Keeping An Eye Out

It would have been really nice to hear what they were saying. Not that either of them seemed to talk much, but it -had- to be better than watching them just play chess. Blaise was very irritated by the distinct lack of action in the game.

"I'd have more fun watching paint dry.”

He muttered.

This was Cecile's job. She was the watcher, she was better at it. But For whatever reason Alfred had switched things up tonight. Blaise couldn't even get too close, if Pakpao saw him he'd have to think up a reason why he was lurking about and why he was dressed a bit like a thug rather than the 'young professional' image he gave her.

Jarrod, his 'older brother' and Alfred's right hand man, thought it was hysterical. He knew how much Blaise hated to be bored and watching to vampires play chess certainly qualified as boring.

Speaking of big brother, Blaise watched him stroll down the board walk, an ice cream in his hand. Blaise didn't do more than nod roughly in Jarrod's direction by way of greeting, although it didn't matter if they were seen together he rather hoped the older vampire wouldn't stop. He did though.

"How's it feel watching your girl with another guy?”

"She's not my girl. She's a job.”

Even to his own ears Blaise sounded confrontational and defiant, rather like a sulky teenager. When Jarrod smirked at him Blaise knew that Jarrod had heard and taken it that way too. He really wasn't fond of Jarrod, hadn't been since he caught him biting Cecile and drug them into this whole mess, and the feeling was mutual.

"I guess it's just as well. Obviously too much woman for you if she's splitting her time with you and what... two other guys now? And you haven't even gotten her into bed from what I hear.”

Knowing that Jarrod was taunting him didn't help. Blaise still wanted to shove that ice cream right up the man's nose. He struggled to remain cool but knew he wasn't pulling it off, not entirely; he did, however, know better than to answer directly.

"There's time yet, besides it isn't like she's doing Hoang.”

Blaise was proud of himself, he even managed an indifferent shrug there. OK so it wasn't perfect but he'd gotten it at least partially right.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night boy.”

Blaise ground his teeth a little and Jarrod continued on.

"Alfie,” Jarrod only called their maker 'Alfie' when he wasn't around, "Says we're going to move soon. He's afraid those videos will be traced.”

Blaise 11 years ago
"I thought you said they'd be rerouted a hundred times and the virus burnt out all traces besides?”

That news didn't sit as well with Blaise as it should. He should be anxious for any action, to -finally- have orders from Alfred and to stop all this pussy footing around. But, to his surprise, he had mixed feelings. When this had all started Pakpao was just a face, part of a job and someone he'd hoped to shag. Even though she'd rebuffed any physical advances Blaise was still fond of her. But the job was the job. He might have to repeat that to himself a few times, but it was the job.

"It has been and it does. I told him that a dozen times.” Jarrod whined. "But Alfie is old fashioned, this stuff bothers him some.”

Blaise tried to play it off.

"Well, at least we'll be getting some action finally. What's the plan?”

What Alfred planned to do with this woman was a mystery to him. Blaise knew that she was part of another clan and he'd heard Alfred shouting at someone over the phone about not starting a war between the clans but he didn't understand it. Pakpao wasn't really any one, not as far as he could tell. He didn't think one body would start a war.

"He's not going to kill her, if that's what you're worried about.”

Blaise just shrugged.

"Hold her, mess her up a bit, and maybe let you finally get a piece of her. Hoang has to suffer, he's set us back decades.”

The bitterness in Jarrod's voice surprised him. Blaise hadn't realized that Jarrod was as gung-ho about this research crap as Alfred was. He'd thought it was just a job. Of course, maybe it was something personal with Hoang.

"Suffer? For messing with Alfred's biology project? Been drinking the kool-aide Jar?”

He asked with some skepticism and distain. It turned out to be a mistake. Even though he was a vampire, and had been for a few years, neither Alfred nor Jarrod had any issues putting him in his place and they were both considerably older, stronger and faster. Jarrod might not be as scary as Alfred, but Blaise knew from experience Jarrod wasn't a push over and he couldn't take him.

Jarrod grabbed him by the collar, spun him around and shook him. Hard. Whiplash hard.

"You want to deal with Alfie like he was right after again? You want to deal with the labs being gone and people being dead? Back in hiding? You want them to get Cecile next time?”

This was all growled right in his face. From experience Blaise, as much as he wanted to fight back, just let Jarrod get it out of his system. A second later he was released and shoved backwards. He stumbled a few steps and recovered.

"He needs to suffer. He owes us.”
Blaise 11 years ago
Now wasn't the time to argue. He just said gruffly,

"And we're sure the woman is the weakest link? I still thing the Frog would be best. Let the mongrels do the work for us.”

Blaise was relieved that Jarrod seemed to just accept that response. He didn't question that Blaise was looking for a better way to do this, he didn't suspect it was because he wasn't one hundred percent committed to taking out an innocent by stander, and Pakpao was an innocent, at least in this. She wasn't involved at all. Hoang did seem to dote on her so something like this would hurt him, but it would hurt her too...

"I think so too, but Alfie doesn't want them involved. He thinks turning the dogs on Hoang will wind up involving the clan and we're not ready for that.”

Once again Blaise wondered about 'the clan'. He knew about them, he knew their names any way, and he knew that hypothetically Alfred was part of one of them, Anantya. But Alfred didn't seem to have any contact with them. Blaise also had no idea if he was part of the clan or if he had to apply for membership or anything like that. Were they really so powerful? What would happen if the beasties took out Hoang? And if the clans were that intimidating should they be messing with another one?

The job was the job.

And Jarrod was looking at him, daring Blaise to question things further. He was supposed to be watching Pakpao and he didn't want to call attention to them. He couldn't say anything more.

"All right then.”

Jarrod clapped him cheerfully on the shoulder. The fact that the seeming friendly gesture made his knees buckle slightly put some menace into the action.

Blaise glowered at Jarrod but didn't say a word.

"Good boy. I knew you were going to be helpful to us, still not sure Alfie should have turned you so soon but... his call.”

"So when do we roll on this?”

Blaise asked, he wasn't sure what answer he was hoping for. There was no way to really change Alfred's mind, but if the longer they waited the more likely something was going to disrupt things and he wouldn't have to worry about Pakpao. On the other hand, if they acted fast he didn't have time to think about it.

"Soon. You'll know. I think you're going to get the starring role.”
Blaise 11 years ago
"That must chap your ass but good. I know how you love to be teacher's pet."

Starring role? Despite his bluff and bluster Blaise felt his stomach knot. He hadn't really seen this coming, he was used to being second banana that he'd just assumed Jarrod would be running this too, maybe Alfred would actually do something himself, but he didn't think he'd be taking center stage.

The job was the job.

He could also take some consolation in the fact that Jarrod had said they weren't going to kill Pakpao. Knowing Jarrod and Alfred he didn't believe that, not really, but Blaise chose to take some comfort in that, hide behind the comfortable lie.

"No, not really."

Jarrod said coolly.

"It's only logical. If we do a snatch and grab or like that it will cause a commotion. Better for you to grab her, you can get close and no one is going to think twice are they?"

"Just say when."

Blaise mustered as much confidence as he could, and it was a considerable amount. It wasn't an act either, not entirely, it was a good plan. It made sense. It should work.

Jarrod's attention drifted over to Pakpao and Hoang, Blaise momentarily fantasized about clocking him one. It would be so satisfying.

"What is Alfred hoping to get out of this?"

The other vampire looked over at him, clearly confused.

"Is he expecting Hoang to exchange himself for her?" He jutted his chin toward Pakpao. "Does he just want to be a pain in the ass? What?"

Jarrod shifted his weight and it was something that Blaise recognized. Jarrod was getting ready for a smack down. He really had to learn to keep his mouth shut. He'd been shoved around enough for one night and moved slightly, answering Jarrod's silent challenge.

"Do you really want to know?"

He did. Blaise absolutely did, but he knew the proper response to that question. As it was Alfred would probably hear about this and be more than a little cross.

It might all be worth it if he'd at least gotten her into bed he thought.


He turned to watched the ocean for a moment deliberately avoiding Jarrod's eyes.

"You gonna hang out all night? Did you want to make out so we don't arouse as much suspicion?"

Jarrod snorted, although Blaise couldn't tell if he was disgusted or amused.

"Just be ready."

"Always am."

Without another word Jarrod turned and left. Funny, in all that the man hadn't lost his ice cream, it hadn't even dripped on his hand or his shirt.

Blaise sighed and went back to watching paint dry, er the chess game. Although he was a bit distracted, wondering about this 'staring roll' and exactly what Alfred had planed, if anything.

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