*pokes Miya*

Were you going to respond in the Babylon thread? If not, we can just move along.

Miya 10 years ago
Yes! I'm sorry, I was ill yesterday and slept most of today. If tonight follows last night I'll be up until 5 or 6 am. I want to write, truly I do <3
Jacob 10 years ago
Oh I hope you feel better!
Miya 10 years ago
My heart decided a week ago that it needed to start thundering, with the at rest pulse above 130. I had to endure tests and blood draws to check for evil things like lupus and other bad autoimmune diseases, and an ekg and it was bad. They changed my heart medication, but there is a mixup with the pharmancy and it's 3 days later and I still don't have the new medication so I'm still dealing with that, being stuck in my second floor apartment because stairs are not my friend.

I'm really hoping that the pharmancy has the new heart med in, because I don't want to endure an entire weekend of a hurting heart. But the good news was the ekg showed a normal rhythm, it's just really, really fast and that sort of strain on the heart isn't good.

But in the realm of happy, I got my a1c back down to what it ws before I started on insulin, and I've lost 19 pounds in 3 months. And 'll take that,happily take that and cheer. Because good news is rare and I'm pretty proud of myself.
Jacob 10 years ago
You should be proud! /applauds you!

I hope they get the right meds in for you so you can get to feeling better.
Eiryk 10 years ago
agrees with above. That is a lot going on....
Miya 10 years ago
None of the bloodwork is back, but the new heart med works decently well...until it stopped working around midnight. This one has to be taken twice a day but it works fairly quickly and I was feeling good enough to go out tonight to the local bdsm munch. Absolutely horrible food, but the company was nice and we ended back at our friend Melody's where her puppy plopped in my lap and licked me until I giggled. Ten minutes of straight giggling then he decided his work was done and wandered off.

It was kinky craft night as two of the pack are teaching themselves leather working, and making some beautiful pieces as they work. And I dipped my hands in lavender scented hot paraffin wax and it eased the cramping in my hands :-) Good night...just can't sleep. Writing is a good substitute for sleep.
/works on new character concept
Jacob 10 years ago
Sounds like fun.