You Spin Me

So far everything was looking quite positive for his little side venture. Eiryk had worked out a business plan Rue was still on board, he had done some retooling of the design studio that gave one of his senior designers a fair bit more authority, and a decent raise, let him have a whole lot more flexibility (not that Eiryk had ever shied away from exploiting the 'I'm the boss card' and taking some time off) officially made Esi the office manager and was looking for a new assistant.

His realtor had found some choice properties in what were potentially very good locations with varying amounts of work needed. Eiryk hadn't visited any of them yet, just seen the specs online.

All of this paperwork was in very neat orderly piles on the Federalist table in their dining room. He really hopped Alex didn't plan on cooking any time soon.

His mind was spinning a bit so, it seemed logical to spin. He was dressed down in tailored jeans and a well fitting T-shirt that featured an adorable cartoon fox with the caption "Oh for fox sake” and sitting at his spinning wheel in the living room and working with a wool that had been dyed a blue gray with a half empty glass of mead at his elbow trying to think things through. Thora was helping by chasing about a ball of deep green yarn he'd already finished with.

Alex Aristos 4 years ago
Alex opened the door to the apartment he shared with Eiryk, arms loaded with groceries. Sure, he didn't need to eat anymore but since turning, his love of cooking hadn't changed at all. In fact, for the past few years he'd had a mentor he wouldn't ever have believed possible in the form of Rowan's Creator, Henri. At Rowan and Cris's wedding Alex had been constantly ill, undergoing chemo for the tumor in his knee, and Henri had taken it upon himself to feed Alex anything he could keep down. After the wedding, Henri had remained at the towers for a few days with his wife Renee, and he and Alex had sort of formed a friendship.

It had taken Alex a long time to accept Henri's offer to give him tips and advice with his own baking, but Alex had finally taken him up on it. While he didn't bake as much as he cooked, Alex could rely on Henri for help with both. Henri's specialty was baking, but his experience with cooking far outclassed Alex's own. Hundreds of years of living would do that.

The fantastic thing was, Alex had watched shows about various meals made throughout history. Usually the hosts could only guess at the proper way to cook it, or even some of the ingredients used. Henri had been there. He'd cooked all of those weird, long-unused meals. So Alex tried one every now and then, and sometimes Henri emailed him something he thought Alex might have fun prepping. It often involved a sort of Nachton scavenger hunt for ingredients, which Alex also enjoyed. He frequently took Eiryk along with him but tonight his husband had had his mind on something so Alex had gone out alone.

Now he came in to find Eiryk spinning, which Alex found fascinating. Another thing he'd maybe learn someday. For now he really liked watching Eiryk. It seemed very soothing, but Eiryk tended to do it a lot when he was thinking.

Thora abandoned her yarn ball for Alex to pet her, which he did as soon as he'd unloaded his groceries. Then he picked her up, cuddling her close, and crossed over to Eiryk. He bent and softly kissed Eiryk's cheek.

"Penny for your thoughts?"
Eiryk 4 years ago
Spinning was borderline hypnotic for Eiryk, if nothing else it was an amazing meditation tool and the spinning wheel even more than a drop spindle, which he tended to just drop a lot. He'd been so focused on the gentle press on the foot pedal and the soft whir of the bobbin and wheel and the twist and tension of the yarn he managed not to hear Alex come in. He was, however, almost able to think in a straight line again rather than feeling scattered as hell.

The soft kiss got his attention though and a bit of a wobble as he considered falling off his chair. Eiryk managed to save himself with a minimum of flailing but the fleece slipped oddly before the wheel stopped.


He muttered softly scowling at the slub, for half a second, it was just a little one though and he was more pleased to see Alex than irritated with his mistake and almost immediately forgot about it as he let the remaining fleece drop from his lap as he stood to give his husband a proper kiss.

"Just business... businesses? I'd forgotten half of the work getting a new one up and running takes.”

He cheerfully complained. Well from Eiryk it wasn't really a complaint more cheerful exasperation. He was actually enjoying the challenge he just needed a mental break.

About then he noticed Thora's handy work. The ball had been a full bobbin of yarn and was now half to three quarters unwound through the living room going around and under the furniture in odd patterns.

[Thora! What?]

At least she didn't pretend not to know what he was half asking.

[It got away and then I caught it.]

Eiryk sighed. It was his own fault for not paying more attention.

"Yes you did. Good girl.”

He affectionately rubbed the vixen's head as she grinned at him.

As his evening had been fairly uneventful and introspective Eiryk was quite interested in what Alex had been up to.

"What about you älskling? Did I miss anything fun? Did you want a drink?”

They might have been married for a while but it still honestly made Eiryk happy to do little, and big things when allowed, for Alex.
Alex Aristos 4 years ago
Alexander put Thora down to receive a kiss from his husband, taking a moment to press close and enjoy the feel of his partner's body against his. He chuckled softly as Eiryk noticed the unraveled ball of yarn, not needing any kind of ability to understand Thora's proud expression.

"I'm fine, thanks," he said when Eiryk offered him a drink. He'd been out for most of the night, first working at his store and then shopping. In the past several years, he'd been able to employ two full-time day staff, and then work a night shift himself. The store stayed open much longer, and while they didn't do quite as much business at night, Alex was able to do most of the administrative and inventory tasks during that time, freeing his staff up to keep the store clean and bright during the day.

"You didn't miss anything. I got another recipe from Henri. Something with a weird name, but don't they all have weird names? What was it? Frexols. That's it. They're sort of like pastries, but a mixture of herbs and cheese. I thought they might go well with some of your mead. We'll see."

The recipe was savory, calling for brie cheese and sage and fennel and a bunch of other flavors Alex had very little experience with, but this was the fun part about having Henri give him little tips; he never knew what the much older vampire would come up with.
Eiryk 4 years ago
Eiryk just 'mmmmm'd a vague acknowledgement when Alex declined a drink. He'd have another in a minute, especially as he couldn't quite remember when he'd poured the half empty one he had currently, the spinning had really distracted him. Now he was distracted by touching Alex, just casually, affectionately rubbing his arms for a second.

He had long ago given up trying to remember the names of things he'd eaten in the past so the term meant nothing to Eiryk. But he did grin at the idea that Henri had sent Alex another recipe. He liked Rue's maker and was happy he and Alex had become friends.

Even of Henri rarely left France he did occasionally travel and he did use email. Both were light years ahead of his own maker. Honestly, Eiryk had been utterly shocked Angus had come to he and Alex' wedding. He could honestly say he'd never known the man to -not- be in a monastery of one sort or another and he certainly didn't have email. Hell sometimes he didn't have electricity.

"Flat flakey crunchy pastery or filled pastery? Is there lamanation involved?”

Eiryk might only be barely able to work his oven but he was always interested in what Alex was up to and had learned a few things. Mostly that using an ax in battle was notably different than a knife in the kitchen and preheat did not mean 475 usually, and he should probably stick to brewing, but a few ideas and terms as well.

"Is this one of his historic jaunts? But I think that sounds like a fine idea.”

If it was and they came out well he might dig out one of his older bottles just for fun. He'd have to see what herbs and such Alex would be using to decide what mead would compliment them best.

It also half sounded like an excuse to invite people over to try them but he led that thought keep for a bit.

"Oh.... I might be monopolizing the dining room table just now. Do you need me to clean that up?”

Eiryk loved their apartment, he very much like living with the clan and in the Towers but he occasionally wondered about buying a house. Something with a nice big kitchen, maybe a place for a garden and a yard for Thora to escape from.
Alex Aristos 4 years ago
Alex smiled at Eiryk as he pulled up Henri's emailed recipe and re-read it. "No lamination. I actually don't know that this is a pastry like that. It seems sort of like a cross between a pastry and a... cheese puff?"

It was hard to tell. But Henri had included some pretty detailed pictures, and from what he saw there was sort of a fluffy interior.

"It's definitely a history thing," Alex said. Henri gave good instructions but, in a very 'Great British Bake Off' sort of way, he didn't always explain what exactly the end result was supposed to be. Alex was glad he got pictures. It was all in fun; it wasn't like he was in a competition or a serious chef or anything. They just had a common hobby and he was taking advantage of Henri's experience.

"I don't need the table, babe, you're fine." He wrapped one arm around Eiryk's waist, pulled his husband close, and kissed him softly on the lips. "You can keep your chaos there."

He smiled against Eiryk's lips just before he pulled away. Eiryk's new business, encouraged along by Rowan, sounded like a lot of fun. He'd wondered why Eiryk hadn't done something like it before. It was interesting that, between the two of them now, they owned three businesses.
Eiryk 4 years ago
Eiryk frowned thoughtfully he had thought a cheese puff was a pastry. Apparently he needed to pay more attention to what Alex was making as all he'd really understood is it was a very old recipe and it wasn't meant to be flakey.

"I'm guessing you got the ingredients already. What kind of cheese? And can I help?”

Eiryk really did want to help, at least if Alex wanted help. It sounded like a fun experiment, but most of them were. Even on the rare occasion they went slightly awry his husband seemed to enjoy himself and even if they weren't perfect Eiryk enjoyed sampling them. It was probably a bit like his brewing experiments for Alex.

Alex pulled him a little closer and Eiryk offered absolutely no resistance. He did, however, make a muffled sound of protest at the idea of chaos on the dining room table. He wasn't exactly OCD but he was tidy and organized.

Eiryk tugged at Alex managed to get them around the spinning wheel and tumbled them on to the sofa. Thora made a surprised sound as they landed a bit hard startling her into jump off the couch and looking for a safer spot.

"It is sorted by location, then square footage and then renovation estimates. Did you want to go look at a couple this week? I could use an opinion on the potential kitchen spaces.”

He knew how he liked things set up for brewing but he also knew that Alex had more experience in the kitchen and would see things he wouldn't.

He'd also invite Rue and Cris on the off chance they weren't working or had other plans.
Alex Aristos 4 years ago
Alex grinned down the few inches between them, smiling into Eiryk's bright eyes. "Sure, you can help. How many fingers do we want Rowan to sew back onto you tonight?"

Kitchen shenanigans happened. Kitchen shenanigans happened more often when Eiryk and knives were involved. Alex was convinced that, given an axe, Eiryk could perform surgery if necessary. With a kitchen knife, however, they simply kept Rowan busy.

He chuckled softly at Eiryk's muffled protest at the chaos, landing on the couch with an 'oomph' and an apologetic glance at Thora as Eiryk described his organizational system. Alex just closed his eyes and smiled. Sometimes you just had to take a moment and love your life.

"Yeah, let's go look at whatever you want. Just let me know when and I'll either close up shop or see if Aishe can spot me a couple of hours."

As she had from the beginning, Aishe continued to be one of his best friends. If Alex needed help with any of his yoga classes, or someone to hang out at Roughing It while he stepped out for a bit, Aishe was always there if she was free. And, given that Cris was her Creator and her ultimate boss, she could usually arrange to be free if she didn't have anything critical going on.

Alex pulled Eiryk down on top of him and enjoyed another kiss, this time a longer, more leisurely one, his hands clasped at the small of Eiryk's back.

"I never thought this would be my life," he said, smiling happily when they pulled apart. "If anyone had told me this would be my life, but I'd have to go through all that shit to get here, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I never thought I'd get family, or friends, or any of those things."

He had really thought he'd just live his life, mostly alone, maybe lucky enough to have a boyfriend eventually but really just wanting to avoid being homeless and destitute. This, what he had now, sometimes made him think he was dreaming.
Eiryk 4 years ago
It had taken Eiryk a while to get used to Alex' new eye color but he'd grown to love it, especially when Alex looked at him like that, when he was happy and teasing. Even if it was a bit closer to true than he would like to admit. So Eiryk decided it was probably for the best of he didn't respond to that particular friendly jab, it would be a losing battle.

He was quite excited that Alex was willing to come along. Alex would probably have a very valuable opinion about location too. Eiryk had his top three picked out but wanted to see at least five of the properties that had been suggested.

"Wonderful! I'll call Beth and have her set things up. I promise it won't take all night.”

If nothing else Beth, his realtor, was not only human but had kids to get off to school in the morning. She wasn't a member of Evenhet or even aware of vampires but she was an excellent realtor and was happy enough to put up with his odd hours.

Oh, that was nice. He'd intended to pull Alex into his lap but he was more than happy to let Alex move him around. And to kiss him. And he was really glad he was casually dress so he could feel his husband's hands through his tee shirt. And he was not at all displeased with his position.

He was quite pleased to hear Alex was happy. It was rather reassuring, it was something Eiryk occasionally wondered about, if maybe Alex thought they'd rushes things now that Alex was a vampire, or even if he had any little regrets about being turned. Not that Alex ever gave him any indication of these things Eiryk could just worry sometimes... a little. That was part of the reason he didn't immediately offer a glib comment and instead just kissed Alex, a slow soft lingering kiss.

"I wish you hadn't had to go through -quite- so much but I'm glad you're happy with the results.”

He kissed Alex' again happily considering how long they'd have to find out exactly what else their lives might become.

"Because I think you're going to be stuck with us in one way or another for quite a long time... especially me.”
Alex Aristos 4 years ago
It had taken Alex a while to really be comfortable with the fact that Eiryk had plenty of money and seemed to want to share it with him, but he was coming around to the notion. He had stopped feeling guilty about wanting things, and he even enjoyed, maybe just a little, the fact that his husband liked to spoil him. So the idea of taking part of an evening to go shopping for a business location, and to be able to choose that location with only the thought of how well it would fit their needs and not how they'd afford it, was actually fun for him.

It didn't hurt, of course, that he'd get to spend the whole time with Eiryk. Alex knew his friends sometimes viewed him as the restraining force to Eiryk's frequently overabundant enthusiasm, but it didn't feel like that to Alex. He was more cautious, sure, but he had reason to be. He and Eiryk just approached things differently. Alex actually loved Eiryk's limitless energy.

"I know it won't take all night," he said, "but Aishe doesn't mind watching the store when she can."

And Cris didn't mind giving Aishe the time to do it, if he could spare her. It was amazing, the doors that opened up when you had a family that supported each other. Alex would happily return all the favors any time. He did struggle with exactly how to do that, since, as Evenhet's youngest vampire and probably the least financially sound of them, he didn't think he had much to offer except his time. He'd figure it out though.

He grinned at Eiryk, then leaned back on the couch, twisting sideways to land against the pillows at the end of the couch. He tugged Eiryk down so they were squished onto the sofa together.

"I don't care about any of that now," he said. "The past is past, and it led me to here and now, and I wouldn't change anything. Our experiences made us what we are, didn't they? If I hadn't gone through any of it, what if I hadn't been the same person you met? What if I hadn't ever come to Nachton? Or opened my store? I'm glad for all of it, if it led me to this moment."
Eiryk 4 years ago
"That is because she is a good and naturally helpful person.”

They had a little core group of friends and Eiryk loved all of them, they each shown in their own way. Eiryk wouldn't remotely consider giving even one of them up. Aishe, however, well he knew she was special to Alexander so he overlooked her minor flaws of not drinking (not even mead!) and preferring hot chocolate to coffee after all no one was perfect.

Because she was so helpful it crossed his mind to monopolize Alex for the whole night, but he did his best to quash that thought right away. There was helpful and then there was being taken advantage of.

"Still probably better not to push our luck or I'll owe Cris another night in security and I'm honestly not sure the towers are ready for that.”

Eiryk didn't mind making a joke at his own expense, it was usually better than waiting for someone else to do it. He didn't mind helping out either if needed, that was just how things worked with friends and family, favors and help were freely exchanged.

Apparently Alex was feeling snuggly tonight. That didn't bother Eiryk at all, in fact he was much of the same mind and happily nestled against Alex. Although, Alex' words made him frown a bit as he thought about his husband's past including a family that had disowned him (and that Eiryk would still like to meet with an axe) and a lethal run in with cancer. Nope. Eiryk buried his face in Alex' neck, but he didn't care to get maudlin and chose to tease a bit instead.

"Well gods know I'm glad you're here and who you are. But,” he paused for a second thinking over his life, "I might be able to think of one or two moments -I- wouldn't have minded skipping mind skipping.”
Alex Aristos 4 years ago
Alex laughed softly at Eiryk's statement. "I don't see how you'd owe a night of security since it's me she'd cover for. If anything, I could offer some time. It might be fun. And the Towers were still standing when you were finished, so it worked out all right."

As they lay there together, Alex wondered what was going through Eiryk's mind. The question was answered soon enough when he said he wouldn't have minded skipping a thing or two. Alex had plenty of ideas as to what those might be, but he just squeezed Eiryk. He was over it, all of it. Yeah, there had been bad times. But every bad time had brought him a step closer to right now, living here at Liefde with the friends and family he hadn't known he'd needed at the time. His future seemed certain and clear now, instead of a hazy cloud of 'maybes' and 'what ifs.'

He decided to just try to divert Eiryk's attention to another topic.
"So tell me about the buildings you want to go see. Where are they? What are they like?"
Eiryk 4 years ago
Ok maybe Eiryk just wanted to wear the suit and ear piece again, he'd rather liked the look. Or maybe he just liked helping Alex out. But then Alex distracted him.

"Oh... you would look good in that...”

He mused aloud. Of course Eiryk always liked Alex in a suit. It didn't happen too often which made it special and particularly sexy. But somehow he drug his mind back to the conversation at hand.

"Or we could just have everyone over for a game night and give Aishe and Cris some kind of bribe.”

That seemed to be the most practical solution really.

Any silly story about things he'd rather have not experienced he'd intended to tell Alex rather slipped his mind as he was happily put on to another topic. He bubbled happily about some of the spaces.

"One is an old wearhouse, it has the most square footage and the most parking and the basement is huge so lots of room for people to ferment and store but it is the furthest from the strip, right off some railroad tracks, and needs the most work. There is one that is a failed chain restaurant, just barely off the strip the dining area can easily be converted for fermenting and storage but no basement and obviously we'd have to expand the kitchens. And then there is one in between the two it is a new build, speculation you know, but they haven't had much luck renting it. It does have a basement but the kitchens... ugh totally from scratch and some possible zoning issues”

Those were his top three. There were a couple other contenders and they hadn't quite captured his imagination the same as those three. Of course it could just be the photographer hadn't done them justice.

He really hoped Alex liked one. Eiryk was excited about this idea and he was enjoying sharing it.
Alex Aristos 4 years ago
Alex smiled and used his chin to tilt down and ruffle Eiryk's hair. "Game night bribery? I don't think we're going to need bribes or anything, really, but yeah. It would be fun to have them over."

He briefly wondered what it would be like to have their own house. It would have to be a house, because if they wanted an apartment there couldn't be anyplace better than Liefde. Alex Wasn't even sure he liked the idea as he mulled it over. He liked their apartment. He liked living at Liefde, close to their friends and family. Even Kem and Aishe had an apartment of their own. They weren't in it that often, but it wasn't neglected either... they stayed there several times a month. He could maybe see himself and Eiryk doing something like that, only maybe having a house outside the city to escape to once in a while and mostly staying at Liefde...

He turned his attention back to Eiryk as he described his favorite of the buildings he'd found. The warehouse intrigued him, and he didn't know if the location would be the turn-off that Eiryk thought it would. Wide open spaces in warehouses tended to be easy to convert to whatever you wanted them to be, and he didn't think they'd have any shortage of money with Eiryk and Rowan backing the venture. The chain restaurant had a good location, but Alex wondered about the lack of a basement. It had sounded like that might be fairly important for storage. And if there were zoning issue with the third building, he wasn't even certain it could really be in the running.

He just hummed as Eiryk went down the list, reserving his actual opinions for when they saw the buildings. There was no point in forming a bias yet.
"So when are we going to look? Because game night might have to happen soon if you want to see these this week."
Eiryk 4 years ago
"If you're cooking, we'll have bribes.”

Eiryk said with some confidence and no small amount of affection. He knew any number of vampires who didn't eat other than to pass for human, hell he was one of them, but if Alex was cooking people made exceptions.

"We might want to think about adding something chocolate just in case though.”

Huh. Chocolate. He'd done a chocolate mead before but it had been ages. That was so going to be one of the first things he tried in the new place. Maybe a chocolate orange too. It was a little early to be thinking about Christmas but if he did a small batch and it came out well he could do a larger batch as Christmas presents.

As he thought about mead and game night and Alex cooking his hands started to wander, just a little, just because he enjoyed touching Alex. Funny how touching Alex could be soothing and reassuring one second and totally arousing the next. Right now it was relaxing.

"I'll send Beth an email before we go to sleep. I'm sure she can make arrangements for tomorrow or the next day or whenever Aishe can cover for you. We can have game night after and make a game of picking a name for this little experiment as well. Unless you want to flip the order and do games and then real estate.”

He and Rue had hit on that idea and Eiryk had liked it. Now seemed like a good time to put it into action. Besides some of their group had hellish schedules, short notice could be a challenge.

"Do you have a passport love?”

That was something else Rowan had put him in the mind to do, take a trip home. Hr wasn't quite sure how they'd time it with his new venture and Alex's store but it couldn't hurt to start getting ideas now.
Alex Aristos 4 years ago
"Oh we'll definitely need chocolate. If we aren't Shawe, Cris, or Kem, then it's the quickest way to Aishe's heart."

Their friend was a devout, shameless, remorseless chocoholic. Hell, Alex was certain he'd seen Kem bribe Aishe with it on at least one occasion.
"Chocolate cupcakes, or brownies maybe. She likes the chocolate caramel ones." Alex had gone through a brownie-baking phase, because they were so versatile. He'd tried them with everything. Coffee, caramel, peanut butter, green tea, and more.

"Let's try to do game night the night after tomorrow, and we can check out the buildings a night or two after that. That gives them time to rearrange schedules if they need to."

He didn't want to rush them; they didn't need to urgently see real estate. It wasn't worth having Aishe try to rearrange her shifts at the last minute. They could definitely wait.

He wriggled his shoulders a little, sinking into the couch that much further as Eiryk's hands drifted. It felt good, but not super heated - he loved that about his husband. A touch didn't always mean sex. Sometimes, they just touched each other and held each other and it never went anywhere and Alex craved that on occasion. He never felt like sex was a requirement. He'd thought it might be once, a long time ago, before Eiryk really. It had taken some time to understand that he was allowed to have limits some nights.

Eiryk had never crossed that boundary though. He'd always understood, and accepted, Alex just the way he was. Alex tightened his arms around Eiryk, letting his hands drift up and down the strong muscles of his back, thick from swinging an axe.

His eyes had flutterd closed with pleasure but he opened them again at Eiryk's question.
"I have a passport," he confirmed. "Why? Do I need it? Do we have to flee the country? What did you do?"
Eiryk 4 years ago
Eiryk could almost taste those brownie. Surprisingly, he'd quite enjoyed that particular phase of Alex's baking.

"Oh I liked those caramel ones... or if you wanted to do the coffee again I have some good beans to contribute.”

He shamelessly made a bid for his favorites. Even if Alex hadn't mentioned them, Eiryk remember, and the fact that he was willing to sacrifice some if his insanely high end premium coffee beans to brownies was a clear indication how much he'd liked those.

Alex made some good points about scheduling and Eiryk nodded his agreement. That would probably best for Beth as well, give her more time to set things up. Apparently, his only going to see properties after dark had occasionally made scheduling a little more complicated than it had to be. Besides, he didn't think any of those spaces was going to be snapped up out from under them, they'd all been on the market for a while and Beth knew he was interested in them and would say something of there was a risk of that.

"That's a good plan. Did you want to cook? I can run to the store on the way home tomorrow if you need.”

Or they could have something delivered, but Eiryk would never suggest that. The offer was simply understood. He might have suggested a potluck but it was a bit on the short notice side and Eiryk didn't want anyone to feel pressured.

Eiryk sighed contentedly and rested his head in the crook of Alex's neck as his husband's hands did some wandering of their own. Something that small made him feel appreciated and loved, not that Alex ever left him in any kind of doubt Alex had hundreds of big and little ways to let Eiryk know how he felt, these easy touches were on Eiryk's short list is all. He hoped he did half was well by Alex.

At Alex's question he grinned and kissed his temple.

"No fleeing. Rue just inadvertently reminded me how long it's been since I've been home. I'm not sure how to schedule it with the new business but...”

But it would be easier since Alex had a passport. Honestly Eiryk had intended to take Alex there for their honeymoon, ah well. But it had been at least fifty years and suddenly it seemed very important.

It didn't bother Eiryk at all to be juggling all these odd projects some big some little some with short deadlines some with long. It was just what he did. It was also probably why loved these quiet moments with Alex, even his over enthusiastic nature needed a break now and then.
Alex Aristos 4 years ago
"Okay. Chocolate caramel and mocha brownies. I can do those. I think maybe I'll make some pasta too. That went over pretty well last time, when I made gnocchi. I'll do that again."

Gnocchi were easy to make and Alex could make almost any kind of sauce to put on them. He loved to make them. They were versatile and easy, but tasty.

"Thanks babe," he said when Eiryk offered to shop for ingredients. He nuzzled into Eiryk's hair and kissed his head softly. "I'll text you a shopping list tomorrow, how about?"

He had most of the things he needed already; gnocchi were pretty easy and the brownies were popular, so he kept the staples for both on hand.

He hummed to himself when Eiryk mentioned where he wanted to go.
"Well, renovations will probably take a while, and you could make sure Cris and Rue know what you want, and they can oversee it while we're gone. How long would it be for?"

Alex had a business to run too, after all. He could stretch a vacation out to three weeks, maybe, but he wouldn't want to be gone much longer than that.

"I want to see your monastery though. And everything else. As long as they don't expect celibacy."

They'd had that discussion once before and Alex was fairly certain celibacy wasn't required of guests. He couldn't imagine going on vacation with his husband and abstaining from sex completely. That didn't sound like much of a vacation at all.

"At least blowjobs," he said. "I mean I could forego sex if I had to, but there have to be blowjobs." He was dead serious.

"How will we get there? Tell me you're going to fly me in style on a private jet. I don't care if it's not true. Tell me anyway."
Eiryk 4 years ago
Gnocchi? Oh yeah those were the little potato dumplings. He could get behind those. It really had been fun to learn to enjoy food again. Sure Eiryk had eaten here and there over the years and even enjoyed it, he was simply notably more interested now because of Alex.

"Sounds perfect. Don't let me forget to leave the beans out for you.”

There was using amazing beans and then there was using amazing and incredibly expensive beans. Even Eiryk who wasn't known for his penny pinching didn't drink Kopi Luwak every day. He might always have it on hand, but he didn't drink it every day, and while it might make amazing brownies he thought they could try that some other time. Sure Alex was clever and could and would read the label but...

"Closing could take a while, renovations could take a while, permits and licenses and insurance could take a while. It could -all- take a while.”

It was impossible not to hear Eiryk rolling his eyes. If he could have his way they'd start brewing tomorrow.

"I'm sure one or both of them would keep an eye on things and it isn't like we won't have Skype and the internet but I do hate to put them out, they are both so busy.”

He did hate to impose if he didn't have to and pleasure jaunt to Sweden hardly counted as 'had to'. It would all work out though. If he had to wait a few more years that would be fine too, they'd just take a bigger longer trip to make it up.

"Honestly I'd like to do a month or more but I don't think either of us has that kind of time just now. We'll sort it out or we'll put it off.”

Although suddenly anxious to be home he could wait until the time was right. But they might get lucky, you never knew.

Eiryk laughed at Alex's monastery rules. Even before Eiryk met Alex his maker wouldn't be expecting him for several more years and at the wedding Eiryk had cheerfully informed the monk he was taking a few decades at least as a honeymoon. The idea, however, of being with Alex and totally abstinent was totally inconceivable. Totally.

To that end he sat up just enough to kiss Alex. Really kiss him, slowly, deliberately, lingering, suggestively and very sincerely. He finally broke away, decided he wasn't done and went in for another quick kiss.

"We might have to stay in guest quarters and I don't think anyone is going to be calling me 'brother' anything... possibly ever again. Or we do the monastery as a one night deal.”

Eiryk was very okay with either. The monasteries were Angus' thing, not his. He only ever went back because he liked Angus and actually enjoyed the time to step away and reflect now and then. He just didn't see why that should exclude Alex (and sex) so things would have to be different from here on out.

"I would probably spontaneously combust if we even tried. I'm honestly not sure how I survived waiting so long when we meet.”

He teased before happily snuggling back up with Alex. Honestly it was probably for the best Alex had wanted to go slow and really Eiryk hadn't minded, it was just fun to tease now.

And he laughed again as Alex petitioned for a private jet.

"I'd like to sail but that will take too long so I think a private jet is in order. Or at least first class on something commercial... but I think private.”

Honestly that was Eiryk's preference too. It was actually more affordable (well by his standards) that one might think. Especially if you treated it like splitting a cab and we're willing to work in a few stops and coordinate with a few other folks. And while you didn't find old rich vampires on every street corner there were enough that such a thing was possible.

"Have I mentioned yet tonight that I love you?”

He did too. Very much. And wanted Alex to know that, always.
Alex Aristos 4 years ago
Alex smiled. "I'll send you a reminder with the shopping list."

This domesticity was bliss, basically. He'd meant what he'd said earlier about doing everything again. Maybe he was a simple guy, but this was everything he'd ever wanted. A home, friends, a loving husband, a successful business. He didn't need any more.

He nodded in agreement as Eiryk voiced his thoughts, not saying much in response since they were very much on the same wavelength. Alex was still relatively new to the vampire business... there was no way he was leaving Roughing It for a month. Maybe further down the line he'd be okay with letting things go a little more, but for now the need to work hard at his business was still too deeply ingrained. Month long vacations were something he'd never thought would be in the realm of possibility, so it would take him a bit to get to a point where he could consider that.

Alex thoroughly enjoyed the kiss he was treated to, though, parting his lips and giving a soft 'mmm' of enjoyment as he suddenly forgot what the hell they'd been discussing. Vacation. Celibacy? Something.

He blinked at Eiryk for a second, his brain still catching up, until the words made sense.
"I honestly don't know either. I wanted you from the start. But... well, I'm glad we waited. I don't know. I would have been too scared to go fast."

He couldn't restrain his grin when he was told that a private jet was definitely a thing that could happen.
"That would be amazing."

See? He could adjust to being spoiled. Especially when it came to overseas travel. The ship would have been fun, but flying was much faster. And flying in a private jet was yet another 'I can't believe it' item he could check off his list.

"I love you too," Alex murmured against Eiryk's temple, kissing him gently. He slid his fingertips just underneath Eiryk's waistband. "How about we take this to the bedroom?"

He wasn't going to take any chances; the bed had far more surface area. Much less chance of Eiryk falling off.

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Eiryk 4 years ago
"Always good to know I was tempting from the start.”

Eiryk purred. Granted he was a fairly confident person and had a healthy ego but it never hurt his feelings to get a little confirmation, a little boost. His hands continued to wander just a bit as he thought about how much more secure and confident Alex had become over the years. Not only was it sexy as hell it had been fun and exciting to be along for the ride. Eiryk wouldn't take credit for Alex's growth, but he loved seeing it.

"I'm glad you didn't get scared off.”

He wasn't totally oblivious, Eiryk knew he could come on strong and be a little (or a lot) overwhelming but Alex had been willing to tackle that. His husband had been and still was a brave man. He loved it.

Honestly this, all of it, the home, the fox the husband it was all something Eiryk hadn't known he wanted. It still surprised him sometimes. Funny what you found when you we're looking.

Alex seemed to support the idea of a private jet and Eiryk would really hate to disappoint him.

"Okay then. Let me put out some feelers and see what can be found. If I'm smart we wait until fall when it will be dark longer, but let me see what I can find.”

He just remembered that little quirk of living in the very far north. It would also let Alex line things up with Roughing It and it could be his treat for getting the brewery running.

What had started as a perfectly innocent cuddle session took a hard turn when Alex's fingers wandering just a bit lower. When he got just a tiny bit suggestive. Eiryk was more than happy to go down that road, he always was.

"Mmmmmmm I think you can talk me into that.”

He answered as his hand ran down Alex's back with it's deliciously lean muscles to rather suggestively cup his ass.

"Or I could use and shower...”

He kissed Alex's neck softly nibbling up to Alex's ear.

"Or both.”

Given his husband's reaction that plan was more than acceptable. Granted Eiryk did fall off the sofa despite Alex but it certainly didn't kill the mood.

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