House Warming

Shelby considered her apartment. She had shopped for it online, grilling the poor realtor with a ton on questions. She requested enough pictures to wallpaper the living room if she bothered to have them printed out. Then she checked the reviews for the complex from independent sources. Really though, she was pretty much taken with it from the first time she saw it online. The rest of the process was just to make sure her gut wasn't lying to her.

Hana had stopped by to make sure the utilities were turned on. She had also left some lovely arranged flowers as a welcome gift along with some other potted plants. There was a note assuring her that the apartment service would include watering them. She needn't worry about taking care of them. That was good because they were pretty and she would feel guilty if she killed them.

There was a plain box wrapped in brown paper on the counter with Amrit's writing on it. She smiled and quickly unwrapped the gift. Slowly she pulled the object out of its case with a one eyebrow raised in amused incredulity. In her hand was a 9mm. In the box there was a small note that stated simply "welcome to Nachton".

Welcome indeed.