One dark night (open - come play wif me!)

Miya found herself tossing and turning in her bed, flinging stuffed toys away from her. Scott hadn't liked her sleeping all day, perversely she found herself doing the exact opposite of the things that he had desired from her. What right did her have to haunt the back of her head, the dreams that were of him, her body coursing with desire at the need to feel him feed from her.

She got up and went walking, through the darkened house. She found herself in the sunroom, her easels set up. She picked up her paints, not noticing that they were the dark, sober tones that she had been favoring. She began to paint , dark modernistic crap. She took a step back, and she realized that she hated all modernistic crap and the fact that she had painted it was not an improvement on it being crap. She picked up a knife and attacked the canvas, ripping it to shreds. As the pieces fell around her, there was that overwhelming grief. Turning she stomped away, going to the bathroom. She needed to get out, she needed to find a place that didn't have memories of Scott attached to it. Where would that be?

As she showered, scrubbing her cafe-au-lait skin, then rubbing scented oil into it, her skin soft, and the way Scott would nibble upwards, licking her neck, then the sharp pain then...

She hit the counter hard. She needed this. Her blood boiled at time, super heated. Her loins wer just as hot. She badly needed a good debauchery. She then stopped and looked into the mirror with a slight grin. Babylon. She hadn't gone there with Scott. She had with Delilah a few times, and that one time with that reporter, she couldn't remember his name. What she did remember vividly was the intense woman who had been his destruction. Eliza? Something like that. Well if that drunk reporter could go to Babylon, then Miya could go there and look for her own. Maybe try drugs. She wished that she didn't long for the feeling of Scott feeding. Even more so was the need for her to taste his blood again. They'd only done it twice. The first was just a drop, the second much father off, had made her long even more for it. But Scott had always told her no, and he wouldn't budge on that issue. Sorta like he refused to bend on her desire to be turned...

But that voice was always there in the back of her head, whispering. Scott had left her. And the intense need for him consumed her. She shook her head, staring into the mirror. There would be drugs at Babylon, and maybe the drug would help with the immense emotion pain that burned her soul. She needed to get dressed and found herself standing in front of her closet, full of clothing that Scott had bought her. He loved her body with as little clothing on it as possible and most of the time that made her more than a little uncomfortable but this was a night that she had debauchery on the brain and planned her outfit with care. No underwear. That was something else that Scott liked, and she frowned, taking out a pair of black satin thong panties and starting there. Any of the fourteen skirts she had that were too short to the point of barely there would need something to make sure she didn't flash her pussy, and be street legal.

Miya turned to her skirt next and took down a slightly more conservative one. This was mid thigh and not barely below her butt, and it was a dark blue, shimmery fabric. Stepping into it, she took a wavy, wide, darker blue belt and ran it through the loops, securing the skirt in place. Now for a shirt, definatly no bra. And something sheer, but not too sheer as she wanted to be street legal. She found herself reaching for a soft, crocheted sweater in a very light aqua blue. It was almost the color of her beautiful glass eyes. Sayuri eyes someone had told her, meaning that movie with the Geisha that she loved so much. She owned an autographed copy of the book as well, signed by the author and the actress who played Sayuri.

Miya stood back and looked herself over in the mirror and nodded. Sexy but not slutty, and she didn't look like an escapee from a trailer park. She'd go with that. She took off her engagement ring and carefully put it away. She picked up a handful of bangles and slid them over her right wrist. She grabbed her purse and was out the door. Most women weren't comfortable riding a motorcycle in a skirt, but Miya wasn't one of those girls. She remembered a scene from one of those Twilight movies where Bella rode the motorcycle because the danger helped her see her vampire lover. Miya wasn't that girl. She rode her bike because the bike gave her freedom and speed and a slight thrill. Not to mention that a humming bike between your legs when there is nothing else there but a slight pair of panties would leave her soaking wet and guys seemed to like those pheromones.

It didn't take Miya long to get to Babylon, and as usual her exotic appearance got her in the door with a minimum of fuss. She laughed as the lights strobed, people danced with abandon and the music thumped. She wound her way to the bar and ordered a glass of a fruity, girlie rum drink, sucking on the cherry that was floating in the glass, deliberately being sensual as she did so. It was a night in a bar, albeit a good bar, and she was going to have fun regardless. Someone would come and dance with her and hopefully that dance lasted longer than a few moments on the floor under the neon lights.

Jacob 10 years ago
Jake was trying to strike a balance between professional and friendly, something he had a hard time doing. But Hana had told him he needed to learn, and when his mistress told him to learn something he practiced incessantly until she was satisfied. His satisfaction wouldn't be achieved until she expressed her own.

He walked through Babylon, offering a greeting here and there. Part of the club was partitioned off, the renovations were happening a little bit at a time to keep the impact to a minimum. He was becoming a familiar face here, no pun intended, so some people were a little easier to smile at than others.

When he reached the bar he stepped up to it and spoke a word or two to the bartender. Then he turned and found himself looking at a very pretty woman, dressed in blue. Blue skirt, light blue shirt. They set off her pretty skin, a similar color to Jake's. Her eyes, though, were a remarkable blue. Jacob smiled into them.

"Good evening," he said softly.

He accepted the drink that was handed to him from across the bar and sipped at it. He didn't feel self-conscious at all in spite of the fact that he was half-dressed. He was wearing buttery-soft cream-colored leather pants that fit him perfectly, riding a little low on his narrow hips. He wore no shirt and there were delicate golden hoops through his pierced nipples. Even more prominently, however, was the collar around his neck made of leather and gold. It wasn't permanently sealed around his neck, because gold certainly didn't coordinate with every outfit he owned, but it had a tiny, delicate lock at the back, clearly only to be released by the person with the key. As always, he wore the bracelet Hana had given him around his left wrist.

Jake peered over the slim-frame glasses he was wearing at the pretty woman next to him.
"You're enjoying yourself, I hope? Are you meeting someone?"

Many people came alone to Babylon; just as many as came with friends or partners. They came for different reasons... to relax, to get wound up, to escape their troubles, to find trouble. Which was she here for?
Akahana Yoshida 10 years ago
The renovations and training were both coming along nicely. Jacob had even gotten a chance to join in on several of the classes. The front face of Babylon would be last to be made over so that business could resume in some capacity. The lack of space had not dimmed business nearly as much as she had expected. People seemed to be coming in part to see if they could catch a glimpse of the new design. But Akahana was doing her best to keep it under close wraps, including hiring a few younger vampires for the express purpose of guarding the off limits area. Media leaks would kill her surprise and there were plenty of people who would like to dim the excitement of a brand new Babylon, especially since the old one was far and away on top of their particular form of entertainment.

Tonight she was here to watch the proceedings, check on the employees and make sure that they were putting the extra training and new techniques into practice. So far everyone was performing quite well but she would see if that continued even after the boss appeared to have left.

Jacob was finished with school and now able to be with her full time. He seemed to have bloomed into a new person, confident, comfortable and happy with his life. It made her heart glad to see him so healthy and satisfied.

The look of him in the tight leather and collar made another part of her glad for entirely different reasons. She watched him mingle with interest. The girl he found appeared to be looking for attention. You didn't need to be a mind reader or have special vampire powers to figure out what her attire and body language suggested. Why she wanted the attention would take more work to figure out. She could be lonely, horny, or even hungry if she was one of Hana's kind. There were also other reasons, lower on the list of possibilities but she was not ready to entertain the idea that the girl was a criminal or a spy. To imagine such things would be paranoid and that made for a lousy Nightsman.

She walked up beside Jacob. The form hugging ankle length soft gold cheongsam with delicate peach and white flowers looked more elegant than it had any right to look for being as comfortable as it was. The slits on both sides were modest but allowed her to move with ease, wearing restrictive clothing was a risk she took only when necessary. Her mother and centuries of experience taught her that lesson well. Around her neck, Hana wore the tigerseye necklace that Jacob had made her; its browns complemented the tiny wooden toggles on the dress and brought an earthy warmth to the gold. She laid a hand discreetly on the small of Jacob's back, low enough for her last two fingers to be able to touch the soft leather he was wearing. Her thumb made short soothing strokes at the base of his spine.

"Hello, I hope I am not interrupting." Akahana smiled softly. "I just came to see what this curiously bright drink was that Jacob had ordered. Is it good?"
Miya 10 years ago
Miya smiles at Jacob, flattered by the attention the man was giving her. Her eyes lingered on his collar and she blushed, not aware that she reached up to touch her own collar, and there was that jarring awareness that came when she realized it wasn't there anymore that there was no more Scott and that moment showed on her face, the loneliness, the sadness, the feeling of being trapped. She downed the apple rum over the rocks she ordered and the alcohol had a warming effect on her almost immediately.

"I am!" She replied positively. "I needed a night out, too much time spent at home isn't good for the soul." She extended her hand to him. "Miya!" She said happily, longing for the man's name.

And then another beautiful woman walked up, asking if she was interrupting. Miya stilled, and then shook her head, "No, Not at all. So this is Jacob?" She asked with a smile Jacob's way. Miya felt intimidated by this woman and she wasn't entirely sure why. She gave a self-conscious laugh. "So you two know each other? The bartender hinted that Jacob works here?" She asks, suddenly very curious about this pair. She wasn't even really sure why she was so curious. Maybe it was in her nature. The Bartender laid another glass of the apple rum on the counter and Miya fumbled for her wallet, wanting to pay the tab and make it clear, unlike the last time that she was here that she could indeed pay her tab and beautiful women weren't needing to rescue her.
Akahana Yoshida 10 years ago
She overheard the pretty young woman stating her name and asking Jacob his when she came up. Her comment provided her familiar's name and she nodded to confirm the guess. "I am Hana. It is a pleasure to meet you. Miya, wasn't it?"

Apparently it was hinted at that Jacob worked at Babylon. That was interesting because he officially did no such thing.

"Really?" Akahana's delicate eyebrows rose higher when Miya suggested that the bartender had provided her with that information.

She turned around and smiled innocently at Peter who was manning this part of the counter, question evident in her expression. He looked alarmed; his face paled but he swallowed and answered without so much as a stammer. "I apologize for giving the wrong impression." Peter smiled at Miya. Turning to her, he clarified. "I said that he was here often... I did not intend for that to sound as if he were an employee. Ms. Yoshida."

"An understandable and innocent conclusion." Akahana smiled at Peter and nodded her head. He breathed a subtle sigh of relief and found something behind the bar to busy himself with.

Turning back to Miya, she clarified.
"Jacob belongs to me." Akahana slid the hand from Jacob's lower back upward along his spin until it reached the collar around his neck. She brushed her fingers over the leather and then rested the hand gently on his shoulder.

"But that doesn't mean that he isn't allowed to help entertain a lonely guest. Would you like to dance, Miya? Jacob has been learning and I would love to see if his teachers have done a good job."

Leaning over she took a sip from the straw in her familiar's drink. "Mmm, that is good." She patted Jacob on his behind and settled herself on a nearby stool. "Peter, I will have one of those also, please."
Jacob 10 years ago
Jacob saw the woman's blue eyes pause on his collar. Her hand fluttered to her throat as if missing something, but she didn't wear one. The brief expression of loss on her face was enough to tell him that she had, at one point, but for soem reason she didn't any longer. His heart went out to her. He could only imagine the ache he would feel without Hana to guide him.

Speak of his salvation, just as he reached out with another soft smile to take Miya's hand Hana appeared behind him. He could feel her light gentle touch at the small of his back, so subtle not many would have noticed, but it filled him with ease and comfort.

Akahana introduced them and Jacob removed his hand from Miya's. He offered her a small bow. When Hana's hand ran up his back his eyes briefly shut halfway and he leaned very slightly into her soft caress. He was a very spoiled pet, but he loved it. When she claimed him, he couldn't repress a little shiver of delight.

When his mistress suggested he dance, Jacob wasn't opposed to it. Not only would it please Akahana, but the expression on Miya's face had spoken to him. He would like to dance with her, if only to be her friend for a little while. If anything more were to happen, well, that would be a matter for Hana to decide. Not him.

He smiled at Miya again and held out his hand.
"Will you help me convince my Lady that I've been a good student? I would hate to disappoint either of you."
Miya 10 years ago
Miya watched them through half slitted eyes, wondering but she didn't dare mention anything, Scott had trained her well in the veil of secrecy that surrounded his world, and while she longed, longed to discuss it with anyone, and while she had seemed to shuck a lot of the restraints that he had put on her mostly unintentionally she couldn't open her mouth and speak. It seemed that the one condition held, even now. But she could tap dance around the truth, she was clever and quick on her feet, and so she missed the byplay between the bartender and the woman. Had she noticed she would have been even more suspicious, but the bow caught her attention again and her smile widened as she took his offered hand. But first, she had exquisite manners when it came to another's property, something she thanked Marie and Uncle Frazier of the DC's Crucible for, having trained her in the old leather guard's traditions. So Miya smiled at Jacob for a moment and turned towards Lady Hana. She bowed low to the woman and spoke in a submissive tone of voice, "Many thanks for allowing this girl a chance to dance with what is yours." She waited to be spoken to again before turning back towards Jacob. She needed permission to leave the other woman's presence.

And while no one might know where Miya's manners had come from, well, the community wasn't that far away and Frazier was well known up and down the eastern seaboard for his parties. For a long moment she missed home. Not DC, but home, which was wherever Scott was. But Miya had come out to forget tonight for just a little bit. And she was determined to have fun

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Akahana Yoshida 10 years ago
Miya had excellent manners and appeared well trained. Akahana watched her bow low and express gratitude for the dance with Jacob using the formal words that many of the best submissives were taught and ask silent permission to leave by remaining there. Tilting her head to the side, she smiled.

She could hear Peter return and place the drink down behind her. Hana was gratified to notice that he had done so quietly, without the need to call attention to his fulfilling of her order, trusting that she would notice when she was ready. He might merit more shifts and closer watching.

But now she had two others to watch. Hana reached her hand down to tenderly touch Miya's cheek.
"You are most welcome, Miya." She smiled a little sadly. "I hope someone recognizes what they have lost in you." Akahana looked at them both. "Enjoy yourselves. I will watch from here."

Gently taking Jacob's fruity blue drink, she set it on the counter. Akahana leaned closer and gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek.
"I think you have a knack for this." She smiled and then leaned up closer to his ear and murmured softly. "Remember everyone has a story."

Then she settled back onto the stool and smiled back Peter. Glancing at the drink, she nodded her head in silent thanks. Drink now in hand, she turned to watch the pair and keep an occasional eye on the others working.

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The Chamber was here in Atlanta. It had closed but I had heard a rumor that it was open again.))
Jacob 10 years ago
Jake observed Miya's graceful manners, interested in how she'd come by them. He had never been trained as a sub; it was a deep need within him that came naturally. Hana was moulding him into what she wanted him to be but the urge to be what he was had always been inside of Jake. He knew some people only engaged in such things in the bedroom, or with particular partners, but he couldn't live without it. He needed to be the way he was, morning to night. Was she the same, or had she had to learn those pretty words? It was idle curiosity.

Hana gave them her permission to go dance, and then leaned close to brush her lips against Jake's cheek and whisper softly to him. He felt his face flushing at her words as pleasure blossomed in his chest. He nodded and smiled at Hana.
"Hai, Akahana-sama," he said softly.

He was still holding his hand out to Miya, knowing she had waited until Hana had spoken. She was lovely in her modesty. Jake considered it only right and proper that Hana be deferred to, but that didn't mean others agreed with him. He was her possession, not they. The fact that Miya had acknowledged Hana's position, though, was an easy way to make Jake happy too.

Perhaps now that she had permission, Miya would join him for a dance or two. Jake did want to hear her story, if she was inclined to tell it, because the lost look on her face reflected a feeling he was very well acquainted with, a desperation he'd felt deep inside before knowing Hana. He didn't know if he could help the blue-eyed woman before him, but he very much wanted to try.
Miya 10 years ago
Miya was surprised to be touched like that, and she froze, then leaned into the touch. Hearing this lovely woman speak about Scott nearly brought the tears back to her face. She looked into Hana's golden eyes then nods and waits for Jacob to be dismissed as well. Miya offers her arm with a smile, this time her smiles light up her eyes and she allows Jacob to lead her towards the dance floor. As the two stood at the edge, listening to a song come to an end, she asks quietly, "Ballroom, Punk, Goth, Jazz?" Her voice lilts with the sound of suppressed laughter. "What would please your Lady the most?" She asks softly of him in the sudden silence as the DJ takes the time to change the song and mood.

Miya enjoyed people watching, and she kept her gaze on the dance floor as the teeming mass of humanity milled around, waiting for the appropriate cues in the music before beginning to dance again.

And after a moment she couldn't help asking,
"How long have you been hers?" Miya's heart screamed for Scott, who was so far away, not even answering her in her dreams any longer. She only saw and heard his voice on those nights she put herself in danger with her obsessive running after dark. Her doctors had told her if she kept up her running she would overtax her heart and cause it damage. But she didn't care, she just wanted to push herself to the breaking point to remind herself that she was indeed, still alive.
Jacob 10 years ago
In the short space of quiet, when the air was filled only with the hum of human voices while the song changed, Jacob considered Miya's question. With a soft smile, he listened as a slower song started to play. There was music of all kinds here at Babylon, particularly since Hana had taken over. Not that there were waltzes and foxtrots playing, but there were more breaks in the steady thump of the bass. The current song was still in the rock genre but it was slower in tempo. The bass wasn't overpowering. Still, there was no chance they would get to do any sort of dance other than the usual club-beat, albeit a slow one meant for intimacy.

"I don't think my Lady will be watching my footwork," Jake said with a soft smile in return. He tugged Miya onto the dance floor, not exactly into the middle of it but not at the edge either, and held onto her hand. This sort of dance, he'd been doing well before meeting Hana. He was perfectly comfortable holding Miya loosely, letting her hand go and putting one arm around her waist but leaning away a little from her so they could still talk. Their hips were closer together than their shoulders were, making it easier for them to synch their steps together and those weren't complicated ones, just simple side-to-side movements, along with the easy rhythm. This sort of thing, Jake was just fine with. What he really wanted to do was put Miya more at ease.

He answered her question without hesitation.
"Just about two months," he said. "I had the good fortune of meeting her just as I was about to graduate."

He could have mentioned that his skills met her needs, or that she had wanted him because he was useful, but he couldn't voice those words. It sounded too self-indulgent. Whether or not he remained useful to Hana was up in the air, in his opinion. Her praise was something he woke up every day hoping to earn, and he would never take it for granted.

He tilted his head a little at Miya as they moved easily, sharing the rhythm in a comfortable give and take.
"Are you looking for someone?"

Jake invited Miya to share some of herself with him, if she wanted to. Had she lost her own master or mistress? Had she been dismissed, or had it become distasteful to her? He wanted to know the reason for her sorrow.

"You shouldn't be so sad," he said softly. "I know how you feel though. Before Akahana-sama was in my life I was completely lost. Now it's different. Now I can be myself."

He squeezed his arm around her waist, offering comfort. She would understand that he wasn't able to offer her anything Hana hadn't told him to, but he could be a friend to her if she wanted one.
"Who do you want to be?"

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Akahana Yoshida 10 years ago
Akahana sipped her drink and watched the two of them head for the dance floor. She was curious, as always, but the girl that Jacob had met had especially piqued her interest. She wondered where her master was and what happened to their relationship but that was for Jacob to ask. He was the one learning and she was the one watching for now.

She turned to Peter.
"Have you seen her here before?”

"No, ma'am, but I haven't been here long. Only a few weeks before you bought the place.”

"Truly?' Akahana smiled. "And what do you think of the changes.”

"I am excited about them. Honestly, ma'am. It is different and I think people will enjoy Babylon even more when you are done.” Peter fidgeted with a glass. "Working in a strip club isn't exactly something you write home to your folks about but I think this place will be a phenomenon that will be more than some people getting naked.”

"You still won't be telling your parents where you work though.”

"No, but I would tell my friends.”

Akahana laughed and sipped her drink.
"Perhaps we can have an exclusive friends and 'family' night once a month.” She glanced over at him to see what he thought. "Perfect strangers might even be clamoring to be your friend then.”

"I wasn't aware that I had a shortage of them, ma'am.” Peter laughed with her. "but I expect that might bring even more out of the woodwork.”

The music started up again and Jacob and Miya started dancing. This wasn't a test of his grace and dance floor knowledge. For that she would have to take him to Eternity on a night they were doing something more period, or the Manor, or Shades to see if he had learned how to swing.

Reaching for her phone, Akahana considered giving Ran a text to see what he was up to and whether he wanted to come them.
Miya 10 years ago
The music flowed over her and she lost herself to the music. She'd wanted to be a dancer so badly, little orphan girls in the DC Child services Department didn't get to be ballerinas, ever. More often than not they ended up having their dreams smashed and broken. Somehow Miya's didn't end up that way, and she'd won a scholarship to a very expensive art school... and Scott.

"I was 17 and I met a much older man at the art school I was in. He didn't understand this lifestyle, but he tried, and when I graduated he used a form of hypnotism to make the parting less horrible. But those memories come back, and I begged him to come here." She sighed to herself, remembering that evening when Scott had fed from her the first time. "He did, we were happy. He'd asked me to marry him, he'd collared me, and we were talking about something I wanted and that he was opposed to. It hurt to argue with him, to the point that I found myself agreeing so that I wouldn't disappoint him. Then one day a few months ago I came home from the art museum, I'm a curator there, and he had left..." The song changed to Bowie's As The World Falls Down. She was silent for a moment, thinking how utterly appropriate that was. "He'd promised me he would always take care of me. He'd put my bike and bug into my name, had the house deed signed over to me. And while I was at work, everything that was his disappeared. I came home to a letter that said he'd had family obligations and his cell and email were gone, disconnected. And the key to my collar was in the folder."

She executed a cute little twirl. "He is an old soul. It hurt when he left, there were things we did together that were incredibly intense, and there was something he'd done that I longed for. Still do. He'd told me that the hypnosis like feelings would fade over time. But I've not found anyone to do that with again. It's like an old friend says, letting someone play in your head is the ultimate trust and when it goes bad, it goes really, really bad." She leaned forward a bit, putting her head on Jacob's shoulder for a moment. She was proud of herself for remembering Wiseguy's lecture at Dark Odyssey on erotic hypnosis. It was the closest she could say to the familiar bond, and there were a lot of parallels between the two. Enough that a kinky girl could get away with telling almost the entire truth. She didn't know if these people were mortal or part of Scott's Clan and if they were part of it, well he'd said they weren't happy with her in that letter. Maybe they'd kill her and stop this misery. Fuck Scott and his commands. She seethed for a moment that he denied her even that.

"He kept his promise to take care of me, he didn't keep any of the others. But his family is pretty important to him. I miss him. I had to get out tonight, I had to try and find something, anything to fill that void for a few hours. Work just isn't that challenging, but... I wanted to go to a place that Scott forbid me. The House of Pain. I knew I'd be hurt there, and maybe that kind of abuse would be enough to fill me up for a few hours?" She loathed herself for admitting that to him, and her pretty cocoa colored skin flushed darkly.

"The biggest thing that hurt was that he said goodbye in a letter and made it clear I'd never see him again and that I shouldn't go looking." Vampires seemed to have resources that would make the Witness Protection weep in envy. There was no chance that she was going to find him. "And he took his books. He had this huge library of books, rare books, original editions, valuable books that had been passed down in his family." That was marginally true, "He taught me a love of literature and then took all of the books away with him. I used to sit and read his books while he took naps during the day. He taught a lot of night classes at the Corcoran in DC." She smiled remembering when she'd locked his door and crawled into his lap, offering him her submission and love and all of the forbidden places they had made love. The student union, the capital gardens, union station....

The song changed to something with a full instrumental quartet and some European soprano
. "Oh her voice is amazing. Do you know who is singing?" She'd never heard a voice that lovely before. But then again her musical tastes were aligned with Scotts. Rush, Rush and more Rush. It was only now that she started listening to classical music again, which was another sign that their bond had faded. He'd left her half-alive and she wondered, hoped that if he was like Scott that he'd be able to read between the lines. Scott had told her that there wasn't really any way to tell if the other was a vampire. It wasn't like they talked like the Count from Sesame Street or anything...

She cast her gaze back up to look into Jacob's eyes. She'd tap-danced around the truth, but it had been the truth, just attributed to another facet of the bdsm community.

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Jacob 10 years ago
Jacob was pleased when Miya opened right up to him. Sometimes all it took was a compassionate stranger. She clearly needed to talk about her experiences, so he was quiet while she spoke. When she told him about the hypnotism he felt skeptical inside, but his expression didn't change from its open, compassionate one.

The fact that she had been abandoned by her master... well, it sucked. And when she mentioned wanting to go to the House of Pain and punish herself, he made a soft sound and shook his head quickly, but he didn't interrupt her. He tightened his arm around her waist. Jake understood her need, but that was the wrong way to go about it. The HoP was no place for her.

When Miya leaned forward and rested briefly against him he squeezed her and gently rested his free hand on her head, making sure to let her go when she pulled away. As the music changed and she asked about the singer he shook his head apologetically; it wasn't someone he recognized although the music was intriguing, some sort of rock-opera thing.

"I don't know who it is," he said, in case she missed the shake of his head. "You're right though. She has a pretty voice."

When Miya looked back up at him again Jacob smiled down at her.
"I'm sorry it's been rough for you," he said. "You deserve to be happy. But this man you're talking about... he didn't take care of you. It's not about having a house and a car and all of that, although it helps. If he'd really taken care of you he wouldn't have hurt your heart."

He shook his head.
"And be careful at the House of Pain. It's... a dangerous place. That's how I ended up with Akahana-sama, actually. I was there with my cousin and a friend of my Lady's noticed us both. He introduced us; I guess he saw something in me that he thought she might appreciate."

Jacob was grateful to Ran for intervening. Ran had taken Mina under his wing but he'd not forgotten Jake. Hana was his air and his sunlight now, and he would never forget that he owed Ran for putting those wheels into motion.

As they continued to dance he repeated his earlier question to Miya.
"So what do you want in the future? Do you know, or is the hurt still too new?"

It took time to get over a heartbreak. Hopefully Miya wouldn't get herself hurt even worse by trying to throw herself into destructive behaviors. He had done so once or twice in the past and he'd never felt any better for it. Maybe they could help her.

He didn't know everything there was to know about vampires, either, but Miya's hypnosis theory was such a stretch he had to wonder if that was what she'd been experiencing. Coupled with what she'd said about this man sleeping during the daylight hours and teaching a lot of night classes; Jake had been through enough college to earn himself two Bachelor's Degrees. He knew how rare it was for a professor to do such a thing. He would ask Hana, as always, for he knew he would be telling her everything Miya said as well as those things that she had not said and he had tried to infer.

((ooc: Jake isn't disbelieving Miya with the hypnosis; he's just very young yet and hasn't been allowed to explore this world until meeting Hana. He hasn't heard of it at all.))
Akahana Yoshida 10 years ago
She could see the two of them speaking out on the dance floor. If it had been quiet then she might have been able to catch snatches of the conversation but the music was playing loud enough to be heard everywhere and then there were plenty of people and other ambient crowd noises to add to the atmosphere. Akahana wasn't worried though, Jacob would listen intently and that was what was important.

Smiling she texted Ran. *Care to join Jacob and I at Babylon?*

"My sister loves that movie.” Peter said from behind her when a new song started up. The young man who had sat down next to her and was trying to catch her eye, laughed. "Oh yeah, is she cute?”

"She is and so is her daughter.” Was the response from the bartender, who didn't rise to the juvenile bait.

Akahana turned and smiled at Peter
. "What does the song so go to?”

"Its a movie about a spoiled teenage girl who wishes she could give away her baby brother. She tells her little brother that the goblin king would come and take him away if she wished it. He does and she spends the whole movie trying get him back while whining about how the whole thing isn't fair.” Peter shrugged. "She meets a lot of different characters and grows up a bit by the end of the movie. "

She listened and nodded, a coming of age story with goblins and creatures to make it exciting and different enough to listen to and perhaps learn from.
"Did you like the movie?”

"I liked the goblins.” Peter admitted with a smile.

Her phone chimed softly and she looked down at it. *I wil joyn u as soon as I run out of batteryz* Interesting, Ran didn't usually spell like a grade school child. Another chime added. *flying so low? *

Laughing quietly to herself, she hoped that Ran would tell her the reason for his unique mode of expression when he arrived. She texted him back and requested that he did indeed go solo.

Akahana wanted him to see Jacob again without Mina's influence, at least once, not so much for Ran but for Jacob. Her familiar's cousin was the more out going of the two of them and she would like Jacob to have a little time to be 'the human' among them and to be able to savor it.

And they might have the company of one other lonely young woman, if so then Miya would not want to intrude as the fifth wheel.

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Miya 10 years ago
Miya was quiet for a bit after that question, taking the time to concentrate on her dancing as an excuse to think. She spun an twirled and moved her feet rapidly and even dipped once which left her exhilarated with laughter and delight. When she had caught her breath she felt safe enough to reply,

"I thought what I wanted most out of my life was to be like him. To submerse myself in his desires and wants and needs. But," She paused to take a long breath, "I'm not sure what I want. I guess what I want more than anything is to stop hurting. I want to go to the House of Pain because there someone will make me forget. It would be me and the pain and there wouldn't be room for wanting Scott. And maybe I'd fins someone or something to take it away permanently. Scott always refused me going there, he said that it was too dangerous for me, but danger doesn't sound like such a bad thing right now."

It was more than she had intended to say and they came to a stop as the song ended and there was a long pause as the DJ switched cds. She waited patiently but said quietly in the silence, knowing that if the lovely Hana was like Scott she would be able to hear this, "Most of all I just want someone to talk to, someone who I can be completely honest about this. Someone who understands. But I'm afraid of Scott's family. He told me that they would hurt me or possibly kill me if I disobeyed. Right now that doesn't seem like a such bad thing. I want the pain to stop and I want my blood to stop feeling like it's going to boil with the heat of things I need and won't ever have again."

The music began again, a slower piece and she turned to Jacob with a twinkling in her eyes. She was fully prepared to challenge his dancing skills in this particular piece of music.
Jacob 10 years ago
Jacob was sorry he couldn't give Miya what she desired, and he felt sympathetic for her seeming need to feel pain. He didn't think that was the right way to go about washing away her sorrow, but different people handled their grief differently. He could, perhaps, provide an avenue for her that didn't involve the dangers of the HoP.

"If you really want punishment," he said, his eyes flickering back to where Hana was sending a text at the bar, "my Lady has extensive connections. She could help provide you with what you need, perhaps. It's worth asking."

As a former courtesan and geisha, Hana knew everyone who was anyone in the industry. She ran an escort service, not a brothel, but that didn't mean she wouldn't know exactly who might be able to help Miya.

"I am happy to listen to you anytime you need a shoulder," he said with a smile. "I know we've just met but there aren't that many people who understand how we think and feel."

Both being a sub, and being a familiar. Jake didn't know if that was the bond Miya was describing but it sounded plausible.

Her fears about his family caused him to raise his eyebrows.
"Why would his family make such threats against you? Are they criminals? What disobedience are they worried about?"

As the music slowed, he sensed that Miya was ready to keep dancing. Jake swallowed almost imperceptibly. He was learning how to dance more complex dances, more sophisticated dances, instead of the 'guy-in-a-club' bounce he used to do. He was positive though that Miya was out of his league. She was already moving, her body graceful, in ways Jake knew he couldn't match. The tempo of the song and the intimacy it inspired went further toward a realm of experience he only had, thus far, with Hana.

Wanting very badly to please Hana, and to make Miya happy - or at least happier - Jake stepped in toward her and left it open for her to come in as close as she liked, too. If what she wanted was a slow, hip-to-hip sway he would do his best.
Miya 10 years ago
Listening to Jacob talk about Scott's family made her cringe a little bit. Just because he had left her, didn't mean that she wasn't still on their rolls and she was entirely sure that they would handle her if she disobeyed. They would have to, being what they were. As Spock said, the good of the many. She thought for a moment and picked her next words carefully. Scott had explained that there were a few different clans and that if she had heard the name Tacharan? to very quickly get out of there. To be honest he'd made them sound like the bogeymen. She remembered laying on the rug in front of the fireplace on a cold night when they had played a game. She could ask him anything she wanted and so long as she made him scream in orgasm she would get the answer. And while Scott could orgasm multiple times she knew that she would only get about four questions out of him, and the last two were going to be the harder to get because at that point he'd dry shoot his orgasm. So her first question had been about the different kinds of vampires, and Scott hadn't had anything pleasant to say about that one clan. Her second had been about why he'd picked her out of the thousands of girls he'd seen over the years in his classes.

"They aren't exactly criminals, they are just very secretive about themselves. I guess most family's like their privacy. Scott's letter to me said that he needed to go take care of something for them. I thought about approaching them, but I didn't want to get him into trouble, or risk my own life. It's rather silly actually, because no sane person would hurt another just because they broke up with someone in their family. But he kept me separate from them and I don't really know how to get in contact with them. It's rather silly that I want to protect him even though he's gone?" The words hurt but she swallowed the tears and abandoned herself to the dancing. Her body moved against his as she danced around him. It was sensual rather than sexual and by the end they had people hooting for them as they'd gathered a bit of a crowd. Miya was flushed, and sweating a little.

Let a girl buy you a drink? You are a fantastic dance partner Jacob. I'd love to come dance with you again. You seem safe and I don't have a lot of friends here. Yet." Another of her mischievous looks was cast his way. "Do you play video games? Perhaps Dance Dance Revolution?" Miya was a DDR Master and Jake was a good enough dancer to be a challenging opponent. She flushed again as she remembered the one time Scott had bent her over the bar at the back of the machine and fucked her in the darkened arcade, knowing that the cameras would catch them and knowing that would make Miya even hotter.

As they approached Akahana, Miya bowed again and spoke in her very soft, submissive tone, "
Thank you Lady Hana for allowing this girl to dance with what is yours. His lessons are indeed paying off. If it would please you, might this girl ask for two favors? It was Jacob's suggestion."

She waited politely for the response. Now was definitely the time that she needed those manners to be perfect.
Akahana Yoshida 10 years ago
Jacob was not yet grace personified on the dance floor. He was plenty capable but the movements had yet to become easy and natural for him. He was obviously very studiously trying to remember everything he was taught which made him a little more stiff than he would be if he allowed himself to make a few mistakes while going with what felt right. Akahana could tell that he was trying very hard though and that was what truly mattered. Miya's skill and grace helped him tremendously and made them something of a pair to watch. She wondered briefly what her familiar thought of the unasked for attention.

They headed back her way. She smiled at the both after taking another sip of her drink. Picking Jacob's blue concoction up, Hana handed it back to him.

Miya thanked her for allowing Jacob to dance. Akahana smiled and nodded.
"You are most welcome." She raised her eyebrows and turned to look at Jacob when Miya asked for several favors and suggested that at least one had been Jacob's suggestion.

"Is that so? I am intrigued. You may ask, Miya."

She turned to Jacob. "Come." Akahana opened her arm for him to stand at her side.

"Ran will be here shortly." At least she thought it would be shortly. She wasn't entirely certain what running out of batteries meant.

"Come, sit, Miya." Akahana gestured to the stool next to her. "Tell me what it is you need." She wasn't promising to fulfill it; only a fool would make promises before knowing what was requested but curiosity was her weakness.

((OOC: She isn't angry with Jacob, despite asking him to come stand next to her. She's curious and neutral until she has heard what Miya wants. ))
Jacob 10 years ago
Jacob was definitely not up to Miya's level of dancing but he did do his best. All the same he felt stiff and awkward and it only got worse when they attracted a small crowd of admirers. He knew he was horrible, but he told himself the little group of onlookers was mostly watching Miya, which they were. Nonetheless he was happy to return to Hana's side, smiling at Miya's offer when Hana returned his drink to him.

"Still working on this one," he said, "but another time perhaps?" Jake never drank to excess when he was here. He worked for the club's new owner; it wouldn't do for him to risk anything that might sully her reputation and that included having one too many and making a stupid move while even slightly intoxicated.

When she ordered him back to her side he went willingly despite the expression she'd given him upon hearing that he'd practically offered Miya a favor at her expense. He hadn't done so, but he had to admit that was what it sounded like. If she asked him, and he knew she would later, he would explain to her. Hopefully she would understand, but for a brief moment the fear that he'd disappointed her stabbed at him like a hot knife in his chest. He took a long sip of his drink to try to burn it away. He raised his eyes briefly to Akahana's, willing her to understand that there was a little more to it than his offering favors in her name.

When Hana indicated that Miya should sit next to her, Jacob smiled encouragingly at the blue-eyed woman. His overall view of Hana was that she was gentle, kind, and benevolent. She had always cared for Jake, since they'd met, and she seemed truly concerned for his well-being. However, he had also seen her be ruthless in her business dealings and even chilly at one point or another although never toward him. He knew that beneath the beautiful exterior was marble and steel and to underestimate his Lady was a grave error. Miya didn't seem like the type to ask too much, though. They'd see.

Jacob waited quietly at Akahana's side, drink in hand, waiting for Miya to voice her requests.
Miya 10 years ago
Miya froze for a moment, thinking perhaps that she was going to ask for two much. But she took he offered seat and picked up the glass of apple rum to sip. It was tart, and it seemed to fill her mouth with the taste of spring. She waited, as was proper, before asking. Even the asking was a favor, and she understood that.

"There are two, Lady Hana. The first is that I should like to become Jacob's friend, if it pleases you. I understand the relationship that the two of you have and I would not wish to ever intrude upon that." She paused and took another sip of her drink to wet her suddenly dry mouth. Her palms were sweaty and she as nervous. Because if this lovely woman didn't take sharing her property well, then she certainly wasn't going to take the second request better. But Miya plunged onwards.

"Since my Master has left me, I've not been with anyone. I was considering attending the House of Pain to forget for a while. Jacob believes that it would not be wise for me to go there and that perhaps in your network of acquaintances that you might have someone who would enjoy fulfilling that need in me. In a slightly less dangerous environment." She knew that she was saying too much. "Some of the reason I want to go there is that I know that I may die by doing so. It frightens and intrigues me. But nothing is worse than what I am dealing with right now. Longing for something you can never have again, while the addiction to it burns you from the inside out. That is worse than dying." It had to be the alcohol that left her so loose and open, spilling her secrets to this lovely woman. If she were like Scott she would take the clues given and come up with the correct answer. If she wasn't, well, she'd likely think that Miya was addicted to the endorphins and a lot of submissives were. They played for the high and said that it was better than any drug they could find on the street. Scott hadn't pushed her to that limit, he wasn't sure that he enjoyed that aspect of their lifestyle, but he tried for her sake and he had tried to always give her that confident, strong hand that she required.

She truly was lost without him.
And completely, utterly damned.