The Restaurant at the End if the Concourse

Pak liked to sneak in through the back, the green concourse. The sheer energy of the front could overwhelm her, besides she usually wound up back here anyway. That and it was quieter and less noticable and as she still couldn't quite shake the feeling she was on the other teams turf no matter how often she'd been told otherwise.

Multiple people over the years had encouraged her to get out more to engage with the world more and actually do things, she doubted any of her friends would have seen this as the resuli. A few years ago Pak had taught an advanced folding class at a community center. It had been pretty much a disaster. Too many students and none of them had known what they were doing... other than one and he'd apparently been as irritated as she was.

Hearing him muttering to himself in French had actually highly amused Pak, the fact that he was more than slightly attractive had convinced her to ask him for a drink after the failure of a class. It hadn't worked out romantically but they quit enjoyed each other's company and that continued even after they had mutually worked out what the other was.

So Pak was sitting quietly in Terminus playing the who's a werewolf game when a scotch on the rocks just turned up on her table. It was less surprising than it might be, she had yet to be able to sneak up on Navid.

"I drove the new car tonight! What gave me away this time?”

Pak asked in French genuinely curious. He swore he didn't just sit in front of the security monitors waiting.

Guillaume 3 years ago
It probably should have struck Navid as odd to have collected another mulo friend but he had taken it rather in stride. It was a shame they hadn't really been attracted to each other, she was beautiful and he wasn't even put off by her occasionally sarcastic if not acerbic demeanor, he actually enjoyed it, but she was an interesting friend.

Honestly Navid was somewhat relieved to have met and liked another mulo. It seemed to support the idea that Evan wasn't an anomaly and the two races might get along. Granted Pak hadn't told him much but he did know she wasn't from the same clan as Evan and she wasn't considered that old.

"A - I have seen the "new” car you've had it a while and it is every bit as flashy as the old one. B - I have eyes everywhere. C - ancient wolf secret.”

He very much appreciated that she spoke in French as often as not. She said she needed the practice, he didn't agree.
Pakpao 3 years ago
Pak snorted, he was at least a little right. The BMW would have been more subtle if it weren't red, but she really liked red. The red had been a custom color for the electric roadster and she'd paid for it, probably too much, but she justified it because she hadn't had a new car in sixty odd years

It was the ancient thing she took issue with. Far too many people were making fun of her age of late.

"I think your idea of ancient and mine might be radically different.”

"Perhaps, perhaps not.”

He said enigmaticly. Pak eyed Guillaume rather intensely and he didn't bat so much as an eyelash, some days the man lived to be mysterious some days he was an open book. Today he was being vague.

They'd known each other for a while now and Pak knew she wasn't the vampire he knew but she knew nothing about the other(s) save that they didn't seem to be Evenhet. It was possible he knew at least one ancient. But he could be toying with her too.

"I'll thank you to remember I'm the mysterious exotic one in this relationship.”

Pak snarked, cheerfully but still snarked, at Navid.
Guillaume 3 years ago
Navid greatly appreciated that Pakpao never really pushed for information about either other werewolves, the pack or his vampire friend. She rather unsurprisingly understood the need for discretion if not secrecy. Certainly she never volunteered any information that didn't exclusively pertain to her. And as a courtesy he never dug around in her affairs. Although from what he'd come to know about her if Pakpao wanted to know something she could find out. Much like Evan she had a talent for information gathering so he understood this was no small courtesy.

Still he teased her just a little and wasn't disappointed that she rose to the bait. Really there was something wrong with one or both of them that they weren't at least sleeping together. Maybe, under the right circumstances, that could change but so far it hadn't.

"What? My Moroccan half isn't good enough for you now?”

Apparently she'd forgotten that he had that card to play and floundered for a response. Navid had to smile as she hid her frustration behind a swallow of her drink. It was nice to occasionally get one over on her.

He chose to give her an out though.

"We'll argue about it later. What did you bring me this time?”

Pakpao was as voracious a reader as he was and nearly as eclectic. As she wasn't trapped in airports as often she didn't read quite as many cheap trashy romance novels, but she did read a bit of everything and they had taken to swapping paperbacks when ever they met.
Pakpao 3 years ago
For a change Pak decided to take the out Navid offered her. She did tend to back herself into corners with any number of people. Apparently she really should apply some of her skills at the chess board to the random verbal sparring matches she got into with friends. At least she had a tendency to think before she spoke when it was work related she consoled herself.

Their little book club was a welcome distraction and Pak fished out two brand new paperbacks out of her bag and tossed them casually on the table.

Guillaume gave her a look. They had never swapped new books before.

"I hadn't realized how old and beat up my copies were. They'd probably disintegrate on you.”

That and at the last second Pak decided she couldn't bear to part with them. She'd had those books for years. They were constant traveling companions. They were dog eared, battered, water damaged and very well loved.

"I can't believe you've never read them, they've been around forever.”
Guillaume 3 years ago
"The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.”

He said thoughtfully as Navid picked each book in turn and quickly looked them over. He really couldn't remember what odd turn their last conversation had taken that had caused her to bring them up. He did remember her rather puzzled look when she'd made a reference he'd been expected to get. However, she'd assured them they were funny and more thought provoking than they appeared at first glance.

"I think you hang out in a better quality airport than I do, obviously they have a much better selection.”

Airport gift shops and bookstores were useful when he finished a book unexpectedly but they were too often overpriced best sellers; a limited selection. He actually did most of his browsing at random used bookstores, as evidenced by the extremely tattered book he passed Pakpao.

"What in the hell is this?”

Navid shook his head. Most of his family was multilingual, a great deal of the pack as a whole seemed to be able to manage at least two languages so he was used to switching between one or more, but there was something about the French to Thai transition that was jarring. It wasn't nearly so bad when it was English to Thai, but the French to Thai...

"You know I hate it when you do that.”
Pakpao 3 years ago
"Do what?”

Pak asked, not totally aware she'd switch from French to her native language. But, she'd broken her own flow by switching to Siamese and unconsciously shifted back to English. That and she was genuinely perplexed by the worn paperback Navid had passed her.

It was beat up enough that it looked like it was from not the last century but the one before. Pak, however, knew quite well mass market paperbacks hadn't existed in the 1800s. She did, however, flip through the front of the book to check the copyright date.

"You do have an interesting definition of ancient.”

She said with a bit of a sarcastic edge. It was odd, but her tone never seemed to put Navid off. Well maybe it wasn't that odd all of her favorite people seemed to take her in stride. Pak decided not to think about it too much. The book on the other hand.

"Seriously? The Wreck of the Whale Ship Essex?”

The choice was beyond bizarre. For one reason or another it seemed to suit him Pak had no trouble at all picturing Navid in a so so hotel bar nursing a drink and reading an obscure history. And it did identify as nonfiction.

"I was in Nantucket.”

He said as if that explained everything. Pak just raised an eyebrow at him.
Guillaume 3 years ago
Something about the way Pak answered without answering reminded Navid of his cousin. He wasn't sure they'd like each other though. Pakpao had a natural reserve that Therese would either feel compelled to pick at or that would cause her to ignore Pak all together. That was the best case scenario too, and without considering that Pak was a vampire. No one in his family would take that well, Therese least of all.

No, as much as he liked Pakpao, as attractive as he found her she might very well be the wiser of the two here. Anything other than friendship would be insanely complicated.

"You're one of the few people I know who has actually read Moby Dick, I'm shocked you don't know it was based on a true story.”

To be fair Guillaume hadn't realized it either. His charter had wanted to stay in Nantucket longer than planned, he hadn't had any clients waiting for him so Navid had spent some time exploring the area and had learned a bit about American whaling history. He suspected the book had cycled in and out of used book stores in the area for years being read and turned in by any number of tourist over the years.
Pakpao 3 years ago
It had been years since Pak had read that book and it hadn't been under the best circumstances. She'd only mentioned it in an off hand way a while ago when they'd discovered a mutual dislike of Charles Dickens, so she was fairly impressed he'd remembered. It was a very odd thing to remember about a person but Pak had discovered Navid was a bit of an odd person. He hid it well, most people wouldn't pick up on his quirks, you had to get to know him.

"So is Robinson Crusoe.”

Pak countered random knowledge with random knowledge. Thought for a second and then gave Navid a very curious look.

"You're trying to tell me a whale attacked and sunk a ship? You know I did a fair amount of travel back in the sea faring days and not -once- did a whale even look cross eyed at us.”

She also had two very ship oriented friends and neither of them had ever said anything about whales hunting them down. To be fair neither Eirky or Rowan had done and whaling, well they'd never told her about it (not that she'd asked) so maybe they just hadn't pissed off the marine life. Hell both men still sailed to this day and... nothing. You'd think they'd mention something like that.
Guillaume 3 years ago
"You know I'm going to fact check you on that.'

He challenged quietly. Guillaume knew Pakpao well enough that he knew it would be true, but it was a rather over the top claim that any one had lived alone on an island that long. Although some days it felt like he was doing just that.

"Or you could take it on faith because you know I'm right.”

She shot back at him without really looking up from the book he'd given her. He was tickled that she was so interested, he took that as a win.

"Where is the fun in that?”

Navid half flirted. He knew he was doing it too. Sometimes she flirted back, sometimes she got short with him, he could never be sure how she'd respond or how serious she was about either. Hell he couldn't be sure how serious he was. That wasn't for worrying about tonight.

Her comment changed the direction of the conversation somewhat. Pak could be a bit vague about her past. She'd given him an opening tonight, just a little one.

"How far back in the seafaring days did you travel around the world.”

He tried to give her two questions to answer rather than one and it would be interesting to see if she'd answer either, even indirectly.
Pakpao 3 years ago
"It all depends on what you consider fun.”

Pak almost flirted back. Honestly she wasn't sure. Navid was attractive, interesting, amusing and not put off by the rougher edges of her personality. There was a lot to like about him. She'd just shut him down early on for any number of reasons. As far as Pak was connected they were all valid too, but once in a while she wondered. Maybe she'd talk to Kem and/or Aishe about it possibly Eiryk. Hell maybe she'd bribe them all with games and drinks and get all opinions at once.

It didn't take much to know he was fishing for information. Guillaume got credit for being subtle and for making sure she didn't have to answer though. He knew her well enough to let her come at some questions from the side rather than head on. It was something Pak genuinely appreciated.

She set the book down, sipped her drink and debated how much to give him. Finally she decided to start small and vague.

"Not that far, not really. I'm not terribly old and I didn't leave Siam for a while.”
Guillaume 3 years ago
She cautiously flirted in return. Guillaume smiled and decided he wanted to continue playing this evening. He'd have to be alert and stop before she got irritated with the game. Pakpao would only take it so far and you never knew where that line would be.

"I consider many things fun.”

He let his deliberate delivery, tone of voice and a half smile give the words just a touch of innuendo. Not too much, in this situation it was better to let her set the pace.

Navid wasn't entirely certain but he thought that Thailand had been called Siam in the past. But he couldn't for the life of him think when the name change had occurred so although it was a clue, it wasn't one he could use.

His attempt to remember history and puzzle out her clue must have shown on his face as Navid caught just the slightest hint of a smug smile on Pakpao's face. It forces him to half laugh at himself.

"This is payback for not letting you be mysterious isn't it?”

She raised and eyebrow at him and the smile became more pronounced almost coy.

"I do have a phone and Google you know.”
Pakpao 3 years ago
There was just a hint of an accent when he spoke deliberately. Just a touch, mostly French but with a little bit of a twist, Pak had to assume it was from Morocco but she'd never been and so wasn't sure. It was hot though, that she was sure of, it gave her a quick thrill up her spine especially as his green eyes danced.

"It's good to have a wide variety of interests.”

Pak countered. She didn't quite flirt back but she didn't withdraw entirely. She wasn't afraid, she wasn't nervous she was unsure. Unsure if she was more than casually attracted to him, unsure exactly how interested he was and unsure how much of a mess this could be if it went beyond a casual fling. Hell she wasn't sure if a casual fling would cause problems, probably not though it couldn't be any worse than their friendship.

He was charming as he obviously racked his brain trying to remember anything he knew about Siam. It probably wouldn't be much unless you really studied Asian history or global politics people didn't pay much attention and based on what little she knew about his family and education Pak was certain he had no idea.

When he gave up and threatened her with Google though she giggled just a little and took pity on him.

"Siam became Thailand in 1939.”

She didn't go into the politics or mention the brief switch back during World War II, none of it was relevant.
Guillaume 3 years ago
Navid had learned to be fairly alert to her moods, but subtle shifts like that he still wasn't quite sure how to deal with. It was possible pushing would draw her back out but it might also shut her down. For a brief moment he wondered how her other friends and lovers managed. And although he'd never met them Navid was sure she must have at least friends.

Tonight, as she seemed to be opening up a bit about her past, he didn't press his attentions he looked for the same middle ground she'd offered him.

"Better to be well rounded than boring. I should think you of all people understand that.”

This time his smile was nothing but friendly and warm. Still he liked her and wanted to make sure she understood that he was complying with her wishes.

The small giggle was charmingly youthful. If he didn't know better it was almost innocent. Oddly enough Pak didn't laugh too often, it tended to be a snicker, short, or subtle. But he wasn't much different. Perhaps neither of them wanted to call much attention to themselves.

Her near non-answer made him roll his eyes rather good naturedly.

"As even I am certain they didn't use many sailing ships in the 1930s, I must say that is a fairly pathetic clue.”

She shot him a half teasing half challenging smile.

"Are you sure?”

"Sure enough. Do I get another clue?”

He shot back without hesitation happy to play this game for however long she let him. Bizarrely enough this was some of the most specific information she'd offered.
Pakpao 3 years ago
He let the flirting drop. Pak knew he did and she was oddly grateful. She didn't know how to show it though. She also regretted it just a bit. He was rather fun to flirt with even if she wasn't sure if she meant it or not. It was probably the French thing. They seemed to learn how to flirt about the same time they learned to walk. Navid tended to favor his Moroccan heritage for one reason or another, but if Pak remembered her history right France had a fair bit to do with Morocco. So maybe he was a flirt twice over. Although, as she had never seen him with another woman she rather doubted it

He asked for another clue and suddenly Pak simply wasn't in the mood to be coy. She quickly sized him up over her drink. He looked both interested and relaxed. Clearly Guillaume was honestly curious but he wasn't going to press her.

Suddenly Pak decided to offer him a little bit of trust. She'd not told him what she was he'd figure he'd figure it out and he'd kept her secret. He'd even confirmed his secret identity in return. So she took a breath set her drink down and regarded him levely.

"Why don't you just ask one question, no holds barred. I won't lie.”

She might, however walk away and never speak to him again. Navid had never given any indication of being stupid though. He would probably understand that. If he didn't... well it might be best to know that now so she could reevaluate the relationship.
Guillaume 3 years ago
Perhaps he had a little trouble with these less than subtle shifts in her moods too. Pakpao's rather bold declaration startled Guillaume. Pleased, but startled.

He was no fool he knew that she was not only trusting him but testing him, ask the wrong question loose all your points and go to jail directly to jail do not pass go. He hated that game everyone always wound up in a fight. He was determined to not do that here.

As he considered what was very probably a one time offer, Pak was not exactly an open book, Navid realized any actual vampire information he -had- to have he could probably get from Evan with a good deal less trouble. He knew that although Pak said she wouldn't lie she would protect herself and her family. So what one thing was he dying to know about -her-. He had any number of potential questions but...

"May I kiss you?”

She looked quite surprised for just a moment and then retreated behind one of the best poker faces he'd ever seen. It was something he'd witnessed before but it was still impressive. He wasn't offended either, if nothing else he knew Pakpao and knew she would need time to consider.

He knew the question wasn't what she'd been anticipating the gambler in him couldn't resist, however, he could still wind up in jail. He hoped that wouldn't be the case.
Pakpao 3 years ago
That was not at all the question she had been anticipating. Not even remotely. Pak didn't let too many people know what she was and she offered even fewer any insight into her past. On the few occasions she had opened up people had more expected questions: how old are you, do you really drink blood, can you turn into a bat and the like. She really had anticipated something like that and had been curious how pushy Navid would be. Pak hadn't expected to find out he really was interested in her, at least a little and not just flirting to flirt.

He was a very good looking guy and he was turning into an interesting friend. The fact that he hadn't gotten extremely detailed or asked for something she'd have to shut him down on made her feel even a little better about him and if she were honest Pak would have to admit she was flattered he was more interested in her than vampire her or her history. It was making her more inclined to answer in the affirmative.


"Are you sure that's the question you wanted to ask?”

"Non, but you only said one and I thought I could wait to see if you'd go to dinner with me.

Pak hid a smile behind a sip of her drink. He really was a flirt and just now she didn't mind.

"Well then... yes... I think that might be all right.”

She probably wouldn't let it go much further than that but, he'd only asked to kiss her, not for her life story not to go to bed with her just a kiss. Shy and standoffish she might be but even Pak could manage that.
Guillaume 3 years ago
Navid wouldn't have been surprised if she had said no, he wouldn't have been offended either. He knew he'd pushed past her comfort zone and so would have respected her limits. That said though he was quite happy she'd said yes. He stood quietly and sat next to her rather than across from her.

It was the first time he had really noticed how petite Pakpao was, typically when they met she had on extremely high heels and her personality had a way of making her feel more physically imposing than she was. Noticing this Guillaume felt irrationally protective as he softly picked up one of her hands.

"I would not have been hurt of you had said no, and will not be if you change your mind.”

Pak looked up at him with her bright blue eyes and expression he couldn't quite place.

"I meant it.”

She said very simply making him smile.

"I'm glad to hear that.”

Was all he said before leaning down to kiss her. He was slightly cautious and very aware of both how soft her lips were and her response. As Pakpao became a little more sure and leaned in bit he deepened the kiss slightly, one hand drifting to her cheek his thumb accidentally pulling a lock of hair free from her thick braid.

After another moment he slowly pulled away. Navid didn't care to push his luck by asking too much. Her eyes fluttered open and then she sat back, blushing -very- faintly.
Pakpao 3 years ago
He was not a small man and even though she was a vampire it wouldn't have taken much for Pak to have felt intimidated. Fortunately Navid didn't give her much time to think about it. He simply leaned down and kissed her. It was a good kiss too, assertive but not demanding only taking what was offered rather than insisting on more. Pak, however, was both engaged enough and felt safe enough to offer more. She leaned into him and let her lips part. She was so wrapped up in the kiss that it took her a second to realize he'd stopped and a bit longer to sit back and compose herself.

She cleared her throat and tried to think of something to say. Nothing quite leaped to mind. Pak was actually fine with a friends with benefits arrangement but her instincts told her Guillaume was looking for more. Aside from about a million complications she wasn't sure she was ready for that.

"Maybe you should have asked different question.”

She did her best to convey sorrow regret and attraction in those few words. Pak actually quite liked Navid. He'd proven to be kind, intelligent and interesting beyond just being more than slightly attractive. At the very least, however, she didn't want to ruin their friendship.
Guillaume 3 years ago
Not exactly the words anyone wanted to hear in such circumstances. Especially as Navid had quite enjoyed kissing Pakpao, he would actually like to do it again... and more, but she was quietly putting the breaks on. Although Guillaume knew he'd pushed her past her comfort zone and he shouldn't be surprised he couldn't help but be disappointed.

He couldn't help wonder why though. Was it the werewolf thing? He couldn't do much about that. Was it the relationship thing? It hadn't taken much to determine that Pak was a little skittish about relationships, but that they could discuss. Was it her family? Would she have as much trouble on that front as he would? (Well perhaps not -quite- as much, Pakpao was not related to Therese who very well might kill him if she knew about this.) Was it something else entirely?

Regardless, he found a soft smile.

"Non, I am quite glad I asked that question even if I'm not quite sure I understand the answer.”

Pak blink at him, a small smile flitted across her face before she went inscrutable again but it only lasted a heart beat when much to his surprise she laughed. It was an actual laugh though, bright and clear, even if it only lasted a second or two. He raised his eyebrow in a silent question, waiting for an explanation.
Pakpao 3 years ago
She knew he didn't get the joke and was utterly unsurprised he didn't say anything. Pak seemed to know a lot of people who could say a great deal with just a look, still she was rather pleased she could read him. Impulsively she kissed him again. She'd intended to just kiss his cheek but Pak surprised herself by softly and briefly kissed him on the lips.

"Read the books.”

Was all she said, the whole thing with 42 and Deep Thought and the earth would explain her mild amusement once he read it, assuming he remembered.

That brief diversion aside Pak honestly didn't know what to do next. Navid had finally made himself fairly clear and she wasn't against the idea but... she should probably talk to Kem. If nothing else he'd have an opinion about dating a werewolf, at least he knew she was occasionally hanging out with one. She hadn't kept that from him, she'd just never introduced the two of them.

"You could still ask me to dinner if you want though.”

It might only be a friendly dinner, it was possible even probable nothing would come of it but she didn't want to shut him down entirely.