Blood Memory: Book 2 (insert title here)

I had planned on Book 2 being 2 parts, but with part I finally finished (rough draft, need to flesh it out now) I figured I'd put it out so I could hit my goal of putting something out by this June.

If y'all are following, it'll be picking up right after the return from Siberia/Book 1 and the NYE event combined with the sewer reveal and Kyle thrown in for fun. So yeah, ended up combining several threads and squishing the timeline, all with a totally different ending to those events.

Shooting for June 30th - 4th of July.

Aishe 9 years ago
Go Roz! That's great.
Pakpao 9 years ago
Excellent! Congrats!
Charlie Hammond 9 years ago
Book 2 final rough draft (that sounds so funny) is in with my editor (squee). Tentative release is July 4th, but more than likely by July 30th - depending when I can get Kat to do my cover and ebook format it =x
Aishe 9 years ago

Mai 9 years ago
Congratz Roz!
Pakpao 9 years ago
'Final rough draft' does sound odd... but... cheers!