Bryan Lockely - Evenhet

Basic Information

Birth Name : His Grace, Bryan Adair Elias Gabriel Lockely, Duke of Wales
Aliases: Bryan, Gabriel
Place of Birth: England
Age: real and apparent) apparent: late 20s. Real, 550
Male/Female: Male
Current Occupation: Bookstore Owner
Past Occupation: Nobility, Stablehand, Racehorse Jockey, Pilot


Hair Color: Brown
Length and Style: Curley and short
Eye Color: intense blue
Skin Color: pale
Height: about six feet
Weight: about 200 pounds
Nationality: English.
Race: Vampire
Body Type: Muscular, stocky. This is a man who wore plate armor an carried a word at one point in his life.

Description (if an NPC) or name of your creator/gifter(if a PC) Bryan was the youngest son of the Duke of Wales and while on a campaign set during Tudor England against the Spanish, he received a wound that festered and turned infectious. Ruggedly handsome, he was courted by Catalina of Aragon, who was a vampire, and when returned to England by the Spanish, she came with him as an alliance marriage to solidify a treaty. He also returned a vampire as Catalina turned him in order to save his life ((Yes, this is historical, and there are three women who were of the same bloodline with similar names - I am referencing Catherine of Aragon's cousin here and borrowing!))

Personal Questions

1. Describe your character's personality:

Bryan is ruggedly handsome. And he knows it. Slightly arrogant in the way that only those born to title, wealth and money can be. Intelligent, Stubborn. Inquisitive. Overbearing at times, protective of family. In many ways he is a modern renaissance man.

2. Describe how your character would appear to a stranger

Bryan defines comfortable. His clothing is well made, expensive, but comfortable and just a bit out of style. One might even say geeky. He has curly brown hair and beautiful eyes and a bit of a beard. If seen with his car, he drives a bmw, quite fast and quite well. He can often be seen walking the 3 dogs at night that he is kept by.

3.What does your character like?

- Bryan likes dogs, especially hunting dogs, which were normal through his life and undeath. As a result he has two king charles spaniard dogs and a corgi who live with him.

- He loves his house, which is perfect. Every one of the six properties that he owns. Every room is perfect and set up for his comfort and woe betide anyone that tries to 'improve' his properties.

- He enjoys hunting, shooting a bow, using a sword, and in modern times hunting with a high powered rifle. He's taken down several large game animals and he has hunting trophies on the wall of his very masculine study.

- He flies planes, recreationally and he rides horses. Flying was something that he learned to do as soon as possible and continued to do so. He's still working on a small plane that will allow him to fly during the day. This is an expensive proposition.

- Bryan reads and speaks spanish and french as well as english and latin. He has an extensive library.

4. Dislike?

- Bryan dislikes the concept of familiars having been one once to his maker, Catalina of Aragon originally. He feeds as one night stands.

- Shoddy service where his animals are concerned. Actually not just his, any animal abused bothers him deeply. He will hurt anyone that harms an animal in his presence.

- Bryan's very particular about the things that are his. Everything has to be a certain way. A touch of OCD perhaps or maybe it's just that he has lived too long and is too set in his way.

- Children - while Bryan will never admit it, he regrets that his marriage to Catalina could not create children, and he hated all the stupidity of the humans who said that he should put Catalina aside and marry to produce an heir.

- The color pink. It makes him see red, literally. And Bryan has a bit of a temper when aroused.

5. (For humans) Describe what abilities you see your character having if they were turned.
6. What are your fears?

- Bryan is a thrill seeker, and flew combat missions at night in WW2. His plane was shot down and as a result he nearly met his doom in a brilliant ball of fire. While he flies his beloved plane, he absolutely will not fly with anyone else as the pilot, and he spends an obsessive amount of time making sure that he will never, ever meet that fate again. Like his father once told him, people don't generally get third chances at fucking up.

- Bryan's obsessive nature manifests in his house and belongings. He has horrifying nightmares that a woman will move into his homes and 'improve' upon them. So he avoids romantic entanglements, never inviting another into his personal spaces and definately not a female and especially not a female vampire. Catalina is the one exception to that rule and she takes a great deal of pleasure in poking him about it, sometimes awakening before him and rearranging a minor thing, knowing that it would drive him insane and reinforce that fear. Catalina believes that if she can't have him, she'll make damned sure he won't want anyone else. Bryan has a bit of a blind spot where his maker is concerned...

- For a man that loves being enclosed in a tiny little box that flies through the air many feet above the ground, he has an intense fear of being locked in a place that resembles a monk's cell. When he was captured by the Spanish and locked away, it was in a tiny room that barely had room to lay down in. Any place that combines this with the sound of dripping water, mold and mildew and the sound of bugs and vermin is an instant panic attack with flashbacks. And Bryan has been known to destroy things while in these flashbacks.

- Bryan fears the sun. Many vampires have made their peace with the sun, but this one hasn't and it isn't likely that he will. He hasn't had his properties adjusted to the sun-proof windows, preferring his heavy, old fashioned curtains. And while he /claims/ that he is pouring money into the research of a plane that he can fly during the day the truth is that if he ever got the thing, he wouldn't fly it during the day. Absolutely not. Again this is something that Catalina likes to poke him with. As a joke once she gave him a parasol to watch his reactions. Bryan is an endless source of amusement to his maker.

7. What is your character's strengths and weaknesses?


- Bryan is practical. Most of the time. This is referenced in everything from his clothing (well made but practical) to his vehicles, to his furniture. He tends to approach things methodically.
- His ability with languages - but that tends to go along with someone who has lived for as long as he has. Most vampires move around a lot, so the European languages tend to come over time. As he was classically educated for his time period by virtue of being part of the nobility.
- Loyal & family oriented. His priorities are Catalina, the few members of his mortal family that he knows of, and then his Clan, then his friends and everyone else a distant second.
- He's a very good musician. He plays the guitar, can sing well, and is very cheerful while practicing his music. He has not learned the piano, but can play many woodwind instruments easily. Often Catalina will play and he will accompany her.


- Stubborn & egotistical. Part of the whole nobility thing, which goes along with an inability to be tactful. Blunt is an understatement.
- Old fashioned and set in his ways. While this might seem to be at odds with his love of planes and little ships and computers, it manifests his OCD really well.
- His fear of the sun is a weakness. One that Catalina has encouraged in him. To the point of phobia
- An inability to admit defeat. Part of being stubborn, but he has to have the last word, he'll argue his point by beating a dead horse. He's slowly learning to walk away rather than continue arguing rather than lose the friendship.
- Not many friends. He has trouble making and keeping them.
- Catalina. Oh hell yeah she's a weakness. No one else can get away with the shit that girl can come up with.

Vampire -

Savage savant -


anal retentive

Hobbies & Skills (for more information, read here)

- piloting (small boats & small planes)
- horseback riding
- computers (games, hardware, and to a lesser degree hacking)
- history & literature
- languages
- religions (studying, not so much practicing)
- weapons & archery for fun.

Cosmetic Traits A slight beard on his chin. nothing fancy or really that unusual.

Quirks and Habits worthy of mention -
The man hums. Whistles. Sings. In the quiet he fills it with music. All quiet. He sings along to elevator music. To music in grocery stores. Even in restaurants. Crazy man. Can remember music and lyrics when he can't remember a person's name or face.

Personal History :

Bryan was born into the Tudor family of England. His mother had married into that family, and as a child he thought it was pretty cool that everyone had to call him 'His Grace'. He liked being a Tudor, and he loved his family, including his nieces Elizabeth and Mary. He was interested in all the usual trappings of nobility - and unlike his niece Mary, he followed the new religion of England and he believed that his family was divinely gifted by God. He found it amusing that his Uncle Henry couldn't get a son, but he loved both of his nieces and loved best chasing Elizabeth around the yard.

As he grew older, he went on several wars with his family. Against Spain, against France and even against his own people. He remained victorious and somehow managed to evade his family's insistence that he marry. Eventually he was wounded in Spain and captured. Locked in a cell, the wound took fever and he would have lost his leg, had it not been for the attentions of the daughter of the keep he was trapped in, Catalina. Catalina had been a vampire for many years, and her family had always kept the secret of what she was. She used her blood to heal Bryan, and the two fell in love, eventually marrying at night of course, and Catalina converted from Catholicism to the English Church when the two returned to England. On their wedding night Catalina turned Bryan, and the two stayed together all of their life. However, before they were married, Catalina used Bryan as her familiar. He hated it, and swore to never take a familiar, feeling that it took the choices of the mortal away. Once they had returned to England, however, the only one who knew was Elizabeth who eventually ascended the throne, but enjoyed her two vampiric family members.

Over the years the two moved throughout Europe, and then eventually to the new world. Sometimes they stayed together, sometimes they took breaks, sometimes they even took other lovers and pawned themselves off as brother and sister. They had one unbreakable rule however - they would not turn any other lovers unless both agreed to it, and that never happened. Most of Catalina's lovers ended up as her familiars, and their love truly deepened to sibling and they stopped being lovers, but remained the closest of friends and passed themselves off as twins. Bryan however, steadfastly refused to take any familiar. He did not like the concept of removing the will of any human.

Catalina chose to stay in California, while Bryan came to Nachton, his clan home, to socialize with other vampires and take a break from his beloved Catalina. Forever is a long time for two people to be tied together, and breaks were necessary. Thankfully by the marvels of technology the two can remain close through email, facetime, IM, text message, skype... And through World of Warcraft.

Now in Nachton he is in the process of renovating a small storefront on the Strip to be a used book store, as every city can use another excellent bookstore, and he is not in business for the money.

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