Breaking a few eggs (Attn:Ran)

Lono had been helping a lot lately. He was showing her more about the modern technology and he often accompanied her on outings in public. People tended to leave her alone when the large Hawaiian man was with her. Several people had commented about how cute they looked going on father/daughter outings. Mai was not entirely certain they looked very much alike but then again she perceived things differently so perhaps they just weren't as good and telling people apart and she was.

Her familiar, because Lono had chosen to become her familiar, liked to cook and was one of the chefs for the Manor. She rarely ate at all and hadn't bothered to cook things in...well, millennia seemed accurate.

However, she decided to do something for Lono for being good to her. He had once said that he enjoyed breakfast but didn't eat it as much because of the hours that everyone kept in the Manor. There were those who cooked for the familiars who kept daylight hours but Lono tended to have a late shift.

So, here she was trying to figure out how to cook crepes for him for when he woke up. Mai poked a finger into the powdery white flour and eyed it dubiously. Her other hand ran over the printed recipe.

The first step said:

In a large mixing bowl. ( She rummaged around in the cabinets and pulled out the largest one she could find ) whisk flour and eggs....

She was already lost. How did a person whisk?

Ran Iyala 5 years ago
Of course Amir approved of Mina. Everyone liked Mina. How could you not like Mina? She was adorable, sweet, smart as a whip, full of unimaginable sex-kitten energy, and knew exactly how to drive her nails deep into Ran's shoulder blades while he was balls-deep in her.

Everyone loved Mina.

That probably wasn't what they wanted to hear though.

Ran moved the crepe cakes at Bindi's suggestion and just offered a sweet and innocent smile.
"Mina is awesome. I think I picked a pretty good first familiar."

He puffed his chest out with pride and joined in to help clean the mess he and Mai had made. It wouldn't take too long with the four of them, and he had the extra satisfaction of seeing his grumping Creator scrubbing away at a whipped cream spatter, his tongue poking out between his fangs.

Ran knew better than to say anything, but in that moment is was actually pretty easy to tell where Bindi got her adorable visage gift from.
Bindi 5 years ago
"I am glad Amir is still Amir." Bindi assured her father, tilting her head to bump it lightly and affectionately against his arm. And to assure Mai, in case the Elder was wondering. Although Bindi doubted that Mai had doubted even for a second. She seemed to see everything. Some thought she could read minds like the Evenhet were supposed to be able to do.

She should probably think of something else. Just in case.

Apparently Mina was amazing and even Amir agreed. Of course, her Creator was far more practical about it. She was going to be a lawyer and that was great. Bindi had to wonder what other qualities had attracted Ran because she doubted he had been in the market for "lawyer" as a familiar. Unless, of course, he thought he was going to need one against Bao some day. In which case that might not have been a bad idea. Though while having a lawyer was better than no lawyer Bindi doubted a human who hadn't even graduated yet was anywhere near competing with a vampire who lived and breathed the law for centuries. Maybe it was a long term plan. Who was she kidding? The girl was probably hot as hell.

"Okay, set up a time for me to meet Mina the Amazing." She smiled at Ran and then started grabbing up various bowls, spoons and plates. Setting these in the sink out of the way, she went back to helping clean. Bindi looked up at the ceiling and then over at Ran. "How did that happen?"

She levitated the spray bottle up near the ceiling. "Clear!" Using her telekinesis, she pulled the trigger to spray some cleaner on the spots.
Mai 5 years ago
Mai silently watched the family of vampires around her. Amir has chosen his progeny well. She was proud of him.

They spoke of Ran's familiar, Mina, but Mai had not met the girl so she could not say whether she was worthy of Ran or not. Amir seemed to believe she was at least useful. Mai nodded, good choice then.

Bindi asked about the spots on the ceiling, Mai tilted her head up at them.
"We were flipping the crepes. I flipped too hard." No need to explain more than that. She was new to cooking. Doing it wrong was no shame to her and, though everyone here was her Clan and therefore her family, they were not her immediate family like they were for Ran. And she was not the youngest amongst them. Mai had long since ceased being the youngest anywhere.

The spray bottle was floated to the ceiling and Bindi told them to clear away beneath it while she sprayed the now dripping liquid.
"I will reach it with your assistance." Mai waited until she felt herself be lifted. Once she was near enough, she began to clean the spots on the ceiling.
Ran Iyala 5 years ago
Ran chuckled when Mai said she flipped crepes too hard. "We both did," he said. He wasn't sure anyone would know what the correct crepe-making procedure was, but they'd basically just reinvented it anyhow.

It took considerably less time to clean the kitchen than it would have if Ran had been doing it alone, and he appreciated the help. Because Amir was there, he was pretty sure it might have looked better after they finished than before they had even begun cooking, but that was sort of Amir's thing. He did it halfway to needle Ran for pleasure, and half because even Ran would admit sometimes he just needed to be needled.

When they were finished, Ran made sure he bowed to Elder Mai and thanked her for her company. They each took a crepe cake, and Ran left to bring his to Mina.

He promised to let Bindi know when would be a good time to meet Mina, perhaps out at a club or something, and gave his sister one last hug. It was good to have family in town.

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