24 hrs of yummy coffee goodness!

'Hey man,' the clerk says looking side to side. He's behind a huge counter with 3 espresso machines, a register, and 100 types of sugar. He looks as if he's had a sample of each piece of candy and a dozen espressos.

'We have macs and that fucking devil worshiper Bill Gates' windows pc's over there,' points to the back, 'and over here,' points to the side. There are at least 30 computers lining each wall with a center island that is full of fax machines, scanners, and printers.

'It's three bucks an hour, fifteen bucks a day, or you can buy one of these,' he holds up a jittery hand. 'Lifetime membership, worth one hundred and fifty bucks for a year.'

He leans in close, his hair is greasy and the pimple on his nose is about to explode. 'I can hook you up though.' And he winks lecherously.

'Oh hey hey, want some coffee?' The clerk checks his watch. 'It's only 2am, the night is young!'

The outside of the cafe is made of red brick, the inside has an art deco design with neon lights, although not garish. There is space between each computer and short side panels to prevent your neighbor from being nosy. These are state of the art Mac and Windows computers - 5 gig processors and 4 gigs of memory. Half are usually in use for MMORPG players and the other half are used for educational or sexual purposes. There are no filters on these computers, beware where you surf.