Updates on the Undead Menace

Jin looked up from the paperwork on his desk with a sigh. Some of his people believed that computers were the work of human devils and refused to give updates in electronic form. He found the messy filing and shuffling of sheaves of fragile paper to be tedious but there was a certain sanity to their concern. All they would need was one sufficiently skilled Evenhet hacker to set them back centuries.

His own people assured him that would never happen. They had a closed database down in the catacombs and several back up archives in other cities. These contained incredible amounts of data that would stagger the human historical academia. Answers to millions of questions right there with scanned in proof of their legitimacy. However, they were for undead eyes only.

But that was hardly his most pressing problem. He had been brought here to fill the Elder of the Night position and to follow the trail of a killer. That trail was now so easy to follow that it fairly glowed in neon colours. His sister had been sent to infiltrate the organization of that very murderer by the previous Elder. She brought back with her certainty of his whereabouts but also dire warning.

According to Akahana, they would be foolish to try and kill Mahesh out right. The man had spent centuries working his way into many organizations and forming quite a few more. There were groups that worked with his backing that had orders to continue that work in the event of his death. She suspected that some of them would take his demise as an act of war. It could prove to be worse than the situation they were currently dealing with.

Instead of taking out the queen ant in a controlled strike, they would have shot into the mound and scattered the remaining ants to the wind. The entire army would then be coming at them from all directions. They needed to consider the best course of action before doing something final. That would require input from the other two orders.

That would have to be done later. Right now his Order had a more immediate problem.

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