*peeks in*

Haven't done any forum RP in absolutely forever... but I got a special request to come back so I came to peek in.


Jan 9 years ago
Hello stranger! Special request, eh? Someone checking up on us?

I promise we weren't doing anything bad....today, right this moment.

Okay, nothing illegal.
Miya 9 years ago
Octavia Emiliano 9 years ago
So miya was it you that was checking on us? I saw you had closed your thread with Scott; what happened to him? Is he still playing?
Rowan Murphy 9 years ago
Hi Aislinn. Nice to see you again! Gonna come write with us some?
Pakpao 9 years ago
Cheers. I knew if we washed the windows people would see us.
Charlie Hammond 9 years ago
Huhu =)
Aislinn Ross 9 years ago
/is pounced.

If I remember right, I was going to try get officially adopted/initiated into Anantya. I need to read up on all that again.