Going Postal (attn: Guillaume)

Kiyo hated having to go out without Evan. He knew it was probably fairly codependent and clingy of him but he preferred to be out in the city with his boyfriend, in any form. He'd lived in Nachton for a while now and didn't get turned around easily but he was still small, submissive, and, he supposed, in the eyes of bigger men, somewhat effeminate. All angles and sharp planes, Kiyo didn't think he's was particularly girlish, but he knew his long hair, Asian-Indian features, and soft lips played him off that way.

Fortunately it was chilly outside and he could bundle up completely. His hair was hidden under his hood and he was definitely nice and cozy inside several layers of fleece and cotton. He walked, well okay, jogged, along the roads. He hated the Christmas crowds and just wanted to finish his errand quickly. He thought of Evan, snug and warm in their home above Terminus, and picked up the pace a bit. Yeah. He wanted to get back home fast.

His stop was at the post office. He had some gifts to mail to Brazil, to his surrogate family. He rarely sent anything to them, which he felt guilty about now that he was speaking to them more often. He was a terrible foster son. He was going to try to be better.

To that end, he had asked Gris to make some of his special fragrances, and Kiyo had put those into candles for his mother. For his father, he'd purchased a nice bottle of red wine from a local vintner, and for Luis there was a CD of a live concert from his favorite band, which had played in Nachton recently. It was probably the first thing he'd ever willingly given to Luis, and Kiyo was aware that as olive branches went it was a pretty weak one. But at least he'd made the gesture even if just the thought of Luis made him feel green.

The line at the post office was long. Kiyo stepped in and turned to look as the next people behind him turned out to be a couple of kids, high school or college freshman or something. When he turned they laughed at him.

"Mommy got you all bundled up, huh baby?"

Kiyo turned away, holding his box tightly against his chest. The kids didn't bother him really. They were just kids. They continued to heckle him softly, though, jostling him when they could in spite of stern looks from the few adults in line who noticed what was going on.

He mailed his package and headed out, trying to ignore the guys. They followed him quickly out, however, and Kiyo sighed at the irony of the Postal Service's one instance of alacrity.

Sadly the streets were far too crowded for him to really go fast so he was forced to put up with the kids as they continued on behind him. He did turn, however, when they shoved him into the path of a woman with a baby stroller. He whirled on them as he jumped back out of her way.

"Cut it out," he warned.

It didn't sound as convincing as he'd hoped, which bothered him. Kiyo was more than capable of handling two young adults, but he'd really like to not have to. Having his voice make him sound less than confident was like shooting himself in the foot.

Guillaume 10 years ago
Guillaume quite liked Christmas, to be more precise he liked being around it. He didn't decorate or put up a tree or bake cookies, but he enjoyed the festive atmosphere and the decorations other people put up and trying to find a gift for people. Therese had been kind enough to mail everything for their family several weeks ago, neither of them trusted the speed of overseas mail, so he had no real reason to be out other than just the standard errands and wanting to enjoy himself. That and he was still not satisfied he'd found the right present for his new little nice. Technically Vaughn and Therese's child was his cousin, but in his mind Christine was his nice. Regardless it was quite hard to determine what a child of less than a year might enjoy for their first Christmas.

He moved easily with the crowd, hands in the pockets of his navy blue wool coat as he'd forgotten to grab a pair of gloves, a clumsily knit scarf of questionable color combination over his shoulders. It had been a present his brother's youngest last year. She was only ten and just learning to knit. Navid was keeping half an eye on the crowds as he casually looked in at elaborate window displays hoping to find that last second Christmas gift and half wishing it would snow.

Watching some Rube Goldberg inspired contraption move presents from the elves workshop to Santa's sleigh as it wound around the stores merchandise he caught some odd movement out of the corner of his eye. It wasn't the usual ebb and flow of the crowd, someone may have stumbled or dropped some packages or something. Guillaume looked up to see what the situation was and was rather surprised to see Kiyoshi. His roommate and Terminus' bartender had never seemed terribly clumsy to Navid so a stumble seemed out of character.

Kiyo's less than adamant admonition clarified the matter quite quickly. Navid followed Kiyoshi's line of site and saw the kids. He rolled his eyes and growled faintly to himself. There was no reason for people to be such jerks. It didn't take but a second to realize that the streets were too full for him to start anything and he doubted lecturing the kids would work but he wasn't going to leave Kiyo alone. Kiyo was part of his pack and he was going to protect him, Guillaume was just going to have to be a bit subtle.

Leaving the window display, which was fascinating, he wove through the crowd until he'd joined the slighter man.

"Kioyshi,” He said with a bright open smile. "I didn't know you were headed out today.”

He thought about hugging Kiyoshi, just to clearly mark him as being under his protection, but decided against that. Guillaume was sure that Kiyo would be more comfortable if he was given some space. The point was, Navid was fairly certain these kids would not be hassling Kioyshi as long as he stood about looking brutish and hulking.
Kiyoshi Salinas 10 years ago
Even through the confusing and myriad scents of the city Kiyo could smell Guillaume. He lived with the guy after all; his scent was as distinctive to Kiyo by now as Evan's. He smiled when his roommate joined him. With the addition of the much larger man the two kids hassling Kiyo suddenly lost interest. They passed by him and continued on, one of them elbowing him in the back and muttering, "Fuckin' fag" as they went on their way.

Kiyo rolled his eyes but looked up at Guillaume and smiled. He knew why Guillaume was there. Without resorting to getting physical the odds were good that Kiyo would have just gotten harassed more, and that wouldn't have been good. Small werewolf he might be, but he was fierce and much stronger than a human and he didn't really want to beat up a bunch of punk kids.

"Thanks, Navid," he said softly, not bothered much by the circumstances. Maybe he would have been a couple of years ago but he had more confidence now than he used to.

Nonetheless he appreciated Guillaume's support. He tilted his head, wondering if Guillaume would stay around for a little while. Maybe so. Kiyo wouldn't mind company.

"I had to go to the post office. Mailing presents." Kiyo grimaced. He didn't know how much Guillaume knew about his family life but it was probably no secret that it wasn't a good one. "I'm trying to... I don't know. Open up. Reach out. Not disappear entirely. One of those. Maybe all three."

He pushed back the hood of his coat a little bit to see Guillaume better.
"How about you?"
Guillaume 10 years ago
Navid sneered at the kids as they left. He wouldn't have let the elbow in the back slide and thought the punks were either brave or stupid to try and get the last word in even with him there. Assuming Kiyo wouldn't enjoy him trying to end the encounter on his terms, out of consideration for his roommate Guillaume just watched the kids leave satisfied they wouldn't be back. Undoubtedly they would try their tricks with someone else though. Navid hoped their next target would make them think twice about such actions.

Once they were well away and he was certain they weren't going to come back He grinned and shrugged at Kiyoshi. There was no need for thanks, He'd not done anything but say hello to a friend, part of his pack.

"Mmmm.. you're braver than I am. Therese was good enough to take on that chore this year, I couldn't handle the crowds at the post office.”

It was a little surprising that Kiyo would offer that bit of information. The smaller werewolf could be very circumspect, cautious about what information he offered up about himself. Navid was pleased that Kiyo felt comfortable enough with him to say even that much.

"All good ideas.” He supported the action. "How far are you sending things?”

His own family moved around so much that Navid usually had to remind himself that other people tended to stay in one place. Today he just assumed that Kiyo's family moved about as well.

He smiled softly when Kiyo asked what he was up to.

"Just enjoying the season really, looking for one or two last minute gifts as well.”

It suddenly struck Navid that he hadn't found anything for Kiyoshi. It was a rather embarrassing oversight. Perhaps if Kiyoshi didn't mind his company he might get an idea or two.

"Mostly for the baby I think.”

Although the child wouldn't really enjoy Christmas for a year of two yet. Still Guillaume had no problems admitting to being the doting uncle.
Kiyoshi Salinas 10 years ago
Kiyo felt warmed by the expression on Guillaume's face as he sneered the kids away. Guillaume wasn't privy to Kiyo's innermost thoughts the way Evan was. Even Tavi and Gris didn't know every single teeny detail of Kiyo's life... so how could Guillaume understand just what it meant to Kiyo to have someone stick up for him? No one had ever done that for him until he'd moved here. He'd let himself become a doormat, and he'd been taken advantage of again and again and Kiyo had been dying for someone to show him something different.

Oh yes, Evan had done that. And continued to do that. Along with the rest of Kiyo's friends. And that included Guillaume, who was a friend. Maybe he and Kiyo didn't quite understand each other but it was sort of a work in progress. And, Kiyo thought, it would make Evan happy too, wouldn't it? If Guillaume and Kiyo got along even better? So he looked up at Guillaume quickly before the instinct to drop his gaze kicked in, and answered him honestly.

"To Brazil. My, um, guardians live there. Foster family."

He swallowed a little nervously and offered more information, something the private little werewolf didn't normally do.
"My birth family still lives there too, but I haven't seen them since I was ten. When they kicked me out."

He shrugged at Guillaume with a helpless little smile. It was in the past. He wrinkled his nose a little in thought when Guillaume said he was mostly shopping for his new family member. Not out of dislike, but because he was thinking.

Finally he resorted to lifting his shoulder, a gesture that was probably lost in the layers he was wearing.
"I have no ideas what babies like. I had a lot of siblings but I don't really remember what they were all like."

He'd been too young when he'd left home to have much of an impression. Plus, with so many of them, Kiyo had always bee a little lost in the middle. He hadn't been here or there, either taking care of anyone or being taken care of himself. He'd just sort of faded into the woodwork.

In the meantime he hoped Guillaume would ask him to join him. Kiyo was too submissive to invite himself along, but he'd had enough of the city for one day. He wouldn't mind staying out with Guillaume but if his packmate didn't ask Kiyo planned to hightail it right back to Evan's bed. Well... that last part was going to happen regardless, but he would delay it a little bit for Guillaume.
Guillaume 10 years ago
Navid didn't know what to make of the idea that Kiyoshi's family would have thrown him out at ten years old. That concerned him a great deal, what could a ten year old have done to upset their family that much? It didn't make any sense to him. Still it was fairly clear that Kiyo wasn't entirely comfortable sharing what he had and Guillaume didn't want to press for more information.

"I'm sorry about that, but I'm glad you're still in touch with your foster family. Did you want some time off to visit them at some point?”

Of course Evan would probably have asked the same thing and made any arrangements Kiyo could want to need but Guillaume asked just the same. Even thought Navid had more family than he knew what to do with he tried not to take them for granted. That was a bit tricky at the moment as his grandfather wasn't overly thrilled with the job he'd done of retrieving Therese and hadn't sent for him to return to the family. Navid wasn't sure what to make of it, he wasn't being cut off or ignored, he was just rather on his own right now. At least he had his cousin and his little improvised Pack at Terminus. He decided not to mention it to Kiyoshi though, it was complicated.

"I've never been to Brazil. Do you miss it?”

The little frown brought something of a chuckle from Navid. It would have been easy to misinterpret that expression. Guillaume knew that Kiyo and Therese didn't exactly get along but he knew Kiyoshi well enough, or thought he knew the bar tender well enough, to realize the frown wasn't an indication of a grudge or distaste of either Therese or the baby.

"You'd think with all the cousins and nieces and nephews I have I would know better, but each one seems to be a new experience. If you haven't anything else planed maybe you could help me look, something might catch your eye, you have better taste than I do.”

That much was true. Not that Navid was a slob or slovenly, but Kiyo seemed to have more of a knack for presentation and ascetics. That much was obvious in his flare tending and poi performances. Navid honestly thought that Kiyoshi might see something he'd over look.

He'd like having Kiyo about as well. It would be nice if they could connect a little bit more. Since Kiyoshi had moved in they had made progress though. Navid no longer felt like he needed to walk on egg shells around Kiyoshi, but they could certainly stand to get to know each other better.
Kiyoshi Salinas 10 years ago
Kiyo blinked at Guillaume and then shook his head slowly when he asked about time off to go to Brazil. He couldn't think of any reason why he'd go back there.

"No. I don't - can't - go back. Never."

Guillaume didn't know about Luis, about any of it... about Kiyo having been raped. He didn't know all the reasons behind Kiyo's leaving, why he never wanted to go back. Only Evan knew the whole story. Not even Tavi or Gris knew. No one needed to know.

"I don't miss it at all. I like being here in Nachton."

He crossed his arms in front of him as tightly as he could with all his layers making him bulky and shivered.
"It's colder here, and I'm not used to it yet. Maybe I won't ever be. But I still like it here."

Of course, anywhere Evan was would be where Kiyo wanted to be. He knew he was still ridiculously dependent on Evan for many things but he was working hard at being more confident and he suspected it was beginning to show. Having friends and a stable job with understanding employers helped.

He perked up when Guillaume did, indeed, ask if he wanted to come along. Kiyo nodded much more enthusiastically. He didn't know anything about what to buy for a baby but this one was so young, it probably didn't need anything too very particular.

"Yeah, I'd like to come," Kiyo said. "I might not be much help but two brains are better than one, right? Where are we going?"
Guillaume 10 years ago
That was an unexpected answer and surprisingly vehement. Apparently there were things in the quiet werewolf's past that were less than pleasant family memories. Rather than feel bad for Kiyoshi though, Navid empathize. His father couldn't stand him his grandfather used him and any contact with his mother had to be hidden and could risk her life.

He wouldn't ask Kiyo to share but instead Guillaume offered some of his story in hopes of making Kiyo feel less alone in whatever burden he carried.

"I know some of that feeling. Every time I go to Morocco it is met with suspicion. You see my mother is there. She is not part of the Pack. I was taken from her just after I was born and was to have no contact with her."

He shrugged a bit at the implication that the directive keeping him from his mother had been rather ignored. He also didn't even hint that Kiyo should either feel sorry for him or share anything he didn't want ton.

Instead Navid let the conversation flow to Nachton and the cold. He laughed slightly and added his scarf to Kiyoshi's layers.

"Well it isn't cold year round so that is a bonus. It does seem like a nice city though."

Although, he was surprised to still be here. Even so Navid was growing to enjoy Nachton. It would never be home but it was still easy enough to fit in and enjoy one's self. Kiyo would undoubtedly move if or when Evan did and he would probably return to Europe but for now it was as good a place to be as any.

He had to repress a smile as Kiyo perked up and accepted the invitation. Guillaume wished he'd offered something more interesting.

He frowned at the question though as he had no answer to that at all.

"Perhaps. .. that way?"

He removed his glove less hands from his pockets just long enough to point the way he'd been heading before encountering Kiyo.

"I was hoping to find something unique, perhaps made by a local artisan."
Kiyoshi Salinas 10 years ago
Kiyo listened to Guillaume and just nodded at him when he spoke about his mother. From his words, he obviously hadn't gone with the whole 'no contact' thing.

"She doesn't mind you being... Pack?" Kiyo blinked up at Guillaume. "She wanted you anyway?"

His mouth tightened a little with envy, maybe some hurt. Guillaume would make the leap of logic, probably, and deduce that Kiyo had been kicked out because he'd become a werewolf at a very young age. It was hard to call it a Gifting when it hadn't been intentional nor very gift-like.

"I'm glad you stay in touch with her."

He would have given anything for his family to have accepted him and helped him. Instead he got a foster family that understood, which was much better than being on the streets. He owed them everything, even if Luis had been... not so bright a memory.

He looked where Guillaume pointed down the street and shrugged helplessly. Kiyo didn't know what stores were where, really. He loved crafts himself but he wasn't sure what his roommate was looking for and he wasn't the type to lead. He would follow Guillaume and offer opinions since he'd been asked to.

There were plenty of Pack artisans but Guillaume undoubtedly knew that. If he'd wanted something available from a fellow R'asa he surely would have talked to someone already.

"Lead on," he said with a little smile, a softening of his expression that was a sort of unspoken apology for being who he was. He was much more confident in himself now, thanks to Evan and all of his friends, but Kiyo would never be more than a submissive little wolf.
Guillaume 10 years ago
Navid gently put a hand on Kiyoshi's shoulder. Obviously his story hadn't helped much at all, in fact it may have made things worse. He felt bad about that. Apparently Kiyo needed the rest of the story.

"No my friend, she minds. She minds very much. The reason she and my father did not remain together is she was terrified of us. She ran away when she learned the truth. The few times I have been able to see her I've had to lie about what I am.”

Guillame figured that she knew the truth or at least suspected but his mother was so alone and so happy to see her son that she was willing to accept the lie. He hadn't been able to sneak away and see her for several years now. Perhaps being here in Nachton and away from the rest of his family would give him a chance to visit her soon. He'd not considered that before. Therese would keep his secret. Regardless it wasn't an ideal relationship, he tried and it seemed like she was trying as well, it was as good as he could expect under the circumstance.

"It is difficult. My grandfather doesn't approve if he were to find out there would be consequences...”

His face clouded. Honestly Navid didn't know if those consequences would affect him or his mother or both. As he was the one being defiant, probably him but hurting his mother would probably be the most effective way to punish him. Navid forcibly pushed the thoughts away. He hadn't meant to drag everyone down, simply let Kiyo know he wasn't alone in having a challenging family situation.

Leading the way down the street easily negotiating the crowded streets but at the same time keeping an eye out to make sure Kiyo was able to do the same. Knowing that Kiyo was a little more on the submissive side he was careful not to be separated from his roommate, not even unintentionally.

"I think she is too young for toys really. And I know that we have some excellent fiber artisans in the Pack so a blanket or booties or some such would be better found from one of them don't you think?”

He mused allowed stopping to look into a department store window. It was a static display, but very pretty, with a fireplace and stockings and children sleeping toys set about. The toys were obviously available in the store, but they were all far too advanced for a child less than a year old.

"Perhaps a mobile or a stuffed animal of some sort?”

Not wanting to go in to every store it seemed prudent to have a plan. Stuffed animals would be easy enough to find but where did one find a mobile these days?

"Do you have any Christmas traditions Kiyoshi? I'd imaging things must be slightly different in the Southern hemisphere. Less emphasis on snow fall and sledding for starters.”

He was curious about Kiyo. The smaller werewolf didn't talk much about himself. Only just now had Navid gotten to understand that his home life probably had not been entirely happy. He also knew that a general 'tel me about yourself' would be met with something vague or evasive so he asked a specific question with plenty of room for Kiyo to maneuver, to share as much or as little as he wanted.
Kiyoshi Salinas 10 years ago
As he trotted along beside Guillaume Kiyo listened to his story, which was indeed a tragic one. Just went to show no good came of being a werewolf.

Well, except meeting Evan. That was good.

And Tavi and Gris. He wouldn't know them if he weren't a werewolf.

He maintained his frown, not wanting to be able to associate being a werewolf with anything good. He'd hated it for so long. He was actually starting to not hate it so much. He still wouldn't Change in front of his friends but he would run with them now and then. Evan, of course, was the exception. He would do anything for Evan.

Kiyo put a gentle hand on Guillaume's arm.
"I'm sorry Navid. That's horrible."

There wasn't anything else he could say. No well-wish he could make that could fix anything for his friend. He turned his attention to weaving through the crowds, a very simple task for a small agile wolf. He noticed Guillaume stayed close and kept looking for him, and that made him feel safe. It was very nice.

They looked into some windows but Guillaume apparently didn't see anything he liked well enough to go in. Kiyo thought about the ideas his roommate posed.

"A mobile maybe. Not a stuffed animal. I read that babies can smother if they roll up against them in their crib or something."

Then he realized he sounded critical and hastened to make a correction.
"Not that Therese or the Alpha would be so careless but why bother if it's only going to sit on a shelf and gather dust? Dust is bad too. A mobile is meant to be looked at at least."

When Guillaume asked about Christmas traditions Kiyo snorted. 'Go out to a bar, get picked up and fucked by an anonymous one-night stand who would ditch me the next morning after hurting me and leaving me unsatisfied' seemed like a terrible answer, but it was how Kiyo had spent many holiday nights before arriving here.

Now he had so many better memories.
"No. I don't have any traditions. I just want to spend it with Evan, curled up with him."

He looked up at Guillaume.
"Maybe we could all watch a Christmas movie or something."
Guillaume 10 years ago
Determined to put a good face on things, at least for Kiyo, at least for the holidays Guillaume smiled at Kiyoshi. He was genuinely touched by the hand on his arm and the simple expression of condolence. That meant quite a lot, even more coming from they typically shy, if not timid, Kiyo.

"Thank you. It isn't good, but it could be much worse. In this instance I shall take what I can get and be grateful for it."

And get back to see his mother as soon as possible. Last he'd heard she was not doing well. If he had half siblings, they weren't taking care of her. Someone should look out for her and it seemed he was the only option.

It took some effort not to smile as Kiyo tried to clarify his rejection of the stuffed animal idea. There had been, and would not have been, any criticism from Navid one way or another. What Kiyoshi had said made sense and it was very logical.

"No... I don't suspect they would but no one be alert and have eyes on a child twenty four seven can they? They both have to sleep and run when the moon calls them. But I see your point."

Walking a bit slower to the next store he frowned thinking.

"Ah I did see something on line recently, you put your phone into the toy and the child could play with apps but not hurt the phone or call China. Although, I suppose that is a bit advanced for her, she'd have to grow into that. Maybe we should just find a toy store."

At least they would have experts there, or people who pretended to be experts. He didn't want to wind up with teething rings and cloth books, he wanted something special but special might have to wait until the baby was a bit older.

Kiyoshi was in love, very much in love, it was saccharine sweet, but as long as they were both happy Navid didn't judge. There would probably come a time when things were rough, potentially very rough, for them, after all vampires and werewolves did not date, so Navid would let them have this time without complaint.

"That sounds like a new tradition. Although, you'll forgive me if I don't join in it."

He teased carefully, with a small smile.

"I think that sounds like an excellent idea. I was debating putting up some decorations if that wouldn't bother any one. I hate to cut down a tree, but I did see some topiaries made from rosemary bushes that are shaped like very small Christmas trees."

Navid would actually offer to cook something for the three of them, but Kiyo didn't eat anything cooked and Evan didn't eat often so it was an impractical offer. At best Navid might open up a nice bottle of wine or make some mulled cider for the three of them.
Kiyoshi Salinas 10 years ago
Guillaume's ideas seemed, to Kiyo, far too advanced for a baby as young as the Alpha's was. He didn't say that though. He definitely did not want to criticize Guillaume when they were getting along so well.

He nodded solemnly when Guillaume spoke about traditions, but excused himself from any cuddling.
"I want to have traditions with Evan. It means we're going to stay together, right? If you mean to repeat something every year..."

He looked up at Guillaume with bittersweet hopefulness in his eyes. He knew Evan loved him, and he also knew that their love was very much forbidden to happen. Evan had said, though, that if it came down to it he would take Kiyo away and they would hide from the world until Kiyo was no longer in it. Kiyoshi hardly wanted that to happen. But he would do anything it took to stay with Evan. He knew maybe it sounded like he was too dependent on his lover but Kiyo didn't care. Call him dependent. He never, ever wanted to be away from Evan. Ever. For anything. Ever. Ever.

"You don't have to join in the snuggling," Kiyo said, delicately. "I don't, um, think we're really your type, are we."

Kiyo meant that on a number of levels. Guillaume didn't seem gay, nor did he seem thrilled with the idea of vampires in general although obviously he was fond of certain particular ones. Kiyo also knew he wasn't always comfortable with the submissive little wolf. So on many levels, a Christmas snuggle would not be his thing. Even if they wanted him in it.

"Decorations would be fun," Kiyo said, "but if you want a tree can't we get a fake one? No need to cut anything down or kill any plants. And you can just store it away and get it out again next year."

Maybe Evan was really rubbing off on him. Kiyo thought, if nothing else, he was far more conscious of the environment, of pointless waste, than he'd ever been. Tree farms sort of made him ill.
Guillaume 10 years ago
"Yes, that's exactly what it means. I'm sure you'll have more than just one at Christmas and there is the rest of the year to consider too."

He couldn't help but notice the expression in Kiyoshi's eyes. Evan seemed more settled, more confidant in the relationship, even one this unorthodox, than Kiyo. Navid understood why being involved with Evan would cause Kiyo such anxiousness. All he could do though was wish them well and not give them away. For now it seemed enough. He placed a companionable hand on Kiyo's shoulder and gave a light supportive squeeze.

Grinning at Kiyo's rather astute observation he shook his head.

"No... not quite my type. But that doesn't mean I can't join you while you to curl up for a movie."

Although it wasn't exactly his type of relationship Navid wasn't offended or threatened by it. He was open minded and so long as the people involved were consenting voluntarily he didn't really care one way or another what genders hooked up, or even what species. Although he might be a little suspicious of any relationship with a vampire on first glance, he'd at least give it a second look before jumping to a conclusion. You couldn't trust just any vampire, look at what happened to Therese.

Kiyo was obviously picking up some of Evan's quirk if he was concerned even for a rosemary bush. He smiled broadly and shook his head though.

"We won't kill it. I'll keep it in a pot, water it and such. I can use it when I cook as well. I promise it will have a good home. But we can get a fake one as well. Why not, it will be much larger and easier to display. Shall we get some ornaments as well, or just lights and tinsel?"

They always had large Christmas gatherings when the family was together. Even stringing popcorn on trees outdoors if there wasn't much snow, to attract the birds. Typically there was a large meal as well, cooking whatever they brought down on Christmas Eve. Wine, and singing, and as many of his family could make it. He missed that.

If he were honest with himself Navid would admit to being rather lonely. He just didn't dwell on it, or advertise it, there wasn't anything he could do about it. Right now though, he was enjoying Kiyoshi's company. Kiyo was nearly family these days and they seemed to be getting along much better and much easier these days.
Kiyoshi Salinas 10 years ago
Kiyo smiled a soft, inward smile at the idea of more traditions. Those gave him a sense of permanency. He wanted them. He would bring it up later with Evan, see what his vampire boyfriend thought about it.

"I can't object to a rosemary... thing," Kiyoshi said with a little shrug. He wasn't entirely certain of the term Guillaume had used before, it wasn't anything he'd heard of.

"Especially if it's going to stay alive and well."

He didn't really want to get a Christmas tree, though, not even a fake one, without Evan. He bit his lip gently, worrying it between his teeth because he and Guillaume were getting along so well - he didn't want to ruin it by being argumentative.

He sought a compromise.
"Uh... weren't we looking for baby presents? Maybe when Evan can come along we can look for decorations too."

There, that didn't sound too terribly confrontational. Kiyo would enjoy shopping for decorations with Guillaume but he would enjoy it more with Evan as well. They were sort of a little tiny family of their own, and it made sense that they should all three be present.
Guillaume 10 years ago
"Alive and well and delicious."

Fresh herbs made a great deal of difference when cooking and Navid preferred to use them whenever possible. He'd not often taken the time or effort to grow his own.

"I might even be able to use it to make something for you."

It wouldn't be the first time he'd 'cooked' for people with Kiyo's dietary preference. You could do a surprising amount without cooking the meat.

Kiyoshi startled him slightly by steering them slightly away from the tree discussion.

"Quite right. I don't even know if he likes white lights or colored ones on his trees and we should all enjoy it. Besides I didn't bring a car and it would be awkward to bring something like that home otherwise."

Personally he like colored lights better but didn't dislike white ones. Not that it mattered much, it was more about who was around the tree.

"Ah. Here we go."

It was a small store, no flashy display but a lovely tree and some very tasteful baby furniture in the window. Navid pushed open the door and a light friendly chime greeted them along with a welcome gust of warm air.

"I think we might find something here don't you?"
Kiyoshi Salinas 10 years ago
Kiyo wrinkled his nose a little comically at Guillaume. "Why would you want to ruin meat with green things? Meat should taste like meat. And green things should stay green things, firmly attached to whatever branch they belong to."

He was dubious about Guillaume's cooking, at best. He still couldn't stomach the mint tea the man seemed to think was fantastic. Bleh. The only vegetable worth drinking was a grain, in the form of a good beer.

He chuckled quietly at the idea of the two of them trotting along to Terminus carrying a tree. They were each strong enough to handle it even without help, but - yeah. Awkward. Kiyo was just relieved that Guillaume saw his point in waiting for Evan. He didn't really know how his lover would feel about Christmas in general, but Evan had gotten him Christmas presents last year so he celebrated it to some extent. Kiyo knew personally, he'd be a little hurt if Guillaume and Evan decided to go out without him and decorate their home.

Kiyo looked at the store in question but he couldn't see much about it aside from the window display, which did look promising. So he nodded to Guillaume and said,
"Yeah, let's see what's inside."

He felt the puff of air and smelled something warm and fragrant, liked spiced cider, when Guillaume opened the door. Kiyo stuck close behind his roommate to follow him inside.
Guillaume 10 years ago
Guillaume just laughed at Kiyoshi's adamant response to his offer. It wasn't the first time he'd been refused and it wouldn't be the last.

"I promise you won't have to eat the green things. I won't even grind up the meat and hide them in it. Think about it and if you decide to humor me we can experiment a little, but we don't have to.”

There, no pressure. He didn't want Kiyoshi to think he was pushing or being demanding. It was an offer, it was something he wanted to do. Navid liked to share a meal with people, he liked it even more if he was the one who created the meal. It meant something to him to offer that, but it would mean nothing if he forced it on Kiyo. It had to be something Kiyo wanted to do.

Settled in the store, which blessedly was -not- playing canned Christmas carols Navid tried to take things in. it wasn't shelves and aisles of things, it was little vignettes giving the viewer an idea how everything would look set up in a room. There were changing tables and rockers and cribs and bassinets everywhere. There were also blankets and strollers and lamps. It was a trifle overwhelming.

"It always astounds me how much someone so small seems to need.”

Although given how mobile the family was Navid knew that it could be done with less. Child rearing in general, however, was a mystery to him. Guillaume wasn't afraid of children and no stranger to helping out with children from the very very young to those nearly adults. Helping was different than having one of your own though.

He wasn't anxious to start a family but couldn't help but wonder if he'd ever have a family of his own. There was time though, there was not reason to worry about it now. He would settle for having a date now and then, that would be a good start.

The first mobile was part of a black and white vignette, there was a mobile but it was of frolicking penguins. While he liked the penguins black and white didn't seem appropriate for a baby.

"I think someone is trying a bit too hard to be chic and trendy with this one...”

He rolled his eyes at the color, or lack there of. Were animals and bright colors cliché? Navid wasn't sure. His own tastes were direct and straight forward, he wasn't a fan of nuance. Therese was different though. She curated The Arch and had been studying art for years.

"Somehow I don't think that cheerful teddy bears is going to cut it. We might need something more sophisticated.”

It would be nice if he knew the Sarkis better. Navid should like to blend his taste and Therese's and find something that would make it special for both of them.
Kiyoshi Salinas 10 years ago
Kiyo made a yuck face at Guillaume. A polite, apologetic yuck face. But still a yuck face. There would be no waving of herbs in, around, over, or anywhere near meat he was planning to consume. He didn't say anything else though. He figured his expression said it all.

They wandered through the quaint little shop, browsing what Kiyo thought were pretty cute adornments for a baby's room. He actually sort of liked the penguins but he wasn't going to contradict Guillaume anymore. He was confused by his roommate's criticism though, so he turned and looked up at him with a furrowed brow.

"So that one is trying too hard to be chic but the present for the baby needs to be sophisticated?"

Guillaume was a very picky uncle. Kiyo scratched his head.
"Do you think the baby is going to care if it's sophisticated and trendy or not?"

He pointed to a mobile that had sparkling stars and moons - not epileptic seizure-inducing sparkles, but a gentle glitter that would probably be very pretty in a dimly-lit bedroom.

"What about something like that?"

It didn't seem to be offensively childish, but the sparkling glitter kept it from being too adult-like. Kiyo actually liked it, but it also might not be to Guillaume's taste.
Guillaume 10 years ago
Navid snorted a bit at himself and Kiyoshi 's observation. He was being a bit contradictory.

"I doubt Christine will care much one way or another. I was thinking more of her mother. "

Therese could be slightly picky. Although she had turned out to be quite the doting mother so far. He had no problem with the thought that she might not even notice the mobile much beyond realizing that he'd brought her daughter a present.

He was probably being far too picky and rather unrealistic about his goals. Short of finding an original kinetic sculpture from an artist Therese was fond of, it was a child's toy and that was all.

He turned to look at the one Kiyo indicated and realized that his roommate had a much better grip on the situation than he did. It was quite lovely. Not too girly not masculine and the glitter added a nice depth.

"I like that, the moons seem especially appropriate."

Doubting they would find anything better Navid found a box that claimed to have the same mobile in it.

"I think that is an excellent find. Are you sure you've not dealt with children much before? "

Satisfied with the choice Navid made the purchase quickly. Spoiling his nice would have to wait until she was a touch older.

"Perhaps there is something I can help you with?"

Left to his own devices Navid would happily wander about a bit longer but he knew Kiyo wasn't fond of the cold and probably wouldn't enjoy just sight seeing.
Kiyoshi Salinas 10 years ago
Kiyo practically glowed under Navid's praise. He hadn't really done anything special, just pointed out something that looked like it was inoffensive and not overly cutesy. Still, any praise to the small werewolf was good. Especially because it didn't often come from Guillaume.

He shook his head modestly.
"No. I haven't had anything to do with kids for a long time. More than twenty years."

The purchase was quickly made, and they were headed out again. His roommate asked if there was anything he wanted to get and Kiyo shook his head although it was probably tough to see as he had bundled himself back up and pulled up his hood. As they opened the door a blast of chilly air hit them and Kiyo realized it had begun to snow.

"No, I'm done running errands," he said. They stepped out into the cold and Kiyo noted that the big, fat flakes were rapidly covering up the sidewalk and the streets. If this continued, they would have inches very soon.

He shivered inside his puffy coat and made sure his gloves were tucked into the cuffs so no cold air could seep in through the little space.

"I want to get home before it gets worse. It's so cold," he said loudly enough for Guillaume to hear. Kiyo didn't try to hide the fact that, obviously, Evan was at home. And Evan, besides being sweet and sexy, was a radiator.