A New Twist (Attn: Vaughn)

This was a highly unexpected turn of events. Thérèse wasn't entirely certain what to make of the situation, although she was starting to suspect her life had become far too interesting since being brought her by her keeper. And they still didn't understand what was going on with that Cooper woman. Far too many unanswered questions, and now this.

She needed to speak to Vaughn about it and part of her had wanted to just walk into his office. But she did try and be discreet and was hardly a fixture at City Hall. Not to mention his schedule was worse than hers and the spirits only knew what meeting he'd be locked in. So she gave up on catching him during the day.

It wasn't the full moon so everyone had the evening to do as they wished rather than at her whims. It was cold out, but undoubtedly someone would start a fire, short of a blizzard there was almost always one or two or a dozen or more people out with a fire, drums, dancing, running and otherwise just enjoying themselves.

Thérèse quite liked the fires. You never knew who you would meet there, or what would happen but the atmosphere was one of family, comradely and support. Tonight though, right now, she needed a moment alone with Vaughn so although any one who saw her in the common area might think she was headed to the fire she wasn't dressed warmly enough for it and she had left her violin behind; she was waiting to waylay just one person.

Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
One would think that the holiday season was the busiest time for the Mayor, and it had indeed been busy. There were so many events and fund raisers that he had to at least make an appearance that for a few weeks Vaughn wasn't entirely sure where he had been and what he had been supporting. That was what an aid was good for and his was surprisingly competent; something that was only surprising because her first and primary focus was his safety. His aid was a skilled assassin for the Legion.

However after the holidays had not offered the reprieve he had been hoping for. It seemed the council members had also gotten the New Years resolution bug and there were many different laws and regulations they wanted to pass.

He had escaped from work by a combination of trickery and sheer force of personality. Vaughn had gotten home, taken a nice hot shower and changed into something far more comfortable than a suit.
Now he just needed to find Therese and his night would be headed in the right direction.

Stepping out his front door, it became clear that he didn't have to go far. Vaughn smiled and closed the distance between them. He wrapped his arms around her and murmured.
"I was just looking for you..." Having found her, it seemed only right that he celebrate that fact with a lingering kiss.
Therese 11 years ago
Apparently she wasn't going to have to pounce on or tackle and pull him off to a dark corner. That was lovely, although not quite as satisfying. Smiling Thérèse quite happily met him half way and held him tightly. Every now and then she still encountered some disapproval for apparently having broken up the Sarkis' marriage. Even so they weren't hiding any more and that was a relief, it took so much pressure off.

"Funny, I was looking for you."

She answered before kissing him again. It just felt right.

They had both changed into something more casual and she hoped that tone would hold through the evening. Honestly she wasn't quite certain how Vaughn would take this. She suspected he'd be pleased, but it was something of a game changer. It wasn't something she'd ever said to someone before either. That wasn't entirely true, she had said this before but...

Thérèse tried to push that from her mind though. Of course, she couldn't she was rather anxious on a few different levels.

"What did you have planned for this evening? And what are the chances I could change your mind?"

She tempted him with a faint smile and dancing eyes.
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
Vaughn hadn't thought it was a coincidence that she was in this particular common room instead of down at the camp fire. He wondered if she was meeting him here to accompany him to the gathering or to convince him to not to go.

That was answered when she asked of his plans and then asked if she could change his mind. Vaughn grinned and raised his eyebrows.
"How do you know that you will be changing it?”

The fact that she thought she would be convincing him to do something different suggested that she had something specific in mind so he waited to hear what Therese had planned before answering. He couldn't imagine not indulging her wishes no matter what she had in mind but a wise man waited to hear what he would be agreeing to first.

"Is there somewhere else you would like to go?” He gestured toward the door he just came out of. They could go out if she preferred but that might require a change of clothes.

Vaughn was currently sporting a long sleeved red t-shirt beneath charcoal grey shirt with the Scarlets logo on the left side and a thin ribbon of faded red across the chest; a pair of faded blue jeans and hiking boots. A deep blue scarf that Tavi had knitted him was hung loosely around his neck. It was his only concession to what was considered winter around here.
Therese 11 years ago
Thérèse grinned and chuckled softly at that observation. She had no idea what he had planned, other than, given his attire, something rather informal.

"Touché. Perhaps I should ask what you had in mind instead.”

A cat that ate the canary grin flitted across her face as she teased him. it really was rather odd that she could be both terribly nervous and so relaxed at the same time. Perhaps that was because no matter how this turned out it was considerably easier than the idea of being controlled by a vampire or having miscarried. Or possibly having Vaughn to herself for a bit was always quite... satisfactory.

She shoved up the three quarter length sleeves on her light weight dark blue cowl neck cashmere sweater as she looked to see if they were alone. They were, more or less no one was seated or having a conversation. People were, however, passing through either to the fire or in from it or otherwise just getting on with their night, a few stopped to look for a second or two but you couldn't quite say they stared.

Other than the sweater she had on some dark khakis and a rather practical pair of flats, not suitable for hiking but for most walking around Shady Pines they'd be fine. If they went outside she might need a jacket though.

"I thought we might go somewhere quiet and talk.”

Another quick look around the room made it clear she was looking for some where they wouldn't be over heard. She also smiled faintly though in hopes to keep him from worrying or thinking the matter was -too- serious. Granted it was rather serious just not as hurtful or negative as other necessary conversations had been.
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
A slow sultry smile spread across Vaughn's lips as Therese asked him what he had in mind. "Well, I admit that originally I was going to head down to the gathering to find you but...” He pressed her a little closer to him and inhaled her wonderfully clean scent. "since you saved me the trouble of a search I think I will just have to secret you off some place where I don't have to share.”

Therese seemed in an amorous enough mood, however she did pull away and fidget a bit with her clothing before asking if they could go some place private. That part of the request was not alarming and was, in fact, something he was quite willing to accommodate.

It was 'the talk' part of her request that had him curious and a little worried. Their very short relationship had already been frought with difficult challenges, tough decisions and very serious talks.

Her smile did make him feel slightly better about the impending discussion but only just. Vaughn nodded and turned back toward his door. Keeping one arm around her waist, he guided Therese along with him.

Once they were both in the room and the door was completely closed again. He turned toward her and gathered her in his arms again.
"Okay now, is everything okay?”
Therese 11 years ago
With the door closed she felt a bit better, they were wouldn't be seen or overheard. It would let Vaughn react however he wanted without having to temper that for whoever might be milling about. And as this wasn't exactly planned she really had no idea what he was going to say.

"Oui. Everything is fine. At least I think it is.”

Thérèse was trying very hard to be relaxed about this and it probably wasn't going well.

"I found something out I thought you might like to know.”

Suddenly shy, with a very soft smile she found she couldn't say the words aloud and so she leaned in and whispered very softly in his ear instead.

"I'm pregnant.”

She was sure about that, there was no doubting it, but the spirits only knew what it would mean. There was no doubt that they were in love and the idea of having a family had been discussed rather favorably but in actuality, in practice, who knew. It was uncharted territory for the Sarkis and Savia to have divorced and now for him to have another family. She had no idea how Tavi would feel about it, Thérèse had come to think of the young woman as a friend. Spirits help her, what would Navid think? He might go through the roof. Right now though, she could only really worry about one person. If Vaughn were happy, she could manage the rest of them. His reaction was the only one that really mattered.
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
Vaughn was relieved to hear that everything was fine. Or at least that Therese thought that everything was fine. He wondered why he was still a bit worried. Perhaps it was because she should know whether everything was fine, shouldn't she?

Had that woman come back to harass her? Antoine assured him just earlier today that Therese was being watched carefully. They even had a member of the Legion working on the museum staff now. He was a member of security. It made sense. His friend had also mentioned someone as a tour guide but their schedule would be a little more spotty. That individual was a security expert and a keeper as well. Antoine assured him that she would be keeping a close eye on the museum's security and would be watching for any potential threats to Therese.

Of course he did tease his friend about not taking the tour job himself. Antoine said that he was a member of the Legion not out of his devotion for his pack but out of his extreme dislike of whining, needy children. A complete lie but Vaughn did not harass his friend further on it. He didn't even mention the several occasions that Tavi and Tobi were obliged and encouraged by the Frenchman.

Therese moved closer, leaning up to whisper softly in his ear. Her words, quiet though they were, went straight to his heart. Vaughn blinked once or twice, processing what she said. Understanding filtered slowly through his consciousness, followed closely by elation.

He held her close, picking her up and spinning around, his smile bright and free.
"That's wonderful!” Vaughn hugged her close once more and then leaned back to look at her.

"That is wonderful, right?” He regarded Therese carefully. She might not want a child so soon after they lost the first one. She might not want one with him. They hadn't planned either but he was thrilled. This time he would be absolutely certain that nothing happened to either of them.

He would have Antoine pay extra attention to the vampire's movements. They were keeping an eye on Bao anyway but now he wanted to know every little detail. One move in Therese's direction and he would string the bastard up by his tie.
Therese 11 years ago
The sudden reaction surprised Thérèse who gasped and laughed despite being just a hair on the dizzy side. You'd think with all her dancing she'd manage a quick spin but apparently not when caught off guard. He was happy! She could relax and be happy as well.

"It is a surprise but it is wonderful."

She smiled broadly and half clung to Vaughn. It was a big surprise. At one point in her life Thérèse had considered taking the Kal. She had never really thought about having children of her own, it hadn't seemed to matter, there had always been cousins, nieces, nephews other more obscure relatives about to play with and help with. Then having been pregnant once before (also an accident they were really going to have to be more careful going forward!) and lost the child to her keeper this was hard to get her head about.

"I am a little worried." She confided. He would understand why without her saying anything else. "But if you're happy it is ... wonderful."

They were going to need a thesauruses in a second but for now that one word did sum everything up. Giving up on trying to find words for the moment she kissed Vaughn, but it was a sweet kiss rather than a suggestive one.

"You're really ready to be a 'daddy' again? You're sure?"
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
Vaughn's broad smile was back when Therese smiled and agreed that their having a child together was wonderful. He was still mentally reeling from the news and probably would be for a day or two before all of it and the consequences of a new child completely set in.

He nodded somberly enough when she mentioned being worried.
"You and the baby will be safe this time. I swear.” Vaughn hadn't known what was going on the first time until it was too late but he knew what to be wary of this time. There would be no vampires coming near his baby...girl? Boy?

He really hoped it was a girl, a beautiful dark haired delicate girl. Therese could teach her to be lady-like. Tavi could teach her to be exactly the opposite, Tobi could teach her everything modern and technological she might ever need to know and he could love her and spoil her rotten.

Either way though, A boy would be great too. With Therese things would be different. Everything about their relationship was different than his last. Thinking of Etta and what they had built together made him sad; if only they had loved one another.

That was what was different this time.

"I am sure.” He said softly and hugged her close. "You will make an excellent mother.”

Picking her up, he sat her gently on his bed and then stretched out beside her. Placing a hand protectively across her abdomen, Vaughn regarded it and then looked up at Therese. "So when is your first appointment with a doctor?” They had their own doctors; ones who knew what they were and what a werewolf needed. "I would like to be there. If you want me to be.”
Therese 11 years ago
This time would be better, she could talk about it, she wasn't having to answer to the mulo, and she wasn't having to convincer herself she wasn't pregnant and carrying a married man's child. She would never get over that miscarriage but she was learning to live with it and hoped that this would sooth some of the rawness.

Vaughn caught her off guard again with his comment about being a mother. Thérèse felt her knees go a bit week and she wobbled a bit, it was a good thing he was holding her so close.

"Mon Dieu. I am not so sure about that. I have no idea how to be a mother."

She had nine months to get used to that idea though and there would be books and the internet and even though not every one in the Pack would be thrilled with this, others would be more supportive. There would be other women who had been through this and would help and have advice. How did human women living alone do this?

It was very natural and very comforting to feel his hand on her belly, even if there was nothing to feel yet. She quietly put her hand in Vaughn's hair and closed her eyes relaxing for the first time in several days.

"Of course you should be there if you can get away. It is next week, Tuesday at one. They did say the first appointment will probably be the longest so I have moved things around to leave early."

There was some guilt about that. The Arch was a challenge to manage, she might have gotten the job because of her keeper but Thérèse was determined to keep the job on her own merits. She was even looking at continuing her education, although it seemed like a doctorate might take second or even third place to having a child.
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
Vaughn hugged her close and reassured her again. "You will be great. There is no manual that comes with them." He smiled. "I looked. You have a very calm way about you and you take surprises well." She had dealt with more than any person should have to deal with already and she was still sane. Even before knowing about the vampire and the horror he was putting Therese through, Vaughn would have said that she could handle anything with strength and dignity. He had seen her angry but that was a very rare situation. A child's antics were not going to compare to a controlling vampire out to destroy your pack and race by using you as a pawn. Personally, he would have been murderous, some days he still was over the whole situation. Vaughn consoled himself with the thought that Bao's actions were now a part of his and Therese's inherited memories. Perhaps one day a century or so from now Bao would cross paths with the wrong werewolf and there won't be an agreement keeping him safe.

Nestling himself against her shoulder, Vaughn wrapped his arm further around her. He sighed happily and nodded.
"Tuesday. 1:00. I will have my assistant arrange it on my schedule." He would be there for as many as he could manage and if he couldn't then he would make sure someone else could accompany Therese. Perhaps Tavi or Antoine. The second was an odd choice but Therese liked him and the feeling seemed to be mutual amongst the two. Birdie might not even pretend to be there under duress.

"So, My Lovely, what would you like to do now?" They could go back down to the gathering or they could enjoy each other's company. He was content to stay just as they were, perhaps a movie in bed and some dinner and later perhaps some other things.
Therese 11 years ago
Thérèse sighed at least temporarily reassured by Vaughn's conviction that she would manage. It was a little odd to have this happen so far from her family. Although she'd not thought much about having children, very little in fact, when she did consider it her mother had always been there with her, her father as well. A child should have their grandparents to say nothing of her own grand-père. Apparently either she and Vaughn would be visiting Europe or her parents would have to come her at some point.

She grinned a bit and half laughed at his assistant scheduling this, it was rather amusing to imagine him explaining why he needed the time off. Of course he wouldn't have to give any details and his assistant would be nothing but professional but it was fun to consider.

"Bon. I think I might hold you to that."

The little bit bit she had read about what to expect on the first visit had Thérèse a bit nervous. Vaughn's being there would be a tremendous relief.

Fast and agile Thérèse twisted and levered them flipping Vaughn on to his back and she straddled him. There were so many things she could do from there, some would take no imagination and some would take a bit of creativity all would be a rather exquisite combination of lust and love. Exercising a bit of self control Thérèse leaned in for a kiss. He was happy, she was happy, this was how it should be.

"I find, mon amour, that I am tremendously indecisive. Were you headed out?"

With an impish grin she teased him.

"Is it too early to demand pickles and ice cream?"
Vaughn Emiliano 11 years ago
Vaughn nodded and thought that she should hold him to the appointment and many other things. He was the father and he had a responsibility to both her and the baby. It was a happy responsibility; one that he would never want to run away from.

He found himself on his back with Therese delightfully situated on top of him. Vaughn enjoyed the view for a moment or two before replying.
"I had intended to find you. The rest of the evening was up for negotiation." Sliding his hands up underneath her sweater, he traced them up her graceful curves, pondering how she would look pregnant. Beautiful. Therese was always beautiful.

Raising his eyebrows at her request for pickles and ice cream, he replied.
"I will get you whatever like, My Dear, so long as you are willing to eat it." Vaughn could never imagine craving pickles and ice cream but werewolves were a lot more understanding about dietary urges than most people.

"How about I make you dinner, perhaps a nice medium rare steak. You can put pickles on it if you like." He sat up, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her in close for a kiss. "Afterward I will share some ice cream with you. Perhaps we can sneak back here with it." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at her before standing up and setting her on her feet.

"Shall we?"
Therese 11 years ago
A little part of Thérèse wanted to laugh as Vaughn explored under her sweater. Certainly his attentions were welcome, but it was almost as if he were looking for physical evidence of her pregnancy. That would be a while yet, but it was tremendously sweet, very reassuring, and just a touch endearing.

She innocently bat her eyelashes at the idea of 'negotiations', she would like to negotiate later. And given that she'd spend six month unable to shift she may want to run as well. Best to enjoy as much of that as possible. But looking down at him Thérèse decided that might wait for tomorrow night.

Thérèse delicately wrinkled her nose, although she wasn't certain if it was the pickles and ice cream, or the cooked meat that did it. The idea of something made her queasy and she wondered if you could have morning sickness this early and in the evening. It was something she'd look up.

"I think if you leave the medium off... and then I will find the pickles."

There was clearly a double meaning there. The idea of a very leisurely supper, among other things, in bed or at least behind closed doors was lovely. She did want him to herself tonight and she did want to keep her condition rather under wraps, at least until it was noticeable, just in case.

"We shall."

She did refuse to relinquish his hand as they made their way out to find something to eat rather smiling at the fact that in less than a year it would be considerably harder to get him to herself, she would have to share him with one more person. The thought didn't make her at all jealous.

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