Smile Dammit!

Come on Bao...just a little one. *giggles*

Miya 10 years ago
Have I mentioned just how much fun I'm having with this? It's kinda nice to have a place to rp while crafting literally hundreds of pairs of boots in Rift, to blow them up in order to make runes for my guildmates. Boa is making me giggle and I haven't had this much fun since the last time I wandered back a year or so ago. It's kinda nice to catch up on Miya and actually rp this out rather than waving the magic wand and going 'and so this happened'.

And the oh so scary Boa had me laughing so hard the gentleman in the apartment next door came to check on me.

I am having a blast :-)
Ran Iyala 10 years ago
Boas make me giggle too... all those damn feathers. I'm SO calling him Boa for-EVER now. It's okay, he'll be fine with it. He and I are tight. Like, tight. We're bros.

/nods at Boa.

(seriously, Miya, that might be the best nickname anyone's ever given him, intentional or not. )
Akahana Yoshida 10 years ago
*wipes tears from her eyes*

Oh yeah, you guys are tight. The last time you two were in a thread together you couldn't keep your hands off each other.
Claire 10 years ago
I am terribly curious what mental deposition I received on our first meeting.

Wears strange attire
Speaks with a funny accent
engages in frivolous snow ball fights
Bao 10 years ago
/wonders if Ran would like a rematch....

I don't believe Claire received a mental dossier on first acquaintance, the snow balls were distracting and very probably ruining a coat and/or a brief case. Still can't believe he went along with that madness...

And really, he is smiling.... on the inside. Way, -way-, WAY on the inside. Like, his mitochondrial DNA probably is almost pleased or thinking about being pleased any way. There might be one lone electron somewhere that is cracking up. Beyond that I think that you have to combine biology and string theory... and that could be complicated.
Akahana Yoshida 10 years ago
I say we corner him in the Manor and tickle him. A lot.
Claire 10 years ago
I am most pleased that he went with that 'madness'

and ambushing him for the purposes of tickling does sound amusing. In private.
Miya 10 years ago
Ya know, that night I sat here and couldn't figure out where Boa came from. Then today I reread it and laughed. Sorry Bao for my mistype, but it's darn funny!
Bao 10 years ago
/sighs and goes back to work
Miya 10 years ago
I am going to be gone most of today - I need to run over to the ATT store and get my contacts moved, then work on food for tonight and then tonight there is a big bdsm party we're going to, so I might be able to post after it late tonight but most likely tomorrow. Oh, i need to find some white knee socks for tonight too. Fridays and Saturdays tend to be really busy days for me. <3
Jan 10 years ago
Have fun! Hmm, maybe white knee socks would make Bao smile. On the right person they would make me smile. Enjoy the party