Every Vow You Break (Attn:Mara)

Elanor Margaret Simmons had a problem. At first it was fairly minor but she had a personal stake in the matter and had understandable difficulties in dealing with it. Jin found it interesting that she had come to him with the situation.

Her Creator was something of a hard task master and a member of the tough love variety of vampire parent. Some of these types did not consider themselves parents at all but mentors in a method of surviving immortality. This man considered his progeny to be assets that he had taken considerable time, and put in a great deal of effort, cultivating. However, if they proved to be more liability than help he wouldn't blink twice at ending their immortal lives.

Why she had not gone to him was, therefore, fairly obvious. Elanor, now called Hazel, had taken a risk in assuming that the Elder of the Night would see things differently. Jin wondered exactly what information about him caused her to believe that.

Her situation began with her creation as a vampire. It was not long after that transformation that she was required to fake her own death, leaving behind her husband and young son. Now, more than fifty years later, her husband had seen her and recognized her.

She had thought herself safe to resume her more natural appearance. Her husband had moved away after her death to another state. For a while, Elanor had dyed her hair, changed her style of clothes and spoke in a different accent all to make certain that she would fool any person that might think she resembled her human identity.

It had been decades but it was precisely that length of time that had caused the problem. Her son had moved his aging father back to Nachton to an assisted living home nearby. He had returned earlier himself to go to college at the same college his father had graduated from and, while here, had met his future wife. Elanor had been happy that her son was close and she watched him and his new family as they grew together.

But her grandson was helping his grandfather when she was spotted coming out of a local store carrying some plants for her small garden. Clarence immediately recognized her, stopping in his tracks and pointing in her direction. Elanor had hurried to her car, nearly dropping the plants in her surprise but instead clutching them like shields against the man waving a cane and shouting her name repeatedly.

That would have been the end of it. Except that her quick thinking grandson snapped a picture of her bumper. He then went back inside and found the person in the botanical section and asked about her. Looking kind and helpful, he explained that she had dropped her cell phone and that he would like to get it back to her. He even left his name and number, just in case. The helpful lady supplied him with her current first name. How he found her after that, she wasn't entirely sure, but he did.

Elanor would have been proud but things turned ugly. She wasn't exactly sure why Daniel believed her husband's story in the first place. She suspected it was the feeling that he had seen her one too many times while growing up. Elanor couldn't help herself; he had been such an adorable baby and such a bright wonderful child. She talked to him more than once, briefly, as a kind stranger interested in a child's opinion. That might have been the problem.

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Mai_NPC 10 years ago
Brian looked up in surprise when Cat returned as asked for another dance. The startled state didn't last long before he gave her a huge grin and nodded quickly. "Yes, Ma'am. I'd gladly dance with you all night if you let me.” She included the others in her statements but he felt much better about his chances. He even looked back to give Randy a smug smile before heading back onto the dance floor.

"It seems you two have forgotten why we are here.” John muttered into his drink.

"Not at all.” Randy lounged back into the booth and cast a glance in the vampire's direction. Her white haired companion was gone for the moment but there was no telling when he'd be back. They hadn't seen him leave; which meant they couldn't follow through with the idea of bait. Really the best possible method for making sure the vampire picked someone they wanted would have been to have multiple willing targets but she had seen the three of them and that only left Lance as their back up bait. "But what do you want us to do, John? We can't just sit here and there is nothing else for us to do at the moment.”

John sighed and cast a baleful look in Brian's direction but gave no further comment on the topic.
Jin 10 years ago
Jin followed Mara back to the table and listened to her tell the one she had been dancing with that she would like another dance. She then included the other two men in her conversation before she left. The taller one seemed a little hopeful but the other gave her a nod and nothing more. He was either very focused or dead below the neck. Jin turned and cast a glance at Mara's graceful behind as she headed toward an open space on the dance floor. Nope, dead below the neck because even focused he wouldn't have been able to ignore her.

He listened to the brief exchange between the two men left at the table before heading to where Mara was with her last mark. Jin watched as Mara began dancing in a pattern that would make it necessary for her partner to turn to follow or let go entirely and do his own thing. At least this guy had some sense; he turned with her rather than let go of her hips.

This put him near another couple that was going to occasionally bump up against them. The floor had become a little more crowded, several people seemed to be inspired to dance by the earlier activity on the floor. A few bumps and taps from someone else were hardly going to be noticed.

Jin watched the guy's face carefully. Brian reacted to the first few bumps; his eyes flickering to the side when they happened. As they became a little more frequent he stopped being concerned. Judging it safe enough for even his amateur skills, Jin chose a moment and slid the wallet back into Brian's pocket. Thank goodness painfully tight jeans had gone out of fashion.

Moving away from the crowd and back toward the restrooms, he sent Mara the emergency text. Then he reappeared with his phone to his ear and sat back down with Elanor.

"Yes, did you get the files?” He listened for a moment. "Okay then, hold them. I will look at them tomorrow. Thank you. Uh huh, you too. Good night.”

He smiled at Elanor. "Sorry about that. Work.”
Mara 10 years ago
Mara was relieved when she heard the familiar chime of her cell phone. Receiving a text from Jin meant he had replaced the wallet successfully, and, most likely, that she was free to extricate her person from Brian's clammy hands. Sliding sideways she glanced down at her phone, going stiff suddenly and blinking down at it as if in shock.

"Oh my God," she said, staring at it. "They've been in an accident."

Hastily she fumbled as if to make sure her keys were in her purse. She flashed the text at Brian so he could see the message but not who sent it.
"I'm so sorry," she stammered, acting as flustered as she would have been if she'd just received a text that Jin himself had been injured. "I have to go."

She turned away as if to leave, then paused, turned back, and held her breath while she gave Brian a swift peck on the cheek.
"Please tell your friends thank you for me. My tab's already paid up."

He couldn't argue with her; he had no reason to unless they suspected her of something and they shouldn't. He looked a little disappointed but also had the grace to seem concerned for the welfare of her own (imaginary) friends.

Mara gave him a quick, distracted wave as she left the bar in a hurry. Once outside she glanced around to make sure no one had followed. Then she quietly made her way into the deserted alley way and shifted. After a brief roll in the dirt to help hide her brilliant silver and black coat, the little mau waited on the fence behind the club until it came time to collect fingerprints and the like.

After that, she had been promised some real fun... and, hopefully, that meant some real dancing with a partner whose hands she enjoyed being on her. She almost felt bad for the bad guys... it wasn't their fault they couldn't possibly compare to Jin.

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