Caveat Emptor(attn:Josh)

It took longer to get to his car than he thought was actually possible. The subway seemed to be taking them to New York and not a few stops away. That bone meltingly amazing kiss that Josh had planted on him in the shop kept replaying itself in his head and that didn't help his patience in the slightest.

He did pause before getting into his side of the car. Squeezing himself into the passenger seat, slightly tilted onto Josh's lap, Gris began unbuttoning Josh's coat and shirt. He was sure he wasn't the only one who had been having difficulties being patient and a little teasing might show his boyfriend that it wasn't so bad to be on the receiving end of someone else's naughty little plans.

Once he had bared Josh's chest, he spread a warm hand against it, splaying his tan fingers over the pale beautiful skin. His other hand reached into the bag and found the edge of the tissue paper wrapped around Josh's toy of choice. Pulling it out, Gris smiled at Josh.
"This was a marvelous selection. I am hard as a rock thinking of how it will look on you.” And other thoughts along those lines weren't helping his patience any at all either. Curling the entire chain up, he warmed it between both hands and then carefully applied the small clamps first to one nipple and then the other. Gris gazed down at Josh's chest for a moment before smiling up into his partner's eyes. "Looks every bit as good as I had imagined.” He gave the middle section a gentle tug with one crooked finger before tucking the weight beneath Josh's shirt and then carefully buttoning back up all of Josh's clothes.

They would have to pass the door man, the receptionist in the lobby, neighbors on the way to their door and who knows who else. It turned him on to think of the little secret bit of jewelry that Josh would be wearing and he hoped that it had a similar effect on his lover. Of course it would probably turn Josh on more if he were wearing the little chain but perhaps Josh would loan it to him on another night.

Sliding into the driver's seat, Gris tilted his head back against the rest with a low moan. He turned his head to the side and looked over at his boyfriend.
"God, it is going to be almost impossible to not break multiple traffic laws getting back.” With a wry grin, he started the car. "At least I know a good lawyer.”

He managed to not get them pulled over by some miracle. Through the drive home, he kept a light hand on Josh's thigh, squeezing occasionally but otherwise keeping it from wandering into areas best left for the privacy of their room.

Gris hoped that Josh would be more than ready to enjoy their bed in just about any way he could dream up by the time they got home and upstairs. He knew how he felt about their time at dinner and in the store and the drive home. He was so ready he could hardly stand it.

Making their way to the elevator, he held Josh's hand tightly in his own. He waited impatiently for the door to shut on the two of them and then pushed his partner against the side of the elevator and kissed him. He hungrily devoured Josh with his mouth, tongue and teeth, his hands clutched tight to his partner's lapels and his body was pressed so hard up against Josh that there was no room to doubt how he felt.

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Joshua Wesson 10 years ago
Josh hissed with pleasure as Gris pinched his nipples one after the other to apply the new clamps. The chain fell against his broad chest, warm from Gris's hand, and the little weight on the end provided a pleasant and painful distraction. He moaned softly at Gris's tug, laying his head back against the seat and looking at Gris. His poor suit was going to need dry cleaning for sure. Thank god for the coat, once more, because Josh was fairly certain that by now there was a pretty obvious wet spot seeping through the fabric of his pants.

Gris assumed a similar position in the driver's seat, his own soft sound drawing yet another throb from Josh's core that seemed to radiate out in waves of icy cold heat. He was hardly able to speak to respond to Gris.

"Don't... don't get pulled over," he warned breathlessly. "I can't wait."

If Gris only knew how close he was right now... his boyfriend's words weren't easing the situation at all, and sitting on the seat of the car was killing him. It was actually fortuitous that he had another surprise for Gris... because said surprise was a huge help at the moment. Well truth be told it was both helping and hindering.

Safely in the elevator of their apartment, Josh found himself deliciously assaulted. He had just enough time to gasp out, "Oh yes," and then he was kissing Gris back, hands diving into the beautiful silk of Gris's curls, moaning at the feel of Gris's cock pressing against his through their clothing. If anyone were to enter the elevator Josh couldn't have said he'd give a shit... or that he'd stop. They had very few neighbors since the penthouses were large, with only a few to a floor, and those closest to them knew they were a gay couple living together anyhow. He doubted all that many of them would be terribly surprised to find them this way.

Fortunately their ride was private. How they managed to stumble off the elevator and into their home, Josh didn't know. but as soon as they entered he took Gris's hand and tugged him with beseeching eyes, up the stairs into their bedroom. There had been very little to set up here; it was in a decent arrangement. He'd tilted the mirror on their dresser down a little bit, so the bed was easy to see in it. Otherwise, it was perfect.

He stripped his clothing off with fingers that shook.
"I had no idea it would be this... um, this bad. Or good. By the time we got home."

Josh had hoped to do this with a little more suavity, a little more... something. But instead he found himself practically ripping through his abused suit to be naked as soon as possible.

"I can't wait," he repeated his words from the car. "I want you so badly."

Still standing in front of Gris, Josh reached up and gently tugged the weight attached to the clamps. Then he dropped his free hand to the little toy awaiting Gris's approval. It was a surgical steel ring, a simple cock ring from the front, but it had an extension that passed between his legs to a ball inserted behind. He caressed the steel with his fingertips.

"I hope... that you don't mind this," he said to Gris, suddenly self-conscious. Josh swallowed softly. "It's been a very long time since I let... since anyone..."

He hated losing his composure but he was so fucking nervous.
"I want you to take me," he finally said in a rush.

He had wanted Gris to open him up, but it had been so incredibly long for him that he had needed the little ball on the end of the cock ring to get him used to the feeling after so many years. More than a decade, and he had not been well-practiced before that. Josh was a natural top.

Josh climbed onto the bed, facing the foot of it, gripping the headboard in his hands. From here he could look into the mirror and see them both, but he would also have a little more freedom to move in this position than if he were to be pinned on his back. He wanted that, yes, but he thought that might be too much at first. This solution, he was comfortable with as a first step to many more.

"Like this," he explained, lowering his head, feeling the muscles on the back of his shoulders bunching and flexing. Then he looked up at Gris. "Do you think we could...? That you could?"

He knew that he was going a little more counter to what he'd told Gris he wanted tonight, but he had to be honest about his desires and this one was very specific. If Gris didn't want to they could discuss something else but it would be unfair to Gris to make him guess when Josh knew exactly how he wanted to go into this. He was certainly open to negotiations.

Josh watched Gris with steady grey eyes, but he had to wonder what Gris saw, with him kneeling like this, hands and knees, an erection like nobody's business, the shining steel wrapping him and disappearing behind him, and the chains now dangling heavily from his nipples. If it were anyone else in the room with him he would have been mortified. But this was Gris. He wanted to give himself to Gris, even if he couldn't do it was beautifully, as thoroughly as Gris did for him. Josh was willing to work to get there.
Greer Grayson 10 years ago
Once they got to the house Josh drew him upstairs to the bedroom. He followed eagerly enough though a part of him couldn't help but notice all the many little ways that his partner was not a sub.

He raised his eyebrows at Josh who moved the mirror and started removing his clothing, speaking as he did. Gris kicked off his shoes and leaned over enough to tug off his socks but he kept his eyes glued to Josh's shaking fingers and the skin that his boyfriend was revealing.

Smiling softly, he agreed.
"I think we could have emergency stopped the elevator and done it right there and I would have happily agreed.” No doubt it would have seemed like a perfectly reasonable idea.

Josh removed the last of his clothes and then tugged on the chains. Gris watched the movement with rapt attention and then his eyes lowered to wear Josh's parting hands revealed something entirely different.

His boyfriend's halting words drew him closer. Gris reached up to Josh's face and pulled him close for a tender kiss.
"I understand, Love.” He smiled and glanced down at the ring and then up at Josh again. "I promise I will be careful with you, just as you always are with me.” He could take a lot more and often wanted everything Josh could give him but that didn't mean Josh wasn't very much in control of what he was doing. His partner always seemed to know the right amount of force, the right speed, the right touch. Josh was so wonderful to him that there was no way that he would repay that care with anything less than his best efforts to do the same.

He let Josh go. Stepping back, he took his own clothing off with only slightly less haste.

Josh crawled up onto the bed and placed himself at the footboard, gripping it firmly with his hands.

Gris stood there for a long moment and stared at the vision in front of him. Josh was so beautiful, so strong and vital. He was also very brave and very giving. It was the sexiest sight he had ever seen.

He nodded quickly to answer Josh's questions about the position.
"Yes, I could.” Gris smiled. "You are so incredibly sexy and yet you still manage to tug at my heart all at the same time.” Josh had planned all this quite well, had obviously thought about this a lot. It was sweet and wonderful and exactly like his lover's very controlled nature that it made him smile. He couldn't help but love the effort and the method. It might not be perfect but it was perfectly Josh and that made it absolutely right.

Stepping close, he bent and kissed Josh's shoulder.
"I love you very much.” Gris trailed one hand lightly along Josh's side and the climbed up behind his partner. He reached back into the drawer and brought out the lube and set it down on the bed. Bending down, he kissed the top of Josh's tailbone and then looked up at his partner through the mirror. "And it is very obvious just how much you love me.” He knew that Josh did not give of himself this way often. That his boyfriend would trust him and was capable of such unrestrained desire for the result said more than three often used words. This was 'I love you' in action in a big way. Josh showed him love every day in so many silent little ways that words were hardly necessary. It filled him to overflowing with joy, comfort, hope, wonderment and even a little fear. There were some nights he clung tightly to Josh and wondered how he could really be this lucky.

He ran his hands up Josh's back and then down over his exposed ass. His thumbs gently parted his lover's cheeks and he looked more closely at the toy that Josh had adorned himself with.
"so incredibly sexy...” Gris murmured almost to himself.

Easing out the ball, he then carefully removed the ring from Josh's erection.
"You'll wear this again later tonight, I hope.” Gris smiled. Josh wasn't the only one who could make small demands. "I'll even help you put it back on.”

Reaching down, he collected the lube. Opening the tube, he coated his fingers, spreading the gel around to several of them, warming it a little before touching his lover's opening. "Knowing that it is moving inside you while you take me is such a turn on.” And that the ring would help his lover pound him thoroughly for that much longer was another benefit.

Gris coated his lover's opening, sighing softly with the pleasant torture of required patience. His fingers traced the outside in a gentle teasing ring before sliding in. He thrust one finger slowly in and out. His other hand was grasping Josh's hip, his thumb massaging in short soothing strokes. Carefully he added another finger and then another, gently widening and relaxing his lover in preparation for more.

"Are you ready, Love? I will go slow.” He looked at Josh in the mirror and smiled. He would go as slow as it took so that Josh felt no pain and had no reason to panic. For him, he had found that any new person entering him for the first time caused him some anxiety. Even with Josh there had been, that first time, the briefest moments of tension. Josh had dispelled his concerns so expertly and easily that it was almost as if they had never happened. He had been handled with great care and so his body had opened to Josh as if made for him. These days that seemed very much the case; he was made for Josh, his body, his heart, his everything.
Joshua Wesson 10 years ago
Gris's caress, the kiss to his shoulder, did so much to set Josh's mind at ease. This was Gris, he reminded himself. His Gris. And Josh didn't doubt that Gris loved him. Josh trusted Gris, and loved him in return. So what was there to worry about? Nothing. As that gentle hand caressed his side he let go of his anxiety. Not all of it, but most of it. He could actually look forward to this. He had enjoyed it once or twice. The other couple of times he'd done it hadn't been anything he'd have cared to repeat, but only because this sort of care had not been involved.

"I do, Gris," he emphasized. "I do love you. Trust you. Respect you. You're incredible. And I am one lucky fucking human."

He flashed a quick smile into the mirror at Gris as his lover climbed onto the bed behind him.

"I want you," he breathed as Gris's hands wandered some more. As Gris parted him, Josh arched his back and pushed his ass toward his partner. He didn't want Gris thinking he had any reservations, and he actually did want Gris just as much as he claimed to. Surprisingly so. It was the trust, the respect. If those feelings hadn't been genuine, if they'd only been lip service, Josh wouldn't have been able to banish his anxiety. But they were completely real and Josh gave a soft sigh, a little hum, enjoying Gris's hands as he relaxed even more.

His eyes grew slightly wider when Gris asked him to wear the ring later while removing it. Lips parted a little he nodded.
"Yes," he said. "Whatever you want."

Then Josh moaned at the combination of Gris's words and his touches. Yes. The idea of wearing that particular ring while making love to Gris was... really appealing. But what was happening now overshadowed any speculation about the future, because Josh was dead certain he'd never enjoyed this as much as he was now.

He watched Gris's motions in the mirror, and he'd been right - the fact that he could see everything helped, combined with the fact that he could move. He pushed himself back and forth a little, riding Gris's long sensitive fingers, uttering a sigh or a soft grunt here and there when it was particularly pleasant. Gris was being tender, gentle, and incredibly patient, and that made the excitement build faster for Josh. Every now and then he let go of the headboard and reached up to tug the weight that dangled from his chest, sending a shiver rippling through his skin. By the time Gris looked up at him and asked if he was ready Josh could only nod for a few moments while he tried to remember how to form words.

"Yes," he gasped. He pushed back toward Gris. "I'm ready. I want you now, please."

Through the mirror he kept his pale eyes locked on those vibrant green ones, trying his best to convey all his desire, his need, his love and affection through that one look.
Greer Grayson 10 years ago
Josh's words sent a thrill through him so strong it rendered him breathless and immobile for a moment. He looked into the grey eyes that watched him in the mirror and eventually managed to nod. "Good" His voice was soft and low, the evidence of need creeping into it. "because you moving like that is killing me."

He quickly prepared himself and then cleaned both his hands. Raising up on his knees, Gris held himself just outside of his partner's body. His eyes locked on Josh, Gris slowly pushed himself just inside. He paused, very careful to let his partner adjust and relax around him.

He knew from so many experiences, good and bad, that this moment was crucial. If there was too much pain then it caused you to tighten up and that made relaxing even more difficult, especially if you had a partner intent on shoving themselves in whether you are ready and willing or not. He did not tolerate such nonsense but there had been those who tried. Desire made selfish gits out of many people. The best experience was that the entering was smooth, and your body relaxed almost immediately, everything was pleasant after that. That was what he wanted for Josh. He knew the last concerns would fade away when his body adjusted with no pain.

Once he felt Josh relax, he pushed himself the rest of the way in. Gris held himself still, straining to remain so. His head had tilted downward and his eyes had closed while he focused his entire concentration on Josh's body and responses. Now he tilted his head back up and looked at his partner in the mirror.
"You feel amazing, Love." Gris smoothed his hands up Josh's sides and over his back.

Laying over his lover, Gris reached one hand beneath Josh, running it gently up his stomach and chest. His fingers found the clamps and lightly brushed over both of them. He couldn't play with these as well as he had hoped from Josh's choice of position, not and move with any sort of ease, but they would provide stimulation as they hung and watching Josh occasionally pull on them himself was incredibly erotic. He gave the chain a gentle tug and then another before releasing it and sliding his hand away.

Straightening back up, he returned his gaze to Josh.
"Good, Love?" He knew the answer but he would ask anyway. Nothing could make him take any chances with Josh's trust.
Joshua Wesson 10 years ago
Josh smiled and ducked his head at Gris's compliment, watching his partner prepare himself with fascinated eyes. He loved that Gris locked onto him through the mirror. Josh didn't look away either, although he realized even as he stared into those gorgeous green pools that his worries were unfounded. If he closed his eyes he would still know exactly who was touching him. He could never mistake Gris's hands, the feel of his body, even the sound of each breath.

He was ready for the slight burn of Gris's entry, but he remembered it as being far worse than it was. Gris was gentle, he went slow, and the subtle sting of the stretch to accommodate him wasn't as bad as Josh's memories wanted him to believe. Or maybe he just wanted it more this time. Whatever the case, it took him a lot less time than he'd thought it would to expel a soft breath and push against Gris, letting him in.

There was a feeling of fullness, strange to Josh but still good, and he saw Gris raise his head again and meet his eyes. As the burn of his entry faded Josh became aware of a more pressing urge... literally, as Gris was pressing against the sensitive nerves inside of him.

"You do too," Josh whispered, glad Gris would be able to hear him. He didn't think he had enough breath to raise his voice.

He arched up as Gris lay over him, pressing his back up to Gris's stomach and chest. Gris's fingers evoked a shiver from him, and the tug at the chain made him jump and gasp with pleasure.

He heaved a sigh, trying to force patience upon himself when Gris asked for an update. Good... good didn't even come close. He was so glad he'd done this, because so far it was perfect. He wasn't sure he'd want this all the time but he doubted Gris expected that. Josh was still very much a top. But to do this with Gris was incredible too. And he wanted to keep giving himself this way if Gris wanted it.

To answer Gris's question Josh rocked his hips. This was why he'd wanted it this way - so he could still have some control. Maybe someday soon he could do it on his back so Gris could kiss him, too, but for now this was just right.

"Better than I'd thought," he said to Gris. "Better than just good. You're perfect. I love you."

He rocked against Gris again, feeling the shift inside him, sucking in a quick breath. "More," he demanded softly. If Gris didn't move, Josh would beg. And he couldn't remember the last time he'd begged anyone for anything. His hands clutched the headboard, knuckles white, not with fear or nerves but with desire.
Greer Grayson 10 years ago
Josh pushed against him before he answered. Gris smiled at his partner through the mirror and squeezed him in response with hands that were grasping his boyfriend's hips. He suspected that meant his partner would like him to move which is just as well because he was having a hard time forcing himself to stay still.

Gris pulled back out and pushed in slowly as he listened to Josh's spoken response. He smiled at the words.
"I love you too.”

Pulling out and thrusting in with several more controlled strokes had him nearly gritting his teeth with pent up need. Everything leading up to this moment had been enough to have him wanting Josh to take him hard and quick and then again later but this should be different, more special. Josh was asking for something that he rarely asked anyone for and had never asked him for. Gris felt the first time should be amazing, lingering and wonderful, a full exploration of this new facet they had added to their sex lives. "I am not going to last as long as I want. It should be...perfect.” He finished, trailing off, but feeling he hadn't expressed well enough how he wanted Josh to have longer to enjoy this, how he wanted to slowly build up the sensations until they were both ready to explode with desire and need. "You are just too much for me to resist.”

Gris looked down at the cock ring and penetration device that was on the night stand and sighed softly. Returning his gaze to the mirror and meeting Josh's eyes, he said. "Maybe I should have worn something similar.”

Sliding one hand down from his partner's hip, he wrapped it around Josh's erection. If he wasn't going to last then he would make sure he wasn't the only one. He slid his hand up and down his partner's cock in time with his movements, not frantic but not soft and teasing either. Gris began to thrust in and out in a smooth rhythm, moaning softly at the sensation of being inside his lover, seeing Josh thrusting back against him and watching them both in the mirror. It was all wonderful and so much to take in.
Joshua Wesson 10 years ago
Josh knew he'd made the right decision immediately. There was no more trepidation as Gris slid easily in and out of his body. All there was was a burning wave of arousal that threatened to consume him right then and there, so he was grateful when Gris paused.

"It is perfect," Josh reiterated, pushing his hips back against Gris, using his tone of voice to reassure his partner. He wanted Gris to believe him. There was nothing lacking here. Whenever they were together, just the two of them, everything was good. Fast, slow, hard, tender, everything in between. Josh needed it all.

He enjoyed being able to look into Gris's eyes over the dresser, through the mirror. Josh smiled and shook his head as his shoulders trembled.
"I'll get you one if you want."

Gris began to move again, stroking Josh's hard length as he did, his movements smooth and firm. The pace was more than enough to send them quickly over the edge if he kept it up. Josh decided to 'help' by pulling further away and pushing back onto Gris to meet each thrust. He started gently but built up to a harder rhythm.

He kept his eyes pinned to Gris's, and the sight of them in the mirror was even more of a turn-on. He was a study in monochrome, pale white skin, dark hair, pale eyes, against Gris's vibrant gold hair and green eyes. Josh moaned softly and thrust back against Gris, quickening the pace.

"More," he repeated. "Fuck, Gris... please give me more. I know I can't take as much as you, but I want to feel it. Mark me. Make it show, inside and out."

Josh didn't swear often, but tonight it was definitely called for. He wanted everything Gris had to give him. Wanted to know his lover's full strength, even though he knew that was physically impossible for them both. There was no way Josh could stand Gris with all his inhuman force; Gris would break him like a twig.

Still, he wanted everything he could handle - and just a little more. Josh wanted to wake up sore tomorrow and remember this night in every movement he made for the next few days. He pressed back into Gris, using his hips to encourage his lover, breathlessly close to coming.

"You feel so good. So good. I'm so close. Almost there. You're so damn good, Gris. Love you."

The little murmurs kept falling from his lips. At no point did he want Gris to suffer any fear that Josh wasn't enjoying himself. He knew Gris. He was so gentle, so caring, that if he thought he might hurt Josh he'd feel terrible. So Josh would just make sure Gris knew exactly how much he was loving this.
Greer Grayson 10 years ago
Josh pushing against him was both giving him exactly what he wanted and adding to the difficulty of lasting for more than a few minutes. Josh had told him that this was perfect but he still had wanted it to last. Or if it wasn't going to last then he at least wanted to know that it would happen again.

His lover's demand was startling for more than one reason. Gris blinked at Josh in the mirror, stunned more by the words than what was wanted. He knew what Josh had meant but he could mark someone in ways that never came off. The words brought his ability forcefully to mind. He wouldn't do that to anyone he loved, especially not Josh.

But what his partner had actually wanted...that he could do. Gris locked his gaze on Josh's grey eyes and made a demand of his own.
"Promise me that we will do this again.” If he knew that he was going to get another chance at loving Josh more thoroughly then he could give in gracefully to his baser needs and his lover's colourfully phrased desire.

Hearing Josh speak so clearly of what he wanted was still incredible. He grasped Josh's hip in a near bruising grip and began to thrust more deeply, each stroke measured, slower but more forceful than his previous movements. He moaned, breath ragged, pulling Josh back into him with need filled urgency.

Soon Josh wasn't the only one close. A part of him remained careful, held Josh tightly but didn't crush him, thrusting forcefully, burying himself deep but not so hard that he battered his human lover internally.

His hand stroked Josh with feverish abandon as his pace quickened and each thrust became now less deep but more rapid. He curled his hips, wrapped himself a little more over his lover's body, little sighs of pleasure and exertion escaping him.

Gris thrust himself once more as far as he could go before his climax overtook him. He cried out, overwhelmed by the feel of being so deeply sheathed inside Josh, as the waves of bliss poured through him. He shuddered and held his partner tightly, resisting the urge to arch and close his eyes. He wanted to see them both as they came this way. Gris wanted to watch pleasure overwhelm Josh and know that, this time, he gave it to him.

((OOC: Clearly Gris means that he would never use his ability forcefully on someone. Also, we are assuming that Josh agrees to Gris's terms...otherwise the post would have been much shorter.))
Joshua Wesson 10 years ago
Josh was pleased by Gris's expression, by his reaction to everything Josh said. He liked to be able to surprise Gris. He didn't want anything to get old. Beyond that, though, Gris set something loose inside him. Something free. Josh could make the statements he made here, in the privacy of their bedroom with Gris, because he knew he could trust himself to Gris.

It took nothing at all to make that promise to Gris. His answer was past his lips in a breathless rush half a second after Gris had asked it of him.
"Hell yes, we will do this again, sweetheart."

Maybe not all the time, possibly not frequently, but Josh was loving this right here and now. The sensation of being filled so thoroughly by his lover was overwhelming. He ground out a low growl of pleasure as Gris agreed to do what Josh had practically begged for, his slim fingers tightening on Josh's hip.

Deeper, more forceful strokes brought Josh right to the brink of ecstasy and he trembled with the effort of holding off his own climax until Gris came with him. Josh watched in the mirror, entranced by the sight of his partner wrapping himself around Josh, stroking him, the expression on Gris's face. Josh pressed back in earnest and felt Gris's motions change. Knowing his partner as he did, he knew Gris was close and he allowed the feelings inside of himself to swell up once more.

Josh groaned with pleasure at the first rush of heat deep inside him as Gris buried himself in Josh's body and came. It was like an explosion through his entire being. He let out a hoarse, breathless cry and shoved back against Gris, trying to take him in further yet, as his own body roared with pleasure. Gris was watching him but Josh couldn't raise his head to meet his gaze; he lost most of his motor control as he spent himself in his lover's hand, his whole body throbbing with release. It coursed through him in fiery waves of ecstasy, leaving him shaking, hanging onto the footboard of the bed in a white-knuckled grip.

"God, Gris," Josh gasped. "That was incredible."

He finally lifted his flushed face to look at his lover.
"Yes. We're going to do that again. Soon."

Tiny aftershocks made him quake inside and out, and he didn't want to move even if he was uncertain about his ability to hold himself upright much longer. He felt like Gris's hand must be melded to his hip by now and he liked that. He wanted the marks Gris left, if there were any. He belonged to Gris as much as the other way around. Josh was possessive, but the flip side of that was he yearned to be possessed too, and Gris had just done a splendid job of that.

He finally let out a long sigh and let his body relax. His arms threatened to give out again and he chuckled softly.
"Thank you, engel."
Greer Grayson 10 years ago
"I thought so too.” Gris gave Josh a half smile and splayed himself once more on top of his lover. He hugged Josh's muscled chest and let out a shaky sigh. "Giving means so much more than I expected.” It hadn't ever been very special for him in the past. He enjoyed it and often when he didn't know someone that was the role that he chose but for him being on the receiving end had always meant so much more. It meant that he trusted who he was with. This time giving had meant that he was trusted and, coming from Josh, that meant everything to him.

Squeezing Josh again, he slowly pulled himself out and reached for the supplies to clean them both.
"I wanted to make you happy, make it the best possible experience for you.” He murmured as he worked. Gris pulled Josh to him, settling his partner against his chest with easy strength and gently eased the little clamps from his lover's body. "I love doing things for you but I have got to say, in this, I prefer to give you myself.” It seemed easier, at least now that he knew that he could completely trust Josh with everything that he was. "Which is another reason I would like to do this again from time to time. I don't want to get comfortable with a role and take it for granted.”

Gris reached for one of Josh's hands and began to massage it gently, smoothing his thumbs along the back, kneading the palm, rubbing flexibility and feeling back into each finger. After the first one he did the other. "I loved this. I loved being the one to give you pleasure, to say how fast or slow we went.” He gave Josh a meaningful look in the mirror and then smiled. His partner had been plenty aggressive even on the receiving end of things. "Next time we might have to use the restraints.” Gris teased and kissed Josh gently on the cheek. "Or both be a little less worked up. Will let you me think up something that I think you will enjoy?” He had a thought or two already spinning in those directions that would help his lover enjoy something that was not fully under his control. "You know I would stop anything that you didn't like.” He met Josh's eyes in the mirror, completely serious, all teasing gone from his expression. He would never push Josh somewhere he wasn't ready to go.

"Now, do you want a hot shower first or shall we lay here for a little bit and do this again before cleaning up.” No need to waste hot water twice. Gris's fingers found the chain where he had set it on the bed. Picking it up, he smiled at Josh. "You can wear both your toys this next time and I promise to tug this...with my teeth.” He enjoyed the thought very much and with Josh on the giving end of things then he would likely be in a position to make his lover's earlier fantasy a reality.
Joshua Wesson 10 years ago
Josh bit back a groan as Gris pulled out, the motion evoking one last little spasm of pleasure from his over-sensitive body. His lover moved to clean them both up and Josh let out a soft laugh at Gris's words.

"I'm happy. More than happy, Gris. You were amazing."

He settled back against Gris, hissing with pain as the clamps were released and blood rushed back into his tormented nipples. Gris's words distracted him from the minor discomfort, though, and Josh found himself turning his head to nuzzle into his partner's neck.

"I love the way you offer yourself," he said, his voice a little throaty already. Or maybe still. "I've never known anyone who could give as selflessly as you do, Gris. You're gorgeous. And we'll do it however you like it."

Josh wouldn't hesitate to do this with Gris again from time to time. Maybe a little more often than that. Gris had made it wonderful; something Josh had never really enjoyed to its fullest had become a beautiful shared experience that still had his body trembling. That was an enormous gift in its own.

He could only nod agreeably as Gris's hands began to work on Josh's. The massage soon had him feeling wonderful; his cramped hands relaxed and he flexed them gratefully. He reached up behind Gris's head with the hand that was finished and gave his partner a one-armed hug. He rocked his head sideways to look up into Gris's green eyes and nodded.

"Yes. I trust you."

Josh could say with complete honesty that he had never in his life offered to let someone do what he'd just agreed to let Gris do. The three words he'd just uttered said it all. He did trust Gris. And once Josh trusted, he trusted all the way. There was no middle ground with trust. You either did, or you didn't, and Gris had long since passed that barrier in Josh's heart.

The choice presented to him was an easy one. Josh flipped over, wrapped his arm around Gris's waist, and pushed forward so they both fell onto the bed together, Gris on his back and Josh lying half on top of him.

"The shower can wait. We're not finished here."

He gently ran his mouth over Gris's collar bone, nipping gently, lazily. Yes, they'd just finished, but round two wasn't terribly far off. Fortunately, in spite of all Josh's worries, nature had not yet noticed he was over forty and the 'slow down' chromosome hadn't kicked in. On top of that, he'd been so damn turned on all night, round two was going to happen a lot sooner than usual.

"Mmm. You paint the nicest picture," he murmured into the hollow of Gris's throat. He envisioned Gris beneath him, his face flushed with desire, the delicate chain disappearing into his mouth and then the tug that would lead to that exquisite jolt of pleasure-pain combined while the ring and its attachment provided stimulation elsewhere...

Josh felt himself twitch in response to that image.
"Damn," he muttered softly. "Might want to put that ring on now, if you want me wearing it next time."

If he got hard too fast, they'd never get the ring back on. It was a miracle they'd gotten it off to begin with. Josh didn't move to get it, though, not yet. Instead he continued to slide his lips across Gris's skin, tasting the light saltiness of his neck while his hand roamed gently over Gris's chest, drifting occasionally to trail his fingertips lightly up the inside of his lover's thigh.

"Can't wait to take you like that. I want to feel all of it. The ring, the ball, you tugging those clamps with your teeth. I want to stroke you until you come, feel you so tight around me no ring could hold me back. I want to come inside you. Fill you up in every way. Body, heart, soul. My Gris."

Josh paused in his attentions, just for a moment. Sure enough he was half-hard again at the prospect. He sighed and shook his head at himself, a slightly sheepish expression on his face. Now he did reach for the ring where it had been set aside. He handed it to Gris and rolled off his partner so he could move easily to do the honors.
Greer Grayson 10 years ago
Josh said that he trusted him. That was what he most wanted to hear. The other words that said that his boyfriend was happy and the sex had been amazing were also very good words.

He tilted his head back and laughed as Josh tipped them both over and he found himself laying on his back on the bed. This was nice, comfortable and familiar. He never would have thought that he could be himself so consistently with someone before. He supposed that was made easier by not being with a dozen or more people a year. One was enough, one was perfect.

Sighing in contentment, Gris closed his eyes and brought his hands up to brush over his boyfriend's back and sides, light as a bird's wings. Josh's lips played across heated skin.
"Uhm hmm." He agreed about the shower, not in any hurry to leave the bed.

Josh mentioned needing to put the cock ring back on. He chuckled, more softly this time. It had taken careful work and some slow breathing to get it off the first time. At least they could leave it on once they had it on.

He opened his eyes and listened to Josh's words, watching his partner as he told him what wanted in vivid detail. Nodding, he watched his boyfriend roll away. Gris pressed his hands against Josh's broad chest, feeling the muscles so strong and firm beneath his fingers. His partner was so strong as a human that Gris couldn't help but imagine what he would be like as a werewolf, as a Kadzait, so much stronger than him, able to truly hold him tight.

"I am yours." He smiled down at the metal band on his finger, at his tan hands against Josh's pale skin. "And you're mine. Mr. Wesson. Every aggressive, possessive inch of you." Gris reached down for the other metal accessory that Josh had obtained recently. He warmed it back up between his hands, smiling down at his boyfriend while he waited. "I don't intend to let you forget it." He slid the ring down his lover's already partially erect penis and then carefully maneuvered it past his sac. Gris carefully eased the ball back into place and gently pressed it into his partner's opening.

Running his hand up one firm round cheek, he smiled.
"I like this ring too. The thought of you wearing this all night while we were out..." Gris shivered and grinned. He wished he had known but just thinking back on that secret accessory was enough to turn him on. "You being naughty and kinky in public is unbelievably sexy."
Joshua Wesson 10 years ago
Josh looked down at Gris, affixing that gorgeous face in his memory... as if he hadn't before. He looked so happy, so content, and so relaxed. Josh wanted to stay in this moment always, except then they would miss out one so many more wonderful moments. Why get caught in just one when every moment with Gris was incredible?

Gris made soft promises, his hands resting on Josh's broad chest. "Yeah," he murmured, ducking his head to kiss Gris softly, unhurried.
"All yours, engel."

He smiled at the care Gris demonstrated by warming the metal toy up in his hands. He sucked in a short breath while Gris worked it back onto his cock and then inside of him. He felt his skin rise up in little goose bumps.

"Feels good," he murmured, happy to snuggle up to Gris again even as his body tried its best to become aroused immediately.

Chuckling at Gris's opinion of Josh's 'public' behavior, Josh wrapped his arms around his lover once more.
"I don't know if that really qualifies. but if you liked it, we can do it some more. I like being naughty with you."

He pressed himself against Gris, his hips undulating gently. He was content for the moment to linger in this state of half-arousal, adoring his love, enjoying his presence.

Turning his head, he gently pressed his teeth against Gris's ear, nipped softly, and released him.
"I love you, Mr. Grayson. So very much."

He twined his fingers in with Gris, rubbing against the ring, spinning it around.
"I'm so glad you accepted this. I don't want to keep secrets from you; I want you to be in my life forever. You mean everything to me."

Josh had meant it when he'd said it was a promise ring. Some time in the not too distant future he hoped to propose to this man, to marry him, and to spend every night with him for the rest of his life. There could never be anyone else in his life anymore. Gris was imprinted on every atom.
Greer Grayson 10 years ago
Gris smiled and wrapped his arms around Josh when his lover snuggled up against him. "I am glad to hear its not a chore." He teased when his boyfriend said that he liked being naughty with him. Gris snuggled his face into the Josh's neck, breathing in the scent of him and feeling content and happy.

Josh told him that he loved him. Gris smiled and kissed his boyfriend for expressing the proper sentiment, feeling the same. He hummed softly at his lover's gentle movements, finding his sated feeling slipping away as arousal was smoothly replacing it with each press and brush of Josh's body against him.

He looked down at the ring on his finger when Josh mentioned it and then up into his partner's grey eyes.
"I am not going anywhere, Josh." Gris smiled, giving his boyfriend a light tender kiss, his lips still stretched with the smile that wouldn't seem to leave them. "It would have scared me once but that time has past. Being with you is what I want, being without you...that scares me."

Pressing his body fully against his lover's, Gris smiled a more wicked smile.
"So do we want to test my choice of toys tonight or did you want to save it for later?" The sling would be fun but it would confine him somewhat. He could still move his hands and he should have no problem making sure that his partner's fantasy came true. "I want to feel you deeper than I've ever felt you before for longer. I want the imprint of your hands on me and to feel stretched tomorrow when we both go our separate ways for work." The position that the sling would place him in and help him hold would allow Josh to thrust deeply into him each and every time. Neither of them would have to hold his legs in the air so both of them could fully enjoy the position for the entire time without strain on his part or encumbering Josh's hands. Gris would much rather have Josh's hands on other parts of his body.

Thinking of those marks that Josh had mentioned on his own skin, Gris remembered his ability once more.
"I can mark for the pack. For a brief moment I had the crazy thought that you were asking that of me." He smiled and shook his head slightly. Josh knew that he tracked for the Vyusher R'asa with Kiyo but his gift was part of the reason why. He was good at following signs and people in a crowd or a forest so he wasn't a total waste of space for that portion of the job but a werewolf with senses like Kiyo's was far and away better than he would ever be which was why they made a formidable team. Kiyoshi found them, Gris marked them and the pack would never lose them again. "Mine don't ever go away." He added softly.

"Not that it is important." Gris smiled. "Just don't get into any trouble so I don't have to come after you." He pushed a finger into Josh's chest and gave him a mock stern expression. The idea of Josh doing anything wrong was so absurd that he could hardly keep a straight face.
Joshua Wesson 10 years ago
Josh didn't need Gris's reassurance but that didn't mean he didn't love getting it anyway. He tightened his strong arms around his lover.

"Don't be scared, sweetheart." He kissed Gris back, gently at first, then more deeply as renewed desires made themselves known. When he paused for a breath he added, "Never leave you. Not in a million years."

He bit down on a little moan when Gris's next words brought lust right back to the fore.
"God, Gris. You could drive me over the edge without even so much as a touch."

He shifted, pushing up on his arms and leaning over Gris, sliding a little more fully on top of him.
"Getting that sling means getting out of bed," he said, "and I don't think I want that. Here."

He slid his hand beneath Gris's slim, muscular thigh. Lifting, he ducked his shoulder beneath Gris's leg. It was a stretch but he knew Gris was capable. Josh's strong shoulders could hold Gris's legs, bending him further than usual in place of the sling.

"How's that, love?"

Not to mention the idea of Gris's legs around his neck... that was every bit as enticing. Josh wanted to use the sling, no question about that, but he had Gris in his arms at the moment and just didn't want to let go.

When Gris said he thought Josh was asking him to mark him Josh didn't bat an eyelash.
"Mark me," he said, without even a hint of hesitation. "Would you like that? Making me yours that way? I'm yours. I always want you to find me."

Lowering his upper body, Josh left a trail of wet kisses across Gris's chest, gently biting each nipple and laving them with his tongue. While he played with Gris's chest Josh reached for the bottle of lube, squeezed a little onto his fingers to warm it, and slid his hand down to his partner's tight opening. He wasn't going to go fast this time. This was the perfect time to love each other slowly. Josh wanted to do everything Gris had asked for. He wanted to drive himself deep into Gris, hold him tight, and then fuck him slowly, building the sensations up until they were both screaming for release.

He worked his fingers gently for a minute or two before slipping just one inside that delicate opening. Returning his mouth to Gris's, Josh kissed his boyfriend again while he slowly, very slowly, slid his finger in and out. There was no rush now. He wanted to make this one last.
Greer Grayson 10 years ago
Gris smiled at Josh's reassurance, agreed with a soft, yes, and let it go. He was glad that his boyfriend was going nowhere of his own volition and while they were safe and warm in their own bed he wasn't going to think of any other possibility.

Josh didn't want to get out of bed to get the sling. Gris glanced over to where he had set down the bag when he disrobed. It wasn't that far away; a few steps. He would agree getting out of bed was necessary but... He had been excited to try it. Another night. They had many many of those to come.

His partner had a solution that was not entirely different to the sling. Josh couldn't get as close to him like this; his legs got in the way but his legs were wrapped around his partner, after a fashion. It curled him nicely and he knew from experience that Josh felt amazing like this.
"I am fine." Gris smiled, perfectly comfortable with his legs resting on his boyfriend's shoulders.

The talk of marking Josh distracted him from everything else, even something so engaging as being pressed together by his lover's weight against him. Gris frowned thoughtfully and considered Josh's question.
"I...don't know." What would it mean to mark Josh? All of the VR could see it.

Both packs could mark but they couldn't see each other's marks. Gris always wondered what a Kadzait mark looked like. Perhaps he could ask some time. Each person's mark was a little different but they were all recognizable to the pack. He knew that his own looked like a shimmering silver grey in colour. His tended to look like their pack signs and so everyone could read why the person was marked clearly.
It had taken him a while to learn to do that second part but Gris suspected that the colour happened when he had first visualized the mark. It had never changed and had been just as he envisioned it from the very first one he had ever placed. Over time they shapes became clearer and clearer as he learned to use his ability and now he made them distinct with meaning. What kind of mark would he use on Josh? Bao's looked like two fangs, their sign for a mulo. The fact that he had wronged the pack was obvious from the fact that he was marked.

"I would have to think of the right mark." Gris said, looking up at Josh seriously. "and I would want you to be very sure you wanted to be marked. The R'asa would see it." Josh knew that but Gris suspected he wasn't thinking about getting naked in front of the packs. If he ever became a werewolf then getting naked with others was likely and he wouldn't want Josh to feel uncomfortable with what they had done. Like a tattoo you wished you hadn't got the night before. If he could think of a mark that made it clear to everyone that it was given to Josh out of love and not because he was hunted then he would feel more certain about the idea. Knowing where Josh was would be comforting, especially when he was traveling. Gris considered some of the good things that could come of Josh being marked and found himself a little more excited by the idea. It still scared him and required more serious thought than he could give it at this moment.

His partner's attentions made thinking of any mark very difficult. Gris closed his eyes and moaned softly as Josh bit and teased first one nipple and then the other. It made him think of the second toy that Josh had talked about wanting to use.

Josh's fingers began to tease his opening and the thought slipped away from him for a moment. Gris sighed and pressed his head back against the pillows. His lover was going to take his time and that felt perfect. Remembering his earlier thought, he looked up at Josh.
"The clamps won't work like this." Well Josh could wear them but Gris would prefer he didn't. His legs were in the way and he wouldn't want the sliding back and forth they would be doing to yank one too hard or knock them off. It would also make pulling on the weight a little difficult.

Gris didn't remove his legs. He tucked them tighter to his body, pulling Josh closer. Tilting his head up, he kissed his partner.
"Grab the sling, I'll be right where you left me." He reached over to the nightstand for the chain clamps. Holding it up in his hand, he arched an eyebrow at Josh. "With this..." Gris set the metallic stone to swaying gently, like a pendulum for them both to see.

((OOC: He is currently baffled and somewhat terrorfied that Josh wants to be marked. I think Josh will have to convince him that he has thought about it and truly wants it and won't reget it later since Gris would feel really bad if Josh ever wanted it gone.))
Joshua Wesson 10 years ago
Gris's hesitation was understandable in Josh's opinion. He hadn't been sure if Gris was actually offering to mark him, or if it was something his partner wanted and was expressing to him. Now he saw that it wasn't an offer, or even a suggestion, but that perhaps it could be. The important thing, the thing he wanted Gris to understand, was that Josh was fine with it. More than fine. He paused to smile down at Gris.

"I want your mark on me," he said softly. He moved away slightly, looking down at himself. Sure enough, there were already marks from Gris's fingers holding his hips not long ago. Josh knew Gris would never intentionally hurt him, but his fair skin bruised very easily and the marks were there. Josh skimmed his hand over them, showing Gris.

"I wish these would stay. Permanent proof that I belong to you. And I wish I had some way to mark you mine in return. There's only one way you could hurt me, Gris, and I have faith in you. Why should it matter if your Pack could see your mark? Are you ashamed to love a Kadzait? A human?"

His smile took any edge off the words; Josh knew Gris wasn't ashamed. They had been introduced to each other's Packs, Josh in both a formal and informal capacity. Gris had been present every time. No, there was no shame on either side.

"I would be proud for the entire world to see your mark on me, love."

That was simply Josh's nature. He was a one-man sort of person. He was possessive of what was his, but that was a two-way street. Josh wanted to be possessed in return; he wasn't a hypocrite. He brushed his lips against Gris's again. "If someday in the future you choose to go your own way, then your mark will be a permanent reminder for me of any time we had together, and that would never be a bad thing."

He didn't think Gris could be shocked at this point in their relationship; Gris knew who Josh was by now and Josh had no intention of falling in love again. Gris was it, for him. There could never be another partner who suited him as well. Should Gris leave him, Josh would spend the rest of his days alone and he was perfectly reconciled to that idea. Of course, at this moment in time there was also no need to believe Gris would read so deeply into Josh's words, especially with their current activities. He kissed Gris again, a little harder.

"We can discuss it later, sweetheart. If you want. There's no rush."

No rush for anything tonight. He returned to teasing his partner lovingly, stopping once again when Gris made his second request for their new toy. This time Josh capitulated, not just because of the mesmerizing way Gris held the pendant up, but because if Gris really wanted the sling, Josh had no objections. He'd have been happy either way but Gris's wishes were everything to him.

That didn't mean he didn't linger as he left the bed; he slid down the side of it, leaving a trail of warmth with his lips along Gris's side. It took him a few seconds to unpackage the sling but he returned with it and nestled between Gris's legs, holding it up. He carefully fitted the padded anklets around Gris's legs, then slipped the neck strap into place. It took only a minute or two to adjust the straps to the right length, and Josh watched Gris with mild concern as he did.

"You'll tell me if this hurts your neck? It seems like it could, if you're in it for too long."

Gris would recover, of course, but there was no sex on Earth worth being hurt for and Josh could never stomach having any part in that sort of thing. He looked down at his lover, though, and couldn't hide the hunger in his eyes.

"Damn. That's... indescribably hot."

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Greer Grayson 10 years ago
Gris followed Josh's gaze to the bruises that were forming on his partner's pale skin. He blushed slightly for the earlier excess but he couldn't take his eyes off the evidence of their lovemaking. These marks were made by him, holding and pleasing Josh. They were different than the usual marks Josh obtained at his hands, thrilling and special. He was glad that Josh wanted them and had enjoyed getting them.

Finally he tore his gaze away and returned them to Josh's grey eyes.
"I am not ashamed of you." Gris said softly but with sincerity and meaning. He would walk naked up to his father and proclaim Josh his lover if that would make his partner happy.

"It is..." He gestured vaguely with his hands, trying to explain. "It is normally for criminals...not always." Sometimes it was for loved ones with dangerous jobs or families had been known to mark each other with a family symbol which helped the binder keep track of them and it also proclaimed to the pack who they were at the same time. That idea was nice and the more he thought of it the more he thought it could be something good. "I have always marked such people for the pack. Not for something like this. When I make a mark it takes on the shape I want. I would have to think about what a mark for this should look like. I would want it to be perfect."

He was considering Josh's idea and remembering what his boyfriend had said about being his family. Symbols floated half formed in the back of his mind.
"I am not going to leave you." Gris said and frowned at Josh. He reached up and pinched his partner. "You can just toss those thoughts aside because you are stuck with me."

They returned to playing instead of talking until he mentioned the clamps and the sling. Josh did get up and get it. The first use would take the longest time to set up since they had to adjust the straps to his body length but even that didn't take long.

Placing his feet in the stirrups, Gris stretched his neck and shrugged his shoulders. Once the cushioned strap was positioned more along the base of his neck than in the middle it felt much more comfortable. He smiled up and Josh and nodded.
"It is more comfortable than it looks, Love. I promise."

Reaching through his legs, which were now conveniently parted enough for Josh to fit through, he brushed his fingertips against the metal ring that Josh wore. Pulling back, Gris let his fingers glide along his lover's shaft to the tip, brushing the silky skin in a brief caress.

"All this jewelry on you is rather surprising." He smiled and rubbed his thumb over one of Josh's nipples. "I have to say I like it." Gris considered the chain in his hand and then went back to placing it on his lover. "I am inspired to make some more for you since you look so incredibly sexy in it." He gently pinched enough to secure both clamps before unfolding the rest of the chain and its weight.

Holding up the hematite toward his mouth he paused.
"This isn't an elaborate ruse to keep me from talking...because I assure you there are better ways and you've demonstrated knowledge of them in the past." Gris narrowed his eyes at Josh and then grinned.

Returning his expression to something more serious, he looked down at his boyfriend's body, at the thick metal ring around his cock and balls and then up to the chain that graced his chest. Desire filled his gaze as he looked up into Josh's eyes and slowly slipped the stone into his mouth.

Gris leaned back and adjusted the neck piece once more. Comfortable again, he reached up for the leather hand straps near his ankles. He tested the leverage the foot stirrups gave him and shivered at the thought of Josh thrusting down into him while he curled up to meet him. Braced and ready for his lover's attention, Gris tipped his head back and tugged gently on the chain in his mouth.

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Joshua Wesson 10 years ago
Josh's breath hitched as he saw Gris get comfortable in the sling. The pose was gorgeous and wanton, his lover spread open before him. Beautiful. He believed it when Gris said it was more comfortable than it looked. They'd long since passed the point where he was afraid Gris would lie about his comfort, nor would Josh lie about his own. They were in this for each other and honesty played a huge role in the bedroom. They trusted each other completely, and that meant making sure they were on the same page with what they each liked and what felt good.

Josh smiled his soft smile at Gris's reassurance and nodded, then uttered a soft moan as his flexible partner reached down to stroke him. His eyelids fluttered closed briefly but he opened them again when Gris mentioned his accessories. He felt a little flush creep into his cheeks, unavoidable at Gris's frank speculation. The blush only deepened at his lover's pinch as the clamps were affixed back to his nipples. It sent a surge of pleasure straight down to his cock, which was already incredibly hard.

He gritted out another groan, his voice gone husky.
"I'll wear whatever you want me to wear, sweetheart."

And then words escaped him at the sight of Gris's tempting lips closing around the hematite stone. Breath escaped him too, so much so that he didn't even register what Gris had said for several moments, until Gris tugged at the chain and he gasped.

"No. No, I don't want you to be quiet. In fact, I rather like it when you're loud."

Josh lowered himself toward Gris. Dipping his head, he ran the tip of his tongue along the delicate line of the chain until he reached Gris's mouth. Then he gently demanded entry, his tongue tangling with the stone and chain as well. When he withdrew he kissed Gris's forehead and both cheeks then trailed back down. He was careful not to lean too hard on Gris, not wanting to hurt his lover's neck in the position he was in.

Admiring the view once more Josh trailed his hands gently down the backs of Gris's exposed thighs.
"How am I supposed to resist you like this," he asked rhetorically.

He lowered himself again, braced on his arms, and then moved down. The clamps tugged at his chest and he sucked at the juncture of Gris's thigh and torso for a moment before turning his head to mouth Gris's sac gently. He laved it with his tongue, and then traveled even lower. Closing his hand firmly around Gris's cock, Josh moaned again at the tug of the clamps but proceeded to press the tip of his tongue just back behind Gris's balls, teasing at his opening.

He raised his pale eyes and looked at Gris.
"Would you like that?" He asked softly. He'd never asked Gris if he liked that sort of thing, but with his partner so open and vulnerable before him he very badly wanted to know.

"If you'd enjoy it, I want to do it."

He was dead serious. With no hurry, thanks to the sling, Josh could play with his lover for hours... and he had certainly shown himself capable of doing so in the past.
Greer Grayson 10 years ago
Josh said that the goal wasn't to keep him from talking but then he was kissed rather thoroughly. Gris wasn't going to complain, even if he could. Being kissed fell into one of those things he would have classified as better ways of keeping him quiet anyway.

He loved Josh's sounds. He could completely understand what his boyfriend meant about hearing the ones he made. The husky tone of Josh's voice sent a thrill straight through him.

Laughing at his lover's question, Gris arched an eyebrow.
"You aren't." Resistance would be futile; he would see to that but he didn't think Josh would try very hard. He sighed softly at the warm hands caressing his thighs, loving the feeling of cool air that seeped back in after Josh moved on that made it very clear how exposed he was in this position. He had a hard time not trying to lean forward to watch as Josh began to disappear from view.

He gasped as Josh's mouth closed over the sensitive skin of his sac. Holding still was a sweet torture and he arched a little in response, gripping the leather straps harder as Josh teased him with his tongue.

His partner moved to his opening, his tongue barely brushing across it. Josh paused and asked if he would like it. Gris said
"yes" before he fully understood the question. Yes, more of the same. God, yes.

"If you are doing it then I can't imagine much I wouldn't enjoy." He breathed.

"I can't see you..." Without moving his head up and losing the position he had on the sling, he couldn't lean up enough to see what Josh was doing or when he planned on doing it. It lent more excitement and vulnerability to the already exposed position. Gris trusted that Josh would understand by his tone that he wasn't complaining. Not at all. He waited, every nerve on edge, for Josh's next touch.