Christmas Break (open)

Julian had found himself a little cafe on the corner of two intersecting streets on Nachton's busy strip. He didn't have a lot of Christmas shopping to do. He needed gifts for his parents, one or two things for friends from college and one or two small gifts for friends in the Symphony. He enjoyed shopping, usually, a trait that he knew made him more appealing to his female friends than the male ones, but he had to admit fighting against the crowds was a little exhausting.

He shouldn't have waited this long but Christmas was a difficult time of year for him. Therapy aside, it still felt like he should be buying presents for Andrea, chatting with her about her Christmas break and their next skiing trip.

His parents had talked him into visiting next weekend, after the holiday concerts were over and before the new year's schedule could begin. Julian had tried to excuse himself but his father had pretty much told him he was coming to get him and would brook no refusal.

Sitting in a booth alone in the crowded cafe, Julian knew he should be thankful his parents loved him and worried about him. He really loved them too, but they hadn't been the ones stuck in that car with Andy. He didn't want to go home for Christmas but he knew he had to eventually.

He slouched back in his seat, trying not to look at the people around him. Normally he wouldn't avoid their gazes but today wasn't a good day. What he really needed was to go get hammered. Okay, he probably didn't need that. He'd been drinking far too much lately and he knew it. But he might, anyway.

Christmas was just not a good time of year.

Valentine 11 years ago
She was more than happy to let him slip in between her legs, fabric rubbing on fabric. They'd be getting closer later, but she was in no rush. If she had been things could have been handled in the parking lot. He was just sort of, well cute and Val wanted more than an impersonal bite.

Running her hands up the back of his thighs to his ass she chuckled deep in her throat. It was a nice ass, or at least it seemed that way under his clothing, one never could be sure.

"Oh I suppose we could change our minds, but I'd be very disappointed."

Val slid into a standing position rubbing up against him as much as she could. The blush was adorable, it was sweet and modest beyond words. Of course that was completely at odds with the fact that he'd run off to a hotel with a total stranger. He might be slightly shy but he certainly wasn't innocent. Even with her heels he was more than slightly taller, so on impulse she stood up on the bed so she could lean down and kiss him, burring her hands in that glorious hair.

"Since we aren't going to be disappointing each other, what exactly do you think we should do about it."

Soft, sweet, kisses alternated with little teasing nips along his ear, jaw and neck. She didn't want him to really notice when she actually bit, no she wanted him to be anticipating it, wanting it.

She could feel his pulse and realized how long it had been since she had eaten. Val was old enough that she didn't need to find a meal every night, but not so old she lasted long stretches of time. She was hungry and that was making restraint a little bit harder than she had thought. But she had been the one to start this game and she was going to play it to the end.
Julian Stephenson 11 years ago
"I definitely do not want to disappoint you," Julian said to Val. He was enjoying her touches, her kisses, the feel of her tongue on his skin. She was pushing every button just right and it felt so good.

When she stood on the bed and dug her hands into his hair he groaned with pleasure. He'd never been with anyone so completely... confident in their own skills. It was an outrageous turn-on, this sense of self Val had. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing and that she was doing it well. He tried to equal her, skimming his hands up beneath her shirt, teasing her small breasts with his thumbs as he slid on by, reaching around to unhook her bra.

She was tiny, he thought, but not skinny... just small-statured. Delicate, but damn she was stronger than she looked. In what seemed like no time at all they had managed to divest each other of every scrap of clothing between them and they lay on top of the bed cover, Julian alongside Val.

He held himself up on one arm, supporting himself while he kissed her. His free hand slid softly over her stomach down to the warmth between her legs and he rested it there, stroking slowly. They were moving fast and Val seemed pleased by that but Julian was used to at least a little build-up.

It didn't last. Val was as eager as he was, and before he knew it he was moving over her, half of his own will, half pulled. The room was spinning pleasantly, a combination of alcohol and arousal, and Julian poised himself against her, feeling her welcoming heat.

He raised his head slightly, looking down at her with a worried frown.
"Val... I don't have any protection."

Julian certainly hadn't gone Christmas shopping looking for a hook up. He didn't carry condoms on him as a general rule. He gasped softly, though, as Val pulled him back down to her. He caught the word 'pill' and made a little 'oh' of comprehension as she kissed him again and pushed herself up to him.

He closed his eyes as he slid into her, shuddering at the sensation. He had never done this without anything between them... and it was incredible.

"Oh my God," he murmured when he paused for another breath. "You feel so good."

With one hand he supported himself; the other twined into Val's red hair, not roughly. It was like silk. Julian moved inside her, nearly overwhelmed at the sensation of her wet warmth around him, her lips on his neck, her teeth... she liked to bite, little gentle ones, slightly harder ones. It was driving him fast toward the edge of his control.
Valentine 11 years ago
Even though he hadn't made the first move once you got Julian going he wasn't timid. Maybe a bit slower than she was in the mood for, but she was working on two kinds of hunger here too so it was harder to wait.

Cloths went everywhere and they didn't bother with turning down the bed, maybe this was why people were so squidgy about sitting on hotel bedspreads. Touching and exploring and finding some pleasantly satisfactory results in her hand Val smiled and continued to tease. There were more scars down his leg, he must have been in a very bad accident at some point, but he seemed to have recovered. She decided, however, to bit on the right side of his neck. There was no doubt that her fangs would slide through the scar tissue, but it might be easier for Julian this way.

It took some effort not to laugh at his worry about protection. It was a bit late to worry about such a thing now. Stopping would be painful for them both. It was the right thing to do though, at least it would have been if she were human and she applauded him for it. Well, perhaps applaud wasn't the right word. Knowing she didn't have anything, nor could she get anything and she certainly wasn't going to get knocked up, she muttered a comfortable lie and helped to guide Julian into her.

She moaned softly and let her head fall back. With a little bit of trial and error they found their pace. Slow and steady at this point, harder faster was yet to come.

"Mmmmm yes please."

She murmured with her eyes closed as she tightened herself around him and slid her legs around his waist pulling him closer. Finally the beat of his plus, that artery in the neck which was pounding like a drum was just too much for Val to resist.

She knew that she could finish with very little more effort on anyone's part and angled her head leaning in and turned one of her little nipping kisses into a bite. As he slid into her she slid her fangs through his flesh and drank.

He tasted good, and she had no qualms taking advantage of him this way. After all they were both getting something out of this little one night stand.. Drinking her fill she licked at the wound for a second, kissing it and finding her own climax.

"God yes!"

Sometimes she was a quiet lover, but she was never shy or subtle about orgasm. In this situation she had sufficient confidence that it had been good for him and didn't feel the question needed to be asked.
Julian Stephenson 11 years ago
Val was urging him onward and Julian wasn't going to resist. He did struggle to maintain some semblance of control, rather than going off thirty seconds into it like an unschooled teenager. Her legs and arms were wrapped around him though, and she tightened herself around him, which almost sent him off the edge right there.

Her mouth upon his neck was driving him up the wall; he wouldn't have said he had a biting fetish or anything but she was hitting every little nerve he had. He could feel the tension building and knew he wouldn't last much longer. When she moaned and nipped at his neck again he shivered in pleasure and began to pick up the pace, driving into her faster, deeper.

Then Val bit him again, a sharp little pain that might actually have made him hesitate except that it was followed by the feel of her sucking mouth and such a sensation of euphoria that he couldn't think past it to make any movement. He gave a ragged cry, his hips still moving of their own accord, and the world exploded into a blinding sheet of light as he stiffened and came inside her, one hand grabbing at her hip and pulling her in toward him as he drove himself deep, feeling each intense throb of pleasure from the roots of his hair to the tips of his toes.

Her voice reached his ears and he could actually feel her come as well, tensing around him, her head thrown back, her gorgeous, delicious mouth open to reveal those sexy pointed teeth. Intense sensations still swept through him and he bucked into her as she shuddered her own release, finally slowing down once she had climaxed.

It was a minute or two after that before he could pry his fingers out of the pillow he'd gripped with his supportive hand. His heart was still pounding as he pulled out and rolled to the side, still holding Val's hip. He took a second to steady himself and then, without saying anything, stood and went to the bathroom, laying his hand gently on Val's cheek as he left the bed.

He cleaned himself quickly and wet a clean washcloth with warm water for her. Bringing it back to the bed he knew he should probably say something, or at least consider the ramifications of his actions, but his head was just reeling. That had been the most intense experience of his life, aside from the life-threatening ones. He wanted to do it again, in spite of that fact that it might be ill-advised.

Julian pulled back the cover on the bed and slid in beside Val, tugging the sheet up. He hardly knew her, yes, but he didn't expect her to simply walk away after that. They had the room all night, after all, and he thought that after that she might not be opposed to doing it again.

When his words were finally working again he wrapped his arm around Val's waist.

"Thank you," he said. "I thought tonight was going to be pretty miserable but you changed that."
Valentine 11 years ago
Val had been with some jackasses in her life, in all fairness sometimes she was the jackass, and she could certainly give as good as she got, so the little kindness and consideration that Julian showed did not go unnoticed. It was even appreciated. He was just a kid, what ever had caused the scars had probably aged him, matured him, some but to her, he was just a kid. Thus far, however, he was showing himself to be a sweet kid. That wasn't something she ran into much in her lines of work and it was something she might could use more of in her life.

She had snuggled down under the covers and was laying back grinning like a Cheshire Cat. He'd been good, not the best ever, but very good and she was feeling satisfied. She made use of the offered wash cloth, glad it was war water and her smile grew a bit as she felt him climb into bed with her.

It was something of a surprise to feel his arms around her though. Not unwelcome at all, just a bit of a surprise. She had been considering disappearing, but Julian seemed to expect her to stick around a bit, so she would. If nothing else slipping out while he slept would cause fewer questions and she might get a second go out of this.

After that initial hesitation she let herself relax into his embrace with a contented little sigh. Although he did make her laugh just a bit with his words.

"You are quite welcome, and thank you. This time of year can get any one down, especially when you can't get back home. You've made a bit of a difference yourself whether you know it or not."

She used a bit of her invented back story to give the moment a touch of extra flavor, but not too much. She didn't get sappy or weepy on him, that tended to be a hell of a turn off and really she was just letting the sheets cool down.

Letting her fingers, with their neatly manicured nails, trail over random bits of his skin she asked with a bit of a gleam in her eye and a touch of hopefulness.

"Did you really want to play at the Long Bar some night?"

Some people didn't do one night stands well and while she had zero desire for a relationship, hell Tai was the closest to that she came and that was pretty fucked up in its own way, it might make Julian feel a little less cheap if she told him she was interested in running into him again. It was a damned good thing she'd enjoyed his company thus far too as that was one of her favorite hang outs and they might have to share it now.
Julian Stephenson 11 years ago
Julian liked the way it felt to lay with someone. He wasn't trying to be romantic or anything; he just didn't want Val to leave just yet and he didn't want to go, himself. From the way she lightly trailed her nails over his skin, he thought he wouldn't have to work too hard to interest her in another round.

He let his own hand drift over her soft skin, along her side and over the curve of her hip. It wasn't going to take too terribly long, really. His body was sated but he knew it wouldn't remain that way. And next time, he might actually be able to make it last a bit.

Julian did smile when she admitted to being a little homesick in that soft accent.
"Happy to help," he said. He wasn't under any illusions that some kind of relationship would spring up from this.

Her next question surprised him a little though. He raised his eyebrows.
"Yeah. If that's all right with you, I'd really like to."

He ran his hand briefly through his disheveled curls.
"Maybe we should..." Talk about this? Make their expectations clear? The words failed him; this wasn't a conversation he had on a regular basis. "I mean... I'm not really looking to be in a relationship," he said. "This, though... I mean, it was perfect. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to do this again."

God, that sounded terrible. What woman wanted to hear she was just wanted for companionship? Julian had had a rough few years though. He had just started dating on and off again since coming to Nachton and he just didn't feel completely ready to be committed to someone. Casual was where he wanted to stay. Friends with benefits, even though that kind of thing never seemed to work out. He just didn't want any more yet.

He sighed softly.
"Sorry," he said. "I know that doesn't sound appealing. If you don't want me to go to the pub I'll stay away from there. I just thought it'd be better to say it up front."

She hadn't pulled away, even hearing him say that. He felt a little hopeful. Maybe Val didn't want a relationship either. She was a great woman, she had a lot on her plate being away from home and working on her degree. Maybe a relationship was off the plate for her too, but someone to just blow off steam with and have a good time... he looked down at her and let his hand wander softly across her breast, circling slowly.
Valentine 11 years ago
It was a sweet question and Val grinned. It was a bit of a surprise she didn't purr as he softly caressed different parts of her. It was a question she had considered and she knew that there had been a risk in taking him there, but the fact that he'd asked told her she'd made an OK choice. Time would tell how good but for now it was OK.

She leaned up and kissed his jaw quickly.

"I don't own the place." She said with a teasing intonation. "If you enjoyed yourself you should go back."

Now that was cute, him stumbling around the whole 'You're swell but I don't want to date you' conversation. Val couldn't think of a time that the conversation would have offended her. Before Giovanni she'd been a good girl and wouldn't have gone to bed with a man after a few hours. After Giovanni, well she'd been a vampire and part of the mob and a little bit more jaded and wise to the world.

The fact that he was making the effort was charming though and the honesty was refreshing. Even a vampire got tired of hearing the 'I'll call you' lie. It also made life a lot easier for her. He wouldn't be pressing for more than a casual fuck. She might get another playmate and nibble out of this. Not that she was looking for a familiar, she'd have to be cautious about that, but that would be Val's biggest worry.

Although she very much enjoyed his hand fondling her breast and her nipple had already tightened, Val rolled and put Julian on his back stretching herself out over him, her hands crossed over his chest and her chin resting there.

"It doesn't sound like a bad idea at all. If I lead you on, well I didn't mean too. I just needed someone tonight."

Even half playing a character Val couldn't -quite- bring herself to apologize for her actions.

"I would love to run into you again from time to time and..." She paused searching for the perfect euphemism. "keep each other a bit of company now and then."

Just in case she'd been too subtle she lightly ground her hips against him.

Who said you couldn't find a nice guy? Just because they weren't her usual style didn't mean they didn't exist.

"I appreciate you being honest and I'll be honest tell you I get busy here and there but we're both adults there is no reason we can't keep this casual and no commitment."

Friend with benefits was a great relationship. She'd played that game a few times and when everyone was on the same page it was perfect. In her experience though it worked out best if you started knowing that up front, and well... they had. She would have to possibly work out a bit more back story but that wasn't a big deal at all.
Julian Stephenson 11 years ago
Julian sighed, somewhat relieved, when his guess about Val's agreement was right. Otherwise he imagined he'd have been smacked or kicked someplace sensitive by now. He offered Val a smile, which turned into a soft 'mm' of interest when she shifted her slight weight on top of him and rested her chin on his chest.

He spanned her teeny waist with his hands, brushing downward, enjoying the curve of her ass and the way her legs felt around him. His eyes crinkled a little at the corners as he grinned at her.

"Casual and no commitment," he agreed, then added, "and really hot. That feels good."

She had moved her hips against him, her body brushing against his intimately, and Julian felt a jolt of arousal shock him to his core.
"Keep that up and it's not going to take any time at all..."

If this arrangement worked out for them he'd be very happy. He did want to find someone, eventually, but taking it slow and not worrying about commitment for now suited him just fine. Hopefully Val wouldn't be sleeping around with every man she met... but how was Julian to know? He certainly wasn't going to ask her. He'd just come better prepared next time. Literally.

He slid his hands back up, smoothing them over her back and pulling her down for a soft kiss. Not a tender, romantic one but a soft bite upon her lower lip that suggested their next move as his body woke itself up.

"You planning on showing me how you ride?" He raised an eyebrow at her curiously and smiled softly, pressing up against her in a way that left no question as to his state of readiness. Just the memory of sinking himself into her had him hard.
Valentine 11 years ago
"It -is- cold out. We had better keep thing warm in here."

She with a suggestive smile. This wasn't a bad thing at all. Val wondered for a very -very- brief second if she was doing Julian a disservice getting involved with him, even in a casual way. He seemed like a good kid and he should probably be with another good kid making cute little babies. But, as he'd been the one to suggest it she wasn't going to play the saint here. Besides, she wasn't going to get attached, she really would be able to just walk away when the time came and if he pressed for something more, she'd be the one to say it wasn't right. He'd still have time to do the nuclear family thing, she wouldn't ruin it for him.

She purred slightly as he nibbled at her lip a bit. Turn about was fair plan and that did feel good. She'd have no issues if he wanted to bite or get a little rough, very little Julian could do would hurt her.

He shifted and she felt a very obvious sign that he was ready to play some more. Val, however, wasn't going to make it quite that easy for him.

"I do love to ride."

said as she slowly slid so she was sitting, straddling his lower ribs.

"But you know you don't just mount up."

Leaning forward slid her hands over his chest and brushed her breasts against him as she leaned in to nibbled at his neck again.

"You have to groom the horse, check your tack."

Slowly she sat back up and reached behind her to feel his erection, soft feathering touches that would offer very little in the way of satisfaction.

"And then you saddle up, and check everything again. Especially if you're riding a stallion, they can be... unruly."

As she spoke she moved, she wasn't a contortionist and couldn't continue to fondle him but she was now poised right over him. It was hard not to grin at his expression, but she was having fun.

"And once you're sure of everything, you mount, slowly lowering yourself into the saddle."

She mirrored those words with slowly lowering herself on to his shaft. There was no teasing, here she took all of him into herself reveling in the feeling and the little bit of control she had now.
Julian Stephenson 11 years ago
Julian's heart began to pound in anticipation once more at Val's teasing. Maybe because there was nothing more to this than two people enjoying each other, he felt more free to explore her, touch her. She had him gasping even before she slid down onto him. Even though he was prepared for the sensation this time it still rocked him.

The riding lesson was definitely both educational and enjoyable. Julian was pretty sure if they had any neighbors, they had left no doubt as to what was going on in this room.

When it was over he felt boneless and exhausted even though he could swear Val had done most of the work. They actually chatted a little bit while they watched TV into the early hours of the morning and Julian dozed off slightly. He woke again hours before the sun came up and Val was still there; he couldn't help himself and she didn't seem opposed to it so he buried himself inside of her again and they moved and thrust together until they both came.

After that Julian was truly done. He hardly remembered his head hitting the pillow. He woke up the next morning feeling hung over, his head pounding, his stomach churning, and every muscle sore. He felt thoroughly debauched - and totally satisfied. He wasn't particularly surprised that Val was gone, but before she'd left she'd scrawled a phone number on the pad of paper on the hotel desk.

Not particularly enamored of the idea of using the shower in the room and then changing back into his clothing Julian simply straightened the room up and checked out. He returned to his small studio apartment, nursed his hangover, and took a nap before returning to and afternoon and evening of rehearsals.

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