Catching Up

There was a shrill whistle from the patio of the wine bar, shrill and familiar. Blaise turned round and spotted his sister even before she called out to him.

"Oi! Sexy!”

Grinning he turned and entered the establishment, joining Cecile at her table. She looked good, although he'd never gotten used to this smartly dressed 'business woman' look. It wasn't her thing at all, it was totally Alfred's choices. It had been at first anyway, now she even picked this sort of thing out herself. They'd both picked up a great fondness for pleasing Alfred as familiars. Blaise had gotten over that. Mostly. He still wanted to please the boss, and mostly wanted to do what he was told, but his head wasn't as cloudy as it had been, he felt more himself.

Little outbursts like that from Cecile kept him from worrying too much about her though. Under the fancy duds she was still his scrappy little sister. The girl who'd run away from perfectly nice foster families to find him and he'd done the same for her.

"Oi yourself you delicious bird.”

He picked her up into a giant bear hug and held her for several seconds before setting her down and settling his muscular frame into a chair across from her. As was his habit Blaise took a good hard look at his sister. They hadn't seen each other for a while and he wanted to make sure Alfred wasn't mistreating her. Since he'd been turned Blaise was a lot more aware of how a vampire treated his familiars. Alfred wasn't always as careful or considerate as he could be, but as always Cecile looked happy and content. At least he thought she did, or it could just be that they hadn't seen each other in a bit and he was just relieved.

Stranger 10 years ago
Cecile held her brother tight for several long seconds, longer than she really should have. Some times they did play with the incest taboo, mostly to piss of Alfred or Jarrod, but not tonight. Tonight she was just glad to see him. She honestly believed that some day Alfred would kill Blaise. He didn't seem at all worried, but she'd been there they day Blaise had been stupid enough to need rescuing and Alfred had been forced to turn him in order to save him. It was very possible that without her intervention, reminding Alfred of his promise, Blaise would already be dead.

Having reassured herself he was alive, as alive as any vampire, and well she slid down and slid back into her chair. She was sipping an iced tea but had already ordered a beer for him, it was already on the table. She smothered her skirt and grinned at him.

"I'm surprised you have time for me. Shouldn't you be chasing that hot bit of Asian ass?"

Without meaning to Cecile sounded jealous. Unsurprisingly Blaise picked up on it and laughed at her.

"You don't think I'm spending enough time with her? Is that it?"

He teased. Before becoming a familiar she would have punched him in the arm, kicked him under the table or just stuck her tongue out. But Alfred liked for her to be more lady liked, more reserved and so she'd long ago suppressed those habits.

"Alfred finally gives you a job that should be right up your alley, seduce a woman and turn her against a lawyer and you're here with me?"

She said tartly, sicking up for her vampire, reinforcing Blaise's orders but still quite pleased he was bucking things to spend time with her in the middle of this job.
Blaise 10 years ago
Blaise snorted and took a long drink of his beer, in fact, he drained it and looked about for a server to bring him another one. It was nice to be able to be himself. He was playing a part for Pakpao and it was starting to irritate him.

"Shes a tougher nut to crack than I would have thought. You know I haven't been able to get into her pants yet. You'd think she was a vestal virgin or something."

It was frustrating. If he was going to 'date' this woman he wanted to get some action out of it that had seemed to be one of the fringe benefits. And it would probably be a lot easier to manipulate her if they could get to the screwing.

Cecile sense his frustration and just smirked at him.

"And undoubtedly you've been totally celibate, waiting for her to give up the goods."

"Well not exactly."

Blaise admitted. But he had discovered The House of Pain and was enjoying himself there. Some of the women were damned adventurous and all of them let him bite. He just had to be careful not to run into Pakpao.

"Doesn't mean I don't wish that he'd have set me up with one of the other women. Seriously what did this Hoang guy do to get hooked up with so many good looking women?"

The blond human had been his favorite but he wouldn't have minded playing with the Froggy one or the Indian. The Froggy one was probably the easiest though, probably knew what the hell she was doing between the sheets too. Sometimes stereotypes were true after all.
Stranger 10 years ago
It was hard not to snicker at her twin but Cecile managed. He really did sound put out about things, like it was a mark against his manhood or something. Blaise prided himself on being charming, he didn't consider himself a ladies man but he did well enough that any woman who didn't go to bed with him in three dates tops hurt his vanity.

Any levity was lost when he asked about Hoang. Blaise was fairly in the dark about what Alfred and his little clutch of followers were up to. She, on the other hand, knew far too much and she didn't like it. It was the only area that she would think about critizing Alfred, but she never did.

"You really don't want to know. It is better that way."

"That good eh?"


Blaise snorted. She could tell he was a little disgusted, but unless she missed her guess he was still blaming Hoang and hadn't traced the ultimate cause back to Alfred and that was just fine with her. If Blaise ever found out it was Alfred pulling the strings Cecile was certain he'd turn on him.

"Besides, as near as anyone can tell the other three are all in solid relationships and fairly loyal to boot. I doubt you'd be able to tempt any of them. You could always take a stab and Benally if you think your bit of Asian ass is too much to handle."

He gave her a very dirty look and rolled his eyes. She smiled sweetly and put a 'one' in her score box for the evening. He had time to catch up.
Blaise 10 years ago
Yeah, she'd won that round. Damned it. He was going to have to step up his game, he didn't want her winning the evening. But, she usually did. After all, Cecile was smarter, she was more educated too. But he didn't give up without a fight. Even though he'd had to stop and think about it he did find a retort, it might have been weak but it was a try.

"I'm not going to hook up with the red man just to feed your dirty fantasies. Doesn't Alfred keep you satisfied?"

Cecile didn't blush, she didn't even roll her eyes she just gave him 'the look'. She was getting better at that, in a few more years she would probably be able to kill a man at thirty paces. But the joke cost him something, his twin hooked up with Alfred still unsettled him. Blaise didn't know who's side she was on any more either, of course, since he and Alfred were on the same side, it didn't really matter.

Finally another beer was brought. This one he just sipped at though.

"So you're not going to give up on Pakpao then?"

She needled him slightly.

"You know I don't give up. Besides, he hasn't told me I can."

"You just hope he either moves on this or you can get into her pants soon."

He gave a low soft laugh. It didn't surprise him that Cecile would know him that well.

"Too right. Now my dear... why has he turned out loose tonight? I thought he didn't like family time."
Stranger 10 years ago
Her brother had a dirty mind. Although she did have a little bit of speculation about that particular pairing she would never have said as much. Alfred really should spend more time with Blaise, he needed polishing, some refinement. He ran wild and alone too often. No wonder he was having trouble with Pakpao. There wasn't a lot of reading to do on the woman but from what she had learned Cecile couldn't see her falling head over heels for a crude earthy thing like her brother could be.

"This is strictly family time. No agenda."

Blaise openly rolled his eyes, she didn't blame him. As near as either of them knew Alfred always had an agenda. He probably wanted to make sure they stayed loyal to each other. Cecile suspected she was being used rather like a carrot on a stick to ensure Blaise behaved himself.

"Are you trying to say that you don't want to sweep me off my feet and take me away from all this?"

She did play with their imagined, created, sexual tension there. It would get his attention and, if they were being watched, it would annoy Jarrod. Because it would certainly be Jarrod doing the watching. He still wasn't happy that Alfred and snatched her away from him.

Cecile was surprised when Blaise answered quite honestly.

"Always love. Always. Don't doubt that."

She managed to squelch any surprise she felt at that. God, Alfred was right Blaise was... she couldn't think the word. But maybe Alfred was right, maybe Blaise wasn't exactly reliable or trust worthy. But that was the first sign of it she'd ever seen, and it was just a little one. Cecile determined dismissed it.

"Good. I've always wanted to go to the Bahamas, or Hawaii. Somewhere sunny and tropical."
Blaise 10 years ago
Apparently Cecile wasn't going to have any of that. If he didn't see just a smidgen of sincerity from her from time to time Blaise would wonder if she'd turned into a pod person. Even with those small glimpses of the Cecile he knew and had grown up with he suspected that she'd lost more than either of them would admit to in her familiar bond with Alfred. He remembered some of it, he'd not been entirely himself. It had to be much worse for her, and would probably only get worse the longer she stayed bonded.

Rather than go maudlin or share his worries with her Blaise groaned.

"Really? That is where you want to go? You couldn't have said this a few years ago? That cuts deep sis."

He couldn't help but smile when Cecile giggled cheerfully apparently happy to play along.

"I hear the night life is quite good in Maui or Honolulu."

"Wouldn't you rather go see South Beach, or maybe one of those far northern countries with twenty hour nights?"


Heaving a put upon sigh Blaise let the now familiar argument drop. No matter how many times they went over this well worn bickering he never seemed to win and suspected he never would.

"So what shall we do with our family time?"

As she raised one perfectly plucked eyebrow Blaise knew that this wasn't family time. There was an agenda. With effort he managed to school his face into a very neutral expression, one that hid his irritation and suspicion.

"We can either go and figure out how to get you into bed with the oriental or we can go checkout the froggy one."

[i]If Frenchie was still at work that was a public place and she didn't know either of them from Adam. He wouldn't mind a closer look, they didn't even have to say anything to her, it would probably be suspicious if they did.

"I vote we do both. Come on you can lecture me about they symbolism in Chagall and why Warhol didn't just paint soup cans."

The joke was at his own expense. To Blaise art was art it was either pretty or it wasn't, he either liked it or he didn't, he didn't have the brains to 'understand' it or even appreciate it if some people were to be believed.

As they paid and stood to leave Cecile began to try and inform him about the finer points of the two artist he'd mentioned. He smiled rather indulgently and just let her go on. Sometimes he picked up something here and there.

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