New character(s) issue...

So I went to post the bio for the new character and I ran into an error when trying to post a new topic in open bios:

Bryan, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

And there is a list of reasons :-/ Do new characters have to be approved before they can post in that forum? :-) Will I have to go through this everytime I make a new one? Because I have bios half done for two more concepts but wanted to get this one approved first.


Charlie Hammond 10 years ago
You're good to go now with Bryan, Miya.
Miya 10 years ago
<3! I got the email.
Mai 10 years ago
To answer your question. Yes, you have to do it with every character. It helps us make sure real people are registering and not fake ones or people wanting to lurk without contributing.

You know what they say, one bad spam bot ruins it for everyone....
Miya 10 years ago
So when my friend Eric needs to post his bio in the near future I can just post here with his character name?
Akahana Yoshida 10 years ago
If he has registered his character name then just post it here and we can make it so that he can post his bio. Once the bios are approved then we can give your characters other permissions.