A Night Out (attn: Pak)

Kem had heard of this place from several people, all of them vampires. He figured he should probably check it out at some point, not just because it was owned and run by an Ancient, but because apparently they played really good music. Pak had been here; she was one of the ones who'd mentioned it.

According to MARI the man who owned it was a very old Anantya who didn't maintain strong ties with his Clan, preferring to remain neutral to all. The territory he owned and controlled was also considered neutral; he didn't tolerate altercations of any sort, be they inter-species, interracial, or otherwise. There was also no biting allowed on the premises, something that intrigued Kem. A lot of vampire owned clubs had a reputation for being places to go specifically to bite and drink. Shades', however, was just the opposite.

He was surprised to find a line of people waiting to get in. He hadn't realized jazz was so popular. He was even more surprised when he was ushered to the front of the line and welcomed in with no questioning. Maybe being in his position had its perks. He was further surprised to see the man who could only be Shades himself, a huge black man dressed in gray and black. He stood several inches taller than Kem and weighed several hundred pounds more, muscle upon muscle upon more muscle. The man looked like a brick wall.

He smiled at the Elder. "Greetings, Kem'Raaisu. I was wondering how long it would take you to get here."

Kem paused at that. It wasn't surprising that the man knew his name or pronounced it in near perfect Egyptian. But the rest of his message had him turning his head curiously.
"You expected me?"

"At some point," Shades said. "When you have questions, you can ask them any time. If I'm not out here, you may enter the back area. Until then, please enjoy your visit."

He indicated a door behind the bar that led to the back of the club. Kem, perplexed, just nodded his head.
"Oh... okay. Thanks."

Shades nodded at him, gave him a wide smile, revealing big white teeth, and walked away. He was joined by an African woman, tall, willowy. They spoke briefly, heads close together. The woman leaned back, observed Kem with arched, interested eyebrows, and turned back to Shades with an 'ahh' sort of expression.

Kem just blinked a couple times and shook his head. He had no idea what had just happened. He'd heard that Shades didn't acknowledge different Clans, but perhaps that was just a rumor. If it wasn't, though, he couldn't figure out any reason why he should receive such a personal welcome. Maybe he'd ask Alfarinn what he knew. Later.

Tonight, he really was just here to meet with Pak and catch up with her some. Aishe was working, covering some time for Cris who was hopefully enjoying his first week of wedded bliss with Rowan somewhere in Europe. Switzerland, he thought. She'd catch up with them later. Until then she and Kem had kept up their usual running commentary.

[This is a pretty unusual place,] Kem sent to her. [I just got the strangest greeting.]

He told Aishe about it as he found an empty table, sat, and ordered a beer. She seemed curious, and through the bond he could feel her surprise and something else. Concern, maybe. That was a strange emotion to feel from her. This night just got stranger.

He sent to Pak next, perfectly capable of carrying on multiple conversations. [Running late? I'm here already, have a table toward the right as you come in. You were right about this place. It's kind of neat. Weird, but neat.]

Pakpao 10 years ago
"You have -no- idea how creative and since you went and hooked up you'll just never know."

Pak teased. She wondered if maybe she'd gone too far. At least she wondered that right up until Kem said what they did stayed at home. They were each pushing the other, it was sort of like a game of chicken each using their sex life in an effort to get the other to blink. Well Pak was more than willing to loose there. It was her accepted roll in she and Kem's relationship.

"Good plan."

And no more would be said about it that day.

She looked at Kem, really looked at him trying to fine any trace of sarcasm or strain in Kem's face and voice. She didn't see any and chose to take him at face value. She'd also keep an eye on him though, if playing with Ran made life difficult for Kem she'd have a chat with Ran about it, or Mara... someone.

"Thank you. I think I am now if it gets weird, you tell me OK?"

And that was the end of the serious conversation for the evening. There was another drink or two and There was another dance or two but more important there was a night out with a good friend.

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