Say What? (attn: Bao)

Ran had expected Bao to call on him at some point. Maybe it was because they had never entirely seen eye to eye. Maybe it was because Ran was a ptential rival for Amir's attention.

Maybe it was because Bao had seen Ran leaving a half-dressed Pakpao with a smoky kiss in the lobby of Liefde a couple nights ago.

Yeah, it might be that last one.

Ran had almost missed Bao; he had spent the night with Pak, making her dinner like he'd promised. It wasn't his first daytime stay at her pretty apartment in Liefde Towers, and it certainly wasn't their first shag at this point. He liked Pak's company. She was intelligent, smart, and, oh right, hot Asian chick. When they'd kissed goodbye Ran had turned toward the doors of the Towers to see someone very familiar turning away.

Bao had walked off - or, maybe he'd stalked off. Ran knew Bao had seen him turning around, and they'd shared half a look before his older sibling left. Ran assumed Bao had been passing by; he didn't think Bao would visit Pak at Liefde. At any rate, what he and Pak did was their business. If it pissed Bao off, well, all the better really. Bao could use a little excitement in his life.

And excitement apparently was what he had planned, since he'd asked Ran to meet him here tonight. 'Here' was the training area out behind Heolfor Manor. Ran was not unfamiliar with it. Amir had been kicking his ass several times weekly, claiming Ran was soft. Ran did not feel soft, particularly when Amir bounced him against the walls and floor repeatedly, but hey, it was not for the student to advise the master - or something.

"Honey, I'm home," Ran said loudly as he entered the dojo area. He had no idea what to expect. Hopefully, not a sword in his eyeball or something.

Bao 9 years ago
Bao was spending some time warming up, it wasn't exactly necessary as a vampire, even the worst muscle pull would resolve itself fairly quickly. It, however, helped him think and as he had no real desire to be rational or reasonable right now that was very necessary.

He'd never exactly understood Ran. He had a grudging respect for the man as one of Amir's vampires, Ran had also proven to be quite talented within his skill set and even Bao had to admit Ran had his uses and some value. That, however, didn't mean he had to -like- him. He had too much personality, too little discipline, associated too freely with humans and there were a few other faults, mostly to do with Ran's personal habits. So when he'd seen Ran with Pakpao, and in what was very clearly a less than platonic situation it had irritated him greatly. If it had been just that Bao might not have said anything, but he knew about Ran's other toy; a human toy. That had infuriated him.

He very much wanted to put an arrow through Ran's throat.

Amir, however, would most likely not approve. This would have to do and if Ran was reasonable and gave up either his human toy or found a way to restore his daughter's honor it wouldn't need to go further than a bit of a sparing match, which they both probably needed.

"Do you -ever- do anything with the least bit of subtlety or decorum?"

He inquired coldly.

It was not, perhaps, the most amicable greeting he'd ever given his younger sibling but it was by no means the least.

Bao was dressed and ready to proceed, sheer force of will and training alone kept him from immediately knocking Ran on his ass.

"I thought perhaps you might need a work out partner other than our esteemed creator, and we haven't had a chance to catch up since your arrival to Nachton."

The latter part of that sentence fairly dripped with irony, in a dry deadpan way.

"Weapons or hand to hand?"

Weapons would make him -very- happy, something sharp that might slip.
Ran Iyala 9 years ago
Ran blinked at Bao as he confronted him with a question just as lacking in subtlety as he accused Ran of being. Then he cocked a blue eyebrow at Bao and shrugged. Still in a slightly loud voice he said, "Subtlety isn't my strong point, really."

Bao's voice made it clear that his words were complete bullshit, but Ran didn't mind. He honestly didn't see what exactly Bao objected to. Was it the fact that he was sleeping with Pak? Or something else about the whole situation? Either way this seemed a little... aggressive. But Ran didn't mind. He thought Bao might need to relieve some pent up stress anyway.

Knowing what was coming, Ran had worn clothing that was easy to move in. Nothing too loose or flowy for his opponent to grab onto, and stuff that would stretch with Ran's movements. He tilted his head at Bao when he was offered a choice.

"Wow, I didn't realize you cared so much," he said, trying not to yell. "That's pretty special. Normally I'd decline, but I get the feeling that this is the most action you've had in years. Maybe centuries. So I'm happy to help."

His big mouth generally got him in more trouble before it got him out of it again. But historically, Ran wasn't great at letting people walk all over him. He knew he couldn't beat Bao in a straight up brawl; Amir had trained them both and while Bao had lots of time logged at a desk, he was still older than Ran. Ran figured he'd have to fight smarter not harder to get an edge on Bao... and even then Bao might wipe the floor with him.

"Anything you like," he said loudly, crouching down at the edge of the mats on the floor. "You're probably going to need all the help you can get."
Bao 9 years ago

The man was subtle like a freight train Of course, one might argue that he could be too subtle. Bao, however, wouldn't see that side of the coin or that there might perhaps be a happy medium, at least not tonight.

"Have you thought about trying it.... now and then as a change of pace."

'Of not flaunting a half dressed Pakpao and then traipsing off to swive with your familiar.' Of course, he didn't add that last part he only thought it and since he hadn't actually followed Ran Bao couldn't say with certainty that is what Ran did, but even if the activities had been separated by a few hours or even a few nights, that was close enough for him.

Closing his eyes momentarily Bao let the yelling, or near yelling, go unacknowledged. Ran was going to have to try a great deal harder to get under his skin. In deed such juvenile tactics had long since ceased to be effective, so Ran had resorted to others. Perhaps that is where Pakpao came in, a way to irritate him.

Baiting him about his personal life, or apparently lack there of, was also old hat. Although not nearly so libidinous as Ran Bao did engage in relationships on occasion. He wasn't a robot after all. Certainly one had to concede most of those relationship didn't involve much more than sexual attraction and a certain professional regard, perhaps friendship, but they did exist. Although, perhaps he should determine how to move his relationship with Claire in something rather more than a glacial pace.

Bao quickly pushed that thought aside and focused on one thing and one thing only, Ran crouched on the corner of the mat. Such a small target, wonderfully defensive too. One might conclude that Ran knew Bao was upset with him and that this was slightly more than a sparing match.


Ran knew he was doing something he couldn't?


"Let's start with hand to hand and see where that take us."

Although they would both regenerate Bao doubted Amir would be overly amused if he excessively damaged Ran.

"After you Ran, I invited you after all and I would hate for you to be on the defensive the entire time."

Bao baited Ran slightly, mildly and made it rather clear that this was something of an accusation as well. He really did want to hear how Ran defended himself. For now though he bowed and waited to respond to Ran's first attack.
Ran Iyala 9 years ago
"Nope, it never crossed my mind," Ran said, mentally rolling his eyes at Bao. "It's not my thing, or had you not noticed the hair?"

He was still waiting for Bao to make a move; it was clear to him that Bao was irritated at him. But his older sibling invited him to take the first swing instead. Ran laughed, throwing his head back but not taking his eyes off of Bao.

"Oh come on," he said. "So what, now we're going to pretend this is suddenly about getting some exercise, and not at all about the fact that I've been boning your offspring?"

He shrugged at Bao.
"I have nothing to be defensive about. You called me here, you're the one with the stick up your ass."

Now he did actually roll his eyes, his voice still slightly louder than it really had to be.
"Give me a break, do you really think I'd take up with her if she didn't want it? She's a big vampire. And she's hot. I wouldn't have given you credit for noticing that, but you have reasonably good taste in women."

He let his eyes grow wide.
"Oh wait, is that it? Did you want her yourself? Damn, you should have said. I mean, I don't think she'd do you if yours was the last cock on the planet, but still - wow."

He could pay the baiting game as well as the next jackass. It was silly, in Ran's opinion. Amir had taught them better... much, much better. But Ran suspected Bao's temper was hotter than he was letting on, and Ran's own cheerful temperament generally made it tough to bait him. Particularly when he already had half a clue that Bao was just spoiling for a fight. He sure wasn't going to throw the first punch. If Bao wanted him, he could come get him.
Bao 9 years ago
Ran had a mouth on him. Always had. Typically Bao had been content to let Ran shoot it off, the consequences could be amusing. Even when Ran had turned that mouth on him, and he had before, Bao hadn't really allowed it to get to him. This time, perhaps, Ran had gone too far.

For a moment he was completely blinded by rage. Although typically extremely controlled Bao did have a temper, it had caused him problems before and was part of the reason he was so disciplined. Words failed him, as did his restraint; although he was, at least the far dark, deep, distant recesses of his mind, were glad that Ran hadn't said weapons.

Ran wanted Bao to make the first move, and he did, as well as the second and third. Goal one was to get him out of that crouch, two was to slow him down, break an ankle, foot, knee or leg, three was simply to hurt him and possibly shut him up. Bao didn't hold back, he'd intended too, but the road to hell was paved with good intentions, and instead he used every bit of vampire speed and strength and, perhaps more importantly, all of the training Amir had given him and continued to give him. It might not be his primary skill set, but he did practice.

"I would have thought even -you- would have some modicum of respect for your lover."

Bao growled without stopping their brawl, there was not even pretense of sparing now, it was a fight. He probably shouldn't have spoken, after all, he couldn't take the fight for granted, Ran had those same advantages. His might be greater as Bao was certain Ran actually fought more than he did, Ran's abilities probably had a much keener edge than his. But he was well and truly disgusted by the total lack of regard Ran had for Pakpao and it was rather clouding his judgment.
Ran Iyala 9 years ago
Ran gave a little hoot of enjoyment as Bao exploded into action. "Woo, now it's on!"

His first instinct was to use his abilities but Bao had called for hand to hand combat. Ran would stick with that, insofar as he could keep up with the older vampire. He wasn't about to allow himself to get seriously hurt though, so if Bao crossed the line Ran would take whatever action he needed to to save his skin. Oh, he knew he'd pissed Bao off. And done a right good job of it. He would be modest about it later.

Bao attacked him, aiming low as if to injure Ran's leg. Ran wasn't having any of that; he danced gracefully away from Bao's attack. They sparred together, their movements quick as lightning, faster than any human could keep track of. Bao wasn't as fast as Amir, though, and that Ancient had been trouncing Ran for weeks now. He was in decent form.

He raised his eyebrows, ducking under Bao's flying fist when the other man spoke again.
"You think I don't respect her? Where did you get that idea?"

And then, because some perverse part of him just couldn't shut the fuck up, he added,
"Wait, were you watching? You perverted bastard. Okay, any of those games we were playing in her bedroom were just games. Got it? Totally consensual. She wanted me to call her a dirty bitch. And the whip, that was kinky but she did misbehave."

Ran was betting Bao knew nothing of what went on between him and Pak. Sleeping with her was kind of sweet, actually, and nothing like the way he'd just described it. She was funny, fun, a mix of gentle and saucy, but they were still just friends - well... a little more than friends. He didn't feel the need to explain any of that to Bao. If Bao had asked, they might have cleared this up. Ran wasn't sure where Bao was even getting the idea that Ran disrespected Pak. Unless Bao just hated him that much, which was actually a surprise to Ran. He knew he wasn't Bao's favorite person and that Bao wouldn't be dancing for joy about his relationship with Pak, but he hadn't thought his reaction would be this violent.

He avoided a punch to his mouth, a logical place to aim. Ran would punch him in the mouth too if he were fighting him. Their dance continued, around the room, Ran mostly avoiding and not going terribly offensive. It was the safest thing for him to do at the moment, and he actually really wanted to know what Bao's issue was. Yeah, he was pissed off that Bao was acting this way... but he had gotten the upper hand with the insults and that made him kind of happy.

Bao caught him on the side of the face and opened up a little cut across his cheekbone; Ran retaliated by ducking in close and backhanding Bao twice in quick succession, rather like scolding a child. They broke apart again, circling each other warily.

"You really are rusty," Ran chided. "I'll let Amir know next time we spar. He'll probably want to school you, too. Sitting behind the desk is really getting to you. Maybe that's part of the problem? You're jealous of all the snatch being flung my way? I could have had others, not just Pak. If you want, I can arrange for some of my castaways to come pay you a visit."

He was getting a sense of how to best needle Bao now. And, knowing that, Ran simply couldn't stop pushing the big red button. It was a trait that had gotten him into a lot of trouble more than once, and would probably continue to do so.
Bao 9 years ago
Even angry beyond all belief at Ran Bao managed to mind his manners, which was something that Ran couldn't say. It was rather sick all things considered. It hadn't escaped Bao's notice that Pakpao was a very attractive woman, that was one of the reasons he'd turned her in the first place. To have Ran throw these -things- these disgusting ideas in his face was extremely upsetting.

True or not she did -not- deserve to have Ran talk about her like that. Knowing that what he'd done to Pakpao had forced her into prostitution Ran struck far too close to home, reminded him of his failure and how it had hurt her. Perhaps he was being overly protective at this point, but if he'd done this right in the first place she would still be with him, safe and training not being used by Ran.

"Is that what you are going to do? Cast her away? She deserves far better than that."

Threatening to tell Amir, Bao would worry about that later. He wouldn't put it past Ran but if Ran was able to get in and slap him like a child then he probably deserved it. The rest he didn't care about, Ran could sleep with and cast off as many humans, vampires, and goats as he wanted so long as one of them wasn't Pakpao. He'd not have her treated that way.

Changing tactics he went in with a bit of a hybrid of judo and wrestling, pulling Ran's leg out from under him knocking him to the ground. Bao voluntarily followed him down, but with farm more control. Since Ran's problem seemed to be an over active sex drive Bao made to squash, quite literally, that desire. If he injured Ran's member enough that might calm him down for a bit.

"You may not see her again. You have no place in her life."

Instead of Ran's face, even though they were both flat on the ground, Bao smashed his fist down into Ran's throat. Neither of them needed to breath, but it would hurt like hell and shut him up for a second. He followed it up with an elbow to the kidney before shoving Ran away and rolling to his feet and putting his much room between them as possible.

During the momentary pause Bao raised his hand to his eye, it was swelling and would undoubtedly be black and blue shortly. It wouldn't last but it would be annoying especially if it swelled up enough to restrict his view. If, however, Ran backed off and agreed to leave Pakpao alone this could be the end of it.
Ran Iyala 9 years ago
Ran tilted his head at Bao, still wondering how he'd gotten so far on Bao's bad side as to provoke this reaction just from seeing Pak. he knew what Bao had done to her; Bao was a hypocrite trying to protect her now. Jerk.

He said Pak deserved better than that and Ran, his ire up, did not even try to curb the acerbic response that came to the fore.
"Yeah. Quite possibly she didn't deserve to be ripped away from her family, turned, and then abandoned in a slum. Such a shame she's enjoying her daytimes with me now, laughing and having some fun. Aren't you just the best dad ever."

That definitely got a reaction as he found himself swept to the floor. Bao came down after him and Ran just barely managed to squirm away in time to avoid having his junk crushed, offering a retaliatory punch in the face.
"Hey, what the hell?"

That was followed by a demand that he do exactly what Bao had just said Pak deserved better than. Ran, more than a little annoyed now, spat back,
"Fuck off, Bao, it's none of your busin..."

The rest was cut off as Bao's fist literally crushed the wind out of him. Ran felt his eyes go wide for a moment with the knee-jerk reaction before his brain processed that he didn't need air. He rolled back; Bao elbowed him and shoved away. Ran got to his feet and crouched. He could feel his throat opening back up, which was nice because he had a lot more to say and his hands were too busy for sign language.

He swallowed while tilting his head side to side, and attempted speech while Bao gingerly touched his eye.
"If you think I'm going to stop seeing her because her deatbeat dad suddenly grew a conscience and decided I was the bad guy here, screw you."

Each word was raspy and difficult to get out, but rapidly improving.
"She's good times. We like each other. I don't disrespect her. I don't know how you got that crap into your hypocritical head but this," he gestured to the area they stood in, "is overkill. She doesn't need you to fight her battles for her. If she were here she'd probably kick your ass herself."
Bao 9 years ago
"She is mine therefor it is my business."

Bao growled at Ran. He really wasn't making much, if any effort to control himself any longer.

Apparently this wasn't going well, he was not making his point at all as Ran, Ran of all people, threw his mistake into his Face. Bao resented that quite deeply. Yes he had made a huge mistake, he'd acknowledged that to Amir and to Pakpao. Was it more or less unforgivable, yes he'd agree with that. But they were making progress, although Pakpao might not have forgiven him she was willing to develop a new relationship and Bao was quite determined not to make the same mistake twice. He would be there for her now as he should have been in the first place.

As Ran got his wind, and windpipe, back Bao smiled coldly with great satisfaction. He'd managed to shut Ran up. It was all too brief but such a sweet respite.

"Given the number of people and things you've had your way with over they years I wouldn't let you screw me under any circumstances."

Diseased or not it was rather disgusting.

It was a shame that Ran wouldn't back down though, wouldn't give Pakpao up and wouldn't agree not to cast her off. It meant there was nothing for this but to continue. And when Ran again said he didn't disrespect Pakpao, when he blatantly lied it became time to make his position crystal clear.

"You don't disrespect her but you leave her to go to your human whore? Your pet isn't enough for you? You have to lead Pakpao on as well?"

Bao understood familiar bonds, but that didn't alter Bao's perspective that Ran was cheating on Pakpao. Even if she and Ran didn't form a permanent relationship, and Bao actually wasn't demanding a life time commitment from Ran, she was being used for his entertainment and 'good time'.

He did actually consider the possibility that Pakpao would not appreciate this reaction. Ran might be right, but he'd worry about that once he settled things with Ran.
Ran Iyala 9 years ago
In spite of their apparently being in the middle of a pretty personal confrontation, Bao's words made Ran pause and scratch his head. "People and 'things?' Really? Things? That's what you're going with?"

Dropping his hand back down he shook his head. Ran didn't have to beg to get a woman's attention. He hadn't had to beg Pak. In fact, he had restrained himself and waited for her to make her desires very clear. And then, as usual, he'd been up front and honest with her and she still wanted him. Bao's attitude was starting to get him agitated. More than, really. He'd been pissed before. He was angry at Bao's hypocrisy. Angry at being accosted.

And then Bao's next words cause a flash of rage to race through Ran's veins. It was almost easy enough to brush off Bao's concerns about Pak; they ere consenting adults and Ran didn't think for a second that Bao's disapproval would hurt their relationship. But Mina was innocent of any wrongdoing. She was under Ran's influence and so very far from being a whore it wasn't funny.

And she was new to the world of law, a world Bao was very intimately acquainted with. Ran's heart, numb with fury, now plummeted as he realized Bao could make it very unpleasant for Mina to try to find a job. Ran meant to keep her safe, not ruin her life.

He growled at Bao and lunged for him, but as he did so he blended away. Shifting form he flew up over Bao's head. Then he shifted back and allowed himself to drop out of the sky, coming down fully on Bao's shoulder, wrapping his arm around Bao's neck and knocking him to his back on the floor. Dropping his blending he straddled Bao's chest and pounded his fist into the older vampire's face.

"Mina. Is. Not. A. Whore."

Each word was accompanied by a strike of the fist. Ran knew Bao could work himself out of this but he didn't care. His familiar was no one's business but his. He should have stayed back and calmly pointed out that Pak was fully aware and agreeable. He should have done a lot of things.

But damn, it felt good to repeatedly stuff his fist into Bao's face. He made sure to give some loving attention to the current shiner. Wouldn't hurt to make it tough for Bao to see for a few minutes while that sucker healed. Ran bent low and growled at Bao,
"And I'm not playing with Pak. She wanted it, and she knows everything and everyone involved. But I promise you, every time I fuck her I'll blow you a kiss beforehand."

Wow, Ran, he thought to himself. Actually, thinking of Bao before sleeping with Pak was likely to have an adverse reaction on the whole sexual process. Pak might take umbrance with that... she did have a healthy appetite.
Bao 9 years ago
Yes, he was going to go with people and things. He'd seen Ran's taste in... and it wasn't always exemplary. He thought that comparison was accurate.

Apparently though it was his other comment that finally caused Ran to snap. It wasn't totally unexpected that Ran should mindlessly lunge at him. It was, in fact, what Bao had been aiming for. Fighting angry meant you were doing your opponent a favor, not that he'd been completely controlled during this and had done Ran some favors in that respect.

Even as he shifted his stance to intercept Ran, the man disappeared. Damned it. He should have seen that coming. There was no telling where Ran would come from at this point and so Bao didn't move, he simply tried to be prepared. It didn't work as well as he'd hoped as he was again on the floor and this time with Ran on top of him and rather adamantly insisting his familiar wasn't a whore.

The first few blows dazed him and he didn't react as quickly as he should. Eventually, however, Bao shifted and tossed Ran off him. Tossed, and not gently, and Ran's crudeness regarding his activities with Pakpao meant he might have aimed Ran for a wall.

"You can't have them both without belittling the other. Show some respect."

Even if Pakpao did know that Ran had Mina as a familiar she might not understand what that meant. To Bao's mind it didn't matter if she did understand or consent it was Ran's duty to either fulfill that bond without cheating on Pakpao or to decide that the human girl was worth more to him than Pakpao.

His eye swelling even worse and blood flowing from his nose and the corner of his mouth from Ran's attack, Bao rolled to his feet and headed right to the weapons storage. He snatched up a bo simply because it was the closest thing, it would also keep Ran at a bit of a distance and could inflict quite a lot of damage. He jabbed it sharply at Ran's abdomen and then immediately pulled it back and swing it at Ran's head.
Ran Iyala 9 years ago
Ran felt his gravity shift as Bao curled up under him and literally threw him off. Ran attempted to flip over in mid air for a better landing but in his anger he had totally misjudged the dimensions of the building. He hit the wall with his hip and then his head, sliding down it in a daze but landing with a wobble on his feet.

Bao was talking again, his voice moving, and Ran knew he was back upright as well. Then, quick like all of their kind, Bao was in front of him and there was a thrusting motion. With the force of a tiny mack truck something hit him hard in the stomach. Ran doubled over, coughing, and saw the flash of the staff as it came down again. He lifted his arm, caught the brunt of the heavy blow on it, and then twisted, jumping over the bo and bringing his knee down on it. It snapped in half and Ran spun quickly, closing the distance between him and Bao.

He was taller than Bao, and his reach longer. He jabbed the shortened staff at Bao just to keep him away while he took the time to recuperate. Now that his head wasn't confused he could blend again. And he did.

"Adn kicking my ass is supposed to make me respectful? Man I wish I had a nickel for every time some jackass thought that would straighten me out in my life. It'd be.... like, a whole of nickels."

Ran moved quietly away from Bao after speaking, still holding his shattered bo stick. In truth, he didn't want this fight. Bao was a cold scary bastard and this was a lot more than what Ran had expected. But if he left the room he would be the coward and that didn't sit well with Ran. If he left now, Mina would be in danger. Pak would... well, if she knew about this she'd probably pissed. Hopefully mostly at her Creator, but Ran wasn't going to pretend he hadn't provoked him - a lot.

Amir was no fool; he'd taught them all and that training had included ways to ward against different abilities. He wiped a little blood from a cut on his ear, pressing gently to keep things in place. There were ways for Bao to make Ran visible, and Ran knew he wasn't totally silent, particularly if he wanted to attack. Even in his Roller form his wings would rustle. For the moment he focused on getting into a different position to surprise Bao. He just wanted to knock him down again. Maybe wear him out. Whatever happened, Ran was starting to fear that Bao actually wanted to kill him. There was something wrong in his brain. Very seriously wrong.

At the least, he needed to go to an anger management seminar.
Bao 9 years ago
He really didn't understand how Ran could continue to be so flippant. It was irritating. If the man would just have a conversation with him they could resolve this much, much easier. Of course, his currant tactics might not exactly encourage conversation.

"I thought that was how you made your money."

Bao quipped.

Perhaps he should have spoken to Pakpao first, to understand the relationship better and her feelings on the matter. Not that he wouldn't have cheerfully slammed Ran into the mats several times and told him to get away from his daughter even after that conversation, as it was, however, Bao had no way to know her feelings. All he had was his own possessiveness and a desire to protect Pakpao and no good or graceful way to end this encounter.

He rolled his eyes when Ran blended away again, making the whole situation difficult again. There were days he'd very much like to roll the vampiric dice again and see what he came up with. He held very still listening for Ran, movement, breathing the sound of Ran's feet on the mats or the sound of wings. Something, anything that would give Ran away.

"You've been practicing. Good for you."

Bao said, although he didn't sound at all pleased with Ran. Not hostile, just not pleased.

As he continued to watch for ran Bao became more certain that if Ran had any regard for Pakpao at all he would probably scale back his assault. In stead Ran had continually refereed to her in rather base terms, but it was with resignation, not the same level of anger that he approached the weapons again. He had tossed away his broken bo and was reaching for another, rather than any of the edged weapons. No matter how cross he was Bao was not out to do Ran serious harm.

Before he could get hold of Ran though he was tackled and knocked to the floor. Bao's only real option was to kick his way free. Which he did, repeatedly. Eventually, there was blood and that blood wasn't blended. This was ridiculous.

Bao snapped and issued a command.

"Ran show yourself and stand up."

It was hard to say if that would work in full or in part or even at all. Ran wasn't weak minded or newly turned, but Bao had had quite enough of this hide and seek rubbish. He kept the commands simple and direct not wanting to leave loopholes, he'd learned a very hard lesson about loopholes.
Ran Iyala 9 years ago
Ran wasn't about to let Bao get back into the weapons storage. He tackled Bao and hung on, pulling him to the ground again. He growled when Bao managed to get a foot free and then immediately regretted looking up to try and find it as he was kicked in the face twice. After that he ducked his head and tried to flail around for the flying foot but after several ridiculously hard kicks, one that did some damage to his shoulder, Ran was forced to let go.

When Bao spoke again Ran was glad he'd come prepared. He'd sort of been expecting this; one didn't take lessons for five hundred years from a Command vampire and not learn a thing or two about it. The moment he felt the familiar compulsion begin he pressed his hands to his ears, further smushing in the ear plugs he'd been wearing, which had been knocked loose with all the kicking. Note to self - get better ear plugs for a brawl with Bao.

Since he didn't hear the full Command, he was able to stay where he was, curled up on the floor with his hands over his ears. He wasn't entirely sure what to do at this point. He didn't actually want to fight Bao and, furthermore, without using his abilities he was almost positive Bao would win the fight. Although he was already mending Ran didn't want to push his reserves. At the same time he was beyond pissed off.

All it really took was for him to recall Bao's words, though, telling him in that authoritative, imperious tone to stay away from Pak (like -that- tactic had ever made Ran want to do anything but what he was being forbidden to do), and calling Mina a whore.

Wiping his bleeding nose on his shirt Ran stood up, made sure his ear plugs were in nice and tight, and shifted forms. Once airborne he simply glided toward Bao, shifting again and dropping, this time aiming a kick right between Bao's legs. He became visible again as Bao went down on his knees.

"Thad's for callig Bida a whore, you sud of a bitch."

Okay, so his nose was still bleeding pretty badly. While Bao was in such a convenient position Ran reached out and slapped him across the cheek.

"Ad for assubig Pak ca't stad up for herself."

That said he backed up until he hit the wall and slid down it, one hand pinching his nose, the arm that hurt curled around his stomach where Bao had trucked him with the staff earlier. No lasting damage done, but just because you had super regenerative powers didn't mean it felt fantastic while you did. Well, at least Bao could regrow a testicle or something.

Foregoing breath for the moment Ran just remained where he was, his eyes never leaving Bao. He thought that, perhaps, the worst of it was over. Not that he wanted anything to do with Bao now. He just didn't want to look like he was leaving the ring, so to speak.

((ooc: Yes. The ear plugs are why Ran was so loud before. ))
Bao 9 years ago
Ran didn't show himself and he didn't stand. Apparently the command hadn't taken, or if they had Ran was playing with the edges of them, stalling or something, but it certainly looked like the command had failed. Of course, Bao never relied completely on that ability, something that was doubly true since his run in with the curator and her friends.

Irritated by this childish hide and seek all Bao could do was wait and listent, watch... and then Bao might have blacked out for a second or two. Just because one was a vampire didn't mean that certain things stopped hurting. He didn't even really notice the slap.

On his knees he held himself and gritted his teeth waiting for wave after wave of pain to pass. He'd not be getting any action this evening. He refused, however, to close his eyes and kept watching Ran who looked slightly worse for wear. When it became apparent that the younger vampire wasn't going to attack again Bao attempted to speak.

"I'd rather."

He inhaled sharply and panted a bit.

"You'd reverse those two."

He'd feel much better if Ran were defending Pakpao with that amount of intensity and dirty tactics. Humans came and went and even though Bao was fond of some of them, he'd had familiars he'd quite liked, he wasn't certain he'd kick anyone in the groin for their honor. A slap he understood.

Using the bo that had landed next to him Bao gingerly attempted to stand. Although he made it to his feet he made no further effort to move, or speak. It was going to be a few more minutes at least. Perhaps he should have worn a cup.
Ran Iyala 9 years ago
It was a shame he was hurting to much to really enjoy Bao on his knees wit his hands over his nuts.

No... no, that tingling warmth... ah yes, there it was. Yup, happy feeling. Worth it.

Bao still groused at him in a choked voice from where he knelt. Ran, still curled up in a ball, glared at him with glowing blue eyes.

"Like I give a shit what you'd rather. Isi't thad obvious?"

He was still angry. Still pissed that Bao thought this was any of his business. Just because Amir's blood flowed through their veins didn't give him any say in what Ran did with his life, or what Pak did with hers. Especially not in Pak's case, in Ran's opinion.

It would be nice if his nose would stop bleeding. But unfortunately it seemed rather broken, judging by the look of it when he crossed his eyes and peeked. Well great. Now he'd have to fuck back up to get it back in place. Bao was a jerk.

Everything else, however, was closing up at the usual rate. There were some creaks and groans that might need an hour or two and Ran thought he might just hide away in his suite for the next day or so, but otherwise he was fine. He was sure Bao had no lasting damage either, although it would serve him right.
Bao 9 years ago
He was standing and considered that a win but he'd not made his point. Or, perhaps, given the state of Ran's nose, maybe he had.

"I think you've made that quite clear."

But he doubted that Ran would have listened to him if they'd had a heart to heart over Turkish coffee. There was simply no way to say 'Ran, I'd rather you not screw my daughter while freely availing yourself of your familiar'. It was a very complicated emotion, Bao didn't know how to express it. Even if he'd spent a week on the argument he doubted he could have express it to Ran in such a way that he'd listen.

"I wonder if I've explained myself as clearly."

He had a court appearance in two days hand hoped he'd be able to walk with some confidence. He was feeling rather smug that Ran was bleeding worse than he was. It was hard to say who had one though, perhaps it was a draw.

Part of Bao wanted to explain to Ran why he was worried about this relationship. Pakpao had been through quite enough, Bao didn't want to see her heart broken as well. He might have been able to tell Amir that, or possibly Mara, but not Ran.
Ran Iyala 9 years ago
Ran snorted at Bao, which he shouldn't have done when a clot of blood came out of his nostril and splattered on the mat beneath him. Lovely. He didn't really care what Bao thought at this point. He was over him.

"Doh, actually," he said irritably. "You haved't explai'd adythig. All you did was yell ad' act obdoxious. Ad' you do't listen to a thig I hab' to say."

He pushed himself upright painfully and stood, stabbing a finger at Bao.
"Talk to Pak if you're so worried. Ask her what she thiks. If she tells you she cares edough that Bida bothers her, thed I'll stop seeig her."

Man he sounded retarded. But he kept going.
"You should have talked to her first though. She's dot as squishy as you thik she is."

He and Pak were friends, and he thought that was more than he could say about Bao and Pak. She was open with him, at least more so each and every day. They talked, they enjoyed each other's company. She burned pancakes. he told her he hated pancakes. She knew he was lying but she let him pretend.

Friends. Ran was pretty sure what had passed between him and Bao today would not reflect badly on Ran, as far as Pak was concerned.

"If she has a probleb with ady of this, ady of it at all, I'll leave her alode. Doh hard feeligs."

He narrowed his eyes at Bao.
"But either way you leave Mina alone. She has no control over any of this."

He had to push to get the words out normally, but he did. And then his nose started bleeding again.
Amir 9 years ago
Amir rushed down to the training center. One of the attendants had sent a message to him, informing him that Bao and the blue-haired guy were engaged in a pretty rowdy session. Normally it wouldn't concern Amir, but the past two years hadn't been normal. Ran and Bao didn't get along, not really. He knew it. He had to wonder what was going on.

He go there quickly but he didn't hear any sounds of fighting. He did hear Bao's voice, and Ran's. And he caught the tail end of what Ran was saying. Something to do with his familiar, as his nose, clearly broken, gushed blood onto his once-blue shirt.

Bao was kneeling on the mats, holding his privates in a very recognizable pose. Interesting. Amir raised an eyebrow then crossed the mats to Ran, reached up, and quickly, without warning, shoved his nose back into place.

Ran gasped and his face went slightly pale but Amir wasn't entirely sure it was from pain. Stepping back Amir looked from one to the other, and then down at the floor at the smears of blood there.

"So what, exactly, is going on here?"

He said it in a soft, serious voice. There was no hint of threat in it but it was stern and clearly he would brook no argument. He crossed his arms and waited for someone to talk.
Bao 9 years ago
Bio let Ran spout off, some of it he'd said to himself but that didn't make him any more receptive to the ideas. Ran was, or could be, a self righteous bastard. Why couldn't Ran see that Bao cared deeply for Pakpao, that he understood under her rather gruff exterior she was quite delicate, sensitive and that he had a great deal to make up to her.

"I don't want her left again..."

And that is exactly what Bio was afraid Ran would do, that is why he was so adamant about this. He knew Ran's habits and would do anything to keep her from being used as a whore again.

He raised an eyebrow when Ran grumbled about his familiar again. Bio might have called the girl a whore, but he'd not ever threatened her. If nothing else Bio respected Ryan's claim on her as a familiar, even if he resented her on Pakpao's behalf.

Before he could clarify that though Amir appeared, and from his tone Bio had to conclude he wasn't happy. Although he didn't want to be the first to speak as he was the eldest and had more or less started this he felt he had to. Taking a deep breath he tried to find an answer that was a mild version of the truth.

"A disagreement, I think it has been resolved."

Although Bao wasn't sure about that. It would probably fester as long as Ran continued to see Pakpao,but it would never reach this level again. It probably wouldn't, never say never after all.