Is There A Dress Code Here?

For all she was meeting new people and her limited social circle was growing, Pak was still something of a hermit. It made her devotion to her job that much easier. They had a new product launch coming up and everyone was putting in long days, or nights as the case may be, and she was foremost among them. She hadn't left the Towers in... well she couldn't remember. As she didn't have a familiar and hadn't been keeping a personal stash about she was getting a bit on the hungry side, but every time she thought she could get away to hunt, something would come up.

They were two days from launch, she was about thirty seconds away from collapsing from exhaustion and hunger. Kem, called her on it. He flat out asked her when she'd fed last and was 'kind' enough to tell her it was starting to show. Pak had to agree and it only took minimal persuasion to get her to promise to take care of things.

Fast and easy, that was all she had the time or the energy for and that meant a trip to the House of Pain. It wasn't Pak's favorite way to find a bite, it was too close to her original profession, but it was efficient. Not wanting to finesse a meal she'd decided against the school girl look, which did attract a lot of attention but could lead to complications, and had gone in another direction. Thigh high leather boots with stiletto heels, short leather skirt and a corset; she wasn't at all comfortable in the look, but she could fake it well enough. And the beauty of this look was when you told your mark to back off they tended to listen.

She'd been at the HoP longer than planned as she was hungry than she'd realized and since she tended to be careful of those she fed from that had meant three different men. She felt a -lot- better. Still tired, but no longer drained, if one would forgive the pun, so she headed to the towers. As she drove home, however, Pak decided that she didn't want to go right back. Why shouldn't she enjoy some time to herself, not long, just enough to help gt her head back on straight. Not caring too much about her outfit, which wasn't exactly socially acceptable, Pak pulled into the Qwerty.

The guy behind the counter stared, his jaw was nearly on the floor, Pak did her best to ignore it and just ordered her coffee. When he handed it to her she thanked him curtly and found a place as out of his line of site as possible and flopped into a chair.

"Damned it! Even when I try and get away from these things I wind up at one.”

She muttered with some irony as she stared at the monitor in front of her. Commandeering a second chair to prop her feet up on, the place wasn't crowded no one should mind, Pak absently started playing solitaire. It was the most relaxed she'd been in weeks.

Stranger 9 years ago
This really hadn't been much of a hardship, watching this woman. The worse it had been was boring. Blaise had started to think she didn't go out at all. It was sad really. She was immortal for God's sake. You had to work, you had obligations, he understood that; it might have taken him some time and a little bit of smacking around from his maker to settle down and learn that but he knew it now. This woman, however, took dedication to an unhealthy extreme. He was going to die of bordem if she didn't get out soon.

Finally, -finally-, she got out and when she went to the HoP he was hopeful that it would be a nice long fun night. But, no, she didn't dawdle she found what she was looking for and got out. Blaise had almost lost her then. He was still young and always hungry and could get lost in a meal, she had more control apparently. Fortunately, she drove a rather flashy car and was easy to find again.

Once she settled down in the Qwerty Blaise breathed a sigh of relief. He was going to get a chance after all. He had to admit she was not a bad looking woman, not bad at all. His sister had been quite right in saying this Pakpao was his type just curvy enough, just tone enough petite enough that even at 5ft 10 he would tall and extremely masculine. It was the blue eyes that were driving him crazy though, he hoped it wasn't contacts. And thank god she hadn't changed. The semi-dominatrix look was hot.

He'd waited off to the side reading signs until she picked a machine and sat down. When she started talking to herself it gave him a chance to start a conversation.

"I know that feeling. I've been at the office for fourteen hours and they are still hitting me with emergencies that have to be fixed, I have to sign in from here, hadn't even gotten home."

It took some work but Blaise said it with a self deprecating smile and just enough irony to keep it from being complaining or a whine. He knew that something like that would turn her off terribly fast. Anyone who could lock them selves up for days at a time doing nothing but work would not appreciate his complaining about work.
Pakpao 9 years ago
Pak was slightly disappointed when the other guy walked in, she liked having the Qwerty to herself but it wasn't like she was doing anything or his mere presence bothered her. His talking to her though, yeah that might bother her and yet he decided to speak to her. She didn't get too surly though, she had been talking to herself and that seemed to inadvertently start odd conversations.

Other than his cloths there was nothing about this guy that looked like he worked in an office. Even under the slightly rumpled button down shirt and behind the professor style wire rimmed glasses it wasn't hard to see the guy was cut. He was big enough that you would notice him and unless his suit was well tailored he'd look like a hired thug working for the mob or something. Some women felt delicate and feminine next to a guy like that, Pak always felt a little nervous.

His voice was low and calm though, like he was a t a library, and he sounded like he was half laughing about the situation instead of complaining or being resentful. She kind of liked that about him and smiled tentatively.

"I think they might have thrown me out."

Pak offered with some sympathy. But she didn't want to presume too much, he might just have been saying something so she didn't feel so much like an idiot for talking to herself. Of course he could just be a freak who liked apparently crazy women.

"And don't forget what you're wearing."

One of her children pipped up. They did have a bad habit of turning up at the most inopportune times. The child like voice was tinged with disapproval and she really couldn't argue with her son. She hadn't thought this through. If it had been just her and the coffee/cashier guy, fine but she wasn't dressed for respectable company. She tried to forget her attire, and if he stared too much she'd take off it was that easy.
Stranger 9 years ago
The shy almost demure smile was completely at odds with the corset and leather. Blaise found that very exciting. He didn't know which look he liked better. It took some effort to remember that this was a job, not a game and that meant respectfully not staring at her attire. He would, however, remember it later.

Given how she had responded to him, in just those few words, Blaise did his best to respond in kind.

"If you'll forgive me for saying so, I have a hard time believing anyone would throw you out.”

He gave her a confidant but respectful smile, he was very careful not to leer and -to- keep eye contact. This was something he couldn't screw up, his instructions were very clear they needed this woman. She was leverage. Of course, there was a Plan B, there was -always- a Plan B. But from what he understood Plan B quite literally involved him being thrown to the wolves, not something he fancied really.

When she didn't seem terribly receptive to that line Blaise assumed a sheepish expression and offered her his hand.

"That was bad wasn't it? I apologize. I'm Blaise Thompson.”

Although she looked a bit dubious for a second Pakpao did shake his hand and he took that as a good sign. It looked like she wasn't a fast mover, which was slightly disappointing. He didn't like to work too hard for his rewards and he did want some play time with her before they used her.
Pakpao 9 years ago
It wasn't sleazy, she'd give him that, but it was a pick up line. Pak was quite happy to shut him down, right there. She made a polite noise and started to turn away, but he apparently realized his mistake and apologized. Pak hesitated, she wasn't looking to make a friend and he really didn't do anything for her physically. Still he hadn't been an ass, no snide comment or even slimier line so she took his hand and nodded politely.

"Pakpao Metharom. Nice to meet you, but you're right it was really bad. Not the worse I've ever heard, but bad."

He chuckled and grinned again, he had sort of a boyish smile it was disarming and hard not to smile back at him.

"Sorry, your outfit is a little distracting, quite striking you know, but it makes it hard for you to catch me at my best."

Even as he said it Pak didn't see any evidence of a leer, he kept eye contact, tactfully stated the obvious and the innuendo and suggestion was minimal, the guy racked up another couple of points. She rubbed the back of her neck and actually looked a little embarrassed.

"I had a ... well a thing tonight and this was the dress code." She said with an apologetic shrug. "Not my best idea to stop here on my way home, but I've only had office coffee for weeks and..."

OK not exactly true, Kem had made her coffee once... twice... or had she gone down to the archives on one of her microscopic breaks and stolen his coffee? She couldn't remember. It was possible she wasn't getting enough sleep. Taking tomorrow off was out of the question but she might just work a normal shift, well shift and a half, her brain seemed to be melting a bit.
Stranger 9 years ago
It had been a risky move mentioning the ensemble, but he took it. No point in ignoring the elephant, or massive amounts of leather, in the room. He didn't get slapped, apparently a little bit of humor went along way with her. She wasn't exactly thawing and Blaise certainly wouldn't call her receptive to his attentions but he'd kept her from shutting him down. He'd even gotten a name. And from her reputation and what little information they had on her, that was a big deal.

He gave no indication that he knew what her 'thing' was and that he'd done some indulging there himself. As far as Pakpao was concerned he was a human and Blaise wanted to keep it that way. No doubt she'd get more guarded and standoffish if she knew he was a vampire. It was odd though, to him, talking to her Pakpao didn't strike him as a vampire. She seemed rather... normal. He wondered if he'd stay that way.

He laughed lightly at her comment about the coffee.

"Say no more. I can't make coffee to save my soul not even when it comes pre-measured and ready to go. I've just never gotten the hang of it, just the addiction."

Pakpao smiled again and it made Blaise giddy. He was doing it, he was getting closer than his sister ever had. Of course, she'd had an entirely different set of instructions, but still it was nice to get one up on her. She was still a human but the wench seemed to have all the luck in the world. Best not to think about her now.

And here came the daring part...

"I suppose it is a bit late to offer to buy you a cup, seeing as how you already have one."
Pakpao 9 years ago
It seemed kind of odd that he didn't ask about the 'thing'. Pak hopped he assumed it was costume party or concert or something; something other than a dominatrix convention or orgy. Given that he was still speaking to her she figured he was giving her the benefit of the doubt.

The more he spoke the more Pak realized he had an accent. It was very faint but it was there and when he spoke about not being able to make coffee she finally caught it and giggled a bit.

"Grew up in a tea drinking family did you?"

It was a British accent, not much of one just a shadow but it was enough that she was certain of her conclusions.

He was polite enough and amusing enough that she was starting to forget his rather imposing size. Not that Pak would claim to be relaxed but he just didn't seem as big any more, she could see the person not just the muscles.

She was a little startled by his offer. Not that Pak was naive or unaware of men, hell she'd even been looking lately. But looking on her terms, she still hadn't allowed a guy to pick her up. Blaise wasn't -quite- picking her up he was suggesting rather delicately that he'd like to though. It made her nervous but for a change she didn't panic or shut him down.

"It would be a bit awkward wouldn't it? But it doesn't sound like the worst idea I've ever heard."

Pak felt a little bit proud of herself. She'd not cut him off at the knees, she'd even managed to flirt a little bit. It wasn't exactly encouraging but a small yes often had more impact than a big no.
Stranger 9 years ago
Her light laughter caught him by surprise. Blaise was utterly charmed, it made her seem so innocent, so girlish, despite her clothing and it was getting harder and harder to remember she had at least a century under her belt (their intelligence had been a bit hazy on how old she was, although they doubted she would qualify as an ancient). She was also correct, more or less. Blaise looked slightly impressed and nodded his confirmation.

"Quite right. I grew up in Manchester but I've lived her long enough I like to think I can pass as a native."

It was close enough to the truth that it would be easy to remember and if she could pick up on his accent this quickly Blaise's instincts told him he'd best be prepared to remember details. Underneath that girlish charm was a mind sharp enough to head Meridian's IT department, this was going to be a challenge but he was looking forward to it.

She wasn't shutting him down, his smile wasn't at all forced. Even though he was doing this on orders it was surprisingly thrilling to have Pakpao say yes, or at least maybe. It was always exciting to have a pretty girl smile at you and say she might go out, that hadn't changed even if his diet had.

"Then maybe you'd let me buy you a cup another time? I'd offer to buy you a drink but I'm afraid you'd think I was using another bad pick up line."

Not that coffee was much better, but he really was hopping to distract her by laughing at himself first.
Pakpao 9 years ago
Pak quietly added that little bit of information to the mental dossier she had already started on Mr. Thompson. He was rather surprising her. Pak really had thought she'd be able to just blow him off. When he officially asked her out it still made her feel a bit like a deer in headlights. It was a situation she wasn't in control of, with the speed dating she'd been the one to initiate, with Henri she'd practically thrown herself at him, this was different she didn't know Blaise at all.

He seemed nice enough though and she had been trying to get out more. There was no way anything was going to come of this, at least that is what Pak told herself. Still, even if nothing happened what could it hurt? She couldn't come up with an answer to that.

"I think I would."

She answered quietly, not even able to a joke about his 'pick up lines' again. It had taken a surprising amount of courage to say yes. He was smiling like a kid who had just gotten a pony or a bike or something though and she found herself smiling back.

"Wonderful. Can I get a phone number then please? I'll give you a call."

"Let me give you my email. I tend to ignore my phone."

Pak neatly wrote oner personal address on her napkin. She wasn't ready to give him her work email, nope that would tell him too much about her. It was to Blaise's credit that he didn't protest at all. He took the napkin read the address folded it and neatly tucked it in his pocket.

"Are you going to think less of me if I don't wait three days to email?" He said with laughter in his voice.

"Do you want to run that risk?"

"Yeah, I think I might."

Pak felt herself blush and was highly embarrassed by that, but it didn't seem to put him off and he didn't hold it against her.

They chatted a bit more before Blaise said he had to get home and log back into work to put out the fire that had brought him in here. They said their goodbyes, he promised to email and Pak waited to be sure he was gone before going back to the Towers herself. She had work to do too.

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