Half Pint ((Attn: Ran))

Bindi handed one of the wheeled boards to her brother and looked down the broad strip full of people. She did a squat or two, flexing the bluejeans that she was wearing. They were already comfortable, stone washed with front holes in various places (Gotten honestly, the old fashioned way) but she wanted to be nice and mobile. She also had on a soft tee that was white with red short sleeves and a red coca-cola label emblazoned on the front. Her hair was in pigtails with a few strands of the white front locks loose and framing her face.

The boards were motorized with a single wheel in the middle. It was a bit like using a skateboard but without having to kick. The balance was a little different also but not anything that they couldn't handle.

"I was given one of these to try out for my youtube channel and I figured this would be something that we could do together." Bindi smiled over at her brother. "Do you want to be on camera or not?"

She set up the camera on the half wall of a nearby fountain and knelt down in front of it.

"Hey guys! She waved cheerfully "Firefoxx here with a new video for you. This time in the city that never ever sleeps. Famous for its nightlife. Nachton!" Bindi reached down and held up the Onewheel Pint so that it would be in the camera frame. "We are going to be trying out the new Pint by Onewheel. You know the drill. I have been given this product in return for an honest and fair review. Let's see this little guy in action!"

She tilted the mini tripod down so that she could get a close up of her hands and the board. Turning it on, she went through the various controls and rolled it back and forth to show her viewers how it worked. "Lean forward to go faster. Rock it back like this to slow down and stop. Seems easy enough!"

A quick video was done of first getting on the board and the first experimental rolling around with her commenting on how it felt. She added a wobble or two for the sake of "realism" but her viewers would expect her to get the hang of it fairly quickly.

Bindi turned off the camera and swapped out the tripod for a long selfie stick and clamped the camera into that before tucking the tripod into her red panda backpack that a viewer had made for her. He faced out with his feet and front paws curled up to make him fit in the standard backpack shape but he had a fluffy tail that hung down so that when she wore the backpack strapped to both shoulders the tail hung down her lower back. The tail had a small pocket in it also that was good for change and her phone and a button that would let her pull it up and fasten it to the body of the bag if she didn't want it hanging down or wanted to keep something in the pocket more secure tucked up against her back.

"Okay, shall we give these a real go? Is there anywhere you want to visit first? We could get a coffee or something and get shots of going through the people holding something. Like look, its easy even with your latte!" Bindi did a little tap dance move and then flung her hands out in a 'Ta Da!" gesture.

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Ran Iyala 3 years ago
Ran snorted at Bindi. "Do I want to be on camera," he scoffed. "The question is, how many squealing fan girl comments can I handle in one video?" He smiled widely at his sister before sitting behind her and making sure he could be seen waving and beaming in the background of her video.

He couldn't wait to try the boards. He'd been on similar things before, but not exactly like this one. It was like skateboarding and rollerblading all mixed into one, and that was exciting.

"I don't care where we go, honestly. I'd be just fine if we grabbed a few drinks and then found a skate park to try these babies out at."

Really, the Pint was the thing most exciting to him at the moment.
"I suppose it wouldn't hurt to get Mina a graduation present either, if I find something."

His crepe cake and gone over exactly as expected - and definitely as hoped.
They'd eaten it, and he'd worn a good deal of it as well. "What do you get for newly-minted lawyers anyway?"

He made sure his pads were on firmly. Ironic for vampires, but with Bindi filming he didn't want to take a spill and have a scrape close up suspiciously fast on camera. So he had knee pads, wrist guards, and a kids' helmet shaped like a unicorn head with little ears on top, a horn, and a rainbow mane. He'd paired those with purple overall shorts over a sparkly bright blue tanktop. He had bright red trainers on to complete the look, as well as a smattering of piercings in his ears and face - and other places he certainly didn't need Bindi's viewers to see. His contacts tonight were lime green with cat's eye pupils, because those always looked striking on camera.

((ooc: safe to assume if Bindi was only given one, Ran simply went out and bought another to try with her so they wouldn't have to take turns))
Bindi 3 years ago
Bindi smiled at Ran and hopped on her pint. She pushed it forward and pointed to a coffee shop at the first block intersection.

"Let's head there."

She bent her front knee and leaned into it so that she would go faster. With Ran knowing where she was headed she didn't have to be in the lead and could get shots of them both wheeling along through the crowd.

"So for those of you who are going to ask, this is my brother, Nightsman." Bindi hitched a thumb at Ran who could be seen on camera behind her. Who knew what he was doing, a trick, a face...anything was possible. The tiny view screen that was flipped out to let her know what she was filming was pretty far away thanks to the stick that it was mounted on so that she could get some nice shots of them riding. She pulled it toward her then and went behind the camera and made Ran the main focus. "Yes, he is always such a snazzy dresser. No he isn't always a caticorn."

People got out of their way pretty quickly, for the most part, but they did have to watch out for those that obviously had no sense of self preservation. Those people, the possums of the human population, would come to a dead stop and just stare at the weird motorized things coming toward them. Bindi wondered how their forefathers had survived the invention of automobiles. Of course she couldn't judge too much. Her forefathers had chosen to live up in the mountains and yet she was here and Sherpa were still living in Nepal, still doing their thing.

Dodging another couple who had both stopped in their tracks, Bindi nodded to the camera.
"Anything you want to tell the viewers at home about yourself?"
Ran Iyala 3 years ago
Ran quickly got the hang of the Pint, having used similar(ish) things in the not too distant past. When Bindi introduced him he beamed and waved, flexing while they moved when she commented on his wardrobe choices. Which he loved. "I'm only sometimes a caticorn. But I come in a variety of exciting flavors." Ran offered her viewers a flirtatious wink. He was pretty sure she knew what she was getting into when she invited him to do this with her.

He swerved back and forth on the pint, knees bent slightly, as if surfing through the wave of humanity. For the most part they did dodge. He did a neat little wheelie around one who just stared. He couldn't be sure whether it was his attire or mode of conveyance that prompted the person to gape at him, but either way he was pretty used to it.

When she put him in the spotlight again he attempted a little spin.
"Well like my sister, I have almost no sense of self-preservation. Kind of runs in the family. Believe me, we're all like that."

Well, maybe not Bao. Or Mara. Okay, it might just be him and Bindi. But they got it from Amir, so that had to count for something.

"I like anything fast, most things dangerous, and I'm not afraid of pain."

Her viewers would never need to know how true the last one was. Honestly, Ran wasn't sure how old her viewing audience was. If she wanted him to do something painful on her channel he wouldn't have said no.
Bindi 3 years ago
Bindi grinned at Ran and shook her head. Great, the comment section was going to blow up with requests to be hooked up with her brother and all kinds of suggestive remarks about how "fast" they were and what they thought he would like. Oh well, it was the price of Youtube fame. There would also be comments about what he was wearing and about his pain comment. He should dress like an adult or he should seek medical advice or God, or both. She got these comments herself from time to time. It didn't really get to her. She was visiting places many people couldn't visit and she was sharing them through videos with the world. It was like being a guide to millions of people and but much easier. So the trolls didn't bother her and usually went away on their own.

"Let's roll through the drive through." Bindi returned the camera to filming both of them. "We're driving...sort of. Together we have the same number of wheels as a motorcycle so we should totally count."

She rolled up to the window and looked at the call box and menu board. There had to be a camera or sensor somewhere to tell them that someone was wanting to order. Bindi founded the camera and waved into it hoping someone would notice. After a few moments of waving and rolling around in a circle a male voice said "How might I be of assistance today?"

"If you could create an iced caramel cloud macchiato for me that would be of great assistance."

The voice answered "I can put that into motion and what does your unicorn friend want?" "Caticorn" Bindi whispered to Ran and the camera.

((OOC: I used a random NPC generator for this guy. He is 18. Black wavy hair, brown eyes. He has a sunburn. He gestures a lot and likes using big words to sound smart. ))
Ran Iyala 3 years ago
Ran shrugged and nodded at Bindi's suggestion that they hit the drive thru. Hell, he'd seen people ride horses through here before on YouTube so he didn't think they'd be turned away. She ordered something that sounded both fluffy and tasty, which was appealing. But he had his favorites.

"Iced matcha green tea latte with coconut milk please. That sounds caticorn-ish."

The guy on the speaker gave him a pleasant affirmative and they headed to the window. Ran peered inside, watching the employees. Maybe he should take a lesson in being a barista since he'd clearly mastered cooking already. They always looked so speedy and competent.

He was happy to pay; may as well let the viewers see him being all brother-ish. He passed some cash through the window and took their drinks, passing Bindi's to her.

"You probably shouldn't try this at home," he warned to the camera. "Standard disclaimer. Where are we headed next?"
Bindi 3 years ago
Bindi smiled at Ran and sipped on her drink. Look at her little brother being a reasonably good example to all the youtube viewers out there. She rocked forward and back while she looked around and enjoyed her caffeine.

There were all kinds of interesting shops on the strip. Vampires were collectors of things from far and wide and through all the ages. So if you can think of it then there is probably a store for it somewhere in Nachton or at least a contact who could find it for you.

She pointed to a brightly colored shop that looked like a stereotypical acid trip. The entire building was painted. The top was a vivid sky blue with fluffy white clouds, the bottom was grass green with bright red poppy flowers. Occasionally there would be different colored swirls or a mini scene painted on top of the larger one.

The entrance was a giant winged snake whose open mouth framed the door. The name of the shop was The Junkman's Daughter's Brother. Bindi wasn't sure why they didn't just called it the Junkman's Son but maybe the long name somehow had a better ring to it.

"Let's head there. Maybe you can find your friend a present." She was careful to not say his familiar's name or mention the gender of said friend. She didn't want to kill the day dreams of Ran's soon to be followers before the video was even over.

When they rolled closer they could see through the windows. The front displays had mannequins that looked to have been dressed from Ran's closet and there were other strange and wonderful knickknacks all over the place. There was also a possum peering up at her from the front door. Bindi immediately wondered if it was a vampire or vampire companion because once you could turn into a fuzzy creature you looked at other creatures and wondered if they could turn into two legged human things the way you could.

She gave it a smile and a nod, just in case, but was also careful to not let it out of the shop.

"This place is crazy cool, people." Bindi said and then turned off the camera. She set it down on a counter along with her drink and pulled her backpack off. She stuffed her board into the open back and then put the bag back on. Then she picked up her drink and turned the camera back on.

The inside was huge and there seemed to be no rhyme or reason to the displays. Clothing was mixed in among other things and seemed to be arranged by color instead of by item of clothing. She had to admit that it did make a pretty rainbow effect when seen as a whole. There was a large staircase that was painted red and made to look like a tongue, the rounded end of the tongue was tiled into the floor that meant there was an upper level and even more stuff to see.

"I think you might need a shopping cart. Do you think they have shopping carts? Do people normally want to take home everything?"

She was edging closer to some clothes with pithy sayings on them. It might be possible to get something her size here and have it not be "cute". Suddenly this place became even more interesting.

"Keep an eye out for my size stuff while you are looking. Let me know if you find anything good."

((OOC: This store is based on Junkman's Daughter in Little Five Points Atlanta))
Ran Iyala 3 years ago
Ran rolled with Bindi, figuratively and literally, when she pointed out both the shop to head to as well as his 'friend.' He grinned at the camera. "I need a graduation present for a friend of mine," he explained, "with a very - unique sense of style and humor."

Well, maybe not in the sense the audience would interpret it. Ran assumed they'd probably guess he was shopping for someone more like him, but Mina was definitely more the power suit in the courtroom, lacy pink-and-black lingerie underneath type. Though she did have a quirky sense of humor, that much was true.

As they entered the shop his cat-eyes grew. The swirl of colors was right up his alley, even before he actually registered any of the merchandise.
"What do you want for yourself?" he asked when Bindi mentioned to keep an eye out for her size. "Anything specific? Or just whatever looks fun?"

Always a loaded question with Ran. His idea of 'whatever looks fun' was not most other peoples'. But of all his friends and family, Bindi was probably the one most likely to agree with him on said definition of 'fun.' He immediately found a weird-looking scalloped neck warmer in a vibrant indigo blue which was almost indescribable. It was soft and looked like a cross between 'deep sea creature' and 'angry puffed up bird.' He probably needed it.

He also found a small round purse that literally looked like a big eyeball. Very realistic. He kept it in mind. Mina loved purses, and with her funny sense of humor she might actually enjoy that one. It had a creepy/cool vibe she would appreciate.

But in the meantime there were more clothes.
"I think I love this store," he said to no one in particular before diving into the very serious business of finding just the right combination of clothing for any occasion.
Bindi 3 years ago
Bindi showed the camera a collection of Madonna candles with the faces of the Golden Girls. She picked one up and pondered it. "So sacriligeous or potentially inspiring? Each character did have their own personality. Someone better versed in the Catholic faith able to comment on whether these are done to represent a specific Madonna? I am curious about whether the artist took the time to match their personalities correctly with the symbolism." She hoped that would get her viewers commenting in at least a more constructive manner instead of just general useless hate.

"Anything that you find that is interesting. I trust you." Bindi smiled over at Ran and then had a mischieveous thought. "We should also pick out something for our siblings. Definitely our older brother." She knew that he would know which older brother she meant and it certainly wasn't the oldest one. Bindi had never even met Mara's father.

The possum waddled over and looked up at her. She smiled down at it. "You have an opinion?" The little guy plopped down next to her, leaned over and put his little paws on her pants leg. Little black bead eyes looked up at her.

"He probably just smells your drink and is hoping you will share. He has a caffeine problem."

The woman who spoke was barely taller than Bindi. Her hair was short with snow white curls that went in random directions. Her tanned and weathered skin looked as though she spent most of her time outside. She came around a clothing rack and picked up the possum.

"Stop panhandling the customers."
She tutted at the possum. He chittered back in what sounded to Bindi like annoyance. She couldn't be sure though, she had yet to develop the ability to speak to animals.

"My name is Millicent and this is Rufus. Let us know if we can help."

Bindi was again wondering about the possum and maybe the shopkeeper.

She wandered over to a collection of purses and squeaked happily at a small collection in the larger selection. They were cat purses.

"Nightsman, come look! I found something for our sister. Sorry folks, not naming names of family not present. She loves cats though." There were some little coin purses cats with big eyes, some leather looking purses with cat ears and the suggestion of a nose with whiskers. There were some lifelike looking fuzzy purses that would look like you are carrying a cat on a cord and some others but her favorite were the ones that looked like a rounded back end of a cat plushy, these had cute little paws dangling down with jelly bean toes and some had...fuzzy cat balls. Spay and Neuter your purses, people! It is the responsible thing to do.
Ran Iyala 3 years ago
Ran was glad his face was off camera while Bindi inspected the candles. He'd never developed anything but a healthy disregard for pretty much any form of organized religion. So he softly scoffed at the candles. Not even Blanche could make those better.

He was soon enveloped in the clothing, only half-listening to Bindi although he did hear her mention getting something for their older brother. Ran found that item pretty quickly, a bright purple crop-top sweater. He actually quite liked it, but giving it to Bao would probably be a lot more fun, and he could make himself a crop top sweater any time with a good sharp set of scissors.

He listened to Bindi with the possum, his attention straying to the adorable critter and its owner. He remained silent, allowing Bindi to do the talking, but squatting down with his now-armload of clothing to greet the little animal, who was now in his owner's arms.

"Hi Rufus." He glanced up and smiled. "And Millicent. Thank you."

Possum fur was a little wiry, it seemed, as he reached out and cautiously rubbed Rufus' head. The possum didn't seem to mind; he actually closed his eyes like he was enjoying it.

"Does he like raccoons?" Ran wondered idly. He and Mara had never stopped having play dates with Shawe. He couldn't help but think Rufus and Shawe might possibly be buddies.

He didn't stick around to hear the answer, because Bindi summoned him back over to the display of purses. Specifically kitty purses.

"Adorable! She'd love all of these." Mina probably would, too. He could get her a cute one to go with the creepy eyeball. "I like these particularly."

He petted the plushy lifelike cat-on-a-cord.
"Imagine sitting at your desk with one of these, stroking it as if it were real. I wonder if it would fool anyone."

If they didn't look too closely, it might. The thought made him snicker. He could absolutely see Mina doing that in the courtroom.
Bindi 3 years ago
Millicent looked at Ran in puzzlement and then shrugged. "I don't know that he has ever met a raccoon. I would imagine not since he has been an indoor spoiled possum for as long as I have known him." She held the possum up and smiled at him a moment. "Who knows what he got into before that."

"How old was he when you got him?" Bindi asked while pulling down a cat butt purse of light gray and white. Her brother said he liked the real ones and she could see the humor value in looking like a Bond villain with your cat. "It is all good until your cat's belly starts playing the Macarena or whatever your ringtone happens to be." She draped the chosen cat purse over her shoulder and then wandered around to some tee shirts.

"He was an adult. Possums were a theme of the parent company down in Atlanta and they would bring them in from time to time to give people a chance to see one that wasn't hissing and angry looking at them from their garbage can. We did something similar with Rufus here a few times and then the shelter said they needed to find him a new home so now he hangs out with us full time." Millicent smiled and rubbed her cheek on the possum. "People love him and he is very well behaved...most of the time."

Bindi nodded and smiled at the woman and the possum. She imagined that with enough food so that they didn't have to scavenge for it that possums would be okay pets. They weren't her style but they did make good vampire pets since they had night time habits. Much like raccoons and red pandas. Bindi giggled and held up a shirt to Ran.
"Speaking of raccoons..." The shirt was gray and had pictures of nine different animals. The first was a raccoon with the words "Trash Panda" underneath it, next was a snake titled "Danger Noodle", an alligator was titled "Murder Log" and so on. She looked through more and did like the ones for Lord of the Rings that looked like National Park advertisements. One read "Hike and Explore the scenic trails of Mount Doom National Park." Bindi even found one in an extra small. Another said "Middle Earth's Annual Morder Fun Run. 'One Does Not Simply Walk"

She also picked up the shirt that said "If you Believe in Telekinesis please raise MY hand." Showing it to Ran, she raised her eyebrows.
"Yes, No?"
Ran Iyala 3 years ago
When Millicent gave Ran a slightly confused look and explained Rufus's story, Ran smiled as she finished. "I'm glad you gave him a home. Some friends of ours found an orphaned raccoon a few years back and took him in, went through all the necessary training and paperwork to become legal wildlife rehabilitators. It's fun to see how they blossom in human company. They all have their own little tiny personalities."

He'd learned that much about Kem and Aishe from Mara, who obsessively studied the couple. He didn't know what her fascination was with them, but he did have his suspicions. You couldn't look at Mara, and then look at the Evenhet Elder, and miss the similarities between them; their obvious shared background from Egypt, their odd eye color. Ran hadn't ever asked more than that. He just assumed that they were possibly related somehow.

Bindi held up a few amusing shirt for him to look at. He laughed at all of them, pointed out the Mordor Fun-Run one.
"I have that one."

But the telekinesis shirt had him guffawing, as he remembered back to his awkward introduction to Jin where Amir had tricked him into kissing the Elder on the lips and he'd retaliated by catching Mara off guard and using her to smack Amir on the back of the head.

"I need that one. Immediately. Yesterday. I will fight for it if I need to."

That was too good not to wear in front of his sister. Or just to give to her. He wasn't sure which would be more fitting, but that particular shirt was coming home with him.
Bindi 3 years ago
Bindi looked at the shirt and then looked at Ran with big dewy eyes. She could say that the one she picked up was too small for Ran but he would still wear it even if it became a skin tight crop top on him. She wanted to point out that SHE was the one who actually had telekinesis here but she knew that Ran's ability, while not strictly the aforementioned psychic power, could be used to raise someone's hand...that made it pretty funny in his case also.

"I will see if there is one in your size." She quickly tucked the smaller one under her arm and went back to the rack. Bindi rummaged through the rack with the saying on it looking for the right size. Coming back with one for him, she said. "So found anything for our brother?"

"I found a mug back on the counter over there that says "I might be wrong, but its highly unlikely." It was not Bao's usual refined taste but he would probably agree with the sentiment and therefore actually use it. "There was also a box of puzzles with Cumberbatch as Sherlock on the front...something about seeing if you are as smart as him." Bao would probably make short work of them actually. Intelligence was not something that he was lacking...a sense of humor, that was nonexistent, as far as she could tell.

Tapping her lip thoughtfully, Bindi said.
"We could go to a video store and get him all the episodes of Judge Judy."
They were almost done here. They could decide on a gift for Bao and then pay for their purchases and move on. She turned the video camera off so that they could make final decisions and ring things up.

"So how has Nachton been so far?" Bindi looked over at Ran. "Have you gotten into any trouble yet?" And I mean worth talking about, not your usual Saturday night." She gave her adventurous sibling a knowing smile.
Ran Iyala 3 years ago
Ran looked down at the shirt and then back up to Bindi. "This one's fine," he said. He didn't care if it was short and tight, although he did suppose that a slightly larger one would stand a better chance of not being ripped if he moved around a lot. So when Bindi went to rifle through the shirts in search of another size, he went along with her to work through them in the opposite direction, just to see if anything else caught his eye.

He made a negative little sound when she asked about Bao.
"I found this. He'd be adorable in it." He held up the little crop-top fuzzy purple sweater he'd found, which was totally his style and would look so awkwardly ridiculous on Bao it was irresistible.

Bindi listed the things she'd thought of with Bao in mind and Ran grinned at her.
"Your suggestions are better than my idea. Maybe I'll keep this cute sweater for myself, and we can get him a mug and some Judge Judy."

Though to be honest, he'd totally binge watch Judy if the opportunity arose.

He shrugged carelessly and flashed his teeth at Bindi's next question. Since the camera was off, he was free to be much more open.

"The usual Saturday night stuff. Hanging out with Mina, her cousin Jacob. Hana." He loved the small group he was clinging to here. Hana in particular was a favorite person of his. She understood him so well; his lifestyle, his needs and desires. They could be friends with benefits, or maybe something slightly more than that but not too much more, without it being weird or awkward. Whatever it was, Ran didn't require a name for it and Hana didn't seem to either.

"There was a little... issue, I guess, with Bao. We haven't really ironed it out yet, I don't think. I'm not sure if we will. I don't know. It's uncomfortable."

Ran didn't like to be uncomfortable. He and Bao had never had the best relationship, but Bao's attitude regarding Pakpao had gone above and beyond anything Ran had ever experienced with the older vampire before. It still worried him. He didn't like worrying. It was terrible for his complexion.
Bindi 3 years ago
Bindi looked at the cropped sweater and raised her eyebrows at Ran. "You'd look adorable in it. He would not even understand it and would probably think it was the wrong size."

Her brother agreed that they should get the mug and the episodes of Judge Judy. It was humorous and Bao would probably roll his eyes but secretly, deep down somewhere he would never admit existed, Bao would be glad that they had thought of him.

"Oh, you know, Hana?" Bindi smiled at her brother. He and Hana were in the same order and after a while you start to meet your own people but she hadn't heard him mention her before. They knew each other well enough to hang out...but Ran could know someone that well within minutes of meeting them. "I did some security work for her a bit ago. I like her."

Ran then stated there was a little issue with Bao. She stopped and turned back to him more fully. "What kind of issue?" Do I need to beat him up?" Bao was older than her and fairly sturdy despite his being Order of the Rose instead of the Hunt. He probably couldn't dish out a beating as well as she could but he could definitely take it better. "On second thought, if he really deserves it then I can just dye his hands blue with something that will stain for a while." Bao was fanatical about his hands. It was rather insane. He would probably prefer a beating to having any sort of trauma happen to his precious digits.

"So what did you do? Or did he do it?"
Ran Iyala 3 years ago
Ran slipped the fuzzy purple crop top on to try it on for size. It was pretty perfect. "You're right. I do look adorable in it." He particularly liked the fact that crop tops displayed his abs nicely when he had nothing on underneath. Mina had certainly never complained.

When Bindi asked about Hana, Ran nodded.
"Yeah. I met her here in Nachton. Elder Jin had me work with her, and we got along well. Mina's cousin is her familiar. And sub. Or Sub, and familiar. You know, I don't know which one comes first in the hierarchy of things."

it didn't matter, he supposed, but he did idly wonder if Jacob preferred to be referred to as a familiar first, or a sub first. Knowing what he did about the young man, he actually suspected that the latter might appeal more. He should probably ask Hana, though, next time he saw her. He would prefer to avoid any confusion in the future.

The next question about Bao made him lose his carefree smile. Ran still felt like he'd failed Amir in regard to Bao, and although he didn't think Amir was upset with him anymore it still got under his skin.

"A personal issue. You don't need to beat him up. Amir might have already knocked some sense into him. I slept with his..." Ran glanced around. If Millicent had been listening, it was about to sound like he'd slept with his own niece. The woman had moved away, however, and didn't appear to be listening. Still, Ran kept his voice low. "I slept with Pakpao. You know, the daughter he gave up any claim of family to and abandoned for her entire life. Suddenly he grew a conscience and decided he deserved an opinion, never mind that she's a grown woman who can make her own decisions."

He hadn't meant to say quite that much, but the fact of the matter was it had bothered Ran a lot, and clearly still did. It had been years ago, and he and Pak were still friends, and Bao didn't get a say. In any of it.

"I might not be the monogamous type but I've never treated anyone badly, and we were both clear with each other about it just being a fun thing. Why he had to stick his nose in beats me. And why I'm so detestable also beats me."

He worked his jaw a little, trying to shake it off. He hated to admit how deeply his insecurity ran. Trying to make light of it, he shrugged.
"Whatever. It's in the past. Just, things have been awkward."
Bindi 3 years ago
Bindi listened to Ran's story. She nodded immediately when her brother suggested that Amir might have already taken steps to correct the situation...in his own particular fashion. Ran explained what the problem was and she frowned.

"As long lived as our family is and as extended as it can get, it was bound to happen that one of us would date another of "us"." She used air quotes to hopefully signify that by us she meant family and not just vampire kind in general. The latter wasn't a big stretch at all. If you didn't want to find someone new every fifty years or so then you needed to date someone longer lived.

"If Bao had treated Pakpao the way that Amir had treated us then he would be entitled to some kind of opinion but he let her go and didn't go find her anywhere close to immediately." She shrugged. "I am glad that he is trying to straighten things out with her but being a big jealous jerk about things won't win her over and getting mad at you just seems stupid." She waved a bag around. "For all he knows you are the love of her life..." Bindi smiled at her brother and held up a hand in case he wanted to get out of that kind of commitment even in a hypothetical situation. "If you were and she became close to you then you would be bringing her not only back to the clan but back to the family. That wouldn't be bad. And even if you 'aren't' the love of her life you are still a clan member and a son of Amir so that would make you worthy of being around her. Any contact she has with Anantya that isn't violent or off putting would be a step closer to reuniting with her true family."

"Speaking of family.... So how is this Mara, Amir and Jin thing all up close and personal?" Bindi turned to Ran and waited for all the good 'tea'. "Mara gushes about them and Amir said nothing at all on the ride over here...so those are the two extremes of information that I have."

((OOC: Please note that Mara might not actually gush...She is just saying that Mara is happy in their conversations.))
Ran Iyala 3 years ago
Ran felt a little mollified when Bindi basically backed him up. He spread his arms and gave her an exaggerated shrug when she mentioned that, in a sense, Ran had helped (or could have helped) bring Pakpao back to Anantya.

"I know, right?" He shook his head, frustrated. "That's what the bruhaha was, anyway. I don't even know why it was a thing. I guess I'm still pissed."

Ran wasn't usually the sort to hold a grudge, but he cared a lot about his family, so maybe that made things stick in his craw much harder than they normally would.

"Amir seemed to get over it pretty fast. I mean, he didn't like how we handled it and we both got spanked, but he hasn't mentioned it since."

He wouldn't; Amir wasn't used to having to mention things more than once. Especially with his children. Ran in particular was obsessed with never doing anything to cause his Creator disappointment so he had been extra diligent. He supposed that had had its benefits, too, since for the past several years he'd even been incredibly punctual. That might last another year or two yet.

Bindi turned the conversation to Mara, Jin, and Amir, and Ran slowly felt his usual grin return.
"Well," he said, with a campy kind of emphasis on the word, putting his hand on Bindi's arm and leaning conspiratorially closer, "Girl. It is on."

He laughed, leaned back a little, and continued.
"Ugh, they're adorable. I don't know if Amir and Mara ever would have gotten their shit together if it hadn't been for Jin. Like together, they had the whole 'lovers from afar' vibe happening. Then throw in one Jin, and suddenly they just all stick together. It's cute."

He glanced around warily, suddenly afraid of hidden cameras or something, because if Amir ever got wind of Ran describing him as both adorable and cute in the space of a minute, he'd probably wipe the dojo floor with Ran just to prove a point.

"Mara is happier than I've ever seen her. Amir is a while new person, especially without you know who in his brain. And I can't say I knew Jin well before, but I'm pretty sure Mara and Amir get way better kisses than I did."

He quickly detailed for Bindi the trick Mara and Amir had played on him when he'd first met Jin and they had him convinced that the proper way to meet their lover was a deep, full-on kiss. It was the only time he could really remember Amir playing a prank just to play a prank, so that in and of itself spoke volumes.
Bindi 3 years ago
Bindi giggled at Ran's dramatic intro to their family gossip time. She knew that she came to the right information source immediately. Of course, he was good at observation and people. It was what Ran did for his clan and, like her need to protect people, seemed to be at the core of who he was. She briefly wondered what kind of run down on Amir, Jin and Mara she would have gotten from Bao. Numbers would probably be involved...somehow. She was half tempted to ask just to see what he'd say. She would have a reunion with her older brother soon.

Adorable and cute! Bindi laughed out loud and then laughed even harder when Ran did a little visual sweep of the area to see if anyone caught what he said so that it would get back to Amir. She held up her phone and waggled it at Ran.
"Don't worry it is all right here on audio and for a small fee..." She smiled at her brother and shook her head, turning her phone around so he could see the blank lock screen. She wouldn't do that to him, especially when she had asked him to talk in the first place. You don't get future information that way. She wasn't sure how the Order of the Night ever managed it. If she had said something in confidence to one of them and they then used that information to a purpose she would not have been happy with she wouldn't trust them again. How did the Night keep from burning every bridge they had? She'd have to ask Mara some time. She was more the hidden skulky type, maybe she just eavesdropped on everything. Ran could just burn through acquaintances. He was good at making new ones. She was sure that he had ones that mattered and that he wanted to keep. Maybe those were just never used for work.

She raised her eyebrows when Ran spoke of getting better kisses from Jin.
"Probably?!?" Her brother went on to explain how Amir played a joke on him and Jin. Her jaw dropped open. Bindi blinked at Ran a few times and then smiled brightly. "I think I am going to LOVE being back here."

Pulling the Pint out of her backpack, she looked around the area. There was a costume shop that looked entertaining, a bookstore, and a vintage clothing store all nearby. "Got a preference?"

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Ran Iyala 3 years ago
For a second, Ran almost believed Bindi would blackmail him. Right before she turned her phone around, though, he rolled his eyes as he realized she was full of shit, laughing at her prank. "I'll have my people call your people and arrange something," he said, hunching over a little and doing his best to look shifty and fake-sneaky.

He nodded enthusiastically when Bindi emphatically claimed she would love Nachton. He couldn't disagree. It was awesome. Especially with Amir being all, well, normal, and the new acquaintances they were making, things in Nachton were exciting. Enough that Ran didn't feel like he'd need to move on any time soon.

He paid for his purchases and followed Bindi outside; there were a number of shops they could go to, but if they were to really try out the Pint then he thought they might be best getting off the sidewalk for a while.

"There's a skate park not too far away," he said. "We can try that, and then maybe test these things off road? That way you have everything you need for your review. We know they're good on the streets."

He also wanted to see what the Pint could do in another setting. So far it was fun, but Ran wouldn't call it well and truly tested until he'd crashed and burned a few times.

Maybe more than a few.

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