The night is young (invite only)

She tugged on the skirt as they came down the sewer entrance. When Jan told her that this was the way to the club she had thought he was joking with her. A little vampire humor or something. Tavi couldn't really blame him. When they decided to try a date she had asked him to take her to the House of Pain. The reliable rumor was that it was a vampire club. Not just a little bit vampire but like mulo everywhere, out in the open and everything.

Curiosity made her want to explore it since she had found out about it but even to her that sounded like a bad idea. Jan played there and he was a vampire, surely he would know the etiquette for bringing his werewolf, uh...girlfriend? They were on a date so she supposed that was the right term, to the club.

The skirt was skin tight white jersey. At best it came down to her upper thigh. After climbing the ladder she had needed to tug it down to keep from showing the white lace underwear she had on underneath. It wouldn't have gone up much further than her hips because around her waist was a black vinyl corset with white piping that should glow like a light bulb under black light. The top was tight white jersey also, off the shoulder with long sleeves that went down to the black leather cuffs and assorted silver (coloured) and black bangles of various widths and styles that were piled onto her wrists.

Her green hair was piled into a messy bun with a few strands hanging down around her face. She had added white extensions, a few in the bun and a couple in the loose pieces to go with her dress.

At the end of the remarkably clean sewer tunnel there was a large bouncer and a heavy looking door. The big man took one look at her and frowned. Then he ignored her and turned to her 'younger' looking date.

"Look, damn it, Jan. I know the boss swears to me that you are legal...which I don't buy for one fucking minute but you can't bring your underage girlfriend into the bar.” He crossed his arms over his big chest at the end of that speech as if to say that statement was final, no arguing.

She turned to look at Jan. He looked completely unperturbed by the entire little rant. "George, buddy,” Jan moved closer and and patted the guy on one muscled arm that was as big as her leg. "She's not underage and neither am I.”

"Right and I'm the Queen of fucking England.” George scowled at Jan.

"Here is my driver's license, my private investigators license and my permit to carry...Your Highness.” Tavi fetched her wallet from her small silver purse. She looked up at George from her new impressive height of 5'5” thanks to the white vinyl lace up platform knee high boots with four inch heels.

Jan flashed her a truly brilliant grin and then turned back to George with a smug pleased look on his face. He gave the scowling bouncer's arm a little pat. "See, I told you there was nothing to worry about. Don't you feel better?”

The man had been frowning and concentrating so hard on the tiny documents that she had showed him that Tavi thought he was going to burst a blood vessel. Suddenly though a look of peace came over his features and he nodded. "Yeah, I do.” George looked at her and smiled. Tavi frowned at him suspiciously but put her wallet away. "Thanks for the patience, Ma'am. You do look rather young but not many people would fake all that just to get into a club.”

"No, too much trouble.” She agreed still watching him like he could change his mind any moment. Jan took her by the arm and led her into the club.

There had been almost no sound at all before George had opened the thick door but now the music was loud and thumping. She leaned over to Jan.
"What'd you do to him?”

Jan 10 years ago
They looked like an interesting pair. It was ironic that both of them were going to stand out in the sea of black tonight. Jan's thinking when he decided to wear the tank shirt that had what appeared to be shiny silver studded metal down the front and back and black down the sides, along with a pair of matching silver tripp pants with studded accents and black straps and zippers was that he would stand out plenty for the both of them. Tavi would probably wear black or maybe, he thought, a lime green to match her hair. But no, she had worn mostly white. Together they were blinding.

George had not taken their arrival very well. He was new and human. Why someone decided to put a human bouncer out front was beyond him but he supposed George was really just the mean looking guardian of the gate. If a fight started then the real muscle inside would be there to deal with it. If they felt so inclined.

Tavi's response amused the hell out of him. He had been tempted to see if George would finally let them in with just Tavi's insistence and evidence to prove she was of legal age. However, he had really wanted to get inside and dance with her or whatever she liked so long as it didn't involve standing outside with the bouncer.

Once they cleared the entrance she leaned down and asked what he had done to George. Jan shrugged and hoped she wouldn't be mad.
"Just a little glamour. It wears off almost immediately but I doubt he'll come in and start looking for us.”

"Glamour?” Tavi leaned close and looked at him intently. Damn, he was hoping she'd just let the whole vampire ability slide. This was one she might not like hearing about. No girlfriend wanted to know that her date could make her feel things.

"Yeah, its illusions and stuff.” Jan looked at his black boots and then around at the crowd. Tavi's hands appeared on either side of his face and she turned him to look into those startling green eyes. They were edged in thick cat eyed liner and the shadow was a soft silver. Very pretty. He blinked at her and gave her a small smile.

"Just spill it okay. I won't be mad unless you use it on me.”

"You might be.” He bit his lower lip and looked at her, still hoping that if he stalled long enough she would let him get by without explaining. She continued to hold his face in her hands, people were pushing around them now, occasionally buffeting them in various directions. One or two people cursed and told them to move. Tavi ignored them and waited for him to answer. Damn, she was stubborn. "How could you trust someone who can make fake emotions?”

Tavi tilted her head to the side and looked at him thoughtfully. She didn't answer. This was bad. He waited and she still didn't answer. She let go of his face and tugged him toward the bar. He watched her as much as he could while they maneuvered through the crowd; her expression looked thoughtful. "I don't know.”

Well that wasn't exactly what he was hoping she would say.
"That's why I didn't want to say...I don't want you not to trust me.” He sighed softly and wondered if he had blown his one chance before they had even gotten a chance to dance.

"Can you do it to a crowd of people?” She didn't respond to what he had said but she didn't storm out either.

"No, I can't glamour more than one person at a time.” He admitted with a somewhat grumpy tone.

"So Evgeni and Julian care about you because they care about you and not because you told them too.” She said it like it was simply a fact.

"Well yeah, I couldn't have kept it up for weeks on end and like I said it fades. I can't make someone fall in love with me. Let's say I sent that chick there” Jan pointed to a redhead drinking something fruity and looking out hopefully into the crowd. "feelings of love, which are complicated by the way, she might believe she loved me for a while but as soon as I stopped concentrating then she would know the whole experience was really weird and that she didn't know me at all. She would probably think I put a drug in her drink and would then call the cops. Maybe I could keep that up for a night but I certainly couldn't continue it during the day. A vamp's got to sleep sometime.”

Tavi searched his eyes and then nodded. "Its more than that though. You've never used it on them. Have you?”

Jan frowned at her and felt a little indignant but then he realized she had said it as a statement. She barely knew him but she was saying that she felt sure that he had never used his ability on Julian and Evgeni.
"No, I haven't. Certainly not like that. I want honest love not a puppet.”

And then she gave him that brilliant thousand watt smile. "I figured as much. George really had it coming though.” Tavi wrapped and arm around him. "Next I'd have had to arm wrestle him and that would just be awkward.”

"Funny as hell though.” Jan laughed, relief spreading over his entire body and making his knees nearly buckle. He hadn't realized he had been that worried about her opinion but apparently it had mattered. Tavi caught him and gave him a look of concern.

"Are you okay? Does it make you tired or something”

Jan shook his head.
"No, not that little bit anyway. I was just hoping you wouldn't dump me on our first date.”

She smiled again and wrapped her arms around him. Jan had a moment to feel that she fit perfectly against him, slender to his slender and with the boots, she was only a few inches shorter than him. "I think I'd give you a chance unless I knew you had done that to me.”

"I won't. I promise.” Jan said solemnly. "Though it has some nice...uh, nevermind, we can discuss that at a later date.”

Tavi glanced sideways at him and smiled. "Buy me a drink? I don't want to have to flash the id's again.”

Jan smiled.
"You got in and George was supposed to check so they don't usually do so again. Honestly they don't much care here. If you got this far then what you do is up to you. But hey I like that I get to be the drink buyer. That hasn't happened in...ages.”
Jan 10 years ago
Jan smiled at Tavi and took her hand. He led the way through the crowd of people that were milling around the edges of the dance floor and through the people standing around the bar. A lot of people moved out of his way, some called and waved to him and a few got in the way. The last group included fan girls and boys who wanted hugs, to talk or to just give him more options than the current girl walking behind him. Most didn't appear terribly jealous, he spread his affections pretty easily and most probably thought Tavi was just flavor of the night. Unfortunately she wasn't a flavor he wanted to take a bite out of and that was a shame because he really liked her. He would have loved to have tasted her while they did other things, if she had wanted him to, but it would make him sick as a dog. (no pun intended)

"Hey Ian!" Jan spoke a little louder than his normal voice and projected toward one of the people behind the bar. Ian was a little further away but he was a vampire and was more likely to hear him than Bill the human who was closer. Ian was also the vampire's real name and he was more likely to take notice of it being used by someone when everyone else was yelling his nickname which was Copper.

"You want something, Jan? And for your friend?" Ian turned solemn eyes on Tavi and then went back to looking at Jan. Most bartenders would go for easy charm. Ian used a mysterious standoffishness that seemed to drive a lot of women crazy. He had handsome good looks and long straight true black hair, nope not red despite the nickname, and greyish blue eyes that often looked like a different metal entirely; He was that almost forbidden fruit, accessible but difficult to claim and apparently many thought Ian was worth the chase.

"The usual for me." He turned to look at Tavi. "What would you like?"

"A nice glass of red wine?" Jan gave her a beautiful grin and turned back to Ian.

"Two of the usual." She was a girl after his own heart, at least as far as her alcohol preferences went. Perhaps it was a good sign.

Ian smiled at them both, flashing a little fang on purpose, and told them it was coming up. Jan heard several sighs when Ian smiled. He looked at his clanmate and rolled his eyes at him. Ian pretended not to notice.

Two glasses of wine were handed over the bar and Jan took them, passing one to Tavi. He took her free hand and led her through the club to the Tacharan area off to one side.
"Each of the clans have their own sections. You could be making a statement you don't want to be making by not knowing that." He gestured vaguely in a couple of different directions pointing out Anantya and Evenhet. "Humans who pick a section that belongs to a clan unknowingly find themselves protected from the other two for the night because they might be familiars but they are seen as food for the clan they chose." He shrugged slightly.

"Hmm, good to know. So will people think I am your familiar?" Tavi asked behind him.

"Maybe but you don't have anything on you with the clan symbol on it so they will probably think you are a date or just someone I picked up for a...snack."

"Charming." Came the dry response. "Care to try a bite of this snack?" There was a dangerous edge to her voice, a challenge and perhaps a hint of anger.

"Want truth?" Jan gestured toward a booth and then slid in next to her instead of going to the other side. "I would love to be able to bite you...if you wanted. I'd ask."

She watched him with interest but not anger. He thought she was waiting to hear him out and then would decide how she felt about it. "Why?"

"Because it feels good and its nice. For us it can be intimate, a form of sharing that is beyond just sex."

"And you'd want to go beyond just sex with me?" She was giving him an amused coy smile now. That he could handle.

"I think so." Jan sipped his wine. Tavi's eyebrows rose upward at his response. "I like you. I know I'd want to at least see how we were in bed together." He shrugged. "I am a casual kind of guy. But you are dating Julian and...maybe Evgeni and I, so I don't want to screw up by being too casual too soon. Know what I mean?"

She nodded and took a drink of her glass. "Yeah, I'd do you once I knew you were legal." Tavi gave him a smirk. "I can be casual also. But you're right. We have other people involved. Do you think either or us would hate the sex so much that we'd not want to ever do it?"

Jan was sure that she was teasing him.
"Nope, I'm amazing." He blew on his nails and then buffed them on his shirt. "You have to be when you look like a kid for eternity and you were born in a brothel. Its a difficult thing to live down or live up to...depending on how you look at it."

"You were not born in a brothel." At his look, she laughed. "Really? Wow. So you don't know your father then. We could be great great great cousins or something."

"I suppose. At least I can't be your great great great grandfather." He laughed.

"True, that'd be creepy." Tavi agreed with him.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
They talked for a while longer, each having another glass of wine. They talked about how they each met Julian and how Jan met Evgeni. She was shocked to hear about the kidnapping of Evgeni. Jan didn't go into much detail; he said that was Evgeni's tale to tell but he had to mention it when talking about how they met, at least in passing.

Jan suddenly went very still, his eyes unfocused and he shuddered. "Oh my god." He whispered softly. He leaned his head back against the booth and closed his eyes. It took a long moment before he opened them again. When he did he looked more alert.

"What happened?"

"I, uh...You know we explained that we were all bonded through Evgeni's gift. Together?"

"Yes." Her voice was a little uncertain. Jan had explained a little more about the bonding, that they could sense each other's emotions and could even send thoughts back and forth to each other. "Was Evgeni speaking in your head?" That might explain the unfocused look but not the full body shiver.

"Not exactly. I was feeling what he was feeling until I blocked him and Julian out."

"And what were they feeling?"

Jan blushed and looked down at his hands in his lap. She didn't think he was the type to blush very often. He seemed worldly despite looking like a young teenager, even more so than she did. Being 5 centuries old would tend to do that. "Horny" He answered and looked at her with a guarded neutral expression.

"Wow, really? And you feel it, like an echo or like its your emotion?"

"Like it is my own, maybe slightly more distance but maybe that is because they are far away. Right now I am blocking it out so I can't feel them at all. I know they are there in the back of my head but that feeling was probably only going to get worse."

She heard what he was saying and poked at her feelings about it. Julian and Evgeni were apparently doing something very intimate or about to do something very intimate. She tried to imagine Julian and Evgeni naked on a bed somewhere. Evgeni kissing Julian and touching him. It didn't really upset her like she thought it would.
"I am sorry we're missing it."

Jan's laugh was startled and then happy. "Yeah me too. A little bit. They are both pretty hot. But I think I'd rather be with you tonight."

"Really? Instead of where ever they are joining in on the amazing sex?" Tavi favored him with a dubious look.

"Yeah, besides who knows maybe there is amazing sex in our future and then they will have to tune me out." Jan grinned and waggled his eyebrows at her.

"We'll see. I am not saying it won't happen..." Tavi couldn't help but smile back.

"I will take a maybe for now."

"Let's dance." She tugged on his arm and Jan slid out of the booth with her. They made their way out to the dance floor. Tavi found out he could dance very well. Jan's body moved in ways that didn't even seem to be natural. She was graceful, even for a werewolf, but his body seemed to have no bones at times. She could also tell that he was very turned on from brushing against him from time to time. Tavi made no mention of it; she just hoped it wasn't all because of Julian and Evgeni.
Jan 10 years ago
She was dead sexy on the dance floor. They were close in height at the moment, or close enough anyway. Their bodies seemed to fit together perfectly. Tavi danced around him, sometimes away from him and sometimes with her body brushing against his own.
When he was feeling more comfortable, more sure of the mood, Jan pulled her close and they danced with their bodies pressed to each other. Intimate but still fluid. He leaned down and gave her a kiss, still moving to the beat. It was slow and tender with plenty of time for her to lean away if she didn't want it but vivid green eyes watched him come closer. Tavi didn't pull away. Slow and gentle became something more fierce, her strong arms wrapped around his back, pulling him close. Her tongue danced with his just her body writhed against him.

"There is a girl in a red dress staring at me." Tavi said in a voice that carried to his ear and no farther. He turned them both around as part of the dance and glanced around the crowd of gyrating bodies. His eyes found the person Tavi had mentioned but he looked past her with his initial sweeping gaze and then looked around again catching more about the woman in the second sweep.

Woman might be an incorrect term but she was almost too old to be a girl. Eighteen or nineteen and likely in with a fake id. Jan had seen her before at other venues where his band had played but never here before.
"Her name is Cameron but she goes by Camille."

The girl was dressed in what he would have called slutty goth fashion but not to her face. The red velvet dress was skin tight and barely covered her ass; the cleavage was so low that she risked bouncing out the front with any vigorous dance moves. Fishnet stockings and stiletto black heels completed her 'look'. "She's head of a high school fan club for Nox Aeternus. Or she was. I think she graduated. She's very...dedicated." Jan looked at Tavi and gave her a slight shrug. "I think she feels like I would understand her somehow. Like most teenagers, she feels different. She says the boys her age don't understand but she knows that I would."
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
Jan appeared to be distinctly uncomfortable. The girl was looking at her with anger in her eyes. There was a tone behind that look that suggested a clear potential for violence. Cam...whichever name was on the edge of crazy and one push would shove her over that edge.

"How do you know she thinks that?" Tavi glanced at Jan but then went back to looking around at the crowd, keeping an eye on the fan girl.

"She, uh, wrote me a bunch of letters." Heat rose to his cheeks and he looked down at her shoulder like it was the most interesting part of her anatomy. "I answered them in the beginning but she kept writing more and more and it was obvious that she was thinking there was something between us. That was more than a year ago, since I answered the last one, I figured she would have moved on. Decided I was a jerk or something. She needs to find a real boyfriend not a made up one with my face."

"Hmm, well clearly she doesn't think its over because she is coming this way."
Stranger 10 years ago
It had been so very long since their paths had crossed but they were destined to. They were always destined to. He was her other half, her soul mate. He was everything she could ever dream of in a man and now, at last, she finally saw him again.

He hadn't answered any of her letters in more than a year but she knew what it was like. He was an artist. He was tortured, like she, a servant to the whim of whichever muse held him in thrall. Camille understood. Just like Johannes understood her. She had been watching hm since he entered, waiting until the time was right to approach him, finding a measure of patience now that she finally had him there in person.

But the time would never be right with that woman next to him. Was she the reason he had gone so distant? She must be. Look at that skirt. That corset, with the top over it... she was trashy. She didn't look like Johannes' type at all. Why? Because Camille was his type. There had been sparks between them - no, that was an understatement. There had been explosions.

Then that kiss. That kiss! Camille felt her face go white before her cheeks flushed with anger. Those were supposed to be her lips. Not some cheap bitch who couldn't possibly, ever, understand the beautiful facets of Johannes' gifted, tormented soul.

It wasn't his fault. He had enough going on. He should have come to her, to Camille, but it was all right. For him, she would find endless patience. But this... thing... with the woman in the short white skirt had to stop.

Camille made her way toward them, slinky in her movements, knowing she looked good and prepared to direct the full force of her considerable sexual appeal on Johannes if that was what it took for him to see past this green and white-haired bitch. She fit herself against his side, close enough to brush up to him and lean up to his ear.

"I've missed you. So very much. But now that you're here you can just stay with me. I'll take care of you."

Camille's eyes flickered up to the green-haired woman and then back to Johannes, dismissing her.
"Let me take care of you, Johannes."
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
Tavi watched the girl head over to them and considered what she knew about Camsomething. The girl was young and obviously not a vampire. Perhaps it was still a possibility but she couldn't imagine the undead going to high school, plus the 'the world doesn't understand me' type of letter that Jan had mentioned sounded like typical teenaged angst and not someone who had decades or maybe centuries to grow out of it. A werewolf gone off the deep end for a vampire was possible but for her to still have the identity crisis and still be in school would make her a young werewolf.

She could handle a young werewolf, if it came to it, no problem.

Humans were even easier. The girl came up and started speaking low and sweet to Jan. Tavi assumed that the earlier exaggerated hip swagger was her sexy walk. She was torn between making the girl pay attention to her, proving Jan was her's (at least for the evening) and stepping back to let him handle this mess.

With an amused smile, Tavi murmured softly to Jan.
"Aww, she'll take care of you. So sweet. Did you need a baby sitter?" She gave him her most concerned face.
Jan 10 years ago
Great, he goes from scorching kiss to wise ass amusement. Jan groaned softly at Tavi, giving her a little hurt face of wounded pride and then turned to Cameron.

"Camille." He smiled and did his best to look both pleased and distant. "How good to see you. How is your music coming? Did you get into Julliard?" Jan leaned forward and gave her a quick air kiss on each cheek.

Turning back to his date, he smiled.
"This is Tavi." Jan tried to think of what to say next that didn't throw Tavi under the bus or make excuses for his being with her. He wanted to make it clear that he had chosen to be here and Tavi was who he had chosen to be here with. "She is amazing. We are just getting to know each other." And you are interrupting.

If only he could 'suggest' she go out and do the same with someone else. Damn Evenhet got all the good vampire powers. Of course he could glamour her into emotions that would likely make her go away but it would only be temporary and he wasn't sure how Tavi would react if she knew he had used his abilities to alter the girl. So first he would try this the hard way.

"I am perfectly fine, Camille." He said softly, giving her a kind smile. "I thank you for worrying about me but I can take care of myself. It is time you think about you."
Stranger 10 years ago
Camille, as she preferred to be known, narrowed her eyes at this woman. Tavi. Whatever. What kind of name was that anyway? Hardly an elegant name for the woman who should be on Johannes' arm. It was so very heroic, the way Johannes was being independent. It really was difficult to be angry with him for any reason, or for any length of time. Such an artist. Even now.

But he was her artist. Camille sidled in toward Johannes and gently touched his waist, stopped shy of slipping her arm around him.
"It's good that you're reaching out to your fans," she said, unable to let the babysitting comment roll off her back. "So sweet of you to make them feel like someone special, just for a night."

Camille had no problem implying that this Tavi would go back to being an ordinary... whatever she was... after she had her fifteen minutes of fame. She slid her hand away from Johannes' side and attempted to twine her fingers with his, where they should be.

Think about her! Oh, he was sweet!
"I am thinking about me," she said, eager to please. "Being with you, caring for you, that pleases me! No one makes me feel the way you do. Whatever I can do to make you happy, that will make me happy! Don't you see, it's perfect!"

She looked at him with earnest, slightly feverish eyes. She would make Johannes understand, one way or another. He would ditch this little fling and come home with her. And they would stay together forever.
Jan 10 years ago
Oh this was so not good. Jan suppressed a sigh with a monumental amount a willpower. He also resisted looking back at Tavi. Camille was his problem to deal with. He wanted to do so gently but he was beginning to see that gentle just wasn't possible.

It was time to rip the bandaid off. Sometimes that was the best way.

"Camille, Tavi isn't a fan.” Tavi made a small noise of protest, very faint but he heard it. "Not -just- a fan. She is a friend and my date.”

A hand moved lightly to his side. Jan looked down at it like he expected it to have the plague. Pale green eyes glanced up toward more vivid ones for just a moment. He saw humor leaking away toward anger in Tavi's eyes.

Camille's hand reached down for his own; he quickly pulled his away. Jan turned fully toward her and grabbed her shoulders with both of his hands.
"Listen to me.” He fairly pleaded. "You need to experience life some more. Explore, learn, see what is out there. That would please me. You are a complicated soul, Camille, but you haven't lived out in the world yet. You need to see what there is to see. You need to meet people, learn about relationships and love. Not just this. Try others, find the beauty in their souls.” He was doing his best to word this in a way she might possibly accept. "Look” Jan turned her to the dancing crowd. He gently nudged her with his glamour, pulling up interest, curiosity and wonder in time with his words. "even the most unassuming out in the sea of humanity has hidden depths waiting to be uncovered. I want you to meet people, get involved, discover the treasures that most people miss.”

"That was so beautiful I think I am going to cry.” Tavi's voice was dry but thankfully too low for Camille to have heard clearly.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
The girl was starting to get on her nerves. "Oh, I am beyond special. I am fan-fucking-tastic, every night.” Tavi's grin held challenge. Camcorder hadn't pushed her toward violence yet but she was getting damned close. The girl was putting a serious downer on her date.

Jan was trying valiantly to let the girl down easily. It was sweet. He could have bruised her ego and made it all very clear but that would do some serious damage to the already unstable girl. Having her obsession tell her off and send her packing would probably crush the girl.

Camshaft put her hand on Jan's waist. Tavi's eyes narrowed and she moved forward to forcibly remove the girl from her date but Jan had already taken the girl by the shoulders and turned her around. He was going on about experience and souls and meeting people and seeing the beauty within them.

She was pretty sure she needed another drink before all that started to sound good. Camomile wasn't going to join them even if she had to lay the girl out on the dance floor.

Tavi moved closer and wrapped her arms around Jan's waist, pulling him away from crazy chick. She didn't say anything but her eyes sent the clear message that this man was her's. Hopefully Julian and Evgeni wouldn't mind her claiming him for a little while. She could stake that claim on behalf of all of them but she doubted the other two wanted to share Jan with Camry either.
Stranger 10 years ago
So proud. So stubborn. Her Johannes was beautiful in every way. His hands were on her shoulders! He was touching her! Not to pull her in to hug her like she had hoped but to face her away from him to look at the writhing crowd of dancers.

His words were beautiful. They always were; he was such a poet at heart. He made her feel, really actually feel the wonder and curiosity of a world unexplored... and that only made her love him more. That was exactly why people flocked to him, because he could make you experience everything he sang about. He was amazing.

Camille turned back to look over her shoulder at Johannes.
"That was beautiful," she said, glowing at him, her eyes glistening. "So beautiful I could cry."

She was overcome with such emotion for him. Didn't he know just how much she loved him?
"Oh Johannes! I love you so much!"

She acted; she had to act. She lunged toward him, reaching for him, ready to embrace him and prove her love to him with the most passionate kiss she could do. Then he would know, really know, just how much she cared.
Jan 10 years ago
That did not work as intended. Jan felt like pulling his hair out, except that he liked his hair most days and would miss it. Camille wasn't getting the picture at all. The glamour didn't help her see what he was trying to show her and she didn't seem to get the message.

Then she proclaimed her love for him.
"Woah, we don't know each other nearly enough for that.” He held his hands out in front of himself to hold her off but that didn't deter her in the slightest. Camille came forward to kiss him and Jan leaned back to avoid the awkwardness of that kiss. Unfortunately Tavi was right behind him and when he leaned back he hit her on the head with his own.
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
Camille said the same words...only Tavi was pretty sure the girl truly meant them. She sighed softly and was ready to step in and just tell the girl the harsh unvarnished truth. Perhaps coming from someone other than Jan it wouldn't be as bad.

Then Cameo said that she loved Jan and lunged forward to kiss him. Now the girl had just gone too far. Tavi pushed forward, reaching out her hand to shove the stalker away. Unfortunately at the same time Jan leaned back, bending in that incredibly flexible way of his and smacking her right on the head.

"Watch it, Romeo.” Tavi muttered and slid out from behind him.

"Sorry.” Jan murmured. "I will make it up to you.” He then turned toward Camille but Tavi had already stepped in front of him. They had tried the nice way and now it was time for her way.

"Listen, lovestruck. He's not yours. He's not with you.” Tavi moved into the other girl's space. They were both wearing heels which made clingy chick taller than her but the height difference wasn't as much as it would have been if they had both gone without. Hurray for platforms, not that being shorter ever stopped her from taking a stand. "He's with me and I've had about enough of you. He has tried to be nice and that's sweet so I let him but I am out of patience.”

She put her hands on her hips and lifted her chin a few times to indicate the dance floor beyond them. "Now take your velvet clad ass somewhere else before you need a hospital visit.”
Stranger 10 years ago
Camille's lips never met the object of their affection. She opened her eyes, having closed them in anticipation, to see Johannes pushing her away, bending backwards, colliding with his tramp. And then said tramp was in Camille's face, telling her off, insulting her, as if Camille wasn't already humiliated enough by Johannes' reaction.

It was almost physical pain. Johannes was too far gone for her to rescue, was that it? The tramp's words didn't hurt nearly as much as the fact that in the immediate crowd around them, people were laughing. At her. At Camille.

She felt tears spring to her eyes as everything she'd built around her, this persona she'd tried so hard to live with, the person she'd tried to bury, it all fell down. And she was, indeed, a very stupid girl in a slutty velvet dress with a name that wasn't hers.

"Oh God," she gasped, as humiliation washed over her.

Still, she was looking at him as her heart broke.
"I hope... I hope you're happy."

Her voice quavered on the last bit and she whirled away, dashing her tears out of her eyes with her hand, blindly stumbling through the crowd of chuckling onlookers to make her way out of the club.
Jan 10 years ago
Jan looked from one girl to the other one. Tavi had been fairly patient with the whole scene. He wondered whether her words would have been the ones Camille needed to hear. Perhaps it was for the best that she had stepped in.

Then he saw Camille's face and he froze. She looked hurt and sad. He had been trying to avoid that. Jan half reached out a hand for her and then let it fall.
"I want you to be happy...just not with me.” He sighed and turned to Tavi. He didn't feel like dancing anymore.

"Care for another drink?” She nodded and followed him to the booth they had vacated. Jan caught one of the servers on the way back and asked for another couple of glasses of wine.

"I'm sorry about that.” He ran his fingers through his hair and looked out through the crowd where Camille had disappeared. "I probably shouldn't have answered her letters but I thought she was lonely and could use a friend. I just...” Jan sighed. "Well, it seems over now. I hope that she finds someone nice and mysterious, or whatever it is that she's looking for.”
Octavia Emiliano 10 years ago
Tavi sat down on the seat next to Jan. She reached an arm around his shoulders and squeezed reassuringly. "You thought you were being nice. You couldn't have known that she wouldn't understand that you didn't think of her the same way.”

He sighed softly and looked forlorn. Her heart went out to him and she thought he seemed nothing at all like the apathetic goth persona that he portrayed while onstage. Tavi wondered if that was what Camille had seen and misunderstood. Jan had been himself, caring, concerned, a good friend when he answered her letters; she had seen the real him and most likely thought that he was showing her a side of himself that no one else got to see. The truth was that everyone who was friends with Jan got to see that side of him but it would seem different than the mysterious singer who graced the stage with Nox Aeternus.

"I probably shouldn't have yelled at her. I feel a little bad.” She sighed.

Jan wrapped an arm around her waist and shook his head. "Camille wasn't getting the hint. I am not sure your words drove her off. I think the situation just didn't end up like she had fantasized that it would.”

Tavi smiled softly.
"Kind of like your fantasies for the end of this date?”

Jan raised himself up and looked hurt. "No, those are real. They -are- going to happen just like I imagined. You are going to think I am an amazing sex god and fall madly in love with me. I know it!”

She laughed and Jan feigned soulful hurt, even a quivering lip, and then, unable to keep up the act any longer, he broke down and laughed with her. Their voices were soft and still tinged with a little depression. Tavi figured they both felt like they had kicked a teenaged puppy.