On the Breeze

Ran waited until his bags were loaded into the car and waiting to be taken to the Manor. Then he climbed into the back of the vehicle. Once they were on the road the driver let the window down a bit. When he closed it again, Ran was no longer inside.

Blended, Ran fluttered up and up out into the sky. He didn't want to sit in the back of an enclosed vehicle with tinted windows. It was like a coffin. The long flight here had been bad enough, hours and hours on end in that tiny craft. He shuddered at the thought. The Command upon him had lasted until he'd been off the plane and then it had vanished, as if it hadn't happened. He hated the need for it... having to force his mind into a false facade of peace and pleasantry while inside he was completely freaking out.

Now he was testing the skies of Nachton and finding them to be relaxing. Of course, anything would be at this point. He followed the car's path but he wasn't terribly worried. He was good with directions and had been told he couldn't miss Heolfor Manor. And if he didn't get there right away, well, he'd reach it eventually.

What adventure would Nachton bring? Ran had no idea, and he didn't care to speculate really. He just liked to open new chapters of his life and do things differently. Amir knew that and never made him stay in one place for long. Ran could have gone his own way, he supposed, but he felt deep loyalty for his own Creator and, like the rest of their 'family,' would do anything for him. He would go greet Amir very soon.

As soon as he did just a little... reconnaissance.

((Ran out))