reputation to have someone out there."

Hopefully that didn't make him sound arrogant. He didn't mention whether or not he won said competitions, although he'd won every one he'd participated in for the last two years straight now. He liked that he could help represent Terminus.
Pakpao 3 years ago
"Huh. I wouldn't have thought of that."

Pak mused. She'd never thought to ask a shape shifter if they could talk to the animals. She'd just assumed they could.

Interesting choice of friends. Pak didn't know Natt very well but she knew who he hung around with. She also wasn't at all sure what the etiquette here was. Did she tell people who Natt was hanging around with? Had the bird already done so?

"Sure, let's go with 'familiar' no one has ever told me one way or another and I wouldn't be surprised if he had some ideas about you. Crows are pretty clever any way... but if you come round for coffee it might be polite to introduce you to Natt's other friend."

That sounded reasonable to Pak. It seemed odd that she was suddenly in the roll of... diplomat (of sorts). She wasn't the most social vampire but apparently when she did get out she met some really interesting people. She'd definitely have to leave something here now, and nothing subtle either. Her phone and laptop were right out... maybe the car? She'd think about it some.

The idea of people folding made her wince. Pak was still wanting in the self defense arena. She kept trying though, even if she was more often the one being folded than doing the folding.

"No." She shook her head "I -tried- to teach origami. It went miserably. Navid is actually very good at it, he was about the only person who should have been in the class."

Pak wasn't too surprised Navid hadn't shared that particular hobby. It was something that was easy to do in your own. Probably a good way to pass some time in an airport or hotel but not an overly social activity.

Putting a few conversations together Pak decided Evan was playing his own work down a bit.

"I think he once grudgingly said you do all the real work or words to that effect."

But he'd switched languages while muttering that and Pak hadn't fully understood him. Also, knowing Guillaume it was entirely possible he was being sarcastic.

She smiled at Kiyoshi.

"I've seen you a few times it's always impressive. I've got a friend who winds up at some of the competitions on occasion and she tells me you're really very good."

Most of the flair tending Pak had seen was on YouTube. She still didn't understand how they judged, but she was willing to accept the opinion.

"How do you even start learning something like that?"

Sure it had probably started as one guy flipping one bottle once and another guy flipping it twice but it all ended in a lot of broken glass. Even a telekinetic was going to loose track of a glass or bottle or something and drop it.
Evan Talkingwater 3 years ago
"I could do that." Evenhet and Anantya were going through a time of peace. They weren't likely to kill him, especially not in their own home. It would give them no one else to blame it on. Potentially having an Evenhet friend who could speak with birds might be useful, especially if that friend had a friendlier outlook on Kiyo's kind than most vampires. It had been his goal to work for peace between their races long before he met his current partner but Kiyo, and Navid, were reasons to make the matter one of his top priorities.

Their talk turned to Terminus and bar tending. Kiyo was modest but quietly proud of his accomplishments. Evan was happy to see that attitude. His partner had no troubles being in front of people and having all eyes on him while he was on stage or behind a bar but he was still not very comfortable when attention involved more than casual praise and interaction involved opening up verbally and emotionally.

"Navid does all kinds of things around here. Until it gets off the ground and we are sure it is stable, we didn't think it would be a good idea for both of us to sink all our time and hopes of income in it. And since I have had more time to accrue income given my lifespan, it seemed only fair that I be the one to take the chance on this place while he keeps a stable income that he can use to sock money away for when he is old and crusty." Evan grinned. "Mind you I had to make up entirely different arguments so that he would go along with it. But you guys won't tell him, right?"

"He spins fire too." Evan cupped a hand to the side of his mouth and whispered to Pak even though everyone in the room had hearing capable of detecting an ant's fart, especially Kiyo. "Crazy right?" Many of his kind had a healthy respect for fire so it did seem strange that mortals and werewolves...and occasionally vampires would be willing to play around with it for fun. He liked watching Kiyo spin but he still marveled at the choice to do it.
Kiyoshi Salinas 3 years ago
"Oh, thank you," Kiyo murmured when Pak said she had seen him perform. He briefly hid his face in Evan's chest and then remembered that it was all right to accept a compliment, and looked back up to give Pak a shy smile.

When asked how he'd gotten into it, he didn't have a straightforward answer.
"I just like things like that. When I was younger I got a job in Sao Paulo working the bar, and flair tending was sort of popular there. I started learning and competing, and I just kept doing it. Even after I didn't work there anymore."

He blushed and shrugged.
"It's hard to hold down a job working nights when you're always asking for a few days off each month for 'personal time.' I lost a lot of jobs before finding my way to Nachton. But I guess on the bright side I learned a lot more."

He squeezed Evan tight, well aware that he had been perpetually homeless before arriving here. His R'asa pack here in Nachton, as well as Evan and the rest of the Terminus employees, had given him a stability he'd never had and he never wanted to leave.

Evan mentioned his fire poi and he nodded.
"Yeah, like spinning poi. I like things like that, to keep my hands busy. And fire is fun to play with."

His eyes glittered a little when he said that last part; Kiyo couldn't really hide his fascination with flames. He had yet to burn anything down so he probably had a handle on it.
Pakpao 3 years ago
That was something that was actually knocking about in Pak's mind. She'd sworn to herself she'd never become involved with another human. Navid wasn't human but he didn't have the same kind of life span a vampire might. She wasn't sure how she felt about that.

But she let that idea drop. She didn't know either of these men remotely well enough to discuss this with them. It was probably another Kem conversation, although, she had to admit that he wasn't the only one he'd ask, just her first choice. Funny how many people she'd become comfortable with.

Giving Evan her best sweet and innocent look she just smiled.

"Oh... maybe, maybe not we'll see."

Pak was never above holding on to a bargaining chip. Besides she really didn't know Evan and Navid's relationship, Guillaume could be perfectly aware of this. So her chip could be worthless. They'd just have to see.

Kiyoshi and Evan were kind of adorable. It was probably how snuggly Kiyoshi seemed to be. Sometimes Pak wish she could be that way, or even have someone to be that way with, but she always held herself a little apart, always.

Rather unintentionally and certainly not cruelly Pak found herself laughing at Kiyoshi's words. She empathize. A lot.

"I understand. I had a -fit- keeping a job until Meridian."

Pak had been in computers since the beginning, since it had been "women's work". She'd stuck with it when it had become very male dominated. She had coded, designed and engineered for some of the very best but she'd also developed a reputation for being difficult (ie she didn't put up with -any- sexual harrasment wouldn't sleep with anyone to get ahead would only work nights and had a tendency to tell people when they were being dumb) it had lost her more than a few jobs. The fact that she'd been clanless during all this hadn't helped. Meridian had gambled on her and wound up 'outing' her as a vampire. So, she very much related to Kiyoshi. It was also one of the many reasons she was fiercely loyal to her clan.

She wasn't afraid of fire but she didn't see the fascination. Her own feelings aside it was kind of impressive.

"Keyboards keep your hands busy too."

She retorted lightly.

Again she found herself considering them as a couple. Pak held her breath, counted to 144 using the Fibonacci Sequence and tried to ask politely.

"So it sounds like you've traveled a bit. Do you travel together a lot? I'm not sure I would have thought Anantya was that... progressive."

She knew that Navid was breaking the mold by flirting with her but that was about it. Pak had no real idea how deep issues on either side ran. She did, however, have a pretty distinct impression of Anantya and dating a werewolf was outside that impression.
Evan Talkingwater 3 years ago
Evan shook his head in good natured amusement when his partner said that fire was fun to play with. Kiyo was dismissive of the amount of bravery and skill that his hobbies required. Yeah, I play with fire and juggle glass objects for fun but anyone could do it.

A part of him still had a hard time with the concept of a daily occupation. You did the things that you needed to survive and other things that you had an interest in. Things that might help you and your community. The idea of a regular job with a time clock that you went to every day was soul crushing. Even tending bar was something that he could choose not to do. Yes, he was currently there most nights but he enjoyed it and right now it was the thing that he wanted to do.

He shook his head, no, with a sober expression when Pak asked about Anantya's views on vampire werewolf relations.
"They have never been 'keen' on werewolves but I have been involved with Kiyo's kind for all my life. I imagine that Anantya knows this about me." He shrugged slightly. He worked for the Order of the Night and while he could be sneaky when it was required he didn't tend to live that way. Even if he did, Evan was under no delusion that he could out sneaky every other member of his Order so he didn't even bother. "At the moment they don't choose to make a big deal out of it. I suppose my rebel nature hasn't incited a riot of werewolf hugging so they have decided that I am more useful than detrimental. I try to keep on the side of the line that keeps me from becoming food for the earth. I continue to be selfish like that."

Extricating himself from the chair and his burrowed partner, Evan went back into their room and rummaged through his recent crafted items. He found the one that he was looking for and brought it back to the group. Gently he laid the necklace over, Pak's book.
"For you. I make things all the time and sometimes they want to go home with certain people." The necklace was a piece of wood at its base that he carved into a plot of grass with a tree. Above the ground was thin layer of garnet and then a dome of amber so that it resembled a sunset behind the tree. He enclosed the entire piece in resin to protect it and give it a glossy shine. "I figure you get a lot of blue jewelry." Evan gestured upward to indicate her stunning eye color. "It was a pleasure meeting you, Pakpao. I hope we see you many times in the future."

He pointed a finger at Kiyo. "You need to get more sleep, Young man." Evan grinned and took the empty plate. "Go on. I hear the boss is really hard to work for so I would hate for you to be late." He didn't want Kiyo to have to traipse to the kitchen to put away his dish and then back with his lack of clothing. "I'll join you shortly."

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Kiyoshi Salinas 3 years ago
Kiyo shook his head at Pak when she asked if they traveled a lot. "Not really. A few times during the year maybe? There aren't that many flair tending competitions."

He grumbled softly when Evan moved, but it was only a token whine. He knew he'd get his vampire space heater back soon. He smiled, though, when Evan brought the necklace back for Pakpao. That was the sort of gesture he had grown to expect from his partner. He was just thoughtful like that.

Evan's next words to Kiyo made him blush and smile as Evan took the empty plate.
"Yes sir," he said, a little cheekily.

He kept the throw wrapped around himself as he stood.
"It was nice to meet you, Pak. Hopefully we'll see you around again."

He thought that was pretty good, for him. Maybe some of Evan's skill with people was rubbing off on him. That was probably wishful thinking, but he liked to think that maybe it was happening, anyway.

Before too long he was tucked back in bed, his head on his soft pillow, waiting for Evan to return so he could snooze again - or other things.

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Pakpao 3 years ago
That was reassuring really. If Anantya wasn't making a big deal out of them as a couple Evenhet probably wouldn't either. Pak really wanted to ask more questions but it felt intrusive. She did wonder if her own usefulness would outweigh dating a werewolf. Of course she was so far out ahead of the game it wasn't even funny. There was no guarantee that she and Navid would be anything other than friends.

Before she could say anything though Evan had wandered away. Pak took that as a bit of a clue that he didn't want to discuss it further either. She wasn't hurt though. Pak wasn't the most open person in the world and tended to let others have their space as well.

She was very surprised when he returned with a bit of jewelry. Pak set the book aside so she could examine it closely, not critically at all just curious. It was far more elegant than she would have expected. Pak couldn't help but smile. Part of her wanito protest. It was lovely work and he barely knew her but she felt like that would be rude. Instead she smiled brightly.

"But red is my favorite color."

She confirmed his guess. Well Pak actually didn't get jewelry as gifts a lot but she did get a lot of blue scarves, sweaters and other things.

"Thank you very much. It is very lovely. And it would be nice to see you again as well, both of you."

Pak wasn't even surprised that this far she seemed to like them both. After all she likes Guillaume it wasn't unreasonable she would like his friends, no matter how awkward things may have started.

"I promise to keep it down."

Oh nuts she still didn't have her laptop. Well she did still have the book and she really should get some sleep too.

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