Exploring the Home Base (attn: Damaris)

Ran was being totally nosy. He knew it and he owned it. He was new - that was his excuse. If he was going to learn every bit of the Manor he had to explore it. In his defense, he had thus far stayed out of anyone's room. He couldn't imagine that going over well with anyone.

He'd found a library, a gym with an indoor pool, a huge dining room, a study or two, and what seemed like an endless line of fascinating rooms. Outside there were gardens, lots of them. Some had flowers, some had fruits and vegetables, some were sand and rock. Beyond those, a vast acreage that just begged to be run through or flown over... he'd take care of that soon. There were some buildings to explore down the hill though.

One of those was a stable, which brought a smile to his face. Ever the thrill-seeker, Ran had ridden quite enthusiastically when horses were the 'in' thing. He was usually at the front of any race, and he recalled several occasions during which he'd decided to test the ground on the other side of a fence... with differing results. Regenerating your spinal cord sucked, particularly at that half-healed stage when things started randomly twitching around.

Visiting with the horses, Ran offered a few of them an affectionate pat on the nose. There were a couple of Friesians at the end of the barn, big beautiful creatures. Ran wondered whose they were. They were all friendly.

"No carrots, sorry," he said, displaying his empty hands to a questing muzzle.

After the stable he found a larger exercise building, a dojo or a training area, whatever you wanted to call it. He knew without a doubt that he was going to end up here with Amir. In fact, he was surprised he hadn't been summoned yet so his Creator could see whether or not he'd been slacking - which he hadn't. Ran might be irresponsible at times but some lessons were just important, and Amir's tended to hit home.

Like a fist to the kidney, they hit home.

Ran could hear noises inside the building which wasn't surprising. He was sure many people came here to work out. Obviously it was important to the members of the Hunt to keep in shape but a lot of his own Order needed to know how to defend themselves, as did the Rose, and, well, anyone who wanted to live a centuries-long and fulfilling life.

There was only one person inside at the time, though, a woman with very dark hair. Ran watched her for a few moments but then turned is attention away to study the layout of the place, the location of the practice weapons, things he'd need to know when Amir finally did catch him. Ran supposed it was because Elder Jin had immediately had a job for him when he'd arrived that Amir hadn't tested him yet, but as sure as the sun rose in the East Ran knew it was coming.

((ooc: Ran is wearing knee-high clunky boots, black with purple laces on one side and electric blue on the other. He has on a kilt, not a plaid one but a utili-kilt sort of thing, black with neon green accents. He's wearing a bright purple t-shirt with the phrase "bulletproof" across the chest in red. Over that is a vintage-looking blazer in dark blue. He has spools in his ears and hoops through the spools. His contacts today are solid colored, but bright green. His hair is, as per usual, spiky and long in front, dyed as mentioned in the bio, and he has all of his piercings in including a few new ones in his left eyebrow.))

Damaris 11 years ago
There weren't kata per say in Jeet Kune Do. Oh there were some but it was a more fluid than some martial arts, not quite as much memorization. But that was just fine as far as Damaris was concerned, you did learn best by doing and there wasn't an enemy in the world that was going to attack you in a way that was complimentary to a stuffy formal memorized pattern. So she'd messed with the lights some today so that she could, for lack of a better word, shadow box.

Trying to imagine and counter what her shadowy opponent would do was an entertaining exercise. She had to concede that she'd made a few 'mistakes' here and there. At least she could have done some things better. She was going to have to find a live partner here soon, she was spending too much time with her swords and not enough on her hand to hand. It was pointless trying to get Ambrose in on something like this. If the boy couldn't shoot it or punch it he just wasn't interested. But, undoubtedly, around here she'd find someone, another huntsman maybe.

Realizing that her mind was wandering slightly, Damaris aimed an extremely fast sharp kick on her shadow. As she turned to counter that she noticed she had company. It was impossible -not- to notice him. Her practice just stopped as she took him in. This was certainly not normal for the manor and he absolutely wasn't dressed for practice.

After a second the shock started to wear off. Slowly she took up a more normal very relaxed stance and smiled faintly. Not enough that she was laughing at him, just enough that she was amused by the whole situation. She brushed a few strands of hair off her sweaty fore head and rubbed the back of her neck.

"A bit over dressed don't you think?"

Actually it was only the boots she was terribly concerned about. Well the hoops would be a liability too in a real fight, not a huge one if he was a vampire.
Ran Iyala 11 years ago
Ran paused in his explorations when the woman spoke to him. He didn't take well to perceived criticism from people he knew, not to mention perfect strangers. The woman watching him didn't appear particularly perturbed but that didn't mean he was going to accept her censure gracefully.

"Would you rather I get naked?" he asked with an arched eyebrow. "Because usually I require at least some semblance of dinner and dancing first."

He looked again, insolently and blatantly eying her up and down.
"I might be convinced to make an exception."

He knew his big mouth tended to not make him friends but Ran's disregard for rules was deeply ingrained in him. His attire was doing no harm here. Had it been Amir in the studio he would have responded differently - probably. Ran had a much easier time accepting Amir's harsh manner. But just because his Creator could treat him that way didn't mean he would take it from just anyone.

There was probably something really dysfunctional there, he reflected.
Damaris 11 years ago
Damaris shrugged off the apparently perturbed response. Honestly it hadn't been her intent to slight him, it was one hell of a look but she actually rather liked it. He pulled off the faux kilt with panache. Still, she'd been a bit lippy and he had a right to snap back. That and she wasn't the sort of person who had to have everyone's approval. She noted him sizing her up and returned the favor.

He wasn't a bad looking man and she wouldn't mind seeing him naked, but she did have a thing about knowing names at the very least. Naked or not he gave the appearance, the vibe of someone who knew what this room was for. Completely unoffended she grinned broadly, it was mostly friendly but there was a faint predatory edge. She had been looking for a partner after all.

"I do love to dance. If you're interested."

He might kick her ass, it was possible. For all Damaris knew this guy was twelve thousand years old and could sneeze and knock her on her rear, but you didn't get any where being afraid of the unknown. She wouldn't even make him take off his shoes if he didn't want.
Ran Iyala 11 years ago
Ran stood, arms on his hips, as the black-haired woman looked him up and down then grinned. He returned it; he didn't suffer much worry about his looks. They weren't for everyone but Ran had never had a shortage of partners in life or beyond.

When she offered to 'dance' he only smiled wider. And then he realized he was wearing his kilt in the most traditional sense. Normally he wouldn't mind disrobing in front of a total stranger but this was his Clan territory.

"Interested, sure, but unless you really want me naked I'm going to have to take a rain check. Unless they have some clothing around here somewhere?"

He looked at her with a question. She obviously seemed at home here so she'd know, while he had simply wandered in off he streets so to speak. He didn't think it too far-fetched to imagine they might have a few sets of clothing appropriate for sparring in. There was certainly no shortage of weaponry.

He held up a finger to stall her search should she begin it.
"Mind you," he said, "I don't mind brawling in the buff. Your call."

Ran probably would have simply stripped down without the formalities but again, they were at Heolfor and he'd just gotten in - he probably didn't want to piss Amir off too much just yet. Whatever her choice he did take one knee and start unlacing his brightly-adorned boots. He wouldn't want to ruin the mats.
Damaris 11 years ago
Well then, apparently they were going to play nice Damaris thought as he grinned. As he smiled a bit wider she wondered how much of him was natural. The hair sure wasn't, the eyes probably not but she'd seen some strange things when people were turned so she didn't rule that out. There was also the question of the piercings, pre or post immortality? No way to know and it was probably a rude question.

She almost laughed when he offered to get naked, Damaris took that to mean he was wearing the kilt naturally at least. Ten points for that, even if it was a less than traditional twist on a very practical style.

"Hmmmm zero to naked in less than sixty seconds. I might like you."

Damaris purred, but then immediately turned her back on him and found some cupboards lining one wall.

"Generally I like to exchange names before we grapple au natural though so..."

After a few seconds of rifling she found a gi that looked like it would fit him and offered it with formal bow, that had something of a mocking under current.

"Maybe you'd like to change. Or we can take a rain check... no pressure."

She really did mean that, she didn't want to bully him into anything. He might have plans.
Ran Iyala 11 years ago
Ran's eyes glowed with approval when she commented on his willingness to go naked. Restraint wasn't Ran's forte, nor were his people known for their fidelity and prudishness. Not that he could blame his personality on them, but he figured he owed at least a little bit of his mindset to his very open-minded upbringing.

He laughed when she insisted they had to at least exchange names before getting naked. Well, she hadn't asked for his, and she was clearly getting clothing. So Ran figured names weren't important in their current positions. Maybe later. He could work with this.

He dismissed her with a friendly wave of his hand when she offered to let him off the hook. Shrugging his shoulders he said,
"I just got here a couple nights ago so there might be a little jet lag but don't worry. I'll manage."

He found a changing room and got himself into the white pants quickly, leaving his clothing in a pile on the floor. For the sake of being thorough he also removed his metal. A few of the piercings closed up immediately but that was fine; he'd redo them later. Amir had long since beaten into him the wisdom of not having your body full of convenient hooks - although, in the right situation...

Anyhow, this wasn't that situation. Ran returned to the practice floor and looked at the weapons racks.
"How do you want it?" He wiggled his brows at the other woman before continuing. "Hand to hand? Blades? Blunt objects? Pulled punches or no?"

Ran didn't have the range of experience that the average Huntsman had but thanks to Amir he was at least passingly familiar with most weapons. Amir had chosen several for him to master over the centuries and he was comfortable in hand-to-hand combat and with guns, which clearly weren't going to be used here. Whatever she chose he'd to his best to keep up with her. She had moved like a woman who knew what the hell she was doing.

Ran wasn't a slouch but he didn't expect to best her if she was anywhere near Amir's level of skill.
He was, however, competely fine with a real brawl. Amir almost never pulled his punches. Ran could bleed for the purpose of staying in shape.
Damaris 11 years ago
"Welcome home?"

It was more a question than a statement. They weren't exactly exchanging a bunch of personal information here. Damaris though that perhaps she should ask but small talk could be so boring and it could color your judgment about your opponent, you started forming opinions and she didn't want to do that. It was more fun this way.

She wasn't really flirting, at least she didn't mean too. But since she'd started this little bit of innuendo Damaris thought she'd have fun continuing to play it out.

"Hard and fast, any toys you want I'm flexible."

She didn't take him terribly seriously, just because they were immortal didn't mean they were all fast and loose. Plenty of vampires were prudes. Boy she hoped he was a vampire or the first time she punched him it wasn't going to go well. While she didn't -think- she was dealing with a mortal Damaris decided it would be better to ask flat out.

"How much permanent damage are we going to do if we don't pull punches? I really don't feel like getting sued by some one."

If he was a familiar and she broke him, his vampire was going to be very upset and within their rights to be less than happy with her.
Ran Iyala 11 years ago
Ran lifted a shoulder at his opponent. Welcome home would suit well enough, really. "Thanks," he said. "Nothing says home like a midnight ass-kicking."

His grin remained in place while he stretched. He didn't need to but he did anyway, just to warm up a little. She gave him some options and he glanced up at her as he bent over his own knees.

"Hand to hand. The harder and faster the better."

He chuckled at her innuendo though.
"Nothing wrong with a little pain," he said, returning it in kind. Her own question regarding beating him up might have made a lesser person wince but Ran was schooled regularly by Amir. And his Creator had probably done more damage to Ran in his lifetime than anyone Ran had ever fought.

Ironically, Ran appreciated it. Because Amir was a total bastard on the mats, Ran didn't bat an eyelash when someone skewered him in combat. A useful skill to have.

"Break me," he said flippantly. "Just put me back together again after - and if I bleed copiously on the mats don't let it dry. I hate scrubbing dried blood."

Ran hated cleaning at all, really, but cleaning his own blood off the practice floor had been a great motivational tool once upon a time. Back when they didn't have mats. He distinctly remembered Amir telling him if he'd stop bleeding so much he would have less scrubbing to do. Soft and fuzzy, that was Amir.

Done stretching, Ran stood and bowed to the woman with the black hair, then sank into a smooth, confident crouch at a three-quarter angle to her. Shifting his balance to the balls of his feet was natural by now. Many things were. Amir hadn't let him slack, and Ran hadn't let himself. He knew a valuable skill when it was shoved down his throat. Raising his hands he kept his eyes on his partner.
Damaris 11 years ago
If you ever got into a fight your opponent wasn't going to give you time to change and stretch. She could have been a bitch and pointed that out or just acted on it, but there was no real point in doing something like that for the sheer pleasure of it. So she just gave him the time and watched, lounging casually against a wall as he readied himself.

As the man continued their little game Damaris was hard pressed not to laugh, but she did raise both eyebrows.

"Really.... You know I may have to get your name yet if you keep up like this."

If he proved to be worth anything as a sparring partner she would get his name, but while he wasn't an unattractive man it was a bit hard to imagine engaging in a relationship with someone with such flashy taste. Granted she was judging a book by its cover there, he seemed like a nice enough guy, rather cheerful and willing to play with her even after their initial misunderstanding. Damaris shoved off her little mental wanderings and made a mental note to have her way with someone the next time she possibly could. Apparently she was getting a little 'lonely'.

When he seemed ready she lazily moved away from the wall and toward him. The man sure looked like he knew what he was doing, she wouldn't underestimate him. By way of contrast Damaris looked like she was a bit bored, she could have been waiting for a bus. That, however, was the goal and economy of movement and not to go into any sort of stance, to tense or wind up or otherwise telegraph your moves to your opponent. Sudden and explosive attacks. It worked oddly well when paired with styles of fencing as well, maybe that was why she enjoyed this. That or because she had gotten heartily sick of the other skills and styles with all their formality and rules that had gotten shoved down her throat over the years.

Either way, it didn't matter.

Deciding there was nothing about him that screamed unskilled or obvious weakness with no warning she went in. Usually she would have waited for him to come to her and to use his momentum against him, but she had asked to dance so it would have been rude to wait around. As he had said no pulled punches and had indicated he'd recover she didn't hold back. There was no warning, just a low kick, a sharp punch and a surprising fluidity to her movements.
Ran Iyala 11 years ago
Ran gave the woman a cocky grin. "Who says I'll tell you?"

He wasn't above playing hard to get; he might like the women-folk but he wasn't exactly a slut. Not... well, not really. Not usually.

She didn't waste any time, and she initiated the combat herself with a punch and a kick. She was fast and smooth but Ran was used to fast and smooth. His own movements were efficient and quick and he dodged her kick then blocked her punch, grabbing her wrist and twisting around to throw her.

She landed on her feet and came back at him but it seemed like all bets were off after that. For several minutes they flew around the mats, whirling, punching, and kicking. Ran took more than one hit to the face and ribs but he gave as good as he got. She was hard to hit but not impossible. He was outmatched, though, and they both knew it.

As time wore on she landed more hits. Their styles were a little different; Amir had put a great deal of focus on Ran's ability to incapacitate an opponent. He was a Nightsman, after all. Brute force wasn't usually his thing. So his strategy focused on evading her hits and hurling her over her hips or shoulders. It wasn't going to win him any fights but it bought plenty of time. Trouble was, she seemed perfectly capable of worming out of his holds or landing and rolling smoothly after his throws.

Nonetheless he still offered her a slight beating as she thumped the mats a few times. He got more, though. As he straightened up from a decent throw her fist caught him across the jaw and he felt something snap. Ran laughed and simply waded back in. She was damn good... he didn't think Amir would be disappointed in him.
Damaris 11 years ago
This was rather fun. Damaris thought she had an edge on him, but it would be a stupid mistake to let that make her sloppy. She connected more than once, but then again, so did he. One was her nose, she wasn't sure if it was broken or not but it did smart.

He was fast and managed to avoid a fair number of her attacks. But then again she wasn't all about plowing through like a steam roller either. When he did attack she was happy enough to redirect his energy and toss him. But he was a resilient little fucker and recovered extremely well. They both had that down, don't fight the inevitable and use the momentum to get right back up.

The snap was audible and enough to get Damaris to pause. Give that he was laughing it off she wasn't too worried, a broken or dislocated anything slowed even a vampire down. He came right back though, still she raised an eyebrow.

"Does that get me a first name?"

She said with a grin before the resumed their dance.

He was fast and agile and even when she could anticipate his moves she couldn't always land anything. He got a good punch in that would probably leave her with a black eye, well for an hour or two and one of his throws might have resulted in a sprained wrist.

It didn't slow her down much though. They had said no pulled punches and they were both keeping that promise. In return for what he'd inflicted on her Damaris landed a few punches and one kick that sounded like it had cracked something, probably a rib or two.

Giving him a second Damaris stepped back a bit.

"We keep going like this and we're going to have to exchange phone numbers."
Ran Iyala 11 years ago
Ohh, the snapped ribs hurt. His jaw was fine; he was pretty sure the previous snap had just been something popping around but the ribs were definitely broken. He'd had enough of those to recognize the lovely sensation. Fortunately breath wasn't necessary. Ran tried to chuckle but drew his breath up short when his ribcage informed him that that was a bad choice. Being a vampire, however, and well-fed, he could already feel them knitting.

"No first name. I like making people work for it." He shot her a wicked grin. It wasn't much of a contest; she'd have an easy time learning his name. His style tended to be somewhat unforgettable.

"We'll see about the phone number. I'm willing to bet I can get yours before you get mine."

Now that was a contest. This woman might be able to kick his ass soundly here in the dojo but Ran's strengths were in Nightsman work. If he couldn't manage a simple phone number, he would just retire. His would be tough for her; he hadn't given it to anyone since arriving here in Nachton. He was pretty sure not even the Manor staff knew his cell number.

He crouched again and beckoned her.
"Come on then. Couple bruised ribs won't stop me."

His second wind proved to be pretty good. In fact, he rallied enough to land several hits on the black-haired woman in addition to a throw that left an imprint in the mat. Ran almost felt sorry about the resulting crunch.

Until she turned around and decked him several times, following it with a hold that Ran simply couldn't get out of. Within a few minutes she had him face down on the mat, sitting casually on the small of his back with one arm and one leg twisted in a way Ran was pretty sure he couldn't recreate.

"That'll stop me," he gasped, the fingers on his twisted-up arm twitching involuntarily as his arm went numb. He rocked his head to one side and cocked an eyebrow at the woman. "You're enjoying this way too much."
Amir 11 years ago
Amir entered the studio and heard the unmistakable sounds of someone else having a workout. He peered around the doorway, curious, and watched in amusement as a black-haired woman... Damaris, was it?... hammered Ran into the floor. His 'son' grunted and, of course, still couldn't manage to keep his mouth shut.

"Looks like she's not enjoying it enough to me," he said.

He bowed briefly to Damaris and said,
"I hope you left me a little unbruised section, Damaris."

From the floor, Ran uttered an 'aha!' Amir glanced at him and tilted his head sideways.
"Did you lose a contact Ran?"

The question was clearly not serious. Amir's tone was still amused. He had no idea why his words would cause that reaction, or why his next words prompted a giggle and a wince from the blue-haired vampire on the mats.

"No. But now we can fight naked," Ran said, his voice still muffled in the mat.

Amir's eyebrows both rose. He shook his head.
"Okay," he said, and continued on to the changing rooms.

(Amir temporarily out)
Damaris 11 years ago
"You think this is easy?”

She laughed at his determination. You had to admire his pluck. Some men would have admitted they were out matched and just given her their number, or at least a name. This guy was determined and she approved. There was a bit of a chuckle as he threatened to get her number.

"See if you had just asked I -might- have given it to you. Now you have to earn it.”

It was an entertaining little game. Damaris honestly couldn't remember the last time she'd had such an engaging sparing partner. People tended to get stuffy and serious and just grunt and growl as they tried to beat the snot out of each other.

"Bruised? They are cracked laddie.”

Damaris answered smugly, but she gave him a cheerful nod acknowledging his determination.

Apparently she had gotten a bit cocky herself because even though they'd each landed a few kicks and punches he managed to get a hold of her and throw her hard enough to make her teeth rattle. Dazed she rolled immediately to her feet more out of training and reflex than anything.

They engaged each other again and the fog of his toss gradually cleared and she was able to return the favor, smashing him into the mats and pinning him there. Surprised she hadn't popped something out of joint as she held him Damaris wondered if he did yoga to stay that flexible.

"You do know how to show a good time.”

Damaris while breathing heavy, it was a good work out after all. The new voice was a little bit of a surprise but she wasn't exactly startled. She looked up and nodded politely to the young looking man, but didn't lessen her grip on her sparing partner.

"I'll save you something Rashid.”

She knew him by sight and reputation but they didn't know each other terribly well. Pity she hadn't run into him tonight, well some other time.

About then the man she had in a rather solid hold burst into giggles. Although she was a bit behind him Damaris did get the joke and chuckled slightly herself. She didn't even call him on skirting the rules.

"Sure we can get naked but I got your name before you got my phone number.”

She grinned, not that he could see it.
Ran Iyala 11 years ago
Of course. Of course Amir would walk in while this woman - Damaris, apparently - had him face first in the mats. Even worse that Damaris continued to sit on him while they bantered, but Ran was a cheerful sort and he couldn't help laughing through the ache as his ribs mended themselves.

"That wasn't the bet," he insisted breathlessly when Damaris claimed she'd gotten his name before he got her phone number. "Totally different bet."

That, he was sticking to. Besides, Amir had given out names! That couldn't possibly count. It was a mulligan, if anything. Ran flopped around weakly as Amir walked around them and continued on to the changing rooms, but he still couldn't manage to wangle himself out of this impossible hold.

Maybe he was a glutton for punishment, but she had left plenty of him for Amir to abuse. Though he tended to think Amir would probably get more enjoyment out of sparring with Damaris himself. He had rarely seen Amir's match, though. Even this Damaris, he didn't think, could best Amir. Ran had been on the receiving end of Amir's expertise enough times to know his Creator was simply faster. That and there wasn't anything, any form, any style, he didn't seem to know. Amir and warfare were bosom buddies. That was all the man did. He was obsessive.
Amir 11 years ago
Amir made short work of putting his clothes aside. He was already dressed to work out but it was cold enough outside that he'd worn a few layers to come down here. He returned to the mats within a minute.

"I don't suppose you'd care to let my progeny up from the mats, Damaris? And maybe you'd care to take me on for a warm-up while he regenerates whatever you broke."

His voice was mostly neutral, with the smallest hint of amusement. Ran had probably deserved whatever he got, although seeing him downed by someone else gave Amir a protective rush. Ran was his to abuse.

However, they were simply sparring. Damaris was a Clanmate. Ran had done right in coming here to work out. So Amir just let one side of his lips twist up in a wry smile, waiting for Damaris to answer. Normally he wouldn't come to Ran's rescue, but he could tell the younger vampire could at least use a break, and Ran was notoriously bad at shutting up and leaving well enough alone.
Damaris 11 years ago
"Different, the same, I don't think I care. I think I win.”

Damaris quipped back at him. There was no way she was going to let this go. She'd won damned it. Granted she wasn't exactly sure about the prize but she had won.

As they were discussing the prize Rashid returned and reminded Damaris that she was holding Ran down. As Ran hadn't acknowledged her victory yet she didn't feel bad about that, but she did honor the request and gracefully pulled herself up releasing Ran.

"Sure, I think that's reasonable. Is he yours then?”

From what she knew of Rashid this was not the type of offspring she would have expected him to have. Interesting. You just never could tell. But then again she didn't think that her youngest was exactly what one would expect of her, so she didn't judge.

"I don't think I broke much, a few ribs maybe.”

She acknowledge but there wasn't an apology there, it was part of the game. When you fought this hard, you got hurt. It was just how it went.

Speaking of getting hurt...

"That sounds like a fine idea. I wouldn't mind a few pointers if you have them.”

He was a huntsman and from everything she'd heard he was damned good. Damaris knew she was good, but hand to hand wasn't her best. Even if it was, you were never too old to learn. So even if she was going to go down, and that was rather her gut reaction, she wasn't going down without a fight and she'd get something out of the experience.

"When ever you're ready.”

Her black eye had probably more or less healed, it didn't feel swollen any more. Her wrist felt notably better, she was as ready as she would be this time. So she had again resumed that easy, board, relaxed, ready to respond to anything stance that she favored.
Ran Iyala 11 years ago
"Maybe the battle," Ran conceded. "I'll have my revenge."

His voice sounded less like revenge and more like Revenge of the Nerds as he wheezed into the mat. Fortunately Amir intervened, surprisingly on Ran's behalf.

"Yay. The cavalry."

He rolled over to his back when Damaris released him and smiled at Amir.
"Oh yes. I'm his, but I don't have that in writing yet so he maintains plausible deniability."

"Shut up Ran."

"Shutting up, boss."

Ran was s slow learner sometimes, but after five hundred years or so he had learned to shut up when told.

"Am I still allowed to make a running commentary?"


Amir shot him a Look and Ran sighed - gently, his ribs hurt - and backed up to the wall so he could observe. In the meantime, things knit in the way of their kind and he ignored the process - it would be over fairly soon.
Amir 11 years ago
"No commentary, Kudzu, or I'll disown you and you'll never inherit my bike."

"I was going to inherit the bike?" Ran narrowed his eyes from where he sat, suddenly suspicious. "Which one?"

"The pink one with the streamers and the little bell on the handle bars."

Amir was inwardly pleased at Ran's attitude. It was good to know some things never changed. The sun always came up in the east, Ran always had a snarky response. He bowed to Damaris as Ran got himself out of the way and noted that she seemed relaxed, fluid, and not nervous at all. She shouldn't be; she was a member of the Hunt. Fighting was what they did best.

He gave no indication of his thought process either. Amir was a quiet fighter, a subtle one, a quick and efficient one. When he did move it was a quick roll, testing Damaris' reflexes by sweeping his arm out as he tumbled by. She dodged it nicely; he came to his feet and spun away from her retaliatory kick. So, she could fight.

For the next few minutes he simply played with her. Not like a dog with a bone - just without his usual competitive edge. He didn't like to use the phrase 'going lightly' because he was still full of tricks, but neither did he see the need to set his phaser to stun.

He was about to get a little more serious when Ran piped up again. "Amir... why do you have a pink bike with streamers and a bell?"

Amir pulled up mid-punch, covering his mouth and ducking away from Damaris as he guffawed.

"It's Mara's."
Damaris 11 years ago
Damaris didn't say anything about Ran's revenge. She wasn't -too- worried, although she did wonder if it would even be on the mats. It might pay to stay a little alert for a while, and find out more about this Ran character.

It was rather fun to watch creator and create banter. There seemed to be a familiarity to it. She suspected these patterns, this method of communication, between the two of them was long established. It was amusing though.

Thus far playing with Amir was different than playing with Ran. She was paying a bit more attention to defense and they were both feeling each other out. Not that she was an expert on every fighting technique out there but it didn't seem like he was keeping to any one particular style, rather blending things as the mood struck him. He moved very well, very fluid, she noted and he didn't give much, if any, indication of what he was about to do. Certainly different than his off spring; Ran had been quite good but even before they got to brass tacks Damaris could see the difference.

He had been going in for a punch, she was moving to intercept it and turn it into a throw and then there was .... Well that was unexpected. She grinned as Amir got himself out of the way, she settled into a neutral corner instead of putting an elbow in his ribs or something equally unsporting.


Was all she said with a sympathetic shrug of the shoulders. Although she did wonder who's side Ran was on and if he was deliberately trying to cause trouble that she should take advantage of or if it was a happy coincidence.

Either way, it didn't matter. Cheerfully she raised both eyebrows at Amir asking if he was ready again.