Some Restrictions May Apply (Attn:Josh)

Dinner was amazing. He loved food and fine cuisine of almost every type but having someone to share meals with was beyond compare. He loved making food for the two of them or for their friends. He loved trying out new restaurants with Josh and sharing food and discussing what they liked about the experience afterward.

This particular discussion would have to wait; though perhaps they could get it in on the way to the shop....which he wasn't naming.

Gris smiled at Josh. The kiss was wonderful and Josh's willingness to kiss him out on the street made it even more incredible. His comfort at being kissed in public was amazing as well.
"Flattery, Mr. Wesson, will usually get you everywhere but not in this case." He grinned and wrapped his arm through Josh's, steering them both toward the subway entrance.

"Its a short ride. We can come back and pick up the cars in a few." It was a shame that they had come separately and would both need to drive their own vehicles back. But perhaps the waiting could be added to the experience. Gris gave that consideration as they waited for the train to arrive.

Once they made it to their destination. He led Josh down the strip toward the store he was looking for. It was easy to recognize even from a distance; it was pink and black with a sign that identified it as Sinsations.

"So..." Gris stopped them at the entrance and smiled to his partner. "Here is the deal. You pick what we buy tonight. Whatever you want. It can be as simple as a feather tickler" He ran his fingers lightly down Josh's chest. "or as elaborate as a bondage swing that will require us both to assemble."

Turning to Josh, he smiled again and then became serious.
"But whatever you chose. I use on you." That gave his partner some control over the situation; it let Josh choose what he could handle and what type of experience he was likely to get.

"Ready to go in?" He searched his boyfriend's grey eyes for signs of extreme discomfort and gave Josh's arm a reassuring squeeze.

Joshua Wesson 7 years ago
Josh was surprised, yet not surprised, to reach their destination. One thing he loved about Gris was his willingness to explore. At the start he wouldn't have said either of them had expressed any real desire for a huge amount of kink, both satisfied with each other. Now they had reached a point where they were certainly not dissatisfied... they were the opposite. They were so comfortable with each other they were starting to play. To branch out. Josh had been happy to unleash his inner Dom upon Gris's complimentary sub. It wasn't a lifestyle for either of them. It wasn't a necessity in bed. And it definitely was not the only way they ever got their rocks off with each other, as the saying went; neither one of them required that sort of roleplay. But to be at this particular store wasn't a stretch for them, as it was becoming obvious that they were willing to go just about anywhere with each other, given time and patience.

Josh smiled at Gris, feeling a blush stain his cheeks. His partner's reassuring squeeze made him laugh under his breath, because he wasn't blushing for the reason Gris thought. Probably.

"Let's go, sweetheart. I'm ready." He took a deep breath as if fortifying himself.

Inside, the store was really two levels. The first floor had clothing and lingerie; the real fun stuff was upstairs. Josh headed that way. He stopped just inside the second-floor doorway, taking it all in, smiling and nodding at the tattooed salesgirl's greeting of 'nice to see you.'

There was a lot of kinky shit in here.

Josh took his time looking, sliding his hand into Gris's and holding tightly. He walked slowly through the aisles of toys and accessories. He lingered at a few of the more interesting sensory-deprivation items but caught himself; those weren't for him. A great number of these things weren't for him. Josh wanted to do this with Gris, but he wasn't going to fool himself - if he ever wanted to build up to anything even hinting at hard-core, he was going to have to take baby steps. Josh wasn't just uncomfortable giving up control, he panicked when it happened. The idea wasn't distasteful to him when he thought of it with Gris, who he trusted beyond measure. It would just take him a little while.

They were the same height, a fact that was useful when they wanted to murmur softly to each other. Josh held Gris's hand even tighter, pulling him very close.

"I want to try a lot of these," he admitted, "but I'm not sure what I can handle."

He had plans for later, too. Plans which went above and beyond just the heavenly sensation of sinking himself into his lover's warm body. Josh shivered a little at that thought, then shifted from foot to foot.

Finally he went to a display and pulled something very small off of it. He held it up to Gris.
"These," he said. It was a pair of nipple clamps connected in a Y shape to a pretty hematite weight. He bounced it in his hand, feeling it, nodding.

His face flamed and he whispered to Gris,
"I don't know why but I have this image of you... with the end in your teeth... tugging down on it."

Josh looked down, because that was probably far and away the most erotic thing he'd ever whispered to anyone in a public place, nevermind that that place was a sex toy shop. He was embarrassed, and a little worried about making what must seem like a demand to Gris when he'd said he wanted to hand over control. But it hadn't been meant as a demand. Just a flight of fancy. he hastened to clarify.

"Obviously, you can do what you want with them tonight. But next time, maybe."

He cleared his throat. This was getting difficult for him, in a way he hadn't anticipated.
"You should, too. Uhm, pick something out. For another night. Or for later."

He finally met Gris's eyes again and smiled, but his hand was shaking a little in his partner's. He knew his face must look strained, and while he wanted to tell Gris it wasn't for what must be the obvious reason, Josh still wanted to keep some things as a surprise.

He held the clamps up, decided.
"These for me."
Greer Grayson 7 years ago
They walked around the store and he saw a lot of interesting toys that he thought would be a lot of fun to play with. Mostly he saw himself on the receiving end of many of them but the thought of Josh eventually trusting him enough to permit such play was thrilling. Just a visual of such a future was enough to send a shiver of anticipation down his spine.

He didn't reach out for anything or linger anywhere that Josh didn't want to linger. He was curious where his boyfriend would go and what Josh wanted and he didn't want to influence that with his own desires for the moment.

Gris smiled at the little truthful statement that was murmured quietly in his ear. The fact that Josh did want to eventually try them sent another shiver through him.
"We have all the time in the world.” He turned and brushed his lips lightly against Josh's cheek. "I plan on testing your stamina for at least another half a century.”

Eventually Josh went to one of the displays and pulled something off a peg. He held it up and Gris eyed the chain and then Josh and then back to the chain as his partner bounced the little stone at the bottom in his hand. The idea of a naked Josh wearing the clamps across his muscled chest was enough to make him lose every other thought in his head for a moment.

He almost didn't hear what Josh murmured but "...with the end in your teeth...” was enough to bring his brain back to the present. Gris gave his boyfriend a wicked grin.
"You might get your wish...if you are very good.” And when was Josh not very good, really? His lover was either very good or very good at it and that was the best way to be.

Reaching out, he pulled Josh a little closer, noticing his boyfriend was shaking a little. Gris wrapped his arms around Josh's waist and looked at him for a long moment. This close and certain evidence suggested that Josh was at least happy with the thought of them eventually getting around to naked time even if he was nervous.

"You know, hearing you make such a suggestion is an incredible turn on.” Gris smiled at gave Josh a tender kiss and a tight hug before releasing most of his boyfriend and reclaiming just a hand. "It makes me want to hear more. Maybe I will have to start calling you up during the day for a daily erotic suggestion. It would definitely give me a little something to look forward to for the rest of the day.” Not that he didn't have Josh to look forward to anyway but a specific image or one of Josh's legendary plans might be enough to have him running red lights in order to get home as fast as inhumanly possible.

He looked around the store and smiled at Josh.
"Was there some other things you were looking at? For us, not for tonight?”

While he said that, Gris guided them toward something that he had been looking at for himself and wanted to give a more thorough inspection. He fingered the comfortable leather and suede strap and harness rig that was meant to allow him to linger in a very exposed position for a rather long time. Turning to Josh, he smiled.

"Think we would get much use out of this?”
Joshua Wesson 7 years ago
Josh made a little whimpering noise when Gris said he intended to test Josh's stamina, for that time. "So... when I'm ninety, huh? I better keep working out and eating right. I'd hate to disappoint."

He couldn't even express to Gris how badly he wanted to not be an old man at ninety. He wanted his Gifting. And what was he waiting for, really? The right person to come along, he supposed. But would it ever really be the same if his father couldn't be the one? He wasn't going to think about it now. Not when tonight was proving to be so stimulating already. He would think about it though. Very soon.

The give and take they had, in their conversation and their touches, was everything Josh enjoyed. Gris was confident where Josh felt inadequate, supportive when Josh faltered. At Josh's suggestion Gris returned a sassy response and Josh growled softly in his throat.

"I'll just have to be very good then."

His growl returned when Gris mentioned calling him for erotic suggestions.
"I'll do more than suggest, love, if you just lock your office door."

And that idea was only serving to inflame certain obvious desires. Phone sex with Gris. Or an office visit... maybe one of these days he'd surprise his partner. Gris had already made mention once or twice of wanting that sort of distraction or release during his work day and Josh had yet to follow through. Maybe it was a stronger desire than Josh had realized. And it was his job... his very pleasant job... to provide Gris with anything and everything he needed.

He hummed a little wickedly and nodded when Gris asked if he was looking at anything else.
"Yes. Lots of other things. But Some things are best left as surprises."

Somethings tonight, even. Josh wasn't sure what Gris would think of this particular one. He hoped Gris liked it. Really hoped.

The item Gris held up with a question received a curt nod.
"Yes. Buy it." His more dominant side could not be perfectly suppressed at one go. He wasn't perfect.

He squeezed Gris's hand again and headed for the register. They had to get out of here. Had to, or Josh was going to lose his resolve not out of nerves but out of repressed desire. He sure hoped Gris hadn't been planning on tormenting him with another store or five, because Josh definitely couldn't handle that.

"Any last buys?" He arched his eyebrows at Gris as they reached the salesgirl. Josh avoided her eyes, his face going red again. He placed his own choice of toy on the counter and looked back at Gris. Then he bounced gently on his toes, indicating his impatience and eagerness. He really didn't want Gris to think he was forcing himself to do any of this, or that he might be too nervous to proceed.
Greer Grayson 7 years ago
"I am sure you won't.” Gris smiled and let it be. Josh was not opposed to being a werewolf now that he was an adult and working specifically for his Alpha. Even if Josh chose to remain human they would have many years of sexual activities ahead of them.

Josh's responses were terribly exciting, making impatient to be home. He smiled at his partner and gave him a somewhat baffled expression.
"I can't lock my door, Love. How on earth would you get in?” He grinned wickedly. "But you could always lock it behind you once you got there.” And then unspeakable things could be done. Oh yes, he hoped very little speaking would be involved; though Josh was proving to be more gifted than he could have ever imagined at dirty talk. His partner had been known to send him from neutral to willing and wanting with just a look...a well worded visual might be more than he could handle at work.

"I would lock it if you were far away and were going to tell me things for later.” Gris fingered Josh's lapel and then grinned up at his boyfriend. "I might even tell you what I was doing while you told me these things.” Because a release would probably be necessary to regain any focus for the rest of his day. It would be especially nice to hear from Josh like that when he was far away on some work related trip. It wasn't as good as having Josh's own hands on his body but at least hearing Josh while he satisfied frustrated urges would be so much better than just doing it alone.

He raised his eyebrows at the idea of more surprises.
"Shall I pick you up a catalog on the way out?” Gris smiled. "I can helpfully circle certain items of import.” The idea of leaving Josh a wish list actually sounded like a lot of fun.

The harness was given approval. He hefted it fully off the peg and slung it over his arm.
"I can only imagine what you are thinking of doing to me while I wear this...” He murmured softly, smiling faintly to himself and his own private thoughts before looking around at other things.

When they got to the counter Josh asked him if there was anything else he wanted tonight. Thinking of how good it might be to get things later as a surprise or have Josh pick things out himself, Gris shook his head with a smile.
"This is it for me tonight.”

Smiling up at the cashier, he handed her the harness. "So, have you heard good things about this?” He didn't ask her if she had tried it herself but people have opinions and employees hear those often enough.

The cashier, Rita, looked down at the harness and smiled a small little smile. He suspected it was similar to the one that he had been wearing not too long ago. "Its very comfortable. You can't stay folded up all night or anything but it does let you hold that kind of position for much longer.”

She looked down at Gris and then slid her gaze over to Josh. "I promise you will love it.” Rita enthused and gave his partner a gentle encouraging smile. He supposed that she had gotten the wrong idea because of his more outgoing personality combined with his choosing the harness and bringing it to the counter. Josh's own item and the adorable blush creeping up his pale skin probably helped complete the erroneous impression.

He hugged Josh and smiled up at her.
"I am sure we will. Thank you for the input.”

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Joshua Wesson 7 years ago
Josh wasn't sure he could get any more inappropriate, and for what had to be the twentieth time that evening he was grateful for his suit coat. Slacks and boxers hid very little - although, pretty soon his coat would also be inadequate. But that tone of voice, when Gris talked bout Josh being in his office... or about the potential phone call... and then there was the heat of his hand, which Josh would swear could be burning a hole through his coat. How was he supposed to maintain any control when Gris was doing this to him?

He lowered his head and kissed Gris deeply, suddenly, possibly the most inappropriate kiss he'd ever given anyone in public, a full-out invasion of his mouth with thrusting tongue, nipping teeth, and no room between them for anything but that kiss. When he pulled away he muttered softly,
"Don't need a catalogue. There's one at home."

By the time they reached the counter he'd regained some semblance of control, although his blush apparently gave the saleswoman the wrong idea. Josh's lips twitched as the brief conversation implied that he would be the one experiencing the joys of the sling, and Josh didn't argue. He would have fun with it. One way or the other. Eventually, perhaps, both ways. Josh wasn't joking when he'd told Gris he wanted to do everything with him. Equally serious had been the part about taking it slow, but he knew Gris would understand. Giving up control wasn't easy for Josh but he hoped it would matter to Gris that he wanted it. Trusted Gris with it.

Their purchases were wrapped in a discreet paper bag and they went along their way. Once they exited the store Josh turned to Gris and raised his eyebrow.

"We can go get my car tomorrow," he suggested, a shiver working its way down his spine.

It wasn't unusual to find a car parked overnight at the Marina. There were hotels there as well as the docks. No one would bother Josh's vehicle. he just wanted to get back to their place as quickly as possible. What stamina he did have was being sorely tested at the moment.

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