Book 3

So I decided to do a prequel of sorts and tell Brig and Viv's story. Thought it would be a little side short story, but I just finally finished putting it all together.

95k words total.

And that's not including anything written from anyone else's characters. O_O Still have to edit it down for flow, change a few things, but holy smokes. It's longer than Book 1.

Alex Aristos 10 years ago
When's the box set coming out? I need a murder weapon.
Charlie Hammond 10 years ago
Book 3 and 1 might come out as a special edition book.
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
I don't suppose you could market those in a waterproof carrier? So after you're done bludgeoning people, the blood will wash off easily?
Charlie Hammond 10 years ago
There'll be an edition that was licked by unicorns and as soft as feathers. I will work on the blood/water proofing, though.
Pakpao 10 years ago
wow.... I cannot think of anything witty to combine unicorns and murder weapons.
Alfarinn 10 years ago
This special edition sounds magical and can double as a pillow so it would be great for in flight reading!