A walk down memory lane ((Open))

It felt like forever since she had last been here, and technically it was. Time was a matter or none relevance to her these days, having lived as long as she had time was just something that passed and moved on as she did.

Looking up at the crescent moon that shone brightly in the dark night sky she couldn't help but feel a little doubtful, part of her hadn't want to return to Nachton, too many memories of what could have been but never was. Memories good and bad and some twisted into something more vivid and real. But yet here she was once more. Walking through a park she had been before, in a city she knew all too well with no real purpose in life.

She had slain all her dragons, dealt with all the hurt and now she was left feeling empty inside, she didn't feel she had a place she belonged and it made her restless and fidgety. So she did what her gut feeling told her to do. She came back to the place she once called home, hoping to find something, someone who could take away that feeling of being lost.

Hell she even contemplated on contacting the clan she was once part of, maybe they would take her back? But at what price and would it be really worth it in the end. And there she was back at square one, time.. only time would tell and only time could tell if she made the right decision in returning.

Sitting down on a park bench she looked down at her nails, she really needed a manicure and a haircut, traveling as much as she had been doing was certainly not kind on ones appearance. Looking down on her black stiletto heels she wrinkled her nose, yes new shoes too. Did that mean a shopping trip with a purpose? Taking out her iPhone she opened a few apps, checked her bank account and sighed with relief to see it hadn't bounced. They had really done a number on her.. maybe she should find a job.. Okay she had sunk low.. sitting on a park bench talking to herself and being lost. Who the fuck would have known that would happen in time?

Damaris 10 years ago
It was something of a surprise to still be in Nachton, but she'd gotten comfortable here. She'd been able to work with the Hunt here in the city, even running a few 'errands' outside of Nachton. It had given her the chance to pick up a few new tricks as well. Damaris had even taken some time to work on her shooting skills with her youngest offspring.

Ambrose and Ysabel, that was still a surprise and rather amusing. She wondered if Ysabel realized just how much of a mellowing affect on the former cowboy. Not that he'd lost his edge, but he was a bit more tractable.

The other thing she'd one was to pick up a few swordsmanship students here in Nachton. Damaris had to be busy, had to have something to do. Mostly fencing, one or two with a heavier weapon; it was enjoyable. Tonight she'd taken one student down to the beach for some footwork practice. Now she was walking back to her car, still in fencing pants and sneakers, but she'd thrown on a fitted t-shirt and a light jacket over that. Even with her dark hair slightly disheveled from the work out and the bag over her shoulder she didn't look like an escapee from the Olympics.

It was a bit late for a young woman alone to be out and about, so Damaris couldn't help but notice the one sitting on the bench. She quickly took in some relevant details and cleared her throat as she approached rather than startle her. Woman alone, this time of night, Damaris had no desire to wind up tased or with a face full of pepper spray so best not to accidentally sneak up on any one.

"Nice shoes, maybe a bit iffy for a night hike though.”

She offered by way of greeting with a faint smile making it clear she wasn't criticizing, exactly, just making conversation.
Alexandra 10 years ago
Lost in thought Alex hadn't noticed anyone else walking around the park at this time of night, but then in a city like Nachton people human or not where always around in some form or another.

Looking up as someone spoke to her she took in the young woman standing in front of her, managing a small smile she gestured towards her heels.

"I wasn't really planning on hiking, kinda went for a small walk and ended up here"

She noticed the other woman was close to her own height, added the length of the stiletto's she stood well over 6", slowly standing up she stretched her muscles, not having realized she had been sitting as long as she had, another thing about time, sometimes it passed without you even realizing it.

Bending forward she took off her shoes, holding them by the heel she swung them back and forth a bit. Looking back at her companion she let out a small melodious laugh, threw them over her shoulder towards one of the many trashcans and extended her hand.

"I'm Alexandra, want to go help me find a new more suitable pair for a night hike?"

She knew she might come off as being crazy, but yeah she's had been called weird and who knew meetings like this often brought forth the best friendships. She also noticed the other woman dressed in what appeared to be fencing pants, having a love for sword fighting herself she quickly recognized the outfit[, gesturing towards her clothes she again smiled.

"Unless you have other plans"
Damaris 10 years ago
"Its a nice enough night out, no reason to hurry in."

In fact, she would probably go back out after putting things away at the Manor and cleaning up a bit. She wasn't on duty tonight, so it would just be for her own entertainment. She might try out one of her alternate personas and swing by the HoP she was feeling a bit restless and no one there asked any questions, very few at any rate.

She was old, not ancient but old, and the wonders of compound interest and long term low risk investments made sure that Damaris was quite comfortable. However, she was a touch thrifty by nature and was rather surprised when the other woman just tossed the black heels. They weren't beyond repair, at least not to her eye. Not in great shape but not totally ruined.

If Damaris had been surprised by Alexandra, as she introduced herself, throwing away the shoes she was quite taken aback by the apparent invitation to go shopping. Her smile was tinged with irony as she nodded to the trash bin, although, she didn't say no.

"Aren't you a bit worried about the 'no shirt, no shoes, no service' rule?"

They could cover her own inappropriate attire and appearance in a minute but first things first. After all, she didn't have other plans for the evening and even if this woman turned out to be bat shit crazy, it might be interesting and it wasn't a long term commitment.
Alexandra 10 years ago
Chuckling softly at the other woman's comment she shrugged her shoulders and wiggled her bare toes.

"Then it's their loss, if they don't want me spending a few hundred dollars in their store just because I don't have any shoes on"

There had been a time in her life when appearance was everything, looking like a lady, acting like a lady, it was a fact that Alexandra didn't remember her life as a human, but being over 500 years old also meant that she did remember a time when a certain grace and elegance was demanded from women. She was a real woman in every sense of the word, she knew how to dress, how to walk, how to act if the occasion arose but right now she just didn't care too much about etiquette.

"You probably think I'm a total nutcase for inviting a total stranger on a shopping trip, especially a stranger who just threw away a pair of shoes, what's the saying like again? Don't throw away old shoes before you have new ones?"

Walking towards the trash can she had just thrown her shoes in she reached inside, luckily there where only some empty chips bags and soda cans in there and her shoes had landed on top, pulling them out by the heel she inspected them to make sure they didn't have any nasty stuff on them (Alex and her phobia for dirt..), deciding they were still clean she slipped them back on.

"There now I'm a crazy person with shoes."

Hey what did she have to loose, it wasn't like she had a reputation in this city, other then that of a killer who could be hired to do dirty jobs if needed and there were only so many people who really got to know her, a sad look crossed her face for a second as she thought about her friend Amby and Panos, she did miss them.. more then she was willing to admit to anyone especially not to herself. Who needed friends anyway.
Damaris 10 years ago
Damaris didn't say anything about most people who could afford to drop good money on shoes very rarely walked in barefoot. Sales people tended to respond better to well dressed patrons. It was irritating but true.

Chuffing a short laugh at the accurate observation Damaris nodded slightly as she readjusted the fencing bag slung over her shoulder.

"I thought it was 'don't count your chickens' or is this 'not putting the cart before the horse'? Either way it is one of the stranger invitations I've had lately. Especially considering I look a bit like I washed in with the tide.”

The longer she stayed in Nachton the fainter her accent became. It was a concious choice, one she made whenever she moved to a new area. This time though, she'd opted not to shed it completely. American seemed to be facinated by accents and she didn't mind that little bit of notice. Besides, it was simple enough to drop it when needed. But it was there.

There was a certain amount of bravado in Alexandra's reclaiming of her shose. Bravado and desperation, it was an interesting mix and did leave Damaris a touch puzzled.

"Oddly enough the shoes make me feel better. Shoes you're at least willing to adhear to some cultural norms.”

It was mild teasing, nothing serious or offensive just a touch of humor.

There was a story here, in this whole set up. It didn't smell like some one was out to get her but there was a reason that this woman was sitting on a bench by herself in the park after dark. Damaris thought the smart money was on vampire, but after that she wasn't sure and was even less certain how, or if, that fact would be relevant to the story.

So, for now, Damaris was happy just to chat and see where things went. Maybe she'd even go shopping with this one. Why not.