Work and Play (Attn: Ran and Pak)

The humans who came into The House of Pain had to really want to be here, at least that was Tristan's thought. Coming in through the sewers and then up twenty floors, this was not something you did on a lark. All for the best really as if you weren't careful you might not walk out again, because although he was careful with his meals not everyone was and he doubted anyone in the club would judge those that weren't.

It wasn't really his favorite place either, fantastic people watching but it was also loud and often crowded and a just not as much fun as it could be. Tristan was an adaptable sort and he settled in to the club well enough, he just didn't seek it out terribly often. He'd ducked in for a quick bite before and would again and he knew it was a good place to hear rumors and running into people there wouldn't raise eyebrows.

Although he'd not been in Nachton long enough for too many people outside of Anantya to be aware that he was here, it was still safer to meet his source here. Bridget Swindoll, a member of the Night in Australia, had a clanless source who'd drifted to Nachton. A rather risky life style choice in Tristan's opinion, but he apparently was making it work, he'd lasted more than a century without any official clan affiliation. It also made him old enough for some younger clanless to look to him for advice so the man heard a lot. Tristan wasn't sure if the man wanted a favor from Bridget or if he owed her one, but he'd given her a bit of a heads up and she'd shared it with Tristan. He was supposed to meet the man here, but he didn't know anything about the guy other than his name was Marcus. He wasn't too worried about it though, Bridge said the man was reliable and he'd be there and he trusted her.

So he'd dressed appropriate for the venue, but not over the top, in tight denim that he'd been told clung in all the right places and faded concert shirt that fit extremely well, he'd not been to the concert and didn't know who the band was, but it was comfortable and good camouflage. He didn't bother hiding his tattoos tonight, they fit in quite well in the club and he typically got a compliment or two on them, tribal work was popular these days and his were the real McCoy. He didn't bother with any other accessories not wanting to compete with the old, old ink. It was amazing that the tattoos hadn't faded over the years. His body, like all vampires, regenerated just about anything you could throw at it, he hadn't anticipated the art work sticking with him all these years. It was oddly comforting that it had though, at least one thing about him didn't change as the years went on.

Carefully avoiding the clan areas he made his way up to the bar, wanting to go as unnoticed as possible he consciously mellowed out his accent, it was still there but only faintly. With Nachton being as cosmopolitan as it was a mild accent didn't raise many eyebrows at all, assuming one could even hear it over the bass in the music. He ordered a beer and lounged up against the bar, well toward the end where he could watch everything that was going on, and there was a lot. A lot of skin, a lot of bumping and grinding, and probably a lot of biting.

As he watched Tristan's brows knit together as he thought he saw someone familiar. It was hard to tell though. It could have been Pakpao, the woman was small and probably Asian with long dark hair, but he hadn't seen her face yet. Tristan smiled to himself for a second allowing himself to remember meeting the Thai vampire. He'd done his best to remember the Elder's cautioning words but they hadn't entirely put him off. He'd even managed to run into her at a lecture at the library. She'd been polite, if not friendly, but had vanished right after the talk before he'd had a chance to suggest going out for a drink. He simply hadn't been able to get a read on if she was interested or not, but he wasn't giving up yet. If it was her it was a shame she was here tonight, chatting her up while working was going to be hard, especially if he wanted to stay approachable.

Still he couldn't help himself, when the woman turned and Tristan was able to confirm it was her, he raised his class to her in greeting. She was dancing with another woman, but she still noticed him and flashed a quick smile, fangs apparent. Given her fangs she was either really into this woman or she was looking for dinner. As the woman turned and was no longer facing Pakpao, Pakpao gestured that she'd be a second. Tristan smiled broadly and nodded. He was stupidly pleased that she had acknowledged him and in a positive light. She wanted to come see him. How the hell was he going to manage this with his meeting? Fuck he hadn't thought this all the way through. Still, he could make it work.

Pakpao 8 years ago
Pak hadn't felt like putting much effort into finding a donor tonight. They'd had at least three pot lucks in her department in the past month and eating was the last thing Pak wanted to do at this point. But she still needed something more nutritional than veggies and dip, cookies, and some kind of hot cheese. Thank god she couldn't gain weight! How did humans get through this season?

Even though she hadn't gained any weight shoving herself into her corset was completely out of the question. She felt bloated and didn't need to emphasize that feeling and so chose a read knit silk top with a low scoop neck line in front, cut outs on the shoulders, the back was almost non-existent, so low there was almost nothing there but a fews straps that criss crossed her skin and just barley held the top together. She'd piled her hair in an artfully disheveled knot on top of her head to show off the back and paired it with a leather mini skirt and some gorgeous peep toe booties.

The outfit had worked as she'd almost immediately been asked to dance. She'd started out with a man and a woman, but the young man had rather tactfully peeled off and approached another woman at some point. It didn't bother her, Pak wasn't exactly attracted to the blond she was dancing with, she wasn't exactly into women and even if she was this fashion model skinny stick figure wouldn't have done it for Pak. But, Pak was just as happy to feed from a woman, she often felt safer doing so. Vampire or not, able to over power a mortal man or not, Pak harbored a minor fear of being assaulted or taken advantage of or even raped when feeding.

She was just about to carefully escort her dancing partner off the floor and to a more secluded spot where she could bite her without drawing attention when a man at the bar caught her eye. He was hard to miss really. Pak thought about 'not seeing him' it would be totally believable in this club with all the people and the lighting and her obviously being in the middle of something and she thought about doing just that. It was the smart thing to do, the sensible thing. Pak's relationship skill sucked and she knew it. She'd totally mis-read Blaise and couldn't help but think that she would do the same with Tristan. Besides, he was an Anantya, what would he want with her?

Still... maybe one drink?

For inter-clan relations of course.

Not entirely certain of what she was doing or that it was the right thing, when her stick figure turned Pak gestured at him that she'd be by in a minute. He looked pleased and that made her nervous.

With very little effort she and the blond, who stood at least six inches taller than Pak even in her heels, danced their way to a secluded alcove.

"You're sure?"

Pak asked quietly watching the blond's pulse pound in her neck, reminding her how hungry she was. The the woman nodded and half whispered, "Yes."

"This is it, We're not going home together or even to the back room."

Pak laid out her terms very clearly not wanting to deal with any nasty misunderstandings. She didn't want a lover, a familiar or a roommate, she wanted dinner.

"Do it."

That was all the invitation Pak needed, they slid into a booth, Pak behind the blond having easy access to the vein in her throat. With no hesitation, but a great deal of care Pak slid her fangs into the woman's neck. Her donor moaned in pleasure. As Pak drank the blond's head fell back giving her better access, her body arched upwards. Pak finished, pleased that the woman tasted clean and apparently hadn't had anything to drink yet that evening, and the blond woman's body shuddered and wilted, apparently Pak wasn't the only one who was satisfied with the out come of their dance and the bite.

"Thank you." Pak said. "Can you find who you came in with?"

She didn't want to leave her donor alone. The woman nodded and pointed to her escort.

"Good. Be careful."

Usually she would have gone right home after eating, but tonight Pak started to slide across the dance floor toward Tristan. He'd caught her eye again and was clearly watching her, but she didn't ham it up, flirt or try and entice him, she just moved with the other dancers and figured she'd get to the bar when she got to the bar.
Ran Iyala 8 years ago
Ran loved the HoP. Thriving nightlife, thumping music, willing beverages in all flavors. What wasn't to love about it?

He was very happy on the dance floor, milling around, swaying with the rest of the crowd. There was no small number of hands on his body, which he loved. He was dressed to attract touch, clad in tight leather pants and heavy boots and nothing else. His torso was a vision, though, he thought. He'd pierced himself with rhinestone studs which glittered under the lights, forming a starburst pattern across his chest, up over his shoulders, and down his biceps. His colorful hair was spiked up artfully and there was a thin layer of black eyeliner around his eyes, surrounded by a slightly thicker layer of electric blue.

Grinding against random strangers was fun, but shortly after his arrival Ran saw Pak in the crowd; he knew her intimately. They hadn't gotten together in a little while, so he worked his way over to her, slipped his arms around her waist from behind, pressed up against her, and tilted his head to suck on her neck

"Hi Dragon Lady. How's it going?"

His greeting wasn't overly intimate; that wasn't Ran's deal. He and Pak were friends, occasional lovers, not romantic with each other.
Pakpao 8 years ago
As she moved across the floor, through the dancers, Pak was fairly certain Tristan was keeping an eye on her. He wasn't watching intently or anything but she knew he was keeping track of her progress. That was probably a good thing, she thought. For the first time she saw the tattoos on his arms. There were a lot of them, but given the HoP's clientele there was no guarantee they were real, sleeves were possible or maybe he'd had them done for the night. Ran's piercings changed on a regular basis, why shouldn't someone do tattoos when the mood struck them and then let them fade out?

Speak of the devil.

Pak tensed for just a brief moment when someone pressed up behind her and toyed with her neck. She didn't feel like being mistaken for a meal. It only took an eye blink to realize it was Ran though and let her relax into the dance even exposing her neck a bit more. Being bitten could be fun on occasion and Ran was one of a few people Pak would trust to do it.

"I've had worse nights.”

She answered, feeling what had to be more than a few piercings along his chest. Those had not been there the last time she and Ran had hooked up. Pak turned, carefully trying not to hook one of the piercings in the straps on the back of her top as she did so, and resumed swaying with him.

"What about you... stud?”

The sudden nickname was a terrible pun, and probably wouldn't last longer than tonight, but it was certainly appropriate. At least she thought so as she admired the pattern of rhinestones and how they caught the light. He was going to attract more than a little attention. The overall affect was quite literally dazzling, more than a little impress and hot in a very unusual way. Pak knew that Ran didn't mind pushing the envelope or if things got a little rough, she* obliged him from time to time, but even knowing that and admiring the artful piercings she didn't know how he could have done, and probably enjoyed, all of those piercings. She wasn't going to think about it, or even wonder if he would be able to make it through a metal detector, just appreciate the effect and how Ran took 'bling' to a whole new level.

Pak didn't make any more to leave Ran, but she did catch Tristan's eye just for a second and smiled slightly apologetically. If he was still at the bar and alone she'd be along in a moment. She didn't think he'd take offense, after all they barely knew each other. She hoped not. Pak tried to moderate that hope though, she didn't need to get herself into another Blaise type situation.
Tristan 8 years ago
Pakpao noticed him and was making her way to him. She wasn't flirting or trying to entice him. If he'd been a teenager he'd probably be very anxious about what that meant or didn't mean. All he was certain of was that she wasn't playing a game and that he liked. Tristan appreciated the art of seduction, he'd seen other members of his order use it and all the little games associated with it to great effect. He admired the art form, but he didn't find it attractive, he much preferred a more straight forward approach and Pakpao seemed to be that sort of person.

As she worked her way across the floor Tristan went back to scanning the crowd. He didn't know who Marcus was, or what he looked like, other than a fairly vague description. Bridge had assured him that Marcus would find him as he surveyed the people in the club there were one or two that might be his source, but none of them seemed to be looking for someone, and certainly not trying to get his attention.

When he looked back to Pakpao he was rather surprised to see she'd been way laid, and by someone he knew at that. He and Ran had worked together before, that blue hair was unmistakable not that he noticed the hair as much as the piercings. That had to have taken hours. The next time someone asked him if getting his tattoos had hurt, he was going to introduce them to Ran.

It was a little disconcerting to see how easy Pakpao was with his fellow Nightsman. Maybe that was way he hadn't been able to get a read on her, she was already involved with Ran. The only thing that made him less than certain about them as a couple was in everything that he'd heard and read about her run in with Alfred's lackeys, there was no mention of Ran. Certainly if she'd been serious about Ran he would have been involved in the rescue.

He watched the two of them for a moment or two, they were both very easy with other, there was no hesitation, no shyness. Even if they weren't serious they knew each other. Tristan wasn't thrilled to find out that his chance with Pakpao might be over before it began.

He shook his head again, reminding himself that he wasn't here to flirt but to work. He went back to looking casual, waiting for someone to approach him. But he kept looking back to Pakpao and Ran. That she caught his eye and acknowledged him made him smile. He shrugged faintly, as if to say it couldn't be helped. If he hadn't been keeping a low profile tonight he might have gone and joined the two of them but he didn't, not tonight. It would be nice if this bastard showed up quick though. Maybe they could get things resolved quickly and he could still get some personal time in.
Ran Iyala 8 years ago
Ran smiled at Pak's little tense and then relaxation. He liked that she was comfortable with him. Ran did not like making people feel uncomfortable. He smiled against her neck when she offered it, dragged the tip of a prominent fang across it, and whispered into her ear, "I'd love to nibble, but Mina's coming in a little while and I don't want to ruin my appetite."

Ran took his commitment to Mina seriously. Maybe because it wasn't a commitment like, a marriage. Although it sort of kind of was... no no, he wasn't going to think of it that way. He'd promised certain things to Mina, though, and she had made promises to him in return. She'd kept up her end of the bargain and he intended to keep up his, which meant putting himself fully into each bite. Mina loved that.

Ran turned his head away from Pak so as not to laugh loudly in her ear when she punned at him. He pushed away a little, just enough to turn her in his arms so she was facing him, and pulled a mock pouty-face at her.

"Now now. You'll make me think you don't fully appreciate all the work I did to get ready to come here tonight."

He gestured to the shining studs buried in his skin, which tried to close around the posts constantly. Every movement he made sent a prickle of pain across his skin and it was delicious. Ran wasn't a hardcore pain slut or anything, but low to moderate pain, yes, that could get him off. The multitude of studs was just the right amount.

"Are you here alone? That's a shame. You should have told me you were coming. I'd have seen Mina tomorrow."
Pakpao 8 years ago
Pak pouted at Ran slightly when he declined to bite, but it was mostly playful. It was good or Ran to look after his familiar so well and their relationship was more friendly than romantic so Pak didn't feel slighted by the refusal. That didn't mean she couldn't tease him a bit though and show him what he was missing. She purred as he dragged a fang across his neck and pressed up against him, moving slowly and seductively.

"Lucky girl. You'll have to take me out again soon I think.”

It was an open invitation, she'd not mind wrestling with Ran in the near future. It had been a while since they'd been out ad Pak always enjoyed spending time with him whether it be a quick hour or an all day thing. Ran was a very creative lover and helped get her mind off whatever problem she was dealing with at the time.

When Ran took his turn to pout Pak couldn't help but laugh.

"How could I not appreciate all that work?” She nodded at his chest. "I think maybe you should have gone to The Arch instead of here. It would be more appropriate.”

When asked if she was at the HoP alone Pak involuntarily looked over at Tristan. He was still there and still half watching. For a moment Pak wondered if she should try and explain Tristan to Ran, or Ran to Tristan. Not that there was anything to explain. She wasn't even sure if she wanted there to be anything to explain. Ran, however, would probably be a great person to talk it through with. He'd undoubtedly cheer her on in a new relationship.

They were part of the same clan, Tristan and Ran. Perhaps her 'uncle' could do some low level spying for her. He or Mara, she certainly wasn't going to ask Bao or Amir. Each for very different reasons but neither would be appropriate. Pak would let that idea marinate for a bit, she was jumping the jun here a bit.

"It was a last minute thing. One too many holiday potlucks, I needed something nutritious to eat. I didn't know if you were up for fast food or not.”

It had crossed Pak's mind to ask Ran to meet her tonight, but it hadn't lasted long. She tried not to be too clingy or demanding of Ran. Besides she had really anticipated just biting and leaving. She might stay a bit now though.

Not wanting to leave Tristan waiting at the bar for too long she made a suggestion.

"Buy me a drink before Mina gets here?”

Pak liked Ran's familiar and would relinquish him to her when she arrived, but they had a few minutes now.
Tristan 8 years ago
Don't frown. Tristan told himself. He had no reason to frown. He couldn't even be irritated that Pak had gotten way laid. They weren't here together, they barley knew each other. He didn't have any kind of claim on her. He was still a little jealous though. But why shouldn't she have a dance with Ran. She was an attractive intelligent woman and Ran was... interesting. That was the best word Tristan could think of to describe Ran.

Draining his beer he watched them dance a bit longer. Pak moved beautifully, each sway and stretch tempted him and proved loose fitting close could be sexy as hell. That top flowed around her grazing curves, revealing and concealing at the same time. Lord he'd love to trade places with his clan mate right now and hoped that Ran knew what he had.

That past tense wasn't good. Tristan sharply gestured at the bar tender for another. It sounded, even to him, like he was giving up without a fight. That was messed up. He didn't even know if they were a couple, if they were serious why the hell should he give up? He wasn't an ass, he wasn't going to steal Ran's girlfriend, if that is what Pak was, but there was no point in surrendering before he had any details.

What the hell was wrong with him?!



Dead vampire. Crazy man on the loose? Did any of this ring a bell.

A new beer was set down in front of him and Tristan nodded. He went back to watching to room. Pak and Ran kept finding their way into his field of vision. Other than those two, his eye kept settling on a very large African looking man. The man wasn't tall, probably just under six feet, but he had to weight two hundred pounds and given that he was topless it was easy to see the guy was ripped. He probably could tear phone books in half. And this giant kept looking over at him.

Tristan half nodded at the man, who gave only a slight jerk of his chin as acknowledgment. Well, either this was his contact or he'd just hit on someone. Not the someone he was hoping to chat up either. This could get awkward fast.
Ran Iyala 8 years ago
Ran made a comical face at Pak's suggestion about where he should put his body art on display. "The Arch. Bleh. Boring. Yuck. I'd drop dead of nothing-to-do five minutes after I walked through the doors."

He paused, reconsidering.
"Or, the stuffy old art patrons would drop dead of shock at seeing me five minutes after I walked through the doors."

He grinned and shrugged.
"Pick one."

Pak both ordered and requested that he buy her a drink, and Ran smiled. He nodded amiably and they continued toward the bar. Ran could stand a drink too.
"We do have a little while before she gets here. But I want to meet her at the door. She'll text me when she's on her way up though."

The HoP was no place for a human to hang out unattended, especially a younger naive one. Ran remembered when he and Pak had first met Mina and her cousin Jacob. Vampire bait, both of them, looking young and goth-y and tasty. He and Pak were proof of that there. And look at both of them now, familiars.

Much better than many of the other possible scenarios, Ran considered. Mina was happy, he knew that, and Jake - he'd seen Hana's familiar several times and he couldn't even start to describe the change in Jake. The boy had gone from being shy, lacking confidence, having no faith in himself, to being absolutely strong and confident in his submission to Hana. He was beautiful now. Very different from Mina, who was bubbly and outgoing in a way that matched Ran's own enthusiasm. Jake was still and quiet - in a peaceful way.

Ran let Pak lead them to the bar so she could sit them where she wanted.
"What do you want, anyhow? I was thinking of asking them to make something to match me."

He loved that game. It was fun to see what a creative bartender could come up with in a drink to match Ran's style.
Pakpao 8 years ago
"I think the curators might have their hands full reminding patrons not to touch the exhibit.”

She quipped back at him. It wasn't a flirt, not exactly, it was more a statement of fact. Pak didn't have any trouble at all imagining some of those stuffy old biddies being more than willing to have more than a visual relationship with art if Ran was on display. He was not hard on the eyes. He might give them a heart attack with something he said or with some of his antics but she had a feeling some of those more repressed patrons might be more adventurous than he thought.

"And they might die happy....”

Her eyes danced as she continued to tease. Lord knew she'd been propositioned by more than one dirty old man, espeically when she'd been in Paris involved with an artist. They often thought that money or power would buy them anything. It didn't take much to imagine that Ran had, or if on display at the Arch would have, a very similar experience. Her only question was if he would take any of them up on it, honestly, she didn't know.

As they made their way to the bar Pak was suddenly aware she was going to be between two very attractive Anantya vampires. Pak knew what she had with Ran, she liked it, it was comfortable, and safe. Ran would never hurt her. But he'd never be anything more than he was.

Tristan she -thought- might be interested in her but she wasn't sure. He was a complete unknown though. She didn't know a thing about him. He might be a womanizer, a controlling bastard, a killer or even just boring. She was also aware that approaching him with Ran in toe was going to end a very clear message. For a second Pak thought about calling for help from Mara or Aishe or even Kem. But the urge didn't last long. She could entertain two men at once and Ran was waiting for Mina so...

Pak laughed at Ran's offer.

"What are they going to match your drink to? Whatever they make will have to sparkle, champagne maybe?”

She often wore red when at the HoP, she wore red a lot even when not at HoP it was one of her favorite colors and tended t look good on her.

"I don't think I want to match tonight. I feel like something spicy. Ginger, aniess, clove... winter.”

Pak answered flippantly.

They made it to the bar, Pak tensed up a bit as she put herself between Ran and Tristan. It wasn't the same kind of tension as when Ran had waylaid her. Then she hadn't know who it was or what they had wanted, now it was because she didn't know what to expect or even quite how she felt.

Tristan seemed a bit distracted, Pak thought he seemed to be watching or waiting for something. She assumed it was a likely meal. Lots besides feeding and sex went down at the House of Pain, Pak knew that. But she also knew they were the two biggest and so it was a reasonable assumption. She touched him lightly at the arm, getting her first good look at his tattoos. They were considerable more intricate than she'd anticipated, but Pak only gave herself a half a second to study them. She didn't want to tip her hand, or be misunderstood until she was more certain of him. With very few exceptions Pak didn't let lust at first site cloud her judgment It was a hell of a different look from the two other times she'd seen him though and the very form fitting clothes over an extremely good physic very clearly inspired lust. It wasn't just her either, Pak noted at least two other women keeping an eye on him.

"You are a very patient man. I would have thought someone would have gotten your attention by now.”

As they weren't even friends, and Pak didn't think she was quite worth waiting for, she was rather impressed and a little flattered.

"But since no one has... This is Ran. Ran, Tristan he's a recent addition to Nachton.”
Tristan 8 years ago
Watching without watching was an art perfected over years. The trick was that lots of people worked on that skill, this big black guy was watching him without watching, a few women were doing the same, with considerably less skill, and instinct said that there was at least one more person keeping an eye on him. Pakpao was the only one who was honest about watching him.

As loathed as he was to admit it, Tristan was starting to wish that she'd stop watching. This was just shear bad timing. He didn't want to divide his attention. He wanted to concentrate on Pakpao. He wanted to know what her relationship was with Ran and that just wasn't going to happen if he was paying attention to other things. If it had been another job Tristan might have been able to bunk off and do it another night, but meets... meets you couldn't just walk out on.

The giant was circling him at a great distance, reminding Tristan of a shark and making him just as uneasy. Bridge had better be right about this guy. While he kept an eye on Jaws Pakpao and Ran had turned up next to him. Tristan would have been lying if he'd said that he'd not noticed. She was standing a bit closer to Ran than to him but Tristan decided not to read too much into that. It could simply be because she knew him better.

He smiled when she called him patient. Tristan finally gave up trying not to flirt. He couldn't help it, he'd just try not to bee too over the top or too cheesy. But he figured that unless he made it a bit more clear he was interested, he'd never sort her out.

"After a few hundred years you learn.... besides like anyone else here had a chance after I set eyes on you.”

Tristan did his best to keep the tone friendly, light, almost humorous. It would let her read only as serious as she wanted. Gods he sucked at this all of a sudden. What the hell was wrong with him?

It was easier to turn his attention to Ran. At least there was no romantic tension in that relationship. He didn't know the blue haired Nightsman well, but they'd worked together on a couple of occasions but he didn't know the man well, not even well enough to realize he was in Nachton. But all kinds drifted to this city, so why shouldn't Ran be here? Later, if he had the chance, he might ask Ran what he was up to, if he was working on anything, but this didn't seem like the time or place for any more shop talk than strictly necessary.

"Yeah. We've met here and there. World is smaller than you think. And faces are hard to forget.”

In all the times Tristan had encountered Ran, the man had been slightly flamboyant and tended to stand out from the crowd. It wasn't the standard MO for a spy but it seemed to work for Ran, besides he was covered in ink, who was he to criticize or even critique?

With a smile he offered Ran his hand.

"Good to see you again. I'm not interrupting or anything am I?”

He asked them both. No point in playing coy or beating about the bush. Let Ran tell him off he was sniffing about where he shouldn't be.
Ran Iyala 8 years ago
Ran made small talk with Pak all the way up to the bar, where they saw a familiar face. Tristan - making a pretty blatant come-on to Pak, too. Interesting. He turned and wagged his eyebrows at Pak, not even jealous for an instant. Wasn't in Ran's nature.

"We know each other," he affirmed with a smile at both of them. Then he sighed at Tristan and gestured to himself with one hand. "I go to all this trouble to be memorable, and it's my face you don't forget? Why do I even bother?"

Ran threw his hands up in a very melodramatic fashion but they came down again shortly, reassuring Tristan.

"No, man, you're not interrupting anything. We just bumped into each other out on the dance floor. I'm waiting for someone."

He smiled again, slid around behind Pak, and then bumped her hard with his hip to send her toward Tristan. They looked sort of happy - well, interested - to see each other. Ran didn't want either of them to feel obligated to entertain him if they wanted to hang out together. Mina would be here soon anyhow.
Pakpao 8 years ago
Sometimes the heels, as much as she loved them, were not a great idea. They messed with her center of gravity. So when Ran nudged her with his hip Pak wasn't able to resist and did take a stumbling step or two towards Tristan. Fortunately she was able to catch herself before tumbling into his arms. He probably would have caught her though, that was her instinct.

Once she had gotten her feet back she tossed a look back at Ran that was part mock resentment and part confusion. Did he like Tristan? Trust him? Not think that flirting was terribly obvious?.

Pak didn't blush at Tristan's line, and it was very much a line, but it almost made her smile. He was trying and that was cute. Pak just didn't trust herself to make a good decision where guys were concerned right now.

"You are a terrible flirt. All these years and you aren't irresistibly smooth? I don't know about that do you Ran?”

She looked over to her friend with benefits, who could be fairly smooth himself, for insight into that perceived failing. It was actually both surprising and reassuring how few vampires were completely and utterly smooth at all times when interested in someone. Hormones made messes of vampires same as humans, it was a nice even playing field in that regard.

Pak kind of wished that she had been out with Ran tonight. She'd managed to avoid Tristan at that talk but simply leaving as soon as it was over. She liked to have a socially acceptable out that people couldn't take offense at. Right now the only thing that came to mind was having to feed the cat and that was weak at best.

"Nope, not interrupting.”

She confirmed though.

"There was some talk about finding a drink that matched what Ran had on but that was the only plan.”

Pak couldn't help but notice that Tristan was keeping an eye on the club. Maybe he wasn't looking for a meal, maybe he was waiting for someone specific. Meals were easy to come by at the HoP, one didn't need to keep watching the dance floor for one. Pak couldn't decide if she was irritated or relived if that was the case.
Tristan 8 years ago
"Face, hair, personality...” Tristan said with a grin and a shrug. "I didn't want to say too much in case you started to think I was throwing myself at you. I prefer to be subtle myself. I do like the studs though, that is a hell of a look.”

It really was impressive, it reminded him of some tribal customs. It was an interesting choice for anyone to make.

He didn't have much of a chance to think about that as Ran quite obligingly nudged Pak in his direction. He was more than a little disappointed she recovered herself so well. If the heels had been just a little higher she might have stumbled into him. Tristan would have been decidedly OK with that. Of course, she also might have broken an ankle, that would have been considerably less flirtatious.

"You should have seen me in the 1800s I was so smooth it was ridiculous. I just haven't been able to keep up with all the changes to manners and customs. I should have it mastered by 2025 and be good for fifty years or so and then I'll fall apart again. Its cyclical.”

He told the story with a perfectly straight face, probably because there was some truth to it. Once European civilization had caught up with him again and manners were everything Tristan had studied that culture like any other and had mastered it. It had never felt comfortable or natural for him though. At least you knew what was expected of you then though.

When they both confirmed that he wasn't interrupting Tristan breathed a mental sigh of relief. He'd still like to talk to Ran a bit, but at least he hadn't been told to mind his own business or back off. That was a good start.

Just as he was being relived about that though, he saw Jaws glaring at him from a corner. Crap. He really needed to act on that. Maybe he could put it off just a second though? Fadil would kill him, but Tristan held on for a second or two. He jerked an irritated nod in the general direction of Jaws, he'd be there in a second.
Ran Iyala 8 years ago
Ran smirked at Pak. "I dunno, I've managed to resist him. In spite of his very obvious attraction to me. He can't be that smooth."

He puffed out his sparkling chest, doing his best to blind at least three dancers as the lights flashed off his studs. The blatant flirting happening wasn't something he'd missed, so he wasn't inclined to hang around too much - he wasn't going to rain on this parade. If Pak and Tristan liked each other, Ran could certainly share. He and Pak weren't exclusive.

He flagged down the bartender, a woman he recognized. She was fucking hot... and loved to spank. Ran enjoyed being spanked by hot bartenders. What a coincidence. At least it had been, last month. He offered her a grin and she smiled back knowingly. Before he could open his mouth to order she put a glass on the bar in front of him. It was electric blue on top, purple on the bottom, and had actual sparkles in it.

"Oh my god. You're a bar-goddess," Ran gasped.

"Ran, you order the same thing every time. Coordinate with your outfit or lack thereof, you don't care what it tastes like as long as it looks good."

She was laughing as she said it and Ran wasn't embarrassed. He shrugged.
"I love when you know me so well," he said. She just raised an eyebrow and let her eyes flicker to the hall that led to the back rooms. Ran hummed appreciatively.

And was suddenly hit by a hundred and three pounds of elfin hotness. "Ran!"

Mina jumped onto his back, twisted her arms around his neck, and bent down to bite his ear. Her arms hit several studs, causing his skin to ripple with little flares of pain and his physical response was immediate - and, fortunately, restrained by his leather pants.

He reached around behind him and kept Mina from falling. He could tell she, too, was wearing leather pants. And a corset, by the feel of it against his back. The bartender, Lisa, gave him a wistful, 'another time' expression and Ran nodded at her and turned his attention to Pak and Tristan.

Letting Mina down Ran said,
"Mina, this is Tristan, a Clanmate of mine. Tristan, Mina - my familiar."

Mina beamed at the words. Ran got a good look at her then, decked out in pink and black leather pants and a matching pink and black leather corset with buckles up the front clinging to her tiny frame. Her blond curls were a riot on her head and her blue eyes sparkled with laughter. She was gorgeous. He bent to kiss her because she loved it when he was affectionate with her. She twined her arms around his neck and returned the kiss happily.

"Nice to meet you Tristan. Hi, Pak," She finally said, her cheeks prettily flushed when Ran let her be polite at last.
Tristan 8 years ago
Tristan burst into laughter when Ran's drink came and the bartender explained it. He couldn't help it that was funny. Even Ran's drink had to be flamboyant and eye catching. The man was something else.. He had to wonder what the sparkles were and how it tasted, but according to the bartender, Ran didn't care.

He leaned down to Pak, who was still further away from him than he'd like, and said,

"I think you date is trying to up stage you."

He was doing a fair job in the attempt too Tristan had to concede. Even he was taking his eyes off Pak for a second or two just to see what his flashy clanmate was up to. This was getting hard, Pak, Ran and Jaws. He was going to loose it in a second. From the looks of it Jaws was even closer to that tipping point. Tristan ground his teeth trying to balance work and play.

What settled it though was the arrival of another woman. One who practically attacked Ran. It was kids of sweet of her and she was a cute little thing. For a moment it seemed to confirm that Pak and Ran were nothing to each other, right up until Ran introduced her as a familiar. That type of relationship didn't rule out something serious with another vampire. For the most part vampires understood familiar and lover were different. And then there were those that absolutely refused to become physically involved with a human. He wasn't one of those, Australia had gotten lonely fairly quickly and there weren't tons of other vampires around that he could find...

Ran also didn't seem to be kind that shunned humans and their affection either. Rather than watch the kiss his attention was on Pak looking for any signs of discontent or jealousy. Either she had the best poker face in the world, or she was truly OK with this.

Jaws though was headed to the door. Fuck. Just straight up Fuck. And it did deserve the capital letter. Tristan would kill to be a sender right then, but he wasn't, no Anantya was and it sucked. He smiled at Mina, slightly distracted, but he did meet her eyes.

"Nice to meet you too."

Pak, however, he kissed briefly on the cheek. Nothing fancy barley brushing his lips along her cheekbone.

"Gorgeous I have got to make myself scarce. You'll give me a rain check on a drink and a dance won't ya?"

It was presumptuous as all hell but Ran he looked too, hoping that the fellow Nightsman could recognize the signs of duty calling and either explain it too or smooth it over with Pak. He really did hate to leave. Things were probably just going to get good. He was going to use Mina's arrival as an excuse to peel Pak away from Ran and have a dance, maybe chat her up some, but now he was back on the clock. Had he said Fuck before?

"Keep half an eye on ... things for me?"

He'd almost said 'her'. He'd wanted to say 'her' Tristan was already feeling rather protective of Pakpao, but until he knew that would not be welcome or appreciated he would try and be good.

He set his beer down and flowed into the crowd. Not wanting Pak or Ran to see what he was up to he employed a little blending and a little of his appearance changing ability to let himself completely disappear. Oh it would be possible for either of them to find him again and he would have to look like himself when he found Jaws, but he was going to at least attempt to keep everyone else well out of it.

((OOC... Tristan out))
Pakpao 8 years ago
Pak raised an eyebrow at Tristan. She really was intrigued. He was not hard on the eyes at all and so far he seemed quite genuine, smart, funny, and he didn't even seem to be trying too hard.. The story about him being smooth in the 1800s made her smile. She was, however, quite convinced her radar was off and she wasn't inclined to just trust him to trust him. It was much easier for her to be around him with other people. As long as Ran was here, it was safe.

Speaking of 'uncle' Pak snorted at his retort.

"You? Resisted someone? Good for you. I'm proud."

Even as she said it, it occurred to Pak that Ran being as amorous as he was should have made her feel cheated or cheap. But it didn't. Although they were quite clear about what they were to each other, that this wasn't a relationship, committed or other wise, beyond friendship he still managed to make her feel special rather than like one of a hundred women he might have on the line. Point in case, she only half noticed the exchange with the bartender.

Tristan, on the other hand, made her feel a bit nervous. Nervous and fluttery. It wasn't all bad, she didn't want to run away but she wasn't quite ready to stand her ground. He leaned down, his face by her ear and Pak was very -very- aware of his presence and tensed up, not sure what he would do but ready to respond. Although, all he did was make her laugh.

"He doesn't have to try very hard though does he?"

The drink was a work of art though, she took a second to admire it. Next time she was going to wear something sparkley and have a sparkley drink. Ran probably wouldn't complain about her stealing his idea.

Before she could say anything though Mina introduced herself. The girl was enthusiastic, and cheerful. It was hard not to like her and Pak was pleased she'd settled in so well with Ran. So many worse things could have happened to her. It was almost a shame that Jacob had found a home with one of Ran's clanmates. Pak probably would have taken him in, or at least seriously considered it. Ultimately though, Pak knew she wasn't the right fit for the boy.

Tactfully looking away from a rather affectionate greeting Pak debated staying or making her excuses. Ran would probably be leaving with Mina and they'd have some fun. She had done what she'd set out to, but it might be nice to get to know Tristan a little better. Even if Ran wasn't right there Pak would be more comfortable with him at least on the premises.

"Hi Mina. I love the outfit."

She did too. It was adorable. Some women could pull off black and pink. Pak was not one of them though.

Just as she was about to make a decision about staying or going, Tristan beat her too the punch. He lightly kissed her cheek and Pak looked up startled by the sudden departure. He was gone, and very gone, before she could protest. She couldn't even find him in the crowd, and that was fairly impressive.

Feeling rather helpless and slighted she looked, confused to Ran.

"Was it something I said?"

Ever since her husband had abandoned her the night she was turned, left her to basically die alone while he went back for the goods from the market she'd dropped Pak had very strong feelings about being abandoned Logically she knew Tristan hadn't abandoned her, but it rather felt like he had. She didn't want to be hurt though, there was no reason to be hurt.
Ran Iyala 8 years ago
Ran snorted back at Pak. "I only do men by special request. Tristan ain't that special."

That much was true; Ran wasn't really into guys although he had nothing against them and could be turned on by them now and then. He loved the softness and curves of a woman's body, so the majority of his trysts were female. He did make exceptions, though, such as for Jake. Hana wanted him educated as gently as possible and Ran would absolutely make an exception for that. If Hana wanted a man's body for Jake to practice technique on, Ran would happily oblige.

Unfortunately, shortly after Mina arrived Ran was left entertaining both his familiar and Pak. Not that he minded, but Pak seemed almost - hurt - by Tristan's disappearance. Ran didn't understand. Pak hadn't come to meet Tristan, nor had they appeared to be all that into each other. Interested, sure, but not in any way that would have had Ran assuming there was something going on between them.

He shrugged in the direction Tristan had gone and raised an eyebrow at Pak.
"He took a rain check, yeah? He'll be back. Maybe just not tonight. What's the hurry, you planning on aging overnight or something?"

Ran didn't know if he was being insensitive or not, honestly, until Mina punched him in the shoulder, jarring a few more studs and making him gasp with delight.

"That wasn't a good punch, Ran," his familiar chided.

"Felt like it," Ran choked, taking a swallow of his sparkly minty drink.

Mina turned to Pak with a knowing smile. "You like him don't you? That guy who just left!"

Ran looked at Mina and then at Pak as what Mina was saying dawned.
"Ohh. Oh, like, like him? Huh, is that it?"

He leaned over and kissed Pak's forehead.
"Don't you worry about it, Pak. Tris was doing some work. That's all."

At least he hoped he was interpreting Tristan's expression clearly.
"It's not personal, he does stuff for our Clan like I do. You know, G-14 classified, very sensitive, might be time machines and/or space travel involved. Sometimes, we just have to make like a tree and fuck off."

Okay maybe that wasn't how the saying went, but Ran assumed Pak was familiar with the vernacular. Even if Ran wasn't reading Tristan correctly his words would help his Clanmate save face, and would hopefully help assuage any hurt feelings Pak might have.

"Tristan's a good guy. I've never heard anything bad about him. You could do a whole lot worse." Then Ran smirked. "'Course, he's nowhere near as godly as I am in bed but hey, they can't all be."
Pakpao 8 years ago
Ran's answer was rather blunt, direct and logical. It startled Pak, but not in a bad way she wasn't offended it just was a bit of a reality check that was all. She wasn't being too clear with Tristan, she hadn't exactly returned any of his flirting. He hadn't asked her out at any point, in fact she had no reason not to assume that he wasn't generally flirtatious with all women. So although it wasn't exactly what she'd wanted to hear it did keep her from getting mopey.

"You never know when the centuries are going to catch up with you."

Pak quipped back with a bit more acidity than she'd intended. Just because she wasn't going to mope didn't mean that she was happy. She liked to think that she was attractive and that Tristan might be interested and running off like that was a bit counter to that thought.

Mina was much more direct and aggressive in her response. Pak appreciated that, laughing when Ran gasped and Mina told him off. It wasn't as if she was letting a woman one tenth her age fight her battles, it was just that another woman was more likely to pick up on her interest than a man, except perhaps Eiryk. That was something that had nothing to do with age.

Pak gave a slight rather non-committal nod in response to Mina's question. Ran caught on quickly enough and Pak opened up a bit more.

"I might. I'm not sure yet, I haven't decided."

She hadn't decided if she was willing to even try and find out or not yet really. She'd been out of circulation a while, the mess with Blaise was also making her doubt herself and then even if she got past all that she wasn't exactly comfortable with Tristan being part of another clan. It seemed, odd and awkward. Ran was fine, they weren't serious, he was a friend, as was Mara and Amir, in a rather brusque way.

Ran's explanation made a lot of sense and made her feel better. He'd come here on business, so it made sense that he was probably still working. A lot could go down with very little notice in the House of Pain. She gave Ran a lopsided smile, only a little embarrassed about being semi transparent.

"Make a like a tree and fuck off?"

She teased him for his mangled turn of phrase. It was reassuring to hear that Ran wasn't aware of any dirt on Tristan. Having a second opinion on the Aussie helped. While Ran couldn't know everything about Tristan and every vampire she'd ever met had their secrets, some of which were less than warm and fuzzy, it was something. Tristan wasn't pretending to be something to get close to her. That was a good start.

Ran's ego though raised its head and Pak snorted at him.

"If you've never been to bed with him, how can you be sure about that?"
Ran Iyala 8 years ago
"Psshhh, please," Ran waved a hand at Pak's lack of faith in his bedroom skills. "One look at him and you can just tell he's trying to go all out for the ladies. I mean the tats - really? That's just excessive. Who does all that, just for some kind of lame attention-getting ploy?"

He flexed his pecs, just to make sure his studs caught as much light as possible while he mouthed off at Pak's wanna-be-yet-absent man.

Beside him, Mina pinched the bridge of her nose. "Oh my God. Ran. You're too much," she moaned softly, but her eyes when she raised them once more were more than affectionate - they were hungry. Well, that was what happened when you allured your familiar, wasn't it.

"So how did you meet Tristan?" He asked Pak, hopping onto that notable's now-vacant bar stool and gesturing Pak to the empty one next to it. Mina took Ran's cue and slid up onto his knee, perching comfortably and rolling her hips shamelessly. The girl was going to be hell in a courtroom someday.
Pakpao 8 years ago
Pak really wanted to ask about Tristan, about the tattoos, and other things. That seemed to be cheating though. She should get to know him the regular way. That was terribly boring though. The Internet and MARI had already provided some interesting facts so why not chat with Ran?

"Oh... so those are real? Not a sleeve? Not just done for tonight? "

Pak teased Ran as he displayed his piercings and tried to blind anyone in the general area. Pak liked the studs but also thought they almost obscured Ran's chest, and it was a nice chest.

She'd rather expected Ran and Mina to take off once she'd been reassured and Tristan had left. But it was nice to have him stay for a bit and chat. Pak lightly hopped up on the barstool and kept eye contact with Ran as Mina settled herself.

"He was running an errand, picking something up from security and since it involved that mess with Blaise and Bao Cris thought we should meet. He seemed... nice."

Cute, charming, and hot. It was potentially one of the nicest things Cris had ever done for her asking her to coffee. What really caught her attention though was that he hadn't asked her to rehash the whole situation again. He had enough confidence in himself and whatever reports Anantya had not to go over it again first hand, well more or less. They'd discussed it a bit.

"You don't happen to know if he's involved with anyone do you?"