The Lesser Evil (attn: Eiryk)

Alex was lying on the couch in their apartment, wishing he could call Rowan. But Rowan wasn't at the Towers. Rowan was on his honeymoon with Cris, and enjoying it thoroughly judging by the post card he and Eiryk had received. It made Alex happy to see; the newlyweds were having a wonderful time and Alex was really in very good hands with his other doctors, but there wasn't anyone quite like Rue.

He was in his last bit of chemo before they did surgery to remove the mass on his knee. He had been getting along pretty well, or as well as could be expected. He had good days and bad days. The treatments were taking their toll on him and it showed but he didn't look as rough as he had seen other people. He felt like it today, though. He was shaky, weak, exhausted, and nauseous. It was the combination of effects that was really bad. He didn't want to go to the hospital; he'd be there tomorrow anyway for his next dose.

If Rowan had been home he'd have called him and asked for help but for now he was planning to suffer. That meant he was in his pajamas, too tired to stand. There was a garbage pail nearby just in case although he hadn't eaten anything to be sick on today. He had a blanket thrown over him, but he shivered with fatigue anyhow yet he couldn't sleep because he felt too sick. These were the days he hated the most. He just had to last until his surgery. Then he could recover, do this a tiny bit more, and hopefully not have to deal with it again.

He was almost done.

Alex closed his eyes and dug his fingers into the pillow Eiryk had slid gently under his head a little while ago. His lips drew into a thin line as he did his best not to be sick.

Eiryk 10 years ago
Eiryk still wasn't at all sure he'd mastered the art of worrying, helping Alex, comforting and not being an annoying overing mother hen. On Alex's good days it didn't bother him, he could almost pretend nothing was wrong with Alex. Days like today he couldn't do enough but had finally learned better than to try.

Thora had hopped up on the couch with Alex, curled up neatly, but not on Alex, just applying a little bit of furry warmth to his boyfriend's knee but otherwise not moving. Eiryk could only assume she'd picked up in their conversations where the cancer was and was trying to help. Eiryk had never told her directly and she'd never asked.

He'd tried to work but his mind wouldn't focus, instead Eiryk had taken to carding some wool. A small farmer in Sweden sent him the wool sheared and washed, but he liked to card it himself. It was a rather long mind numbing activity, even more so than spinning and he wanted to numb is mind, it was easier than watching Alex suffer while he sat quietly by ready to jump up for anything Alex might need or want. With any luck though the surgery would be the end of it, no more days like today. There was nothing he could do to help.

Pausing in his carding, the rhythmic, hypnotic sound, stopped. There was something that -might- work. Eiryk had considered it before but had hesitated to say anything. Looking over at Alex shaking, pale, waxy, lips thing, maybe now was the time to offer.

"Can I get you a ginger ale? Or some ice chips?"

Dehydration was a fun worry to add to everything else, but it could be hard for Alex to stomach even that. It was also much easier to offer that than to bring up his other idea. Eiryk wasn't even sure it would work, he'd never heard of vampire blood being used for something like this.
Eiryk 10 years ago
Eiryk still wasn't at all sure he'd mastered the art of worrying, helping Alex, comforting and not being an annoying overing mother hen. On Alex's good days it didn't bother him, he could almost pretend nothing was wrong with Alex. Days like today he couldn't do enough but had finally learned better than to try.

Thora had hopped up on the couch with Alex, curled up neatly, but not on Alex, just applying a little bit of furry warmth to his boyfriend's knee but otherwise not moving. Eiryk could only assume she'd picked up in their conversations where the cancer was and was trying to help. Eiryk had never told her directly and she'd never asked.

He'd tried to work but his mind wouldn't focus, instead Eiryk had taken to carding some wool. A small farmer in Sweden sent him the wool sheared and washed, but he liked to card it himself. It was a rather long mind numbing activity, even more so than spinning and he wanted to numb is mind, it was easier than watching Alex suffer while he sat quietly by ready to jump up for anything Alex might need or want. With any luck though the surgery would be the end of it, no more days like today. There was nothing he could do to help.

Pausing in his carding, the rhythmic, hypnotic sound, stopped. There was something that -might- work. Eiryk had considered it before but had hesitated to say anything. Looking over at Alex shaking, pale, waxy, lips thing, maybe now was the time to offer.

"Can I get you a ginger ale? Or some ice chips?"

Dehydration was a fun worry to add to everything else, but it could be hard for Alex to stomach even that. It was also much easier to offer that than to bring up his other idea. Eiryk wasn't even sure it would work, he'd never heard of vampire blood being used for something like this.
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
Alex gently, absently, stroked Thora's soft fur. It gave his hand something to do, something to take his mind off of feeling ill. He knew it would pass, bu it might not do so tonight. That was the really obnoxious part. He hated feeling like this, when he almost wished he could simply throw up and get it done with. He knew from the last couple of months, though, that it wouldn't help. He'd go right back to being sick. Rowan had told him that people reacted to the chemo differently, and that this breakthrough nausea could happen several times. He'd switched the medication he'd given Alex on a couple occasions and it had given him some relief. Tomorrow he'd go to the hospital for another dose of therapy and they could give him something else. Tonight, he was doomed to be miserable.

Eiryk spoke up from his wool-carding, the sound stopping for a moment. The monotony of it had been soothing. Alex smiled wanly at his offer.
"Sure," he said softly. "Maybe some iced chicken."

He knew Eiryk just wanted to help, and he was grateful his fiance was taking good care of him. Alex didn't particularly want anything but he knew he had to. Not eating would only make it worse. Eating would probably make it worse. But why not give it a shot? They had frozen some chicken broth and then chipped it into little pieces; it was Alex's last resort for nutrition when he felt this sick. He hadn't eaten in well over 24 hours and that wasn't good. He'd try.

When Eiryk returned with a little glass of ice chips Alex sat up a little, that small effort sapping most of his energy. He invited Eiryk to join him, and when he did Alex leaned against him and curled into his side, resting his face against Eiryk's broad chest and breathing in his scent.

"Don't worry," he said, knowing Eiryk was worried anyway. "We'll get through this."
Eiryk 10 years ago
The iced chicken rather nauseated Eiryk. It was just one of those things. He found the chicken broth slushy nasty. On the days it was all Alex could stomach though it was the best thing since the spinning wheel and so Eiryk got some of it for his fiancée, settling in next to Alex when invited.

Alex actually felt fragile. It might have been his imagination, Eiryk projecting his own worry but he held Alex very lightly not wanting to cause further pain or discomfort. Rue had done his best to be reassuring and give him some ideas how to be helpful without being annoying and what might make Alex feel better, some days it just didn't seem to work.

Softly kissing the top of Alex's head he agreed quietly.

"We will. You will. I'd feel better if your next appointment wasn't tomorrow though."

It seemed cruel to get Alex through tonight only to make him sick all over again tomorrow.

With Alex' head in his chest so his boyfriend couldn't see Eiryk frowned. This might not be a great idea but he'd had it, he had to do something. If it helped, it would be almost a miracle. If it didn't, they were no worse off than they were. The only think Eiryk was fairly confidant of was it wouldn't hurt anything. They were poisoning Alex to get him well, could it hurt him more than that?

"I've been thinking," He paused, despite his resolution still hesitant, "I might... there might be something that would take the edge off days like this."

He waited to see what Alex' response would be before he even attempted to explain.
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
Alex accepted the little glass with his unappetizing icy chicken broth in it and put a chip on his tongue. It melted immediately and he let it seep into his throat. If he was patient and took them very slowly, he would get some form of nourishment at least. It wasn't much but it was better than nothing, and he had to get something into his stomach that wouldn't come right back up.

Eiryk wished his appointment was sooner, and Alex gently patted his partner's leg, leaving his hand to rest on Eiryk's muscular thigh for a moment before retrieving another small piece of ice and eating it.
"It's okay, babe," he said. "I don't want it any sooner."

He really didn't. It was bad enough knowing he had to keep doing this a little longer, even after the surgery. He wasn't eager to rush into his next appointment.
"We'll just stay here. I just want to hang out with you." His voice was a sleepy murmur; he couldn't sleep when he was sick like this. As a result he was completely exhausted. Thank goodness for Ume; she had been good enough to help him get back and forth during the day. He'd given up trying to get to the store, and the new manager was settling in well. There was profit, Marie's reports were favorable, and Alex could focus on getting well.

Eiryk's next words made him rouse himself enough to lean back and look up at him.
"Really? What? How?"

He blinked at Eiryk, curious. There was a way to alleviate this that Rowan hadn't mentioned? He wanted to know what it was, but he paused. If Eiryk hadn't suggested it before now, there had to be a catch. Otherwise there was no way his partner would have withheld his offer.
Eiryk 10 years ago
"When you're feeling better we're going to go out dancing, or hiking. Maybe we'll rent an RV and take Thora on a camping trip."

Not that Eiryk ever objected to Alex just wanting to hang out with him. Just spending quiet time together was one of his favorite things, but Alex wasn't so quiet, he was an active man, an outdoor enthusiast and Eiryk wanted to bring some of that back. He wanted to plan for the figure, to show Alex he was positive they'd get through this.

Of course, the RV did seem a bit like cheating to him, but it also seemed more secure for him, less light exposure. Maybe Alex would tease him about that.

"We can sail up the coast and maybe pick one up in Maine and gorge on lobster."

Anything but frozen chicken broth.

Part of him had that Alex wouldn't have heard him, that he'd been asleep or at least dozing.

Eiryk guided them both so they were laying comfortably on the couch rather than sitting as he though about how to say this. He had been alive better than a millennium and Eiryk loved Alex more than anything or any one he'd ever encountered in that time. Hurting him was something he wouldn't do willingly.

"I'm not sure it will work, and there are some very big catches.... at least one. But," For a second Eiryk wondered if Alex's queasy stomach would tolerate this idea, but he continued keeping his voice calm."vampire blood has very restorative properties. I don't think it will cure the cancer, Rue would have said something if it did, but I think it will give you a boost to get through a day like this."
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
Alex chuckled and nodded against Eiryk's chest. "We can sun-proof an RV for you, or we can get a blackout tent." He'd considered both options as ways to make it more comfortable for Eiryk to accompany him on his outdoor expeditions. "An RV would be fun."

In spite of the name of his store Alex did not, in fact, always need to 'rough it' when he camped. It was fun, but there was a lot of appeal in having a camper with the equivalent of the world's most luxurious tent inside it. Man, he thought, he was getting spoiled by this privileged living at Liefde. He was okay with that.

"I can gorge on lobster," he said, poking Eiryk in the ribs gently. "You can have something that isn't going to make you blow up like a puffer fish. Who knows, by then, maybe you can just have me."

He glanced up at Eiryk with a smile. While he couldn't satisfy Eiryk's needs all the time without getting seriously anemic, Alex was happiest when his fiance drank from him and not some stranger. It was something he could do for his love, something they both enjoyed, something he missed terribly. Sadly, he needed all of his blood right now. And even if he didn't he was sure it couldn't be very tasty with all the drugs.

He went along with Eiryk, lying down on the couch with him and nestling his taller, leaner frame up against the Viking. Vampire blood? He raised his eyebrows. In their years together Eiryk had never once mentioned Alex drinking his blood.

"What's the catch?"

It had to be significant if no one had even brought it up. Alex didn't think for a second that his lover or any of his friends would have hesitated to make that offer if it was helpful. And he probably wouldn't have taken them up on it anyway. But right now, he'd never felt so low. He wasn't even sure he had the energy to get to the bathroom if he needed to, without Eiryk helping him. He'd barely gotten to the couch.
Eiryk 10 years ago
Eiryk hadn't considered a black out tent. He didn't know if he'd trust it. He did, however, trust Alex so whatever Alex wanted. He'd slept on the ground in the mud and the rain and he'd slept in tents with more furniture than some apartments and everything in between. He could do any or all of it again if it made Alex happy.

Grinning rather stupidly, totally unphased at having forgotten about his allergy -again-, Eiryk was totally distracted by the idea of biting Alex again. God he missed it. No one tasted like Alex. It transcended eating at that point too and became something much more intimate and meaningful. It was just one more thing this damned disease had taken from them.

"I like that idea better. In fact maybe well leave the vixen here and not even bother to get off the boat."

Eiryk had only once offered his blood to a human to drink and it had been a long time ago. He'd been tutoring some nobleman's children and they were traveling between estates. He'd 'suggested' to the lord that he be allowed to travel on his own, at night. Two days into the journey as Eiryk caught up with the family they'd been attacked by bandits. He'd arrived too late to do much more than drive the last one or two off. None of the injuries were fatal, with the exception of one of his charges. The girl, Anne, hadn't been more than thirteen. If he'd been there, if he had been able to ride during the day he would have been able to protect her, she wouldn't have been hurt at least not this badly.

He couldn't bear to watch her die. Swearing he was find help for her, ignoring her parents, Eiryk had snatched the girl on to a horse and ridden like mad, just before dawn he'd found a cow shed. Locking he and the girl inside he'd given her some of his blood. Fortunately she'd been nearly unconscious and only knew that it was some kind of potion. It hadn't been a comfortable day for him, the shed wasn't exactly light tight and he'd had to fight to stay awake to keep her asleep and people from discovering them. But she'd lived, she'd become a very persuasive little girl for a while, but she'd lived.

He was certain, and had been repeatedly reassured by Alex' doctors and Rue, that Alex would live. That was the only thing that had kept him from offering before this. It wasn't life or death. But there wasn't anything else he could do for Alex and he couldn't stand to see his love suffer like this, not any more. Everyone had a breaking point, Eiryk had reached his. He wouldn't force Alex to accept but he had to offer.

"There are two. You'll probably pick up a few of my little quirks you might be able to talk to Thora a bit, might be a little more prone to burn. The bigger one and one you really need to think about is our blood can be -very- addictive and I'm not sure we need you on any more drugs."

Eiryk added with a light smile to try and take some of the edge off his warnings. Scaring Alex would be counter productive.
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
Alex furrowed his brow in thought when Eiryk told him about his blood. He hadn't really ever considered what it might be like to drink vampire blood. His stomach flip-flopped at the notion, but then, it was doing that with no provocation anyway. He didn't like drugs, had had his own brush with them when he was younger, and was either lucky enough or smart enough to have avoided them after some youthful experimentation.

He rested his hand against Eiryk's cheek. "That's an offer to think about," he said softly. "I will. Think about it, that is."

It lasted for about eight hours. By the middle of the night he was more miserable than he thought he could be. Nausea had given way to dry heaves, but he hadn't eaten in a day and a half and there was nothing to bring up. Still he retched miserably over the toilet, slumped over it on the floor kind of wishing he would just pass out.

He was trying to stay strong; this really was the worst it had been since he'd started the treatments and he was close to being done with them. It was hard to stay focused on that goal, though, when everything from his belly to his mouth and in between hurt. His throat was scratchy but if he sipped water to help it he just threw that up; his chest hurt, his ribs, his stomach, every muscle in between.

Eiryk was sitting with him, looking worried, pale and tense. He had a damp, cool wash cloth and every now and then he ran it gently over Alex's forehead and the back of his neck, bringing momentary relief. Alex knew it wasn't fair, that there was nothing Eiryk could do to help save one thing. Finally he lifted his head, having dropped it on the cool seat of the toilet.

"Okay," he croaked miserably. He nodded weakly at Eiryk's wrist. "Let's try it. I can't do this any more tonight."

There was more than just an edge of desperation to his voice. He was done, at his end, ready to break. He should probably let Eiryk take him to the hospital but the thought of getting into a car and trying to go from point a to point b was so very unappealing when there was a solution here that might help alleviate some of the strain on his body until he could go for his appointment in the morning, which was only a few hours away.

"Does it have to be a lot?"

Maybe just a tiny bit. Anything for some temporary relief right now, before his body split itself in two trying to get rid of what simply wasn't there to get rid of.
Eiryk 10 years ago
That was enough for Eiryk. It wasn't something he wanted to push on any one. If he could have given Alex his blood with no risks at all, he would have done so ages ago. Of course, if that were the case people would be actively hunting down vampires and draining them. Not a pleasant thought.

"I'm not going any where. Any time, day or night today, tomorrow, whatever."

Day might be ambitious. If Alex were that bad off Eiryk doubted the man would have the energy or strength to wake him. But if he could be woken it was a given.

His resolve was sorely tested though as the chemo side effects did a number on Alex. Eiryk had never seen it this bad. There -had- to be a better way to fix cancer than this. It was insane. Eiryk couldn't help but wonder how the treatment didn't kill the patient. There was really nothing he could do thought. He stayed with Alex though. Quiet when Alex was quite, talking when his fiancée had the strength or desire. Doing what little he could to help, and carding wool when there was nothing he could do.

Even Thora was fretting in her own way, pacing, dancing around a little or just sitting and staring at Alex. She and Eiryk had their own little conversations in the quiet moments. Eiryk was sorry to say he couldn't reassure her much more than he could reassure himself.

"Are you sure?"

Alex might be sure but Eiryk wasn't. This could go so wrong, it could work against the chemo and make things worse. He just didn't know.

"No, not much. Let's try just a little to see if it helps."

The less they gave Alex the better to his mind. Getting Alex hooked on vampire blood wasn't in his plans. If the chemo was bad he couldn't imagine withdraws and the goal was to help, not hurt.

Nicking a vein or artery would likely give them more blood than necessary or than either of them wanted. Eiryk quickly sank a fang into his thumb. Quickly some blood welled up, it wasn't a lot but if he kept pressure on the digit he could force some more out.

"Here, it has to taste better than iced chicken."

He placed the blood right to Alex's lips, not wanting to make Alex have to sit up or do any work at all.
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
Alex nodded weakly when Eiryk said it wouldn't take much. Not much, thankfully, turned out to be, literally, one little drop. Alex knew ho little of a powerful substance it took to have an effect, though. Eiryk held his thumb to Alex's lips and Alex closed his eyes as he flicked out his tongue and gently licked it. He wasn't sure what to expect, but he found out very quickly.

He swallowed, and the tiny little droplet seemed to race down his throat, leaving a trail of pleasant heat in its wake as it settled in his stomach. From there the warmth spread, bringing with it a tingling sensation. He kept his eyes closed and shivered, but he knew his face was relaxing. Right on the wake of the tingling feeling was a floating sensation. His stomach seemed to settle, which brought more relief. It wasn't fine but it was better. He opened his eyes. Eiryk spun around a little in front of him. Alex smiled.

"Wavy," he said, gesturing at Eiryk with a hand that felt like it might float off his wrist. "Woah."

He reached up with his other hand and tried to keep the first hand from floating away. He frowned at both of them and then put them down very carefully, into his lap. Then he pushed forward and tumbled against Eiryk. "It feels good," he said, still smiling almost drunkenly.
"Kinda like flying."

He gave a happy sigh. He could still feel everything lurking in the background. The exhaustion, the weariness, the sickness, but it just didn't matter at the moment. Everything felt delicious, warm, wonderful. Eiryk felt delicious. Alex wrapped his arms around him.
"Like magic," he said, laughing softly.

He didn't even want to imagine the sort of crash that might result from a high like this, but he reasoned that it couldn't possibly be worse than the state he'd been in just before. He'd take it.

He smoothed his hands over Eiryk's back and down toward his fiance's hips. Snuggling closer, he let them drift until he was gripping Eiryk's ass. He hummed with pleasure.
"This is way better."
Eiryk 10 years ago
These were not the reactions that Eiryk was expecting. He watched Alex, who was almost high, and wasn't sure if he should laugh or try and call Rue. It was a little hard to tell what Alex was feeling, right up until Alex said he felt good.

OK yeah, he'd totally just drugged his boyfriend, but at least it seemed to be a good trip.

Eiryk did his best to catch Alex and try and keep him stable. He didn't expect that and wondered if some of his clumsiness had been transfered to Alex. It seemed absurd, Alex was far to graceful and coordinated for that and it couldn't have happened so fast.

"I'd stay here rather than fly though."

He said with a bit of a laugh. It was a relieve to see Alex feeling, or at least acting like he felt better. The symptoms weren't killing him. He still looked like death only mildly warmed over but he was a happy walking corps. It was a very odd thing to be happy about but he'd take what he could get these days.

He was definitely going to be staying up and baby sitting Alex making sure he didn't do anything loopy while being buzzed on his blood.

Whoa! Hello!

Alex gripping his ass was even less expected than any other of the effects. He didn't think it was a come on, his ass just had to be there and was handy to grab on to but they hadn't been able to engage in more physical activities lately so it didn't take much to get his motor running.

"Easy there Älskling maybe you should get some sleep while you're feeling better. Get some rest so you can get through tomorrow."

Eiryk was still a little upset they didn't do more chemo treatments at night when he could be there. But mostly he was just trying to to take advantage of Alex's high. He was relieved that their experiment seemed to be a success, but that didn't stop his fiancée from being sick still.
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
Eiryk held onto him so he wouldn't float anywhere unsafe. That was good of him. Eiryk was always taking care of him. He wished he wasn't such a burden, although he didn't feel like one now. He felt warm, and as the warmth seeped in further, he felt energized. Every nerve was alive. He was wide awake.

And Eiryk wanted him to sleep?

Alex sighed.
"I can try to sleep," he said. He nestled against Eiryk's chest and closed his eyes, squeezing them tight. When Eiryk moved Alex gripped him. But his fiance was only picking him up, like a baby. Alex moved his arms around Eiryk's neck and nuzzled into him.

They headed out of the bathroom into their spacious bedroom. With his eyes closed during the whole thing Alex really did feel like he might float away. Instead, they settled on the big bed and Eiryk continued to hold him close. Alex waited, and waited, and waited for what had to be about a year.

Finally, he cracked one eye open and looked up at Eiryk.
"How am I doing?" he whispered in a loud stage-voice. Then he closed his eyes and squeezed them shut once more.

He tapped his foot against the bed gently before remembering he was supposed to sleep and stilling it. Then he fidgeted with his other foot. Then his finger tapped. Finally he opened his eyes again.

"I think I'm done sleeping," he said.

There was no way he could sleep now. He was full of life. His body was tired, and he did know it, but it just wasn't a factor at the moment.
"Let's go do something," he said, still whispering as if someone might hear them. "We can go watch a movie. Or go skating. Or hiking."

He looked up at Eiryk expectantly, as if all of those suggestions were perfectly reasonable. And why not?
Eiryk 10 years ago
It was a little early for bed as far as Eriyk was concerned, but sleep was good when you were sick and cancer was a kind of sick. He really did think it would be good for Alex. He also wasn't going to just dump Alex in bed and walk away. She he settled in the bed and lay with Alex. It was one of the few times Eiryk had wished they had a TV in the bedroom

When Alex spoke it startled him. His boyfriend had been laying so still that Eiryk was sure he'd fallen asleep.

"I think you might need some practice yet.”

He said calmly. And went back to laying very still and quiet. Alex, however, wasn't exactly managing that. He watched the feet fidget. This was unexpected. He had thought the blood would take the edge off, not send Alex into hyper drive. Eiryk rather wished Rue was here to ask what to do or if this was normal. But his friend was off on his honeymoon and this didn't seem like an emergency worth interrupting that for.

Alex looked up at him like an anxious puppy looking to go out and play, begging for a walk. He got the same look from Thora now and then and it was a look he usually gave into. He was -not- however going to take Alex out hiking or skating. He might feel energetic and ready go go but he was still frail and sick, he hadn't been healed.

"How about we go out to the living room and watch a movie? There must be something on pay per view we haven't seen. I'll make you a sandwich or something to eat while we watch.”

If Alex couldn't sleep they might as well get some nutrition into him, that would do him as much good as anything since he hadn't eaten in at least a day.

"We can order something in if you want too.”

Popcorn was traditional movie fare but it just wasn't the right sort of food for Alex. They needed something nutrient packed.
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
"Okay, we can do that," Alex said with a little sigh when Eiryk suggested a movie in. He rolled away from Eiryk and slid halfway off the bed onto the floor while the room spun.

"Oh," he said with surprise, not used to lacking grace and coordination. It was a very unusual experience for him. He blinked at Eiryk. "Your blood got me high, didn't it," he said, in a conspiratorial tone of voice. Then his solemn face broke into a grin and he covered his mouth with his hand and laughed.

The warmth inside just continued to spread, filling him with giddiness. Instead of moving out toward the living room he slid his way back onto the bed, rubbing himself along Eiryk as he did. His eyelids slid almost closed and he exhaled softly.

"I don't think I want a sandwich," he said. Crawling between Eiryk's legs he lowered his head and gently bit at Eiryk's neck. "Can I just have you instead?"

Whatever properties Eiryk's blood had, it was beginning to effect him even more deeply. Rays of warmth shot through him, spindling along each nerve, spiraling down to his core. He didn't feel sick anymore, not really. He felt wonderful. And he wanted to be touched. He wanted to enjoy this feeling, ride the high as far as he could. In fact, the feeling he felt was similar to how he felt when Eiryk bit him. It wasn't the same as some of the drugs he'd tried when he was younger... it was similar, but the effects were more like a vampire bite. Eiryk's bite.

God, he really wanted Eiryk right now.

Alex ran his hands up Eiryk's chest and continued to suck at his fiance's neck. Curling himself up he nestled against his partner. Every little part of him that touched Eiryk was tingling, and he enjoyed it immensely. This was so much better than feeling sick and exhausted. Exponentially better.
Eiryk 10 years ago

Eiryk said rather alarmed as his partner melted into the floor. It was a fall, but more graceful than any he made. It figured that even drugged Alex would be more graceful than he was Eiryk thought ruefully.

Before he could get out of bed to help Alex to the living room his boyfriend had climbed back into bed. Not just climbed back in but claimed in with liquid cat like grace rubbing himself along Eiryk in a way that made his palms sweat. Forcefully reminding himself that Alex was not only sick but high Eiryk managed to mostly ignore it.

"You might be a little high." he conceded, "I hadn't thought about that. But I'm sure it will blow over."

As Alex settled between his leg Eiryk tried to think very unsexy thoughts, toil, shag carpet, Angus, land lock countries, anything! It was all for naught when Alex bit his neck.

He tried to speak, it took a second and when he did his voice cracked.

"Easy there Älskling. Its the blood talking. We don't want you more woren out then when we started."

He didn't he really didn't, at least the mother hen side of his brain didn't. Another more primal part of his brain really didn't care. It was very hard to think with the warm willing weight of Alex on him teasing his neck making as much contact as possible. He was going to start sweating here in a second.
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
It was unusual to hear Eiryk, of all people, advocating restraint. Alex cared enough about that that he pulled away briefly, his brow furrowing at his partner. Thoughts in his head flitted about and it was a little tough to pull out just one, but he realized he'd been sick all day and most of the night. He was dirty and sweaty, wearing dirty, sweaty clothing, and he probably smelled and tasted terrible.

"I should take a shower," he said. "Then we can watch a movie."

He was fine on his feet now that he was adjusting to the rush from EIryk's blood. He slid from Eiryk's lap and held his hand out.
"Maybe you should come with me. Please?"

He needed to get cleaned up. So Eiryk would find his offer much more appealing. With his partner in tow he led them back into the bathroom and turned on the water in their shower. Then he brushed his teeth and rinsed his mouth, flying through the process in his eagerness to proceed. Because if Eiryk joined him, they would be naked in the shower together. And Alex couldn't find a single thing wrong with that idea.

He tugged his shirt with one hand, looking at his fiance.
"Help me out?" Alex's smile was both sweet and sinful. He knew Eiryk was tempted. Eiryk never said no. Eiryk was trying to be very good and not take advantage of him, Alex got it. But Alex wanted Eiryk to be very, very naughty. So he planned to push him as far as he could.
Eiryk 10 years ago
That seemed perfectly reasonable to Eiryk. Being clean always felt better, a nice hot shower and a change of clothes would be relaxing. Maybe he could slip some lavender oil in the hot water and further sooth Alex, anything to get him to calm down and get some rest.

"Good idea.”

But before he could get those words out Alex had him half way to the bathroom. As Alex cleaned up a little and the water got hot and the bathroom got steamy Eiryk did find a little bit of lavender oil, probably left over from the ill fated vaporizer incident. But as long as he just used one scent and just a little bit, it probably wouldn't drive Alex too crazy.

As he put the oil away and looked over at Alex his stomach knotted and his heart fluttered, as much as an undead heart could. Even dirty and corps like Eiryk was attracted to Alex. Given the look on his fiancee's face, Alex knew it too. There was no way he was going to be able to get through a shower with Alex and say no. it was just impossible. Maybe it wasn't too late to run a cold shower he thought. Instead he decided to just hurry.

"I think that could be arranged.”

Quickly, but carefully, gently he removed Alex's shirt and trying very hard not to think about what he was doing helped Alex out of the rest of his clothes as well. He might have stopped breathing a bit while he did that.

"Get in before you catch cold. I'll be right there.”

Helping Alex into their huge, over the top shower, Eiryk stripped himself, tossing all the clothes into the hamper. He hesitated for a second thinking it might be better if he -didn't- join Alex, but he'd said he would and Eiryk didn't like to let Alex down. Especially while Alex was sick and there was so little he could do for his partner. With that Eiryk joined Alex letting the hot spray hit them both.

"Should I wash your back?”

Keep it innocent Eiryk told himself, he really did intend to keep this innocent, platonic, he just didn't know how well he'd manage.
Alex Aristos 10 years ago
Alex had ceased to care whether or not he was high. Every sensation to him was like something new. The air on his skin when he removed his clothing felt fantastic. He covered the detestable port on his chest with a piece of plastic bandage and stepped into the shower; the water sliding over his skin felt like silk and he shivered with pleasure. Was this what it was like for Eiryk all the time, or was it just an effect of his blood?

He waited for Eiryk to join him, chuckling when his partner somewhat chastely offered to wash his back. Sober Alex realized that Eiryk was making an attempt to behave himself. Did it turn him off, knowing Alex was under the influence of a substance he wouldn't normally be?

"Okay. I'll wash your front," he said, turning and pressing himself up against Eiryk.

No, it definitely did not turn him off. Alex smiled sweetly down at Eiryk and lowered his head to kiss him again now that he had cleaned up a little.
"It's been weeks," he said softly when he pulled away. "I want you."

There, he couldn't make it any plainer. Alex didn't just want Eiryk right now, he wanted him... like crazy. In ways he had professed not to be fond of, repeatedly. That, he knew was the blood talking. But it was still sliding through his system, making him feel good... euphoric. Invincible. And every tiny touch was fire to his nerves. He pulled Eiryk close and moaned softly, then, not bothering to move out of the water, he slid to his knees and without any preamble took his partner into his mouth. Let Eiryk just try to stop him now.
Eiryk 10 years ago
It was rather funny how mind and body didn't always agree. Eiryk's mind knew Alex was sick and dispute the effects of his blood, tired. His body knew that he was in a hot steamy shower with Alex and so he had a very convincing hard on. It did not wane when Alex offered to wash his front.

About the time Alex kissed him Eiryk gave up. He was hanging on to 'good' by his fingernails and loosing ground. Port or not, sick or not, all he knew was Alex was right there and more than willing. He pressed Alex back up against the shower wall, asking for even more than Alex was offering. That was it though, he swore to himself nothing more than a kiss.

Alex, however, wanted more, much more. Eiryk couldn't find it in him to resist or even protest.

"Oh god... Alex." He moaned unable to think beyond that.

It had been weeks, and although not a hedonist, that was a long time for Eiryk. He'd had no issues remaining faithful, not for Alex, but it also meant that he had little to no restraint. He buried his hands in Alex's hair totally unable to think. His mind was fogged, his judgment seriously compromised, he just wanted Alex.

For the first time in weeks he wasn't worried. Not about cancer or doctors or mortality, just about the then and now and Alex' hot wet mouth around him and how much he loved him.