Some Conditions Apply (Attn:Jacob)

The previous night had gone quite well though Jacob was as tempting as he had been the first night. The public setting of Eternity kept her from doing more than she had been willing to do but the booth had offered enough privacy to enjoy another taste of her companion.

Tonight she need not restrain herself entirely though she still needed to be careful with him. At least she could indulge her other senses even if she needed to stay away from taking too much blood.

For now she waited for Jacob in the penthouse suite of the Grand Piazza. Normally one of the upper floor rooms was sufficient but for tonight the most grand was the most appropriate. It was a statement of the journey they were embarking on together and a promise that she would spare no expense in her care for him. Akahana planned to show Jacob just how personal that care would be as well.

Champagne was chilling on the table and soft music drifted from the speakers that existed in several places in each of the rooms. Perhaps there were even some in the bathroom; she had not checked. The selection was traditional and personal. It was a recording that she and Jin had made some years ago the last time they had met together before she had begun her mission with Mahesh. There were many different pieces from Japan and China; most were on the shamisen, koto and flute.

She was seated on the sofa, her tablet settled on her lap. The dress she chose for tonight was a modest design inspired by the fifties despite it being a strapless sheath dress. It came to just below her knees and was a soft shade of purple just slightly more vivid than lavender. Its wide belt matched the colour exactly, as did her shoes. She chose to wear no necklace, leaving her long neck bare of adornment. Tiny pearl earrings dangled from her ears.

Jacob should arrive fairly soon for the final night needed to complete the bond. This situation conjured up different feelings each time she did it. For the most part she was excited and looking forward to her future relationship with Jacob but a part of her disliked having a chemical bond be part of the experience. It was necessary to their survival, less now than many years ago, and Anantya frowned heavily upon any human who knew about their existence that wasn't a familiar. The more a human knew then the more likely it would be fatal for them if they didn't have a vampire claiming ownership and responsibility. In this enlightened age such practices seemed old fashioned and almost barbaric but some things didn't change.

At least Jacob actually wanted, sought out even, the exact relationship required of most familiars. He thought it would make him happy and she suspected that it truly would. If it turned out that he was wrong about what he wanted then they could allow the bond to fade. Nothing was permanent. The longer he remained a familiar though the greater the effect the bond had on him. She would like to eventually have more influence on Jacob than his mother so that she could right some of the wrongs from that cold, strict relationship. She wanted to sooth away his insecurities and show him that he did matter and was worth being noticed by many people. One day he would be a confident, capable man and she hoped very much to still be a part of his life when that day came.

But first she would simply like to spend the evening with him.

Jacob 9 years ago
This was yet another night of 'firsts' for Jake. He'd never been to Babylon, or Club E, and now he was to meet Akahana at the Piazza. In one of the penthouse suites. He should be nervous about this, he knew, but all he felt was an overpowering draw to her. She didn't make him nervous. She made him... excited. Physically excited, incredibly aroused. More than that, his whole world seemed to revolve around her and he loved it.

This was the first time Akahana had asked him to meet her in a private setting, and even though Jake didn't know what exactly to expect, he had picked up on that fact and he understood that tonight would be different. After tonight, he would belong to Akahana exclusively, until she released him. A chill went through him at that thought. He didn't want to be released. It might crush him. He just wanted to stay with her, serve her, help her accomplish any goal. If she didn't return his affection so be it, but he would work himself to the bone just for a word of praise if he had to.

So far, though, she had proven kinder than he could have dreamed. He had felt euphoric for the last forty-eight hours. She had cautioned him against trying to do much but resting and studying, but Jake thought he could run a marathon. He didn't feel tired, he felt energized.

He also felt like he wasn't prepared. Inadequate. Could he really be what she needed? He rode up and up in the elevator, not nervous but very hopeful. He had a small box in his hands, and a little bag in one hand. He was well-dressed, in a suit and tie, because he didn't know how she normally wanted him to appear. He had gotten a little idea of her life so far and he thought he'd be required to wear many hats, as it were. He was just fine with that... dressed up or dressed down (or hardly dressed at all), he wanted it all.

When he arrived at the right suite he knocked softly at the door. When it began to open, he immediately bowed, presenting himself in the most polite and perfect form his mother had ever taught him.
Akahana Yoshida 9 years ago
Akahana opened the door and smiled at the top of Jacob's head. She bowed to him in return, though not nearly so low or so long, and then stepped back into the suite so that he could enter.

"Good evening." She took in his attire and additional cargo with a quick sweep of her eyes, only noticeable because she wanted it to be. "You look handsome this evening." Akahana moved across the room toward the table with the champagne. There was also a bowl of fresh berries and handmaid whipped cream. "Not that you haven't looked handsome every night." She teased softly while letting him know that she did find attractive. "but especially so tonight." Of course he would look especially handsome naked and well tumbled in the sheets but she kept that thought to herself.

Opening the corked bottle was easier for her than it should be for someone of her apparent strength. She grasped the cork carefully and pulled with unnatural ease. Some vampires might have still chosen to pop the cork but she hated the mess and the waste of perfectly good alcohol. Pouring two glasses, Akahana turned and held one out to Jacob.

"So, let me ask you honestly what you feel for me now that way when I ask you again later we can both compare." It wasn't like a command to forget something said before; Jacob would remember what he had said and perhaps even know academically how he had felt. He would just feel differently after the bond was completed. "I hope that perhaps you've wrote your feelings in a journal or somewhere so you know if there is a profound difference."

Akahana moved closer and reached out with her free hand and grasped his tie. "I know that there are other bonds, for instance when a vampire makes a familiar out of someone who hates the vampire. They remember how they felt and some still feel that way despite the bond. I am curious how different, if at all, it will seem for you. So I want you to tell me." It was something very personal she was asking of him but she cared about him so she really wanted to know. Jacob was not an employee of her's that she had decided to make a familiar. They had not had a long relationship before the subject came up. She had only his word about how he felt and not much experience with him to see if that was simply an initial reaction to her or something that would have changed over time if they were to associate longer before entering into this special relationship. "Please." She added the extra polite word to let him know that it meant a lot to her and that it was more of request than an order.
Jacob 9 years ago
Jake straightened to see Akahana give him a once-over and pronounce him handsome. He felt a warm wave of pleasure for having gained her approval. For her part, she was as gorgeous as ever in a beautiful shade of light purple. The dress was almost modest, but it was even more appealing for that, since her smooth arms and lower legs were bare.

"Thank you, Akahana-sama," he said. "You look... perfect."

There was no other way to describe her. He swallowed and entered the room behind her, watching her graceful hands pull the cork from the champagne bottle. He knew she shouldn't be able to do such a thing but her inhumanity didn't bother him a bit. Maybe if she were less than the ideal person he would stop and think about it and be uncomfortable with it but he didn't think so. He'd had enough of reality in his life. At the time he had met Ran, he had more than ready and willing to believe there was something different in the world, something fantastic and unbelievable.

When Akahana handed him the glass he took it with another small bow. Then she followed up her offering with a request, one that he wouldn't have denied her regardless of their status. It was a little difficult to keep his head on straight when she stepped close and took his tie in her hand, though. Suddenly it felt like he'd tied it much too tight. And his entire suit was two sizes too small. That was the effect she had on him though, and it had gotten much more intense since meeting her two nights ago.

Jake made a soft sound that was half moan and half sigh but he couldn't move away even if he'd wanted to. So he looked slightly down into Akahana's golden eyes and di his best to keep his mind where it should be.

"I did write it down," he said, glad to have done something right without having been asked. He lifted the hand with the bag in it. "It's in here, actually, and these are for you."

In the bag was a manila folder, and inside that folder was everything that related to Jake as a human being. His ID, banking information, social security card, passport - anything that could be used to give him an identity at all was there and he wanted to give it to Akahana. It was his own statement.

"I wanted you to have this... before, uh, before tonight," he said. He wanted Akahana to know that what they were entering into was his choice as well as hers, since she seemed to care and he knew she didn't have to. Any of the writing he had done was included, if it had anything to do with their relationship. Jake did keep a journal, and he didn't want her presence or their bond to be discovered by accident.

Jake had wanted to give her something of him, and he hadn't been able to think of anything that would have great meaning for her. He was giving himself to her. His life, his thoughts, everything, so this seemed the most appropriate gesture. The little box, though, was something else entirely. He handed that to her as well.

"This, too, is for you. But it's not as practical... I couldn't think of anything last night but you."

He had very few hobbies, really, but the one thing he seemed to have a talent for and that his mother had approved of was wire-wrapped art. That, he had always been encouraged in. So he had made a piece with her in mind, something that was from the heart instead of something that was well-thought-out.

Taking a deep breath he said,
"What I feel for you now is the same as when I first saw you, only more intense. I felt like you filled the room. The entire club. When I walked in and saw you, it was like there was no one else alive. I wanted to give myself to you, to do things for you, to please you."

His cheeks were red as he spoke his feelings out loud. Akahana was the first person to whom Jake had been able to express his desires. He continued, trying to make his thoughts more coherent.

"I think I love you, but not the way a husband loves a wife. Not that I've ever felt that. I love you like I love air, like I love the sunlight. And it's growing. I can tell it's going to consume me and I want that." He let his breath out in a shuddering sigh. "I want it so badly."

He wanted her so badly. This was a feeling he didn't think he would get from just anyone, not just any human, not any vampire. Jake wanted her to know that, too.
"I don't want it from anyone who walks by. I want it from you. The way the sky only has room for one sun."

Jake knew his feelings were already compromised by the two bites she'd given him but they were still his own. They had grown in intensity, yes, but they were growing in a direction that felt natural to him and that he wholeheartedly embraced. He couldn't imagine what it must be like to have these emotions forced upon you, to be coerced by someone you hated. For him there was only love, subservience, adoration, a desire to please and keep pleasing. He looked at Akahana earnestly, hoping what he had said was good enough, that she understood what he meant. He didn't feel like she was changing him. He felt like she was enhancing him, creating a place for him where he finally felt he could belong and be who he needed to be.

((ooc: The pendant in the box is a tiger's eye gemstone wrapped in sterling silver, a lot like this))
Akahana Yoshida 9 years ago
Akahana smiled when Jacob said that he had written his feelings down. It was another sign that he was thinking about all of this and taking it seriously. Some day, perhaps years from now, he might want to look back at how he felt before their bond and he would be able to see what he had wrote.

She let go of his tie and took the bag that he had offered. Sitting down on the sofa, Akahana placed her flute of champagne on the table and then took a closer look at the contents of the bag that he had given her. Her eyebrows raised as she saw what was in the folder. It was touching, thoughtful and practical. There might come a time when he needed to be someone else. She would certainly try to keep him away from any danger that would require him to lose his old name and life but it could happen, especially with what she did for a living. The meaning behind the gift was the best part of it, Akahana blinked back the sudden excess of water in her eyes and then smiled up at him.
"Thank you, Jacob.”

When he handed her the box, she carefully placed the folder back inside the bag and set it next to her. He warned her that this gift was less practical. She glanced at him with an amused smile before opening it.

Pulling out the pendant inside, she held it up. The stone was beautiful with its stripes of gold and brown and she knew from past experience that it would go well with her eyes.
"It is beautiful.” She spoke softly still looking at his careful handiwork and how it enhanced the shape of the tumbled, polished stone. It would be perfect to wear on so many occasions, both casually because of its wrapped style and more formally because of the intricate beauty of his work. "I love it.”

She held it in her hand as he answered the question that she had asked. The strength of his conviction already was surprising but he meant it. All the years of studying behavior and psychology told her that he truly believed what he said. With how overwhelming the feelings seemed to be, Akahana was glad that he wanted them and that his nature suited being a familiar so well.

His words were a kindness and she hoped to always be worthy of them. He deserved a vampire who cared about him and appreciated him for who he was. She already considered herself blessed to have been sent him. Ran and Jin were both going to deserve a gift of some kind; perhaps Jacob could help her think of something appropriate.

Reaching up to him, she pulled him down next to her.
"I am so very glad to have met you.” Akahana placed a hand along his cheek and smiled. "I promise to always care for you. There will be no doubt in your mind how much you mean to me. I promise you that as well.”

Akahana wrapped an arm around him and settled closer, leaning her head on his shoulder. "I have been without my family for a long time now, doing a job for them. It has been...difficult and lonely.” She hated to admit it and probably wouldn't to most people that she knew. Certainly not Jin and probably not Mai either; though her mother would likely know anyway. It was hard to show weakness in the presence of such inner strength and peace. "I need you as much as you need me.” She glanced up at him and smiled before placing her head back on his shoulder. "to be a friend as well as a helper and lover.” If she just needed a servant then she could have simply made use of the ones that the clan had in spades; there were vampires that fulfilled those roles as well as familiars of other vampires that worked in the Manor and belonged to some of the permanent residents. The humans weren't for drinking obviously but they performed mundane tasks for the vampires in Nachton all the time. Rupert, for instance, was invaluable and he obviously belonged to someone.

"Help me with this?” She held the necklace out to him and then sat up and turned away so that he could place it on her neck.
Jacob 9 years ago
Jacob was surprised that his efforts to be both practical and meaningful had such an effect on Akahana. If he'd had any misgivings about their arrangement (which he hadn't), her reaction would have laid them to rest. He was glad she immediately understood the deeper meaning in giving her all of his information. He really was hers, and she could do with him as she pleased. He trusted her to take care of him and in return he would do his best to care for her as well.

He held his breath as she opened the pendant next, and let it slowly out as she admired it, her feelings apparently genuine. Jake didn't think his work was bad, but that sort of crafty thing wasn't for everyone. Even if Akahana was putting on a display of appreciation for his benefit, he was glad for it. He soaked it up happily.

When she tugged on his hand and pulled him down next to her he sat, setting his own glass aside. He closed his eyes when she rested her hand against his cheek, and squeezed them shut as her words settled upon him like mist, cool, refreshing, soothing. These were promises she would keep. He could feel it.

"Thank you," he whispered, opening his eyes to see her so close, so perfect. "I'll care for you too. The best I can."

Akahana's confession of loneliness caused him to feel a stab of pain. Whether real or imagined, he knew it was there and as she leaned against him he wrapped his arms around her and gently stroked her shoulder, letting her speak. Hearing her say she needed him made him shake with desire. He did want to be needed. He wanted to be important to her.

"Don't be lonely," he murmured, very low and close to her ear. He didn't want her to feel a moment's discomfort. Her pain would be his, and he would share it with her, to halve it if he could.He'd take it entirely if it were in his power.

He clasped the little chain around her neck when she asked him to, his only regret that she had moved away for him to do so. He peered over her shoulder and saw the tiger's eye resting over the purple of her dress. It complemented her skin. Wondering if he would still be at liberty to do so after tonight, Jake reached one hand around and brushed it over the silky smooth surface of the stone. The other hand rested lightly upon her shoulder after clasping the necklace.

"It's for protection. And for luck," he said. His lips were very close to her ear once again. He breathed in her scent, found it more to his liking than anything he'd ever smelled or tasted. He knew it wasn't all natural, that part of it was because of who and what she was, but a large part of him argued that Jake would feel this way anyhow, and he believed it.

Sitting behind her, pressed as close as he dared, Jake asked,
"Akahana-sama, will you keep me with you? Am I going to be with you night and day?"

She had told him that if he wanted to be more than just her accountant, she would teach him her ways, her likes and dislikes, her tastes, her routine, and he wanted that. It showed in his voice, as he phrased his questions not quite as requests but with barely-restrained eagerness.

"When you have to go away... for work, for whatever you need to do, will I stay with you?"

Who would keep her from being lonely, if she went away alone? Would that happen often? And what would happen to him while she was gone? His hand tightened slightly on her shoulder. Jake wasn't even fully hers yet, and he wanted to take care of her. He didn't know if he could be her friend and lover but he wanted to. He would start by serving her as best he could, and hope to be able to fulfill her very need. There was nothing worth working harder at than that.
Akahana Yoshida 9 years ago
For protection and luck, Jacob had said; Akahana fingered the stone now resting against her chest. She would need both of them before her time with Mahesh was up.

He was still on her mind when Jacob asked her about staying with her all the time. Turning, she smiled at him. Settling back onto the sofa, Hana picked up her drink and then tucked herself against Jacob. She slipped off her shoes and folded her legs beneath her; wearing shoes inside still seemed somehow rude and though she had adapted to many different customs over many centuries, she preferred to practice much of her own when she could.

Taking a sip from her glass, she took a moment to find the best way to explain her life to him.
"Both yes and no.” Akahana placed a soothing hand on his leg and continued. "I want you to spend most of your time with me, night and day, my near constant companion.” She looked at him sideways. "I assume you won't have a problem with other men in my life.” He had signed on to be a familiar knowing what she had done for a living. Jacob hadn't asked if she continued practicing the art of the geisha and she felt that if the idea of other men in her life had bothered him then he would have asked that important question. Plus, Ran was an equally free spirit so she suspected that he might have some idea from his cousin. Jacob didn't seem the type to believe that men were able to do as they pleased while woman needed to stay home and be faithful little housewives.

"There are times when you won't be able to accompany me and times that you will.” She gave his leg a gentle squeeze. "My work for my clan will sometimes require that I work alone. The entertaining that I have done in the past and the information gathering that I spoke to you about before. I do those things for my clan. You too may be able to help...but we can speak more of that later.” Akahana didn't want to tell him that sometimes it would be too dangerous for him to be with her but Mahesh and his daughter sprang to mind. Mahesh would not likely harm Jacob at all, certainly not without cause. His daughter was another matter. The problem was that soon he would have very good cause to want her dead. Hana just hoped that her brother had him safely down in a deep Anantya dungeon somewhere when that happened.

"Does that help answer your question? Is it what you wanted?” He seemed to want something more than to be a familiar, with a useful skill, that occasionally provided blood. She hoped that it made him happy because she wanted more from him right now; Nachton was lonely and full of nightmares. A friend was exactly what she needed more than anything.

Sitting up, she looked at her glass and then at his.
"To a new relationship and a beautiful bond for the both of us. May it be long and mutually rewarding.” In so many different ways. "Kanpai!” She tipped up her glass and drained the rest of it.

Carefully setting the flute on the table, she stood and walked toward the bedroom. Pausing at the door, she said.
"Come let's do something worthy of another toast.”
Jacob 9 years ago
Akahana rested against him and Jake drew her close with his arm around her once again, sipping his drink with the other. He liked having her company. She still awed him with her presence, and sitting here like this brought him to new heights of arousal he didn't know could exist. It was tough to stay still, but moving meant going away from her and he wanted the closeness.

When she answered his questions he nodded his understanding. When she mentioned other men in her life his brow furrowed only briefly; why would she worry about that? Because she did care. She was incredibly kind, his mistress.

"Of course not," he murmured. She didn't answer to him, and their relationship was not a traditional one. He had entered into it fully aware that he wasn't to be her monogamous partner. He was here to serve her, and if she chose to elevate him to a higher status he would consider himself blessed. That she wanted to think of him as, additionally, a friend and lover, excited him beyond words. But he would never expect exclusiveness. She had even made it plain to him (and he had approved) that he might be the one being shared.

He sighed in pleasure at the touch of her hand upon his leg. Would it always be like this? He hoped so. Her presence was like magic. He loved the feeling, and wanted it to grow. Her voice was soft and gentle, musical, and it took him a moment to realize she'd asked him another question.

Jake turned slightly and lifted his hand, almost touching Akahana's face but stopping just shy of it, cupping the air around it instead. Then, after a second he let his fingertips trace lightly over the graceful, deceptively fragile line of her jaw. He looked down into her eyes with earnest brown ones.

"What I want is to serve you, my Lady," he said softly. "You are my sun and my air, and I want to be close to you but if you need me to be somewhere else for any reason, that's where I want to be."

Jake couldn't be any more exact. His desire was to fulfill hers. If he was doing what she wanted, and doing it satisfactorily, then he would be pleased. Inside, he knew this attitude wasn't considered normal and healthy by most of the 'normal' people he knew. But it was what made him feel good. Just because not everyone felt that way didn't make it a bad thing, and he was grateful that Akahana seemed to understand that. This bond growing between them was merely a confirmation of what Jake would have felt anyway. He wondered briefly that a familiar could even consider hating the person they were bonded to; to him, it felt so perfect, so right, and so comfortable. This was what he'd always wanted.

He lifted his glass with Akahana, a smile on his lips at the toast.
"Kanpai," he echoed, drinking his down with her, letting the warm rush seep into his skin.

When she invited him toward the bedroom his breath caught in his throat. Each time she had bitten him he'd experienced that same rush of eroticism, of arousal, and he hadn't been able to hold back the inevitable physical response. Both times, now, he had felt almost guilty that she hadn't received the same pleasure from it. Jake had wondered to himself why she held back, since it was obvious that their relationship was going to be physical.

Heading toward the bedroom with her he had to ask himself if tonight would be the same, and they were just moving to a more comfortable room? Or would she allow him to try to make her feel the way she made him feel? Jake was nowhere near as experienced as he would have liked to be but she had said she would teach him and he was an eager pupil. He moved to join her, trying not to reveal just how tense with arousal and anticipation he was but he felt like his nerves were on fire around her. Even if all she did was bite him again, none of his sexual experiences had ever caused that same intensity as the mere touch of Akahana's mouth on his neck.
Akahana Yoshida 9 years ago
She was satisfied that Jacob fully understood the relationship they were going to have and welcomed it ahead of time. He seemed to understand fully that she was going to see other people and that there were times when he could not accompany her.

He drained his glass and followed her to the bedroom. She turned and watched him approach, a small half smile on her lips.

Stepping up to him, Akahana silently helped him out of his jacket and tie, laying both neatly on a nearby chair.
"We don't won't them rumpled in case we wish to go out later.” It might not happen; they might stay in the room, perhaps even in the bed, and order room service, but it helped to be prepared.

"Can you dance, Jacob?” If not then she would need to teach him that too.

Unbuttoning his shirt, she slowly slid it from his shoulders. She knew that he was fairly quivering with tense desire and anticipation. That knowledge just made her motions all the more deliberate and unhurried. Pushing her hands up his chest, she slid them over his shoulders, collecting the shirt with her thumbs and adding it to the chair.

"Shoes.” She commanded softly. Her eyes flickered downward and then went back to focusing on Jacob's belt buckle. She unhooked it and slid it from his waist with several careful tugs.

Placing her fingers just inside the waistband of his pants, she paused and looked up at him.
"I am going to give you two choices. I want you to consider them carefully.” She brushed her thumb lightly up the erect member that she could easily see straining against his pants. "You can come for me now while I watch.” Akahana turned her head and indicated the other chair in the room. "Or you can control yourself until I give you leave to come.” They both knew the reaction that he had to being bitten. Her plans included sex and blood at the same time but as aroused as he was Jacob was likely to come before that happened. She wasn't going to ask the impossible of him if he chose to wait but she was interested to hear which choice he was going to give her.

Akahana took a step back and waited for him to answer.
Jacob 9 years ago
Akahana's hands through his clothing were gentle, slow, unrushed. Jacob focused on controlling his harsh breathing while she relieved him of his tie and coat, lying them gently aside. He nodded his understanding at her words, that they may want to go out later. It made him happy, knowing she planned to spend more time with him. Perhaps the entire night.

"No, not really," he said when she asked if he could dance. "Just the high school slow dance shuffle, and whatever we do at clubs."

Jake was all right when it came to bouncing around to a beat with a group of college friends, and he could manage to slow dance just fine but ballroom dancing, anything formal, had never been part of his education. He assumed Akahana meant that. The dancing he did at clubs, he wasn't sure if it would be called dancing.

His shirt went next. Jake gritted his teeth but gave a soft moan anyway when Akahana's fingers skimmed over his chest. His eyes had drifted closed but he opened them again when she told him to remove his shoes, her own hands going to his belt. As he pushed his shoes off with his toes, her fingers slid into his slacks. Her thumb made a short, pleasant exploration up his erection and he sighed with desire.

He considered her choice carefully. On the one hand, he wasn't sure just how much control he had at the moment. His body recognized her touch and her scent and it knew what was coming; his stomach had tightened with anticipation and he was already wet with it. On the other hand, he had come so quickly each time she'd bitten him. It had been delicious but he wanted to draw it out a little. And prove to her that he had some sort of control.

On top of that, the idea of holding off until given express permission was attractive to him. The wisest choice might have been to get it over with now and then come again in a few minutes, but Jake didn't want wise. He wanted to be controlled. He took a deep breath, trying to gauge the extent of his body's readiness.

"I... can wait, Akahana-sama," he said softly. "Thank you."

She hadn't had to give him a choice in the matter. Jake knew that, and while part of him objected to having to choose, another part was grateful for her consideration. Among the things he would have to learn, this was one of them. He might as well start now, with her, because they may someday be in a situation where she needed blood and it would be very inconvenient for him to come when she bit him. He had to learn control over himself, he reasoned, in order to serve her best. He didn't think she could do that for him and he didn't want to fail her in the future.
Akahana Yoshida 9 years ago
Akahana nodded and added dance lessons to the list of things to teach him. It was a shame that humans had such short lives; there was so much to learn and do that a mortal lifespan wasn't enough.

She watched him struggle with the choice, not having a preference for whichever one he chose. After some thought Jacob chose to wait.

Nodding, Akahana finished what she started by unfastening his pants and sliding them down his legs. Once he stepped out of them and the underwear she moved both to the chair.

Placing a finger against his chest, she silently told him to wait. She moved away across the room to the far side of the bed were a small suitcase sat on the floor. Opening it, she found what she wanted and then returned to him.

"I appreciate your choice." She reached out and grasped his length, gently stroking it a few times to coat it with the small amount of lube that she had placed in her palm. "I hope you do not regret it." With the other hand she slid on the stretchable cock ring, fitting it snugly against the base of his shaft.

Akahana leaned close and gave him a lingering tender kiss before stepping away from him.
"Have a seat on the bed." They were fulfilling the last night of their bond tonight and while that was freeing in some aspects, it was also limiting. She could not take much from him tonight but she needed to take some.

Reaching back, she unzipped her dress and stepped out of it. Despite what she had told him about his own clothes, Akahana left it there on the floor. She had brought others anyway.

She closed the distance between them and straddled his lap. Akahana slid herself down onto his erect member in a long slow motion, letting out a soft satisfied sigh. Once there, she held onto one of Jacob's shoulders, the other hand going up behind his neck. She leaned forward and whispered.
"I am going to ride you until I am satisfied whether you come now or later." He could take it as a warning, an absolution that either way she would be happy, or the simple truth.
Jacob 9 years ago
Jake couldn't even begin to describe the anticipation he felt now. This was more than a bite. Much, much more than a bite. It was what he wanted, what he hoped Akahana wanted. He wasn't too shy to stand naked in front of her and he waited patiently while she crossed the room and took something out of a suitcase.

When she returned he hummed his acknowledgement of her words.
"I won't regret it."

He hoped his choice proved to be a good one; he didn't want to disappoint her by not being able to hold up his end of the agreement. And he didn't want to start this bond out by being unable to comply with the first real directive she'd given him. He'd made his choice though and he was going to do his level best to uphold his word.

Help came in the form of a convenient little toy. Jake knew it for what it was but hadn't ever used one himself. He shivered when her hand slid down his length, leaning into her touch. She fixed the little ring around the base of his cock and directed him to sit on the bed, which he did, unable to take his eyes off of her as she undressed herself. Her body was so beautiful, all of that gorgeous golden skin with the tiger's eye pendant resting against her chest.

Jake didn't expect her swift motion; he barely had time to gasp before she was upon him, in his lap, over him, sliding down onto him. He moaned softly as his cock throbbed, biting his lip gently to take his mind off the sensations. That didn't work, but she did hold still and he took the time to gather himself with a few deep breaths.

He sighed in pleasure at the feel of her hands and he wrapped his around her waist, smiling up at her.
"I'd say both but I gave you my word and I intend to keep it."

Jake pressed up into her, pulling her hips more firmly against him, humming in ecstasy at the feel of her, so warm and wet around him. He closed his eyes briefly, and then opened them to meet her golden ones.

"May I kiss you?"

He didn't know how she wanted him to be in this situation. He certainly wasn't the sort to take the reins, but he didn't need to be entirely submissive if she didn't want that in him. That sort of attitude was one he adopted very largely in his life in general... while he tended to go that way in the bedroom also, if she wanted him to be at liberty to touch and taste he would take those liberties... as directed, though. If she wanted him to do exactly as he was told, he would be happy with that too.
Akahana Yoshida 9 years ago
Akahana's laughter was soft and intimate at Jacob's admission. She nodded when he said again that he planned on keeping his word. "I would be very pleased if you did.” She smiled down at him from her place on his lap and considered. "I think after I am done exhausting you and drinking from you that you would definitely deserve room service, in bed.” Where she could let him rest for a bit and then tire him out some more.

He thrust his hips and wrapped his arms around her. She sighed softly and moved in slow circles against him. The ring she had provided him was smooth on the inside but had soft raised nubs on the outside for her pleasure. Not that it appeared to be needed. Akahana had hoped that she wasn't going to have to order him to move or respond to her attentions. There was submissive behavior and then there was sitting there like a lump.

Jacob asked if he could kiss her. She regarded him intently as she answered.
"Yes, you may. Thank you for asking. I will tell you why you can.” Akahana placed both her hands along his jaw and stared into his dark eyes so that he would listen and remember well. "You wish to be a kept man, a loved pet. It can be a complicated relationship but a pet wouldn't feel very much love for its owner if it was never allowed to express it.” She smiled softly and added. "In private, unless ordered otherwise,” Akahana glanced toward the bed to express when and where those orders were likely to take place. "you may show me whatever affection you feel the situation warrants. For instance, I wouldn't want you to lay like a log while we slept or sit like a stone while we watched a movie and I certainly wouldn't want you to sit like a lump here. Understood?” Perhaps some women would like that. She knew plenty who thought themselves strong and who demanded such total obedience from any man unfortunate enough to be theirs. She had plenty of faith in her own ability to command respect when it was necessary and trust in Jacob's wisdom to know when to be affectionate and when to be utterly obedient. The moments of distinction would be more and more clear the longer they were together.

Akahana grinned at him and brought his hands around to cup her breasts.
"And when you are done doing that, you can then apply your mouth to these.”
Jacob 9 years ago
Jake's resolve hardened when she said she'd be pleased if he kept his word. If he had any doubts about doing so, they were gone. His ruling desire was to please her. He would please her, or die the happiest death ever in trying. Room service in bed was a pleasant thought but given their current activities he couldn't even begin to imagine wanting it. It just went to show how thoughtful she really was.

"As you wish, Akahana-sama," he murmured with a little smile. He'd probably enjoy the room service idea much better in a little while, when it actually filtered through his brain.

For now he applied himself to learning her body. She gyrated slowly in his lap; Jake closed his eyes and let go of the selfish idea of his own pleasure. Akahana felt delicious, true, but his purpose was to satisfy her. He tested out the ring he wore, having noticed its texture, pushing gently into her at slightly different angles, watching her face for signs that he'd touched a spot she particularly liked.

When she answered his question in the affirmative and explained why, his heart pounded with excitement, and his chest tightened with gratitude once again for her understanding. She did know how he felt, what he wanted. It was heaven.

"Thank you, Mistress," he said softly, his acknowledgement of that understanding. It meant so much to him, not to be judged and found lacking. Jake brushed his lips against her softly. His kiss would never be aggressive; he was gentle, almost delicate, tasting her mouth as carefully as if she were breakable.

When he pulled away he flashed her a little smile and ducked his head. Sliding his hands up her back to support her he bent forward and complied with her order, adorning her breasts with the same gentle kisses he'd placed on her lips. Each tiny bit of wetness he left there he breathed softly on, warming it before moving to the next place and pressing a small, sucking kiss there too. He alternated between both sides, working his way in toward the center.

When he reached the first nipple he didn't pause; just took the little dusky peak into his mouth and suckled her gently, his tongue playing in a light circle. Before moving to the other one he pressed himself up inside of her, biting down a little as he did. He paused briefly before moving to the other side; as much as he was trying to focus on Akahana's pleasure, his own body couldn't be denied. He had to take a long moment to master himself again before lowering his mouth to her other breast and teasing the nipple there, too.

During it all he glanced frequently up at Akahana. Jake wasn't very experienced but he was a repressed twenty-one year old. He had a pretty extensive porn collection and a vivid, active imagination. Media rarely imitated real life exactly, though, and the things he'd read or seen that looked like they were enjoyable might not be. He trusted Akahana to direct him, to let him know if his efforts were wasted or effective, how to do everything better than before, and hopefully to show him things he hadn't even considered. He knew that would all most likely come later; for now, if he could satisfy her, that was his goal.
Akahana Yoshida 9 years ago
His kiss was sweet, tender and almost hesitant. She smiled softly at Jacob when he pulled back. It might not rate high on the steamiest kisses she had ever gotten but it still meant a lot to her.

Akahana ceased worrying about other kisses as she concentrated on his fulfillment of her wishes. She rested her hands on his shoulders, tilting her head back and closing her eyes. It was so that she could focus more intently on the sensations he was creating. Here also his kisses were gentle but he followed them all with a nice tantalizing breath of air that cooled her skin and sent shivers up her spine.

When he first wrapped his lips around her nipple, she paused her movements and sighed softly in pleasure. Akahana looked down at him and smiled encouragement. The approval appeared to be enough because he then thrust more firmly into her, biting down gently as he did so. Akahana gasped and clinched around him. She was hardly a novice in the bedroom but pleasure was pleasure and in this case Jacob's actions were surprising and that most certainly added to their effectiveness.

She could already tell that he had great potential to be a pleasing partner to just about anyone in bed.

"That was perfect.” Akahana murmured softly. She began to move against him faster and more forcefully. "Always start off with a new lover softly, unless you have reason to know otherwise, especially on sensitive portions of the anatomy.” Some men thought nipples were knobs and that all women loved to have them pulled and twisted like they were changing channels on a television. "Then push a little more until you find what they truly love.” She leaned down and nibbled softly on the upper shell of Jacob's ear. "This is true in massage as well.”

Increasing her pace until neither of them would last long, she gave a final piece of advice for the moment. "Mix up something hard by following it by something soft. The skin is usually extremely sensitive and something different is more effective.” Her words were breathless as she rose and fell on top of him but she gave an example. "Like if I were to spank you until your cheeks were hot and red and then softly run my nails across your behind with the barest of touches.” Perhaps they could try that at some point. She wasn't entirely sure what all Jacob was interested in, perhaps even he didn't know. Technically, it shouldn't matter if it was something that pleased her but she would like to know what activities he would most enjoy and which he would only be doing because she wanted him to do them.

Right now though, she wanted to bite him and to feel him cum inside her.
Jacob 9 years ago
Jake was thrilled to see that his exploratory actions were having the desired effect on her. He didn't think he would have minded if Akahana corrected him, because he was beginning to truly believe she would do so gently and without censure, but still he was happy to have performed properly for now.

He gave a soft, choked moan as she began to move faster, sliding back and forth along his shaft in a manner that was going to bring about incredibly rapid results. He had been restrained so far, himself, for his own sake, but he couldn't keep her from moving against him. Sweat beaded on his brow as she spoke to him, and he attended her words while trying his best not to cave and spend himself inside her right then without her permission. It was the most delightful torture he'd ever experienced.

His fingers tightened against her back as she teased his ear and he felt her teeth. He wanted her more than he could have dreamed possible. Wanted her bite, wanted to feel his blood flowing into her. Jake was surprised and pleased to hear her words in that slightly breathless tone; she was getting closer, too.

"Yes... my Lady," he gasped in return, acknowledging her advice. He soaked it all up eagerly. Her movements increased more and he groaned and began to thrust back against her. He'd been moving slowly, trying to hold back, trying to hold off, but he couldn't keep himself still now. His hands dropped to her hips and he held her as he bucked beneath her.

The mental image of her doing exactly what she suggested made him groan again. He opened his eyes and looked at her, pleading, desperate.
"Please... Akahana-sama, please let me come. I'm trying to... but I can't..."

He couldn't seem to get out a full sentence. His hands were shaking where they gripped her. He tilted his head away, exposing his neck to her.
"Please. Make me yours."

He couldn't close his eyes again. He wanted to watch her, to see her. She was glorious as she moved atop him. he had felt from the start that no other woman could compare and now that they were joined together and he was buried in her warmth, he never wanted to leave. This was where he belonged, serving her, loving her, whether in her bed with her or doing so quietly from afar. There could be no one in his life besides her.
Akahana Yoshida 9 years ago
His urgent plea and more passionate thrusts were delicious; seeing him pushed to the very edge of his endurance was perfection. She wouldn't have been able to resist that heartfelt request even if she had wanted to.

Gathering him up in her arms, Akahana paused a final moment, letting the tension and desire reach its absolute peak in them both and then she leaned forward and sank her teeth into his proffered neck.

The reaction for her was immediate, as she knew that it would be. The taste of Jacob's blood was all that was needed to push her over the edge into delirious ecstasy. Akahana held him tightly as the waves of pleasure coursed through her body. She was careful not crush him in the throws of desire or drink too heavily from him; though it was difficult to pull away. Her moans of enjoyment were muffled against Jacob's neck and she shuddered softly with each pulse of pleasure.

Slowly she relaxed her grip but did not let go entirely. The spasms of orgasm died down to pleasant little twitches of sensation. After a very long moment, she leaned back and smiled at Jacob, now officially her familiar.

"So my dear, tell me, how do you feel?” Akahana hugged him close even as she waited for an answer. He was her's and he wanted to be her's, truly desired this bond and all that came with it. That was very rare. There had been people who had loved her and people that had been a friend who had agreed or decided to become a familiar, even people who had worked for her but most people simply accept the idea of the bond before it happened and changed them. Jacob had wanted it, knowing what would happen.
Jacob 9 years ago
Akahana's arms wrapped around him, pulling him close, and Jake shuddered with relief, with gratitude, when he realized she wasn't going to push him much farther. He slid his hands up her back, holding her just as she held him, wanting her to know how badly he wanted all of this. There was a small pause and everything in the room seemed to hold still for just that one sweet moment, then Jake felt the pierce of Akahana's fangs.

His climax slammed into him with such intense pleasure that it was nearly painful and he couldn't hold back his cries of ecstasy as he came inside of her, his body tense as he felt his own release throughout his entire body. He could feel her tightening around him and that only intensified the pleasure to the point where the room dimmed around him and he saw only bright sparks of light dancing in front of his eyes. He could never have imagined such exquisite sensation. He wanted it to last forever, but his body only had so much to give.

Jacob came back to himself, gasping, clinging to Akahana, soft moans of delight issuing from his lips. She had pulled away from his neck and leaned back a little, but as he blinked to clear the sparkles from his eyes she hugged him close and asked how he felt.

How was he to describe it? Jake nestled close, shivering with pleasure now and then as several delicious aftershocks coursed through him. When he could finally control his tongue again he mumbled,

He took a few deep, unhurried breaths, trying to give her a better answer. Like before she was a presence, the greatest presence in the room. But before, he could clearly picture the other people he cared about in his life. Mina, his friends, some of his relatives. Now they had faded. All he could see in his mind was Akahana. So close to him here, and was acutely aware of everything she did, constantly alert even now to her needs and desires. She could walk away and leave now and he knew he would follow.

"I love you," he finally said, in a matter-of-fact tone. "I feel you. That's how I feel. You're everything I will ever want, and it's perfect. Thank you so much, Akahana-sama."

He felt like he was somewhere he belonged, with Akahana right there. This was such a feeling of rightness he could have wept, but he was too happy for that. And too sated. He re-settled his arms around her, not wanting her to leave him, knowing they would have to separate sooner or later but wishing it could be 'later.'

Looking up at her, he had to ask even if the answer was not what he would have hoped.
"Was it all right for you? I know I can do better."

Already he was eager to improve. He wanted to love her again, love her better, longer, just the way she wanted every time. That he'd received such intense pleasure was incredible, but what concerned him most was how much she had gotten. That would always be of paramount importance.
Akahana Yoshida 9 years ago
She smiled at Jacob's mumbled description and held him closer. He had been sexy before but he was adorable now. That was a dangerous combination. Akahana was glad Jacob's was her's. Perhaps he wouldn't be so sweet and truthful with everyone he had sex with but it was very charming. Again she couldn't help thinking that he would make an excellent escort if he wanted to be one.

His further description was similar to what she expected to hear. In the past it had ranged from obsession to love in different people. At least with Jacob's personality she wouldn't have to worry about any creepy stalker behavior. One familiar she had to put on a plane to Africa and give him a long standing urgent mission after it became obvious that he was going to react violently to every man who came anywhere near here. Nick had seemed so sane before the bond was finished...

"I care about you very much, Jacob. I am happy that you have decided to be with me.” Maybe it would deepen into love for her, a different kind of love. For now it was too soon to say that but she did care about him as she had said and wanted him to be happy.

Akahana laughed softly when he asked if it was all right for her.
"Yes, it was more than all right.” She hugged him again. "I am sure you can many wonderful things in time.” Slowly, she raised herself up off his lap.

"Come, let's get cleaned up a little and then we can order some more room service to go with our strawberries and champagne.”

Once in the bathroom, she took a cloth and soap to herself and then pulled out another one for Jacob. There was no reason to take a full shower now. They weren't done celebrating.

When he arrived in the bathroom, she helped in gently remove the cock ring. Then she handed him a cloth and some soap. Akahana stole a quick kiss to his cheek before turning her attention to washing the little toy.

"So do you have any idea what you might want? You did keep your promise. I am very pleased.” She smiled at him through the large mirror. "You can order an eight course meal if you like.” The room service bill wouldn't break her any time soon. The real reward was being able to eat in peace and privacy.
Jacob 9 years ago
Jake hadn't expected a declaration of love from Akahana. He had already explained to her that his feelings were not the romantic sort of wife-husband love. He loved her because he had to love her, because she was his reason for existing, more so now than before, and he embraced that feeling. That she cared about him was obvious, and her words confirming it made him smile and rest happily against her for a little while more. He thought perhaps she might love him eventually, as one loves a cherished pet or family member, and that would be more than enough for him. His only true desire was to serve her and earn her approval and her praise.

He gasped softly in disappointment when she slid herself from his still-sensitive shaft. He could have stayed there, driven deeply into her, forever, it felt like. At least his performance had pleased her, and that made him happy. He followed her into the bathroom, biting his lip when her hands brushed against him to remove the ring. His body responded to her, even recently spent as he was, and his cock twitched at her fingers against it. He felt himself flushing a little, embarrassed.

Accepting the wash cloth from her he watched as she washed the little ring.
"I can do that, Akahana-sama," he offered. He was supposed to do these things for her. She shouldn't have to.

His mistress asked him what he wanted to eat and he considered. Given that he'd been a pretty active blood donor in the last few days he was tempted by the appeal of a juicy steak. But if they weren't finished with their celebration, carbs might be the best thing to give him that good burst of energy he'd want. He did love a good Italian dinner.

He glanced at Akahana when she looked at him through the mirror, and smiled a little. She wanted to know his preferences on this occasion, and that made him happy. Happy to have kept his promise, happy to have pleased her, happy that she seemed to enjoy him so far.

"Something Italian," he decided. "Pasta. Maybe with gooey cheese on it, or in it, and some nice sauce with... oh."

Jacob's eyes grew wide suddenly.
"This is stupid of me. I didn't even think of it. Does garlic...? I mean, is that true? Maybe Italian is a bad idea."

An Italian dinner laden with garlic might be exactly the wrong thing to order. Jacob had plenty to earn about his new owner, and he might have just put his foot in it. He didn't know what was myth and what was truth.
Akahana Yoshida 9 years ago
"I have it.” She smiled. "You tend to you for the moment.” It was in the interest of getting both actions done before they went on to something else. Yes, she could have left the ring for him to clean as well but they were having a conversation and there was no reason for her to stand there idle.

Akahana turned to the door and pulled down the yukata and nagajuban that she had hung up there. She pulled on both pieces and tied a simple datejime around it. Jacob could help with the obi if they did plan on going downstairs. The pattern of the yukata was whimsical and when she saw it she couldn't resist it. She was probably, definitely, too old for it but one of the upsides of being a vampire was not looking her age. It was mostly pink with little orange koi, white tiny bubbles and sage green water plants.

Jacob considered what to eat and in the end chose pasta. She smiled at him when he enthused about his gooey cheese and sauce. He then stopped short and looked at her with alarm.

Shaking her head, Akahana walked over and placed her hands on his shoulders, hugging him from behind. She looked at him through the mirror and answered the question more fully.
"No, garlic does not hurt us at all. It is very tasty in moderation.” With a half shrug, she mused. "I always wondered if that rumor was fostered by a vampiric author with a distaste for garlic.”

"A gooey cheesy Italian meal sounds lovely if that is what you want.” Akahana smiled. She gave him another kiss on the cheek and a pat on the butt. "I am going to go put this back.” Nodding to the dark blue yukata with a subtle geometric pattern that also hung on the door frame, she said. "I trust you know how to wear kimono.” She wasn't dressing up to go out; these would suit if they were but it was something to comfortable to wear in the room. Western bathrobes were frumpy by comparison. "I can help if you need me to."