On that note (private)

They were both so cute that he didn't want to wake them. Jan had drifted awake vaguely remembering some dream of Germany and a river cruise down the Rhine. Frankfurt had been lovely but his inability to lie still any more finally caused him to slowly return to reality. It had been a beautiful trip filled with beer, music, boats and more. They had talked and chatted, taken pictures and relaxed as they drifted along looking at the familiar landscape. Jan pointed out various castles and towns and told stories of people who had lived there. Sometimes the dream showed the countryside as it had looked in his early days as a young vampire, green and vast, with villages here and there instead of larger cities.

He sat up and found a piece of paper and something to write with and began composing some music that had started to form in his head while they were dreaming. Evgeni had become very good at not disturbing his musical dreams and had even began to add violin additions and harmonies to the creation process of his pieces. Julian had played several of those dream inspired pieces with Nox Aeternus and Jan gave Evgeni creative credit on the songs. He was looking forward to these dreams with two musically inclined friends in the future.

Evgeni woke up while he was still writing. Jan put down his composing after a moment and then looked up and smiled.
"Have a nice time?' Leaning over, he gave his companion a good morning kiss in greeting.

"Yes, I did.” Evgeni looked over to where Julian continued to sleep. "I hope he is sleeping well also.'

Jan shrugged.
"He seems peaceful enough.” He grinned mischievously. "We could always wake him up and ask him.” This statement was accompanied by him leaning over barely inches above Julian's face before tilting his head to the side and looking back at his clan mate.

There was a long suffering sigh but also a smile. "Let him sleep. He deserves it and he certainly needs it.”

"Oh fine.” Jan pouted and then handed the music to Evgeni for him to look at. While his friend was pouring over the notes, nodding in some places and frowning thoughtfully in others, Jan surreptitiously reached over and ran his hand lightly through Julian's curls. He was only smoothing them back away from his friend's forehead. That was all.

Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian had slept soundly, and somewhere in the back of his mind he knew he was still mostly asleep but the sounds of early afternoon were filtering through to his head. He tried to cling to the images of their dream-like vacation. Sleeping had never been so good. No nightmares about prison cells, no images of his dead sister calling out to him, bloody and torn. And then the feather-light caress against his hair that let him know last night hadn't been part of the dream. Julian found himself eager to wake up and see his friends in person. He felt a quiet sense of peace and affection in Evgeni, touched with a little amusement. He wanted to open his eyes and see what he might be missing.

Pleasure at the hand in his hair permeated the bond and Julian opened his blue-green eyes at least to see Jan smiling down at him. He turned his face toward the affectionate caress.
"Good morning."

He rolled over to face Jan and felt his sore muscles, not quite as sore as he had expected them to be. More like a pleasant ache that reminded him they had done something absolutely magnificent last night. It lost its glow very suddenly as he sat up; his head exploded into pain, something that had happened most mornings this week and he'd been warned would probably happen with decreasing frequency in the next few. That reassurance didn't help now.

Julian could actually feel the color drain out of his face as he remembered he was still injured and unwell. He'd felt so fucking good last night, he'd damn near forgotten everything but that. He braced his good arm on the mattress and covered his mouth with the injured one, muffling the involuntary sound of pain. The initial pain faded fairly quickly though; faster this morning than it had yesterday morning, receding into a more tolerable throb.

He heaved a sigh of relief, accompanied by a little wince.
"Sorry," he said, knowing the few moments had not gone unnoticed. "They said it would get better. It's only been a couple of days."

He had considered lying back down but he was surrounded now; Evgeni was there as well as Jan. Julian leaned against Evgeni gratefully with a tense little smile, realizing his pain was not entirely his anymore.

"I'm sorry," he said, this time to Evgeni specifically. He touched Evgeni's hand gently. "I didn't want to hurt you."
Evgeni 10 years ago
Evgeni looked up when Julian spoke and then eyed Jan suspiciously. His clan mate was looking innocent, smiling down at Julian as if he had nothing at all to do with their friend's waking. "Good morning. Did you sleep well?”

As soon as Julian sat up, Evgeni felt his head explode with pain. He reached out and took hold of his friend's shoulders, as if steadying him could make it stop. Then he slid over until he was behind Julian and pulled his friend gently against his chest. "Is okay. It will pass.”

Jan got up and filled the glass that was on the side table with fresh water and handed that to Julian so that he could take one of his pain pills.

"It will get better and he's tough.” Jan smiled and nodded toward Evgeni. "You will be fine in no time.”

Then his clan mate laid down with his head in Julian's lap and picked up the musical composition that had been abandoned. "Okay, enough about Julian's brain. Let's talk about me.” He smiled brightly up at both of them and then shook the paper at them.

"Look. This was what we were dreaming about. I really liked that soft violin that faded in after the first eight notes. That was beautiful, whichever one of you came up with that.” They were both violinists and very talented. It could have been either one.

"This part here seems...” Evgeni searched for the words to express his trouble with it.

"Off. I know, it doesn't quite fit the rest of the theme. I was trying to capture the feel of our little European travels there. Give it some old world flair that was distinctly Bavarian but mix it in with the club sound. Its not easy you know.”

"Mmmhmm.” He murmured and nuzzled Julian's neck, having already studied most of the music. "Still not upset, having vampire friends, in light of day?”

"What is not to love?" Jan asked with a smile but looked up, curious to hear Julian's answer.
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian nodded when he was asked if he slept well. He'd slept incredibly well. It wasn't often that he woke up feeling like this, happy and content and eager for the new day. Being nestled up against Evgeni's chest seemed too good to be true, and he closed his eyes as he stayed there, raising himself only briefly to thank Jan for the water and the medication.

He grinned at Jan's perky attitude when he directed the attention away from Julian with a piece of paper he'd apparently been composing on. Julian looked at it, intuitively moving his fingers as he hummed the melody, tapping them against whatever part of Evgeni his hand was resting against.

When Jan mentioned the violin part, Julian nodded his head toward Evgeni to give ownership to that particular violinist. He was certain he'd been too busy getting lost in their dream to compose music, and even if he hadn't been, the melodies running through his head in the past few nights had not been that pleasant. He was almost afraid to pick up his violin for fear that it would just wail at him.

Evgeni distracted him from the music and he smiled softly.
"What's there to be upset about?" He echoed Jan's sentiments. "You're you. Jan's Jan. The rest of it is just icing."

He reached up to his neck and brushed his blond hair away.
"Do I still look tasty the morning after?" He raised his eyebrows and grinned at Evgeni, making his offer clear. He would like to experience the feeling of being bitten again, if only to cement in his head just how real - and how very good - it was. Both of them had been very clear in stating that too often wasn't good but perhaps just one more wouldn't be objectionable.
Evgeni 10 years ago
Evgeni nodded and Jan smiled when Julian stated that they were still themselves despite their coming out as undead. Jan picked up the pencil he had been using and went back to scribbling on the paper, erasing the part that had bothered them both and putting something else down in its place. Occasionally his hand waved in the air to the music in his head and his eyes were shut, a little crease line of concentration drawn in the middle of them.

He looked down as Julian removed the strands of hair away from his neck and asked if he looked tasty still.
"Yes, very tasty." Evgeni leaned down and dragged his fangs gently across the side of Julian's neck. "But also recovering from injury, yes?" He nibbled softly though, not breaking the skin. There was plenty of desire to fulfill the request and plenty of concern for Julian's health as well.

"So we have a little bit of time before we can leave..." Evgeni murmured softly. "What would you like to do?"

"Not that we have to leave..." Jan said, his eyes still closed. "But right now we can't, at least not without some smoking and burning. Zhenya might make it all the way to the truck without looking like stunt double on an action film but I would totally be smoking and not a cool way." He opened his eyes then and smiled up at Julian.

"Yes, what he said, without the running out into the daylight part." Evgeni chuckled and squeezed Julian a little tighter. "We do not have to leave after dark if you do not want us to leave."
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
When Jan laid his head back down Julian rested one arm around his waist. He looked comfortable where he was, and this was definitely not the first time Julian had seen him with a pencil and paper in hand, jotting down musical notes. He wondered what they might come up with if they composed together. Evgeni, too. Music was yet another thing that bound them. Briefly Julian entertained the idea of playing solely with Jan and Nox, or even trying out some efforts with just the three of them. Of course, he hadn't been invited to do so but he could daydream.

When Evgeni leaned down Julian felt a thrill of excitement tempered quickly by mild disappointment when Evgeni mentioned his injury. He reached up and wrapped his arm around his friend.
"Doesn't matter," he murmured with a smile. "Not like I have to run a marathon tonight."

Or any night, for that matter. But he wasn't going to demand attention. He felt fairly certain that there would be more bites in his future and he was looking forward to them. He shook his head when Evgeni asked what he wanted to do, then leaned back against his friend.

"Anything," he said, "especially the things that don't involve the both of you exposing yourself to the sun. Tell me about what it's like, being all vampire-y. You guys are ultra popular right now, you know. Right up there with werewolves and fairies and ghosts and pirates and ninjas."

Then he remembered Tavi was coming over, and felt the strangest surge of dismay and excitement a once. He didn't want this peace he'd found with his friends to come to an end, but he was definitely looking forward to seeing Tavi. He was baffled by it; his whole life, he'd never been the kind to sleep around or anything. Now he had almost more of it than he could handle. Almost. He was going to do his best to keep up with it all.

"Tavi is coming over," he said. "Dinner. Movie. That sort of thing."

He knew Evgeni would feel what he felt. He didn't try to describe it, which was a lifesaver because he wasn't sure he could. He wanted them all, really. What a selfish little monster he would turn into, if that were the case. Already he felt a little greedy. Maybe a lot greedy.

Julian turned his head a little and nuzzled his nose to Evgeni's cheek.
"If you go home," he said to them both even though his face was turned away from Jan, "will you come back again later? Tomorrow night?" He was already wondering how Tavi would feel about Jan and Evgeni remaining but that was pretty much out of the question if she wanted more of what they'd done the previous night. What were Jan and Evgeni going to do, go for a very very long walk? Watch TV? Play cards at the foot of the bed?

He wanted them back. Not just because he didn't want to be alone but because he just wanted them here. He really was going to have to find a larger apartment. His studio just wasn't cutting it anymore.
Jan 10 years ago
Jan chuckled and looked up at Julian. "We appreciate the vote for indoor activities."

Julian asked them to tell him what it was like to be a vampire because they were obviously very popular right now. "We haven't always been so 'in vogue'. It is both easier now and harder." He shrugged and looked up at Evgeni.

"I work with crime lab. It is so very detailed these days." His clan mate shrugged.

"Getting away with murder was much easier just a half century ago." Jan smiled up at Julian. "Not that we would be murdering or anything. I am just saying there are those are less restrained."

"The cities are bigger and it is easier to hide what we are. The invention of the electric light was a blessing to vampires because people didn't lock themselves in their homes after dark as often. And now..." Jan spread his hands wide. "there are interesting things going on at all hours in a city like this. It is a great time to be...err, well that is up for debate."

He slid Julian's hand up to his heart.
"It still beats and pumps blood through my body, just slower. Some say we are dead and some say we are just different. I say its working whatever it is."

"Undead is stupid term." Evgeni commented and then went back to running his lips along Julian's neck.

"But it sounds cool. I mean I'd rather be considered the sexy undead instead of the gross one. What the hell is up with the zombie popularity right now anyway? Zombies are not sexy, not cool and not very smart. At least from what I've heard."

Speaking of myths made real, Julian mentioned Tavi. His werewolf girlfriend was going to come over tonight. They should probably hit the road at the first opportunity. Nothing says awkward quite like showing up for a date to find two vampires wrapped around your potential boyfriend.

"We will come back tomorrow if you want. Maybe we will take you with us to Eternity. You can watch from the front row and give your replacement a hard time." Jan smiled up at Julian and Evgeni.

"Is only temporary. As soon as you can make your darling sing again the job is yours." Evgeni smiled into Julian's neck. He had long since gotten over any hard feelings about Julian playing with Nox Aeternus instead of him. Jan had pointed out that two violinists would be awesome also and that Julian couldn't be there all the time. The band had adopted both of them as members and treated them like part of the quirky family.

"So what movie are you planning on seeing?"
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian smirked impishly at Jan. Maybe when he was more familiar with what they were he would make a sun-tanning joke, but not yet. He wanted to really understand what they were first. Then he'd start poking them about it.

It seemed a story was forthcoming, and that was kind of what he wanted. He relaxed with a contented sigh against Evgeni, who was still tormenting his neck. When Jan moved Julian's hand to his heart Julian nodded and left it there. He had noticed that, somewhere in the back of his head while the three of them slept. It was interesting and sort of comforting to know their bodies still worked sort of the same.

Evgeni paused long enough to comment on terminology and then his mouth returned to Julian's neck, which was starting to drive him a little crazy. Little sparks of desire shot through him and it actually pleased him, knowing he still felt this way this morning. He had worried he'd awaken to find it awkward or undesirable but no. Whatever they'd stirred up in him last night was still kicking and didn't seem to be fading at all.

He chuckled at Jan's opinion of zombies and shrugged the shoulder that was farther away from Evgeni.
"Zombies are the next big thing. Soon you guys will be unpopular again and it's going to be all brains, brains, brains wherever you look."

That thought wasn't so appealing to him. Blood was bad enough; he did get a little squeamish around it but brains and meaty things were exponentially worse. Julian could totally sleep through the zombie pop culture thing.

He was a little relieved when his friends seemed to understand about Tavi. It still confused Julian a little, feeling this way for three different people. He knew if this continued he would have to eventually make a choice, but that day wasn't today and it probably wasn't even this weekend so he was simply going to enjoy it while he had it.

He smiled and nodded when Jan brought up Eternity.
"That would be nice."

Once more Evgeni paused at Julian's neck; his hand tightened around his friend.
"I can't even play yet," he said softly, upset at the thought. He wasn't supposed to even pick up his violin for the rest of this week and that bothered him. He had found himself frantically practicing fingerings against his leg. It took practice to keep up his level of performance and he was missing out on a lot of that. He closed his eyes and sighed, leaning into Evgeni again, a little ache in his chest wanting more to banish the worry that he might never play.

He shook his head when Jan asked what movie they were going to see.
"I don't know," he said. "We sort of left it up in the air, pending my disappearing headache and all that."

Julian wasn't up for a long night out and Tavi knew it. But he thought he could handle sitting in a theater. Dinner might have to be take out again, but it all depended on how he felt. For all he know the movie would only make his head hurt again but he would discover that until he tried. At the moment it was becoming harder and harder to think in detailed thoughts when Evgeni was playing with him like that. Julian gave a soft hum of pleasure; he really liked this. He thought about what had happened the previous night and his level of arousal went straight through the roof. Yep. Definitely no change int that since last night.
Evgeni 10 years ago
Jan threw his arms up in the air and mumbled brains. "Better practice now so we can blend into the crowd.”

Evgeni shook his head negatively.
"No, thank you very much.” He turned back to Julian and smiled into the dark blond curls. "I wouldn't mind eating Julian again though.” Through the bond it was clear what parts he was thinking of eating.

"I doubt you're planning on eating his brain though.” Jan added without the need of a bond. "Still very unsexy. Necks are sexy, thighs are sexy. Even wrists are sexy but brains? Disgusting.”

They moved on to talking about the next night and Jan mentioned Eternity and bringing Julian along. He thought it was a good idea even if a part of Julian would be sad that he couldn't join them on the stage. Evgeni could feel the need to play and the worry that it wouldn't happen again coming from his friend. [You will play again. Don't worry. Is your bow hand and was a clean break. I saw the X-rays. You will be fine.]

He had an idea. It was one that he wouldn't have mentioned before last night and sitting this close to Julian and having his friend be more than okay with his presence. [If you wish we can practice together. I can sit behind you and work the bow and you hold the violin and do the fingering. It will probably sound...interesting in the beginning but I think we can make it work between us.]

Julian explained that he and Tavi were going to a movie they had yet to decide upon. He could feels his friend's excitement and disappointment all at the same time. [We'll be here when you're ready.] Evgeni hugged Julian a little tighter. [We aren't going anywhere.] They didn't have to figure any of this out today. He and Jan hadn't officially figured themselves out so there was no reason to make Julian hurry. His new girlfriend might have other ideas but that would be up to her and Julian. He and Jan weren't going to judge no matter what he decided nor would they demand a choice from Julian that excluded other people. They were vampires and there was a certain amount of social necessity from even the most antisocial of them.

"Hey you guys. I can't hear the head talk. Hmm?” Jan reached back and poked first one and then the other of them.
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian couldn't respond to Jan when Evgeni was making things so hard. Literally. He doubted his lap was a very comfortable place for Jan's head right now. Evgeni either had the patience of a saint, or was some kind of sadist, or... something. Julian gritted his teeth against a soft moan.

"I never considered wrists sexy," Julian said, reaching over to Jan's arm, lifting it up, and inspecting said body part. "But then, I've never actually sucked on one."

He did so, closing his lips gently over the sensitive skin on the underside of it. He smiled against it; Jan's skin tasted like all of them. It was nice. He released it after a moment and tilted his head sideways.
"Okay, it was sexy enough."

Evgeni had to have felt his anxiety about playing, for he addressed it silently to Julian. Julian released Jan and covered Evgeni's hand with his own, squeezing. [It's not that,] he sent back. [I know my right hand will be fine. It's my head.] He frowned, and felt his anxiety rise again. [I keep trying to remember the fingerings and forgetting them halfway through. The music just leaves me.]

It occurred to him that that might be exactly why the doctor had told him to leave his violin alone for a week or two. As a concert violinist, Julian couldn't have a music stand and sheet music in front of him. He had to memorize everything, and that wasn't usually a big deal. He had a good memory. Now, though, he was forgetting the simplest passages, things he'd known for years. He was trying to be patient since the people who knew about such matters had seemed like that wasn't a huge problem in this first week but it still created what felt like the beginnings of a panic attack.

Evgeni sent him words of reassurance regarding Tavi, and Julian felt his heart swell. Was this a vampire thing? Were they all so open and accepting? Or was it just Evgeni and Jan? Julian felt like he'd been missing something in himself for a long time that he had found with them, only he hadn't known it had been missing until he'd found it. He turned his head, lifting his arm up to wrap around Evgeni's neck and tug him down gently. Then he kissed him softly. When Jan complained Julian released Evgeni, leaned forward, and pressed his lips to Jan's as well by way of response.
Evgeni 10 years ago
Watching Julian sucking on Jan's wrist was a vision that brought with it instant heat. The hardness was already there, pressed against Julian's back, a testimony to their combined enjoyment of each other and this taste of Jan.

[Perhaps later, we should include him in a bond as well.] Evgeni looked down at Jan who was cradling his wrist and looking up at Julian with soft eyes that were obviously thinking of other parts of him that wanted to be kissed or of returning the favor. He was not entirely sure which. [Not today. We give this time. And when we bond to him we make it special also. Yes?] Evgeni wanted to see what Julian's thoughts were about the idea. It occurred to him that Jan was now left out in a more substantial way than the rest of them. They were both vampires and Julian was not. They both played in the band but Evgeni did not. He and Julian were bonded and Jan was not. That last one was far more defining than the other two and he could see it eventually causing a rift between the three of them that he did not want to ever see.

Julian leaned down and addressed the mind speaking issue by kissing Jan tenderly. He heard a muffled sigh in a response and watched as Jan's hands reached up to gently cup Julian's face.

"We were speaking of violin practice is all.”

And speaking of that he answered Julian's concerns. [It is a concussion. It takes time to heal. You do not have significant memory loss or behavior differences. Your cognitive abilities will improve when it heals. A good part of the problem is likely the medication and the pain. It will take a little time and then it will be normal again. We can practice the fingerings every night if you wish. I will bring my violin.]

"Sounds less interesting than sexy parts of the body.” Jan said with a smirk. He rolled over in Julian's lap and placed his lips against the inside of their friend's thigh. His lips brushed along it lightly before Jan picked a spot and bit down gently, sucking and teasing the spot with his tongue. "thighs are sexy.” He murmured softly against Julian's heated flesh.

"I think research is deserving more thorough investigation, yes?” Evgeni looked at Julian and smiled. Perhaps this time they should start with Jan. Easing his way out from behind his friend, Evgeni leaned down Jan. He licked a long line along his clan mate's spine and then blew cool air across the surface, enjoying the resulting shiver. "Backs can be sexy, da?”

"Mmmhmm” Came the muffled response. Evgeni looked up at Julian and grinned.
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian didn't try to conceal his surprise from Evgeni. [You're not bonded to each other already?] Shame on him for making assumptions but... Well, he had definitely assumed it. Evgeni stated that they would make it special and Julian smiled at that. There was no way he'd object although Evgeni seemed to be giving him the option to. Why would he? This gift was Evgeni's. Julian certainly wasn't going to dictate who he should use it on. Part of him wanted to encourage Evgeni to do it now, but another part said he was right. It should be something special.

Jan reached up to touch Julian's face and Julian smiled down at him. Evgeni explained what they'd been discussing and continued to offer some reassurance, which was sweet. Julian let the panic fade, to be replaced with the calm assurance he felt from Evgeni instead and the desire and warmth he felt without the need of a bond from Jan.

When Jan skimmed his mouth over Julian's thigh he sucked in a harsh breath of air. Considering they'd all slept without a stitch on, his state of arousal was very clear. Having Jan bite down, feeling his warm mouth, Julian moaned softly.

"Fuck," he swore softly. "That shouldn't feel so good should it?"

But damn if it didn't have him remembering last night vividly. He was already eager for more. Evgeni moved away and bent over Jan, playfully teasing his back. Jan's muffled response was adorable. Sliding out from beneath him Julian lay down and brushed Jan's hair away from his ear.

"Ears can be sexy."

He gently nipped at the delicate outer shell of Jan's ear before sliding the very top of his tongue along it. He took the soft lobe into his mouth and sucked a little. Then he traveled down to Jan's jaw and kissed along it to his lips, waiting for him to turn his head. Then he gently bit those too, flicking his tongue against Jan's mouth.

"And mouths. Especially yours."

And oh, did he ever want that mouth to be doing more. More kissing, sucking, biting, and definitely more moaning and maybe some screaming too.
Evgeni 10 years ago
Evgeni felt Julian's surprise and felt guilty and ashamed. [I was scared. It had been used badly. It made me not want to be so close again. I felt her die and though I hated her there was still a loss and an emptiness.] He looked down at Jan and smiled softly. [I should have known better. I can see now, thanks to you, that using it again was what I needed. A good connection, a healthy one, to help reclaim my abilities as my own.]

[Jan deserves trust.] He should have asked Jan to bond with him a long time ago. Of course neither of them could manage to claim to be actually dating each other seriously so asking Jan to create a bond with him that would last the rest of their immortal lives seemed out of the question.

Now it seemed less so. Evgeni thought there was a good chance that Jan would not say no.

His clan mate was very distracting, eliciting a vehement response from Julian. Evgeni moaned softly, feeling the same pleasure, and then smiled at Julian.
"I am thinking so."

"I was certainly hoping so." Jan murmured, tilting his head to the side and giving Julian a lazy grin.

His partner in mischief decided that ears were sexy and set about proving it. Evgeni knew that Jan actually very much loved having his ears nibbled on and that it would definitely produce the desired affect. Jan's eyes closed and he sighed softly, staying very still for Julian as he nibbled and teased.
Mouths were pronounced sexy and Evgeni agreed that Jan's was especially so. His full soft lips with their wry smiles and smug smirks were beautiful and expressive. Jan hummed a doubtful sound, likely just so that he could be shown, and as soon as he turned his head those sounds were swallowed by Julian's kiss. It was beautiful, deep and passionate and Evgeni longed for such a kiss himself, from each of them.

There was still their little game though.
"Asses could definitely be sexy." He leaned down and placed his lips against the mound of one tight cheek. One finger slid up to Jan's tailbone and followed the crevice feather light all the way down. Evgeni scraped his teeth along the soft skin and felt Jan tighten beneath his mouth.

The singer rolled over when he was done and looked first at Julian and then at him. "Please tell me dicks are sexy." He gave them each another pleading look that made Evgeni smile.
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian felt compassion for Evgeni when he spoke silently to him about the bond. He was curious to hear the full story but he understood what Evgeni was saying, and he didn't think he should feel shame or guilt. He thought Jan would understand too.

[He does deserve trust. So do you.] Julian let the smile show in his thoughts, or he hoped, as his mouth was currently otherwise occupied.

They continued to tease Jan enjoying each of his responses. Julian noted the way he went still when his ear was being played with and he made himself a quiet promise to revisit that later as he kissed Jan deeply. When he rolled over with a saucy plea Julian laughed softly.

He glanced at Evgeni, a little smile tipping his lips up.
"I'm not going to argue with that statement," he said, "new to the opinion as I may be."

He was lying alongside Jan so he let his hand drift down, fingertips tracing into the hollow of Jan's hip, down to the crevice where his thigh joined his body. Without tormenting Jan too much further he gently wrapped his hand around him and stroked once, softly, before gliding down to his balls and playing with the warm weight of them.

Evgeni was in a much better position than Julian was for this sort of play, so Julian simply teased and stroked the base of Jan's cock, lowering his lips to Jan's ear again.

[Zhenya, are you sure? About waiting?]

There was something special happening in this time together in Julian's tiny studio. Something exceptional. It had changed him, for sure. What if it altered when they walked out the door and they couldn't get it back? He pulled away from Jan and looked at him.

"Would you say this is a pretty special thing happening right now?" His lips quirked up into an impish smile and he glanced back at Evgeni.
Evgeni 10 years ago
Evgeni was grateful for Julian's words and feelings. That his friend didn't believe he was wrong or cowardly for not having approached Jan earlier about his bonding.

[Yes, it is special time.] He agreed and watched them both thoughtfully as Jan writhed under Julian's ministrations. He loved them. He could not lie through a bond and he should not lie to Jan. He wanted the same truth with both of them. They meant the world to him. They were so much of his world even before a bond. The things and times he loved the most involved them.

Jan was now looking at him with curiosity and concern.

[No, I am not sure about waiting. I am thinking it is the right time now.]
Jan 10 years ago
Jan wasn't sure what Julian was talking about. There was some unspoken conversation going on and he vaguely wondered whether he was the topic. A part of his brain said that it was simply paranoia. Just like when people in an elevator speak a different language many people assume they must be talking about them.

He couldn't much be bothered to wonder or worry about it. Not with Julian playing with him like he was. Jan tilted his head to the side to allow his friend access to his ear, all the while enjoying the hand that played with him elsewhere. He opened his legs and moaned softly as Julian's hand toyed with his very sexy cock and...were balls sexy? Jan wasn't so sure but he wasn't going to complain about the attention they were getting.

After a moment or two he noticed that Evgeni wasn't touching him at all. He opened his eyes and turned to look at his clan mate. The Russian was staring at him thoughtfully. Several expressions crossed his friend's face that looked like doubt and hope but he couldn't be sure. They resolved themselves into a look he knew well, having seen it often. Determination.

"It is special occasion." Evgeni's eye flickered up briefly toward Julian and then came to rest upon him once more.

"Special?" Jan looked from one of them to the other in hopes that he might figure out what they were talking about.

"There is something I want to ask you. Something I want to say." Evgeni was serious.

Jan sat up, placing a hand on Julian lying next to him. He stroked his friend's shoulder, arm and side whether to pleasure Julian or to comfort himself, he wasn't sure.
"Of course, Zhenya." Something about the tone said this was important.

"I love you."

The words made Jan blink. He wasn't sure he heard correctly; the two of them weren't known for endearments.

Evgeni pushed on. "I am not asking you to change. I want you to know that. That I love you and I will always come back."

Jan nodded, understanding now what Evgeni meant. He smiled crookedly at the sentiment that he had been afraid to say for fear of driving off the person he most cared about.
"I love you too, Mikhail."

The sound of his birth name seemed to have startled Evgeni. He stopped and gave Jan a very close look before smiling. "Good."

"I was afraid." Evgeni confessed. "of my bonding. Afraid to ask you. Afraid to be bonded to another vampire. I didn't ask because of those things...not because of you."

"I know." Jan smiled softly. "I understand. It is okay." He didn't need to be bonded to Evgeni if it made his friend, boyfriend?, uncomfortable.

"I was stupid."

Jan raised his eyebrows at the words and then frowned trying to understand why Evgeni thought his fears were unfounded. Sofia had given him plenty of reason for them and Jan understood those reasons.

"I want to bond with you." Evgeni came forward and reached out a hand to stroke his cheek. "This bond with Julian. He show me it is very different. Not at all the same. Is special." Jan couldn't help feeling a stab of jealousy go through him. He wanted to be special to Evgeni. He would also admit that he wanted to be special to Julian too. He was greedy like that.

Then the other words that Evgeni had said sunk in. Jan looked up into his clan mate's very red eyes.
"You do?" His voice sounded small and hopeful to his own ears.

"I do." Those eyes regarded him steadily, quite calmly for someone who had just admitted to being afraid a few moments earlier.

Jan then realized Evgeni was waiting for him to say something, to accept or decline. He looked at the lover he had for several years now and then he looked back at Julian, seeking assurance from his friend already bonded to Evgeni that he thought it was okay.

It dawned on him that they had been talking about him after all.
"I want to be bonded with you...with both of you, if I could." He wanted Julian to know that he would do the same with him if he had the ability to do it.

Evgeni moved around behind him and pulled him into his arms. After a moment Julian sat up and slid in behind Evgeni. Jan could feel the violist arms against his back and knew that his clan mate was being held the same way.

Jan looked down and smiled crookedly as Evgeni raised his wrist for him. The position was both the same and very different from the very first time they had ever done this. He stroked the skin of his companion's wrist thoughtfully.
"We've given and taken blood from each other before, many times."

"It requires intent...I had to be very careful many times not to bond with you without your permission." Scenes from very intimate moments played through his mind and he knew that Evgeni could have easily just let the bond happen.

"Ah, thank you for asking." Jan said softly and raised Evgeni's wrist to his mouth. He bit down and drew the blood up slowly, savoring that first taste of his companion. Jan heard the moan behind him and sucked down harder and then another harder still. Evgeni leaned against him, shudders of pleasure running through his body with each pull. Jan felt the same erotic tug on his own senses and tried to imagine what it would feel like to feel both their pleasure at the same time. He would soon know.
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian moved out of the way so that Jan and Evgeni could be together as they talked. Evgeni's statement of love made something tug inside of Julian. He could feel through their bond that Evgeni cared strongly for him. Loved, he supposed. He wanted to hear it out loud someday. It didn't have to be now; there was no jealousy on his end, surprisingly. Everything that had happened to him in the past few days was so jumbled together he didn't think he had room for any more emotion than he already had. All he knew was that it felt surprisingly right to include Jan in this.

Or maybe not so surprisingly. Jan was part of it already. What would it feel like to have him bonded to Evgeni? Would Julian feel it too?

When Jan said he wanted to be bonded to Julian, Julian gave him a sad, wistful smile in return. He wanted it too. He'd never had friends or a lover of any sort who he got along with half as well as he did with Jan and Evgeni. Sharing everything with them seemed natural to him. He loved it. He didn't know what would happen when they left this room. Would they still want him in the same way? Would he go back to being just plain Julian, good friend and nothing else, except he'd get to know what they felt about everything? Maybe that was why he was so reluctant for this to end now. He wanted it to keep going, even as the rest of his life moved forward. He wanted it to move forward with them in it.

When Evgeni gathered Jan up, Julian only waited a moment before shifting himself over to sit behind Evgeni. He wanted to hold them both, and he was gratified and flattered to be part of this. The only thing he regretted was that he couldn't really be involved. He could be present, and that was it.

He turned his head away when Jan bit into Evgeni's wrist. He pressed his cheek against Evgeni's back and squeezed his arms around his friends, closing his eyes and tensing at the very sudden flood of arousal that Evgeni felt. Julian rubbed his cheek against Evgeni's skin, moving one arm and wrapping it around Evgeni's waist.

It was then that he thought of Tavi, although she'd been flirting around in and out of his head since she'd left yesterday morning. God, what could he possibly tell her about all of this? Jan and Evgeni obviously didn't seem to mind that he was seeing her. He would have felt it if Evgeni, at any rate, had been bothered by it. That both pleased and saddened Julian. On the one hand, he liked Tavi a lot and wanted to continue seeing her. On the other, he wanted Jan and Evgeni to claim him and be possessive of him. Just a little.

And then, of course, there was the fact that he couldn't lie to Tavi and she probably wouldn't like this. Not many women would, Julian didn't think. Had he just given up on her though? Because he couldn't take the bond away from Evgeni and he knew he wouldn't even if he could.

Julian hated ultimatums but he was starting to think they sort of came as a package now. Get Julian, get his bond with Evgeni. Julian wouldn't turn his friends down if they wanted to do this again. Hell, he wanted it again. He was conflicted, but pleasantly so, he supposed.

He put it on the back burner for now, because his head would hurt if he thought about it too hard. Something would hurt, anyway, and right now he didn't have room for that. He just wanted to enjoy what was happening between Jan and Evgeni.

Lifting his head a little he nuzzled into Evgeni's neck and kissed it gently.
"Finish it, Zhenya," he whispered. "Please."

He knelt up behind Evgeni and tugged Jan closer, a little afraid of what might happen. If Jan and Evgeni bonded, would Evgeni need Julian anymore? Would he regret having bonded with Julian? He didn't think so, but what Evgeni felt right now might not be what he felt tomorrow.

Regardless, it was only fair for Jan to have what Julian had. After all, he and Evgeni had been together longer and Julian was really just kind of an interloper. But his worries didn't matter. Julian really did care for them both. He loved them, too, and this was good for them. It was right.

Leaning over Evgeni's shoulder he kissed Jan softly on his lips and brushed his hair away from his neck. Then he turned his head and pressed his lips to Evgeni's, tasting them both together.

"This is good," he said softly, a little smile on his lips. Whether he remained with them in any capacity or not, it was the right thing to happen.
Evgeni 10 years ago
He closed his eyes and sighed softly, leaning against Jan's back for a moment as he savored the lingering pleasure of Jan's bite even after it was over. Evgeni could hear Julian just over his shoulder speaking quietly, telling him to finish it.

Evgeni smiled and nodded, happy that they both wanted this. Julian leaned up around him and pulled Jan in closer for a kiss. Evgeni took the time to favor Jan's neck with a one also and then turned to Julian who gifted him with a kiss as well. His friend's emotions were complicated but mostly positive and for someone who had only been bonded for a day, he thought that was a good thing. His own emotions were also mostly positive. His one worry would be that Jan would grow tied of him and of this closeness. They had centuries ahead of them but he knew that if that happened it would still never be as bad as Sofia. Jan just wasn't capable of being that cruel.

Leaning down, he did as Julian suggested. He could have teased Jan's neck with kisses and licks before biting him but now that they had made a decision he found that he couldn't bare to wait a second more. Evgeni slowly sank his fangs into Jan's neck. He sucked very gently, concentrating on his companion's blood and willing it to become a part of him. The next draw from the wound sent a dual stab of pleasure through him, his and Jan's and Julian's as well. Evgeni finished with one last deep draw and reveled in the feeling of intense pleasure that coursed through them all.

[It is good.] He sent to them both [It is better than good. This is wonderful.] Evgeni hugged Jan tightly then leaned back into Julian.

"Now where were we?" He leaned forward again. "Ah, necks are sexy, yes?" Evgeni kissed a light line of them down the neck that he had just bitten.

Sliding out from between them, he returned to the front of Jan and moved over enough for him to lie down again. Jan tilted his head sideways and then moved to the side also. "You lay down."

Evgeni frowned
"But you were going first."

"I understand the sense of fair play but humor me." Jan grinned. "I am curious." Evgeni could feel exactly that from his clan mate and more. He obediently laid down on the bed and then looked up at Jan, spreading his arms as if to say 'okay, now what'

"If I touch you." Jan reached out and stroked his fingers lightly over his chest. "I feel it and Julian feels it." He smiled then. "So if we both were to please you we would also please each other."

"Da, is correct." Evgeni sighed softly, looking from one to the other. He could see more times when they would gang up on him like this in the future. Oh to be so troubled.

"Good, I thought so." Jan smiled over at Julian before leaning down to kiss him deeply. He was so intent on Jan's lips and his tongue that was demanding access to his mouth that he didn't notice any other part of Jan move until his lover's hand was wrapped around his cock. The strokes were slow and gentle; Jan moaned quietly against his mouth in pleasure.

His clan mate leaned back and quickened the pace. Evgeni gasped and sighed, arching his back and crying out. He felt his own pleasure and theirs while Jan continued to play.

"This has got to be the best masturbation I have ever done." The singer smirked at him impishly. Evgeni rolled his eyes heavenward and then closed them tightly again as Jan continued to torment him for the sake of testing the bond between them all. He could also feel Jan's love, his happiness and excitement. It was soothing and told him that they had done the right thing. However, Jan's hand was anything but soothing.

He tilted his head up and looked at Julian. "He is going to drive me crazy. Perhaps it was not such a good idea." They could both feel that he meant not one word of what he said.
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Wow... woah. Holy shit. Julian felt Egveni's pleasure when he bit into Jan's neck and then, shortly after, it intensified. He could only presume that that was coming from Jan, the one being bitten. Evgeni felt what Jan felt and Julian felt what Evgeni felt so, logically, Julian would feel a little of what Jan felt too. He didn't know if it was the same sensation he'd get if he and Jan were bonded to each other but suddenly the connection between the three of them felt complete. What had been enjoyable with Evgeni now felt even better, with Jan's emotions tangled in. Julian had to close his eyes for a moment while he sat there embracing Evgeni, trying to sort out who was who. After a second or two he realized he couldn't do it and he gave up trying and let himself sink into that comfortable little world where they all existed together now.

He chuckled at the minor altercation between Jan and Evgeni, nodding when Jan won out, catching some of the infectiousness of Jan's experimental curiosity. He watched the sight of the two of them kissing as he sat by himself near Evgeni's head, and then smiled when Jan's hand began to stroke Evgeni slowly, then with more enthusiasm. He gave a soft sigh of pleasure.

"What makes you think I'm not going to help him?" He said with a little grin at Evgeni when their friend 'complained' about being driven crazy. "If we feel what you feel, it's good. But that isn't the only way to tease you and get something out of it."

Julian turned his blue-green eyes to Jan. "It's still your turn," he pointed out. He could take both sides of this argument. With a soft kiss for Evgeni, he moved away so he was curled around Jan instead. He dipped his head to Jan's neck and sucked lightly, then traveled up to his ear and toyed with it, feeling the little spikes of pleasure coming from Jan through Evgeni. He let his hand drift down until he found Jan's cock once again and began to stroke it gently. What Jan felt, Evgeni felt. And that transferred to Julian. Pleasuring Jan meant pleasuring Evgeni too, and himself, as Jan had observed.

He pulled away a little and murmured to Jan,
"Turn a little? So I can reach you better."

He gave a gentle stroke with his hand, brushing his thumb over Jan's tip. He would gladly taste him while he was busy touching Evgeni; in that way Evgeni would be getting the brunt of the sensation, too. Julian had to wonder just how quickly they could overwhelm him... and if they could do the same while Evgeni wasn't even in the room. Maybe he could talk Jan into that experiment next.
Jan 10 years ago
Jan smirked at Evgeni when Julian suggested that he would be helping in the plan to totally overwhelm Evgeni's senses. He could tell already that it would be an easy thing to do.

It wasn't just about the physical sensations of the bond. He was happily exploring them, feeling light headed, happy and excited. The exuberant playfulness was the result of the mix. Evgeni's feelings for him, made very real and undeniable through the bond between them cleared up all the tension in their relationship. Hearing Evgeni admit how he felt before they were bonded had been amazing too. They never had to speak of it again and that would be fine. He wasn't the mushy sort but he liked knowing and now he would.

Instead of being an outsider watching Julian and Evgeni, Jan now felt they all belonged together. He smiled when Julian leaned down to kiss his clan mate and raised his eyebrows when his friend's attention turned toward him.

"Who, what?...no, no.." He started to protest until Julian came over close and began kissing his neck and then nibbling on his ear. "Okay, yes, it is definitely" He gasped as Julian's hand reached down and began to stroke his erection. "my turn." Jan finished weakly.

Evgeni sighed and closed his eyes tighter as the multitude of sensations hit him.

[You could come up here and join us.] Jan was kind of digging this sending thing.

[You just told me to lay down.] Evgeni protested, opening his eyes and looking up at Jan.

[Yes well that was before it was my turn.] Jan added happily. He could feel Evgeni's sigh of frustration and the amused willingness to go along with his whims.

The Russian pushed his hand away and then sat up, scooting closer to him. Jan had turned himself a little sideways at Julian's request. Evgeni was now on the other, wrapping his long legs around them both.

"Hmm, now this has merit." Jan smiled and reached his hand back down to Evgeni, stroking gently. His other hand reached down and wrapped itself around Julian. The collective wave of pleasure from the three of them was shocking, surreal and yet all too physically real. The orgasm quickly on its way boded to be one of those that was intense enough to have him nearly passing out. Jan wondered if that would be the case for all of them.

"This is how people become shut ins." He exclaimed in amusement, images of the three of them spending their days doing so much more of this very thing to the exclusion of most everything else came instantly.

Jan looked over at Julian, leaning over to kiss him tenderly and then with more passion, tasting his friend's lips and then demanding access to the rest. He delved and explored while his mind whirled, pleasure filled and fuzzy.

[What about his girlfriend? And us, later. Do you think he will still want us?]

[Yes, it is sudden but he is happy. I don't think he wants it to change.]

[And Tavi?]

[He wants her too.] Jan smiled against Julian's lips at that reply. That should be something very interesting to explain to the werewolf. Jan hoped she didn't want to throw him around again but he'd be better prepared if she did. Much better him than Julian; he wasn't so breakable.

Jan could feel Evgeni's shift in emotions that went with their discussion. They mirrored his own, concern, sympathy, worry and a little possessiveness. They wouldn't keep Julian from seeing Tavi and they wouldn't even mind but they both would be upset if Julian was taken from them.

"We were just thinking about the future. Tomorrow night and the night after." Jan regarded Julian seriously, even slowing his ministrations to a near halt while he spoke. "What do you want to happen?"
Julian Stephenson 10 years ago
Julian could feel the slight detachment in Evgeni's personality, linked tightly with his, and he thought it meant his friends were communicating silently with each other. He heard Evgeni's sigh as Julian touched Jan instead and felt the wave of sensations sweep over them. It was incredible, to be able to feel what someone else felt. Two someones; there was another layer to Evgeni now as Julian kissed and nipped at Jan's ear and neck. He could feel that, too, a more ghostly sensation.

Evgeni sat up and joined them on Jan's other side, apparently in agreement that there was still plenty more to be done there, and within a minute they were pleasantly tangled up together. Julian was losing track of who was touching who, lost in the tripled sensations that coursed through him. The distressing thought occurred to him that he should probably beg Evgeni and Jan to behave themselves on nights he was performing. He didn't think he'd be able to focus enough to play if he was in front of a huge audience and, across the city, his two friends decided it was time to get it on.

That thought was swept away as Jan kissed him. Julian moaned softly at the tender caress and then relented completely as Jan took his mouth in a much deeper kiss, his hand stroking, his tongue searching. Julian closed his eyes and shivered as wave after wave of arousal hit him; it was going to take him no time to come. He was most of the way there now.

Patience came in the form of a question as Jan puled away and nearly stopped. Julian made a soft sound of disappointment before Jan's words sank in. Sitting back a little he blinked at them, trying to pull his head out of the fog of mutual pleasure he'd sunk into.

What did he want to happen? What he would have said last week was vastly different from what he'd have said three nights ago, which was different from what he'd have said last night.
"I don't know," he said, his voice coming out slightly hoarse, cracking a little as he forced it to make actual words instead of little moans.

"I didn't exactly plan for this," he said with a wry smile. "Having it, though, I don't... I don't want to go back. I don't want you to leave. I don't want to be alone again, here or in my head."

Julian wouldn't trade this for the world. He knew that. Even as he said it, though, there was a wave of regret for what it meant for him and Tavi. How could he expect her to be all right with any of this? Better to find out now, he supposed, than to have strung her along for months before this sort of thing happened, he guessed. But even the thought of telling her he couldn't be with her at all was... distressing. They were friends, if nothing more, but he had so very much enjoyed the 'more.'

Julian gave a soft sigh and fell back against his pillow, mindful of his head. He looked at Jan and Evgeni, not even sure if he was a necessary part of their equation. He felt so right here with them both but they'd been together before he was in the picture and he was pretty sure they'd do just fine if he stayed on the edges. He just didn't particularly want to be on the edges.

"I don't think my future was ever so confusing," he said softly. "I just know that I want you both, and I care about her," they would know which 'her' he was referring to, "and it's all a mess but this..." he gestured between the three of them, "this needs to stay. If you want it to."

From where he lay he watched both of them, trying to look calm but not feeling very calm. He was aroused; he was a little afraid both of their rejection and of having to reject someone else he cared about; he was lots of things. If they could help him sort through it all, more the better. What he wanted immediately was Jan's mouth back on his, Evgeni's body touching his... they felt like they were part of him.